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Found 58 results

  1. v8.1 broken voip

    Hi, since 8.1 voip is broken. I can see the "people talking" sign, but I can't hear them. The beep is there, too. After turnung off the "radio filter" at least I can hear them even somtimes on local. But local is broken too, since I cannot hear it in vehics and neither once in a while. I never had any probs be4. May there is a work-around (...yep I did a steam-filecheck AND and deleted the app-files)
  2. New Fire Support VOIP channel

    With mortars on the way will there be a new voip channel that anyone can access to request indirect fire support and adjust fire etc? will only squad commanders be able to request mortars and commicate with the barrels? Will anyone be ab,e to use the mortars or will each team have a specialist fire support or combat support squad that will be able to use the mortars?
  3. In war films, I've noticed ambient noise like gunfire, explosions, yelling, etc is picked up in a soldier's comms and sent through to the channel when they're talking. Can this be added to Squad? Sometimes when I'm Squad Leader I'll get other SL's asking me how something is going; I'm mid firefight and I'll accidentally yell back to them whilst I'm shooting. On occasion I've had "no need to yell man" come back from them, which I then apologise and explain I was shooting at the same time. There wouldn't be this confusion if he heard all the gunfire when I opened my channel. I think it would add great immersion layer to the comms channels. Obviously it wouldn't be necessary for the local VOIP, just Squad/SL channels
  4. Is anybody having issues where the in game voice stops displaying who is talking? It still shows the icons when you transmit but doesn't show who is talking. I find the problem to happen mostly when I am squad leading, and sometimes when I am not and the map changes. It is frustrating, though adds some realism haha. Any advice?
  5. After some discussion in another thread, a few people agree'd that one of the ways we could eliminate the friction that has existed since PR between mic-players and no-mic players getting kicked out of a squad due to it being made for one or the other is creating a checkbox for an option during squad creation named "Mic Required". Checking this box would put a green-highlighted mic symbol next to the squad's title, leaving it unchecked would make it have a grayed out mic symbol. This also let's us get rid of the meta of putting VOIP, VOIP Only, or whatever in a Squad's name taking up valuable space. This way players can easily tell if they need a Mic to play in a certain squad or not, minus the drama.
  6. Local VOIP Beep

    Whenever I use the radio, I find myself looking at my own VOIP icon to the bottom left corner instead of focusing on what's going on in the centre of the screen. Bad habit. What I would like to suggest is to add the beeping sound after you press B or G. This feature is already in the preview mode of Squad SDK. Just make it optional in the Audio Settings and maybe implement a slighthly different sound for the local beep. That would be really helpful.
  7. VOIP Delays

    Is everyone else finding around 1s delays to ingame VOIP? Best noticeable when your squad is defending a compound and a frag comes flying in, peeps shout... but almost always comms are too late. So I wonder... is this a limitation of the current VOIP solution or does this have a potential for improvement? I think I got spoiled by PR mumble that was super low-latency. Also curious what Anders is working on at the moment... :)
  8. VOIP causing lag in 5.2

    Merely an informative post. I was one of those fortunate AMD cpu users that had no issues running Squad but playing today for the first time after 5.2 I noticed that I was getting massive frame drops coinciding with the radio chatter. I have my settings adjusted to give me between 45-55 FPS but today every time someone would talk my frames would drop down into the single digits. It did get better as the match went on but chatter would always cause a drop well below 20 fps. In the beginning of the game with everyone clustered around I was getting stuttering due to all of the local chatter. Stuttering such as the game would freeze for over a second and then continue. I did not play any during 5.1 but i did play after the 5.0 release so this issue could have come from either of the last two builds. Hopefully this can be avoided in the future. AMD FX-8350 R9 290 4GB 16 GB RAM Windows 10 Home on 500 GB SSD Squad 5.2 on 1 TB HDD
  9. Hey, It would be cool to simulate direction of teammate voices when not too far. It's not realistic in terms of radio contact, but it's realistic in that you would know direction if somebody spoke near you. In addition it would help to overcome the factor that in reality it's easier to recognize voices of your teammates, while in game you could play with different people all the time. Would be great if it was true stereo simulation (micro delay) instead of just amplitude (loudness on one side or other), probably even easier to calculate in the stereo case. I can provide calculations if needed. A.
  10. Ideas for VOIP & COMMS

