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Found 58 results

  1. I have been a player since about 2017 and I have never, ever run into an issue like this before. I jumped back on to play this week on monday and my mic worked perfectly fine. I use a HyperX 7.1 headset via USB. Tuesday worked fine as well. Then on Wednesday night, for no reason at all, my mic stopped working altogether. I can hear other people in squad chat but no one can hear me at all. I looked up fixes but non of them worked. Here is a list of things I tried that haven't worked(the x means it didn't work): x changing sound settings x enabling/disabling audio and recording devices x restarting squad/steam/computer x unplugging mic x using the 3.5 mm jack x uninstalling/reinstalling audio drivers x Testing mic in steam x changing privacy settings on mic x using a different mic x changing microphone output format x disabling nvidia overlay I am honestly at the end of my chain here. I've spent two days trying to figure out a fix and it is extremely upsetting. Before now I have never had an issue with squad until now. I have posted in Reddit and on the steam discussion tab and not one person has suggested a working fix.
  2. PTT release delay

    I'm one of those people that tend to release my PTT button before I finish speaking - I would love to have an option to add a PTT release delay to comms!
  3. I recall there being a feature in other games that dims the sound fx and music whenever someone speaks into your mic. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 are two that come to mind, the former specifically. This was on the console though at the time though. I consider this a major addition considering the emphasis that is put on team communication. When the action gets popping, it gets hard to hear your teammates.
  4. Squad VOIP doesn't work

    The Squad VOIP doesn't work for me. When pressing "B" to talk in squad voice they can hear me but I can't hear them. I here the beep and their name appear in green to show they are talking but hear nothing. However VOIP in local does work. All settings are correct in game with volume set to 200% and keybindings set correctly. Anyone help? Forgot to mention I don't have this issue in "Squad - Public Testing" branch
  5. VOIP FIX Squad Comms Channel

    Hi guys, I had a problem where I could not hear my Squad mates but they could hear me. I could hear some Local VOIP but it was intermittent. I resolved this issue after noticing my Sound Card settings had somehow changed to Surround Sound 5.1 rather than Stereo. I guess that the Squad sound engine puts the comms in the center or rear channels. Oddly I could hear the transmit beeps, just not what was being said. It was a very frustrating few days but I'm happy now. I have a Sound Blaster AE-5 Soundcard and I think that a recent Windows update interfered with my soundcard settings somehow. Hope this helps! Dave the WARHAMSTER
  6. My mic stopped working after the A14 update. I can easily activate the VoIP channels but no sound is transmitted to the game. I temporarily solved the issue clearing the cache within the game, but on the following run the problem resurfaced. I have this problem only in Squad A14.
  7. Teamspeak 5

    After this latest steam update from valve which is causing a major disruption in the VOIP world teamspeak has announced a new version to replace teamspeak 3. Teamspeak 5 is set to be released by the end of 2018. Here's a few relevant links: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads#ts5 https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/136046-TeamSpeak-5-information
  8. I think, that SQUAD need extended VoIP - additional keybinds for local speak, that will be heardeble for both sides. It will adds more realism, fun and roleplay possibilities for events.
  9. So hear me out. USA vs Russian: If a US player is speaking in local, the Russian team will hear a pre-recorded set of dialogue that a US soldier would yell. If a Russian player is speaking in local, the US team would hear a pre-corded set of diloague that a Russian would yell. Obviously the player on the russian team will actually be speaking english into his mic, but the US players near him will hear the russian voice files, alot like the ambient voices you hear in Escape from Tarkov from scavs etc... it won't actually reflect the info of what the player said into their mic, but the volume of their voice may be able to be mimicked and amplified in a pre-set dialogue based on the position of the enemy players. This would go a LONG way for immersion, especially when it comes to Insurgency type game modes battle middle-eastern insurgency. Let me know what you think of the possibility!
  10. Radios