    I searched the forums for this but couldn't find anything. Now these ideas kinda come from ARMA/Tactical Battlefield, so I'm not sure if they can be done. I was thinking that if you are talking on Squad Chat/Squad Leader Chat, it should ALSO be heard on Local. Local could still be a separate channel, but the reasons for this are that if you go down, and you call for a medic on Squad Chat, and you are in the immediate vicinity they won't necessarily have to ask you to "call out on local". Also, I think it would help a lot with communication with teammates who aren't in your squad. For example, if you're in a firefight and you call out contacts on Squad Chat, of course your squad mates can hear you, but say there's other teammates around you, they would have no clue. The same would go for if you call out for medic on Squad Chat but there's medics around in other squads. I think it would better communication with the team as a whole. That way everyone around you could know what's going on, i.e. where contacts are, who's building what, who needs a medic, etc.. My next idea is a way to reduce chat clutter, (even though my first idea kinda added some, I don't think it'll be that bad). If you are a Squad Leader and another SL is talking on the Leader Chat, it should be heard mono through one side (one ear), with some more radio filter to sound like it's actually coming from a radio, mostly for a "realistic effect". Not only that, but the volume of everyone else in your squad should be lowered a bit, so that you can hear them better. (I know with 9 people talking plus other SLs talking it can get kinda hectic). That same volume feature could also be used if you are a soldier in a squad and your SL is talking. Everyone else's volume would be lowered so that you can hear what your orders are. Bonus idea: If you are very close to your SL (~5m maybe?), you can faintly hear what other SLs are saying through his radio. This way you can kind of get an idea of what the rest of the team is doing. (Plus your SL won't sound crazy like he's talking to himself when he's talking in Lead Chat b/c you can hear it on local)
  11. So last night I was in game for the first time in 2 weeks. Worse, it was my first time in an FPS in two weeks. I was running on instinct for the first while and my instincts were rusty. Anyway, as I rounded a corner I saw someone hide behind a building wall. Instantly I considered rushing the bugger, but realized (thankfully) this is Squad and if I rush in I'm just going to die while spraying bullets everywhere but on my target. So I moved to the right and slowly approached. My target must have thought I went away because he came running out. This was not a great choice for him because immediately I helped him spring a few leaks. As the "Teamkill" message came up I realized he was wearing the same uniform as I was. "Well poop!" I thought at the same time as feeling glad I had just spawned in as a Medic. About 15 minutes later it dawned on me that I should have used local chat to ask if he was friendly... this is always a good option when you can't tell who someone is. That's my "Thing that is unique to Squad which I forgot about." What's yours?
  12. Hey guys, When playing pr:bf2 you have the ability to do this: (Because of mumble as voip system) I configured it so that the game sound is on my sound system and the voip is on my headphones. I think this is a realy great possibility: -you allways hear your teammates, even if you are under fire -it enhances the atmosphere I think it would be nice to have this possibility in squad. don't know if something like this is possible. I realy like this setup and maybe there are other players here wo have it this way, too.
  13. VOIP= Unplayable

    So basically when the game launched I had no issue, was running and gunning and having the time of my life. Towards the end of my binge session I found that Squad Leader Coms was causing my game to lag. Going from 40-50fps to about 2-6. Naturally I lowed my Graphics from High and Medium to straight up Low. Had no issues on a couple servers. Then today low and behold it is back and pretty much on every server I join. I have been toying around with different Population, Maps and Locations only to find not much of a difference. I understand people have been claiming it has to do with AMD but out of all of my buddies, 3 of them who have AMD CPUs do not have this issue. Granted they have the same chip in the FX8350 and I have the FX9370. I do not know much about the architect and what not but this seems very odd. Again, it only started creeping up during the later hours on launch day and today for my first couple of matches. Overall I am super pleased with this game and even bought a copy for my friend for an early Xmas gift. It just has gotten to the point where my anger and rage overcomes my sensible thinking due to this lag. I wouldn't mind if it was small but literally anytime someone ques up to say something it is just unplayable. Specs. CPU- AMD FX9370 GPU- MSI GTX660 OS- Windows 10 MoBo- Crosshair V Formula-Z If you must delete this thread do to duplicate. This game is awesome and I cant begin to explain how happy I am that it is gaining the traction it deserves in this space. I just hope this gets resolved sooner than later.
  14. I've got a gtx 720 and AMD FX 4300 Comfortably enough i can average out at around 30 fps universally on all maps. My only issue is when my squad mates use the radio, my fps will drop to nil, and the voice is cut in and out as if they're repeatedly tapping the key to talk. This goes on until they're done talking, and then my fps returns to its normal rate. This happens every time i'm in a squad, every time i play, making the game virtually impossible to operate. Im figuring this is another AMD quirk, but i haven't seen anyone else bring up the voip issue so... here we are. Also this only happens over the radio. Proximity chat works just fine :)
  15. Voip Lag

    Just wondering Is the voip run as part of squad with the program or is it separate process? Ask for there seems to be lot of breaking up of Voip at different times, maps and servers. Could be better separated as previously done with PR mumble?
  16. This is not a huge issue but it keeps coming up when I play and I just wanted to point it out. While in a squad, if I am in the spawn menu (enter key) my voip gets cut off. Same with squad to squad and local. Not sure if its me or if anyone else has noticed this.
  17. This xXDickGrabber69Xx was spamming local chat with blasting Taylor Swift...
  18. Loading Screen Error?

    A Reddit user (macgivor) pointed this out to me the other day. The Squad Quick Start Guide may have one word on there that continues to enforce the myth that the enemy can hear the local VOIP. I suggest better/clearer wording for when you guys touch up the loading screen. :)
  19. VOIP - local can be hear by enemy