    I’ve never been deployed or enlisted, but I was wondering how forces communicate with each other, do they have ear pieces? Or cans, external radios (on chest)?
  11. Hello, I am wondering what it the VOIP system used by Squad please. Is it an in-house software or a third party application? I am asking because I think it works extremely well compared to other games like Rainbow 6 Siege or PUBG. Thank you very much
  12. I originally posted to the subreddit but realized that here would make more sense. When I play Squad at work, I can't be heard, but can hear other players. I have disabled all other audio recording devices in the sound manager; have tried with and without allowing applications to take exclusive control of the device; set my headset to default device and default communication device; tested the headset - audio is recorded in Windows applications, shows up in the Steam mic test, etc; tried using a USB webcam instead, but no change; What else can I try? Is there a port that Squad uses for outbound mic that I might have to get our IT department to open? Not being able to be heard is pretty horrible And it makes it hard to show off the game to others here that might end up buying it (we can only hope!). Thanks!
  13. I'm asking this here rather than making a thread in feedback and suggestions because I am guessing it's a question which has come up before - but I can't find anything while searching the forums. But then, I'm not really sure exactly what to search for. So apologies in advance if I'm going over old ground. Anyway, at the moment, there are 3 keys required for VOIP - one for 3D "voice", so just speaking to players in the local area, one for speaking to your squad, and if you're an SL, a third key for the command channel to speak to other SLs. There's been a couple of times where I have accidentally pressed the squad channel when I meant to speak only to local players (thus deafening the whole squad with an irrelevant "grenade!!" shout), and vice versa. I've recently moved the voice key to my mouse thumb button, but I admit, I still sometimes tap the wrong button when trying to speak to both my radio and just normally. I was wondering, has anyone ever considered making it an option so that your local 3D voice channel can be activated automatically on detection of your voice? Basically I think it would be nice to be able to speak to people in your local vicinity (and I would ONLY enable it for that) without having to press down a key. It just feels more natural and fluid, and it saves confusing a keypress in the heat of the moment. I'm guessing that there might be some criticism of such a system as you've always got the risk that you might get feedback through the mic if someone has one that's overly sensitive...but given that I'm guessing most players will be using headsets, and if they aren't, such a system should be optional so those with speakers can disable it. Has anyone brought this up before? It obviously isn't practical for games with a standard VOIP setup, but I think it would work well in Squad with it's proper 3D VOIP.
  14. VOIP Output Settings

    Hey all, Is it possible to change the output device for the in-game comms? I would like my game audio to go through my speakers and the in-game VOIP to go through my headset. My current audio setup: Spearkers(5.1) as default sound Headset used for Mic/TS/Discord etc. Thanks in advance. TPM
  15. Hi all! Been playing this game for a couple of months now, and really enjoying it, so decided it was time to join the community, sign up on the forums and stick my two pence in The game is fantastic so far, so good that I often forget it's still in the alpha stage. And seeing the trajectory the game is taking, it's kind of hard to think of any meaningful suggestions. However, I wanted to share a couple of small things in the hope that they might get picked up. These are by no means big changes, but little things that I think might make general communication and usability easier from my personal experience. Compass Heading The compass is essential for communication in this game as we all know, for spotting enemies. My only suggestion is - can we make it so that your current heading is offset slightly above the rest of the compass bar? At the moment, the current heading is slightly larger than the rest of the bar, however in the heat of a firefight when trying to call out an enemy vector, I sometimes find it a little difficult to recall the current heading with only a quick glance. If the heading was raised up slightly, I think it would help draw the eye that little bit quicker. VOIP Indicator When someone says something over radio, or voice, then their name appears in the bottom left hand corner, so you know who's talking. The problem is, as soon as they stop transmitting, the indicator disappears. This isn't always a major concern, but a few times I have been in the situation where someone says something and by the time I've looked to see who was speaking, the indicator has disappeared from the screen. Obviously in real life, this isn't a problem, as you're likely to be able to identify your squad mates by their voice alone; but in a game where you are often playing with people you don't know, I think it would be handy to know who said something without having to ask them to repeat themselves. My suggestion is, rather than the indicator disappearing immediately, have it fade out slowly. It doesn't have to stay long - just a second or two after they've taken their finger off the transmit key, which gives you a fraction of time to flick your eyes down and check who spoke. In addition - I'd also suggest adding an indicator to the names above each player. Last night I was in a game where I was following 3 or 4 other players as we entered a compound. They were all in front of me, so when one spoke, I couldn't tell who it was without looking down. If there was also an indicator on their name, I'd be able to tell who was talking without taking my eyes off the centre of the screen. I know these might sound like trivial changes, but I often think it's the little details like this which really help with the immersion and make your interaction with the game feel a little more natural. First post, so be gentle. I go by this name in the game, so I guess I might see (or already have seen) some of you on UK servers
  16. I'm trying to setup voice chat over In-home streaming. This is what I've done so far. (Posted it to Steam tech. support and to Questions sections - but no replies so far) Host: Setup Mumble client/server Connect to the local Mumble server Setup Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) Mumble client input is set to Host mic (not used) Mumble client output is set to VAC Steam Voice input is set to VAC Windows default MIC is the to VAC Client: Setup Mumble client Connect to the Host Mumble server Mic is plugged to the client Now if I press Test Mic on the Host Steam and speak on the client I can see that Host Steam receives the audio. However when I try to play Squad over Steam streaming - other players can't hear me. P.S>Can someone try this setup at least to get an idea if its my problem or Squad in general does not pick VAC even if its default MIC?
  17. Having trouble with VoIP

    I'm having trouble with the voice chat function in the game. The first problem I came across, is that I can't hear squad members talk. I "solved" this problem by turning off the radio filter. When I had to play as a squad leader last night, I discovered that the problem also exist in the squad lead chat. Other squad leaders can hear me (I think), but I can't hear them. This was after I turned off the radio filter. I already verified my instalation via steam and cleared the game cache, but this didn't help.
  18. In-game chat not working

    So I usually play with a couple friends and we talk to each other on a mumble server which is how I realized this problem was occurring. Whenever I press the default keys for voice chat (or any other assigned keys after the fact) the green or blue chat icon will display showing that my mic is actively transmitting. HOWEVER, whenever I speak, none of my teammates can here me. It's not a mic issue because mumble is working fine with my friends, it's only the in game chat.. I can hear everyone else, and no one can hear me. I'm trying to source out possible issues and resolutions because I can't play this game if I can't communicate with my squad. Thanks for any help received.
  19. Tried searching for these on the forum, did not find. 1)Just would be helpful if the SL rank icon popped up next his name when ever he was speaking on the bottom left. Same for any FTLs. 2) I suggest the command channel is louder by default than the squad channel and makes a different noise when someone begins speaking. I know the command channel can get hectic too but if the command channel were more "intrusive" i feel we would all just resort to using the number pad more. Probably like it should be. 3)When the commander comes along he should be able to message 2 or 3 squads simotaneously rather than repeating the same thing to 3 squads. So no one else has to hear it that is not applicable. The ability for the commander to group up certain squads into one mail list (so to speak). He could have a list on one side of the screen with the different SLs he could drag them into created groups for himself. When he wanted to talk to them he just needs to click on the top of their group list. "3 techies approaching from the north" all heard by squad 3,4,5 and 6. Or possibly a check box system where all SLs checked receive his transmission. Maybe both.
  20. So imagine this: You have just entered a compound where another teammate is also hiding from the enemy. This teammate is not in your squad--he's in a different squad. You two start talking about the situation and where the enemies are coming from and when you expect help to arrive. Everything is going fine and you feel pretty confident that this guy has your back. Suddenly, the conversation suddenly becomes a one-directional conversation. This is because your teammate's squad started using squad comms for about 20 seconds straight, making him unable to hear you or talk to you in any way. He can do nothing but just sit there, listen to the squad comms, and hope that you aren't telling him something extremely important while his ears are occupide. But because you are not in his squad, you can never really know when he can and cannot hear you, so you don't know when you should and should not talk to him. In a video game, there's no perceptible difference between a guy standing quietly doing nothing and a guy standing quietly having an intense conversation with his own squad. Will this issue be addressed in Squad? Will there be some kind of animation or subtle SFX or anything at all to give you some awareness of whether or not a given player is currently receiving/sending squad comms?
  21. Idea for VOIP

    Okay, so I am pretty sure that I have heard that they plan on adding fire teams to Squad. If not here is my idea, you have 3 fire teams per squad and up the squad size to 12 because that is how it is in real life. Then you make it so when you speak in "squad" chat it only talks to your Fire team leader then the information the he gets will be transferred to the SL only through him.Basically people other than the fire team leader cannot speak to the SL. I find it irritating when I can hear people talking in squad chat but it is not necessary to be heard and it is just extra talking.
  22. I've recently decided to start playing squad again but i have been stopped as for some reason my squad VOIP is broken . From what i have gathered i can hear people in direct VOIP and they can hear me . But when it comes to squad VOIP the squad can hear me but i cant hear them i'm not too sure why . I've tried verifying the game caches and I've also tired reinstalling the game and neither have worked . It would be great if i could get some help
  23. VOIP Sound Bug?

    Reposting this from /r/joinsquad: I 've been recently having this bug where I cannot hear my team's voices, neither squad, command, or local chat works. I can hear the radio beeps and all that, but no voices. Before you ask, yes, the audio settings for VOIP are on. Any help?
  24. Radios while in TIC

    Hi all! I got the games months back and just now got back into it this week when I saw the vehicle update had been made! I really believe in this game, in Alpha and already f-ing amazing! I have one suggestion to make about the radios. Army radios usually pick up at least a small bit of ambiant noise, so when a soldier/squad leader is in a firefight, it would be amazing for the other soldiers/squad members who are not part of the TIC, far from the gunfire to be able to hear the gunshots and explosions over the radio. I don't know how complex that would be, since you would have to make it different for the direct VOIP, but I think it would really add up to the realism this game already has! Thanks for this amazing game! GaberTheSniper
  25. VOIP Issues

    The game runs great, the audio is great, but I can't hear anyone over radio, I can see who's talking, but can't hear them. Audio is default by windows also.