    Hello, I have a suggestion. What do you think about this: SUGGESTION 1: The local VOIP transmission (default V), can be also heared by the enemy nearby (from 0 to 10 meters distance)? SUGGESTION 2: This is real hardcore. You can hear the enemy when they talking nearby on every channel (Squadcom, Leadcom, local - from 0 to 10 meters distance)? My opinion this would have a great impact on the tactical gameplay. Like in the real world, you must to be quiet to not give your position away. If your enemy is loud, than you have a better chance to localize and neutralize them. This system already exists in ArmA. I don't say that i don't like the VOIP System we have at this moment. It's just a suggestion and i also know its not easy to do. With Best Regards David
  20. I thought it would be helpful to post some tips for those not used to communicating with a squad. There are lots of other considerations that I'm overlooking, but I think this is a great guide for those trying to make themselves a better Squad player. The community I play with stresses two important concepts of communication to the new members that want to play with us. They are: ABC's of communication:Accuracy - Don't say there's a squad when there is only one enemy. Brevity - Keep it short--no reason to clog up comms to tell your squad you killed an enemy. Just say "enemy down".Clarity - Make sure your mic is configured properly. Enunciate and don't speak so quickly other's cannot hear you. The 3 D's:Distance - (estimated) Saying the enemy is 600m away makes a big difference. If the enemy is within 100m, 'danger close' is adequate.Direction - Use the headings on your compass. For east, say 'zero-nine-zero' or 'directly east'. Stay away from using 'left' or 'right', as these are subjective directions and only useful if traveling with a squad in a particular direction.Description - Goes with 'Accuracy' above. If it's a sniper on the hill--say so. If it's someone with an RPG, let the squad know. It's important to note that effective communication is a balance between all of the above. Obviously you can take added time to describe the enemy, but that goes against being brief. It takes practice to strike the right balance. When communicating with your squad, you want to be accurate with your call-outs. Always include a distance, direction, and description of the enemy target. One of the most common call-outs players will make is when they spot an enemy. If you have a moment, take time to call out to your squad **before** you engage. Obviously, don't wait to shoot if the enemy is looking right at you, or a teammate! Sample communication: "Enemy spotted north, zero-one-zero. 300 meters out. At least 2 enemies" Expanded communication: "Enemy spotted north, zero-one-zero, heading west. 300 meters out. At least 2 enemies, unaware." Take time to enunciate, and keep the communication brief. Don't drag on with what you need to say. Stick to the ABC's and 3 D's and everyone will have a great time. Oh, and don't say 'I' or 'me'. No one knows who 'you' are. Speak in the 3rd person. It's weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Other considerations Weapon Status:The squad weapon status comes into play in many instances, but I find them most useful when moving from point A to point B. Whether you're flanking or pushing forward to the next objective, it's good to have everyone on the same page when it comes to the "rules of engagement". Often times, keeping quiet is more important than killing that lone-wolf posing no threat to your squad."Weapons red" - Hold your fire, even if fired upon."Weapons yellow" - Hold your fire, unless you're being engaged."Weapons green" - Fire at willFinal Note: This is a game, and I play it to have fun. I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourself and shoot the shit every so often, but understand there is a time and a place for it. Realize when it's time to go 'try hard' mode. It has been noted by many dedicated players that all they see are players that don't communicate and don't want to play as a team. It's up to us to make them realize what they're missing! Kindly let people know how they can communicate better. You'd be surprised how willing people are to take their play style to the next level, so long as your approach them about it in the right manner. Thanks for reading :)
  21. I love sneaking up to a compound and just hearing them chatter away on the other end of a wall before lobbing in a grenade. However it sounds to me that comms are not going over local voice. (I don't hear the echo through the radio.) Now the echo might be a hindrance, so, if possible, it should only go over local voice if you are not on that channel. Personally I consider (other) comms not coming over local voice a bug, but opinions might vary. :) Also it might be that it is actually implemented as such, if so I would like to "hear" confirmation. :P
  22. Very briefly: Pilots, while in flight, get SL comms authority (can contact other SLs etc.), in order to co-ordinate CAS/trans with ground squads directly without the awkward middle man SL. Thoughts?

    Hello, I decided to write some feedback after i was insulted from other players which are nerds and are disturbing the game. So the first thing is, you should be able to kick a player from your own squad. There are some real annoying players. You should be able to mute players. There are some players which are insulting you, screaming at you, just because you don't play the game the way they want. You should be able to punish for TK. You decide yourself, do you wanna to forgive the teamkill or not. If it was accidental you would forgive, but if you are teamkilled from players for no reason, just because they want to, after 3 punishs he should be kicked from the server for 10 Minutes. After he got kicked 3 times (30 Minutes punishment) he should be banned for 24 hours. After he get banned for 48 hours (30 teamkills) he should be banned for ever. Thats just for an example. I don't like the fact that you are not able to do something against players which are disturbing your own gameplay. With Best Regards David
  24. Microphone and Squad

    Ok so I bought a new microphone for the recording of YouTube videos. I have it plugged directly into the motherboard via a phantom power unit. When I use Action! to record gameplay I can pick up my voice but I can't pick up my voice in either TeamSpeak or Squad voip. Anyone have any advise or hints? I'm currently running Win8.1.
  25. So, I am all for the current audio isolation, keeping enemies from hearing your local chat etc. I would like to suggest that there is a channel added that is designed to be heard by the enemy. IRL, there are ways to isolate your team comms from the enemy, whether hand signals etc, and we have that function. But it is also common to interact with the enemy, whether for PsyOps, or in Insurgency-Mode Civilian-BluFor interactions, etc. I know it probably wouldn't be super priority, but I have been missing this ability to cross communicate at my discretion in-game. "But 'frail, 'Muricans don't speak Pashto!" Translators. Memorized phrases. Non-verbal. Call it a compromise, like re-spawn.