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  1. Teamwork-Fallacies

    Heyho, there is a point that really grinds my gears currently in Squad, something I can't overlook anymore, but it may be my own fault, if that is the case point it out. The problem I have is a narrow-minded attitude of a huge part of the community ingame especially on public servers(!). 1. Problem: "Buy a Mic if you want to play Squad!" No folks, no. When you want only people with Mics in your Squad: fine. Only Mics in your clan: fine... but attacking players without a mic or with a mic that they don't or can't use, is simply stupid on public servers. There are reasons why a person doesn't have or use a mic and it isn't your right to deny these players to play Squad. The only thing you achieve is ruining the play-experience for you and them and you destroy any possibility to work with them as a team with other communication-devices like the chat or the map. 2. Problem: "The game is called Squad, so you must play in a Squad. Otherwise you're a lone-wolve!". Wrong, just wrong on so many levels. A: a Squad is a military unit that can achieve certain tasks. Other tasks which are important too are rather unhandy for a squad for several reasons. e.g. an Anti-Tank-Team, Patrolling, Sentries, ... several off these duties are important too for the game and some can be achieved by parts of a squad. But only because someone plays alone, doesn't mean he doesn't play for the team. B: (especially on public server): When someone opens a Squad only for himself or him and his buddy, so be it. This fact alone doesn't mean they aren't playing with the team... so leave them and let them do their business! Maybe ask what they are doing, when they don't answer you, so be it, when they answer, you can either learn something or you can point out their mistake. BUT: A long discussion over the chat or VOIP is destroying teamplay far more than 1 or 2 guys doing their own thing as a matter of fact. Don't judge these people before hearing them, we all aren't allknowing. Be more open minded. C: "Lone-wolves": As pointed out by me before: You might not even know if someone is a "true" lone-wolve, who doesn't communicate at all... so don't judge before hearing them. If they don't answer you this can have several reasons, some might be even good ones. You probably won't teach them anything with insulting them or with a lengthy ingame discussion in case you didn't like their answer... ignore them. Simple as that. If you can't do that... well, get your own server or leave the internet. All in all I want to say: Teamwork is based on trust... as soon as you destroy this trust there can't be a team. Often times this trust is already destroyed by a wrong mindset. Everything you think to know about the game can be wrong no matter how long you play. Every experience you have personally made, can be too old because the meta changed or the situation is different. That is a fundamental for a working team next to a certain respect towards other human beings.
  2. Battle Buddy's

    I tell my guys when I am TL to grab a battle buddy, so if we get split up in the chaos they still have someone to clear rooms and cover angles and backs with.
  3. Squad-Alamo!-1080p

  4. I'm posting this in attempt to clarify whats a kill. The kill/frag/ is not just downing a target, or seeing a enemy dropped from 300m. Or looking a a bunch of bodies that you have managed to dispatch. A Squad kill is when the body disappears from the battle field and is no longer revivable by a medic. This means that the other side loses 1 ticket for the life you have taken. Until that time you have to presume that a well coordinated Squad will and is able to get back its members without loss of any tickets. High scoring Squads will get these scores by working together to stop silly loses. The reason I post this for the other night. A player solo'ed managed to take out 4-5 enemies and was proudly saying that he taken them down, before he died. I congratulated him on the success but pointed out that the only kill we were 100% sure of was his. For we couldn't get to his position to revive him. So his death was the guaranteed loss. And the enemy had control of the area. The lady protested and said "he was a Veteran and knew war ( his third time of playing ) and that I was a sofa warrior and I knew nothing". The end result was me kicking him from the squad for just ranting (not expecting to be the last time of doing it) In the ensuing minutes we lost the point and to the extent that we ended up getting Rick rolled (back capped ) to our main. At the end of the map we lost by 130 tickets and the enemies squad score was 18k ours 5k this leads me to believe they managed played as a good team should, working together will bring victory. This sofa warrior hasn't fought in a real battle but I know my video battlefield, save your tickets and help the team. Happy Gamming
  5. 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment "A New Standard In Realism" http://www.2cav.org Current Phase: Planning As of this moment, we are accepting applications, but are not conducting any official activities until unit launch. About the 2CAV 3rd Battalion, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, or 2CAV, is a realism unit based off the real life military operations group that currently supports ArmA 3 and Squad (upon release). Our goal here is to create a highly realistic environment that accurately portrays an Army unit, while still preserving fun. In the 2CAV, we utilize many aspects of an actual unit, including Infantrymen, armor, medics, and much more! Here at the 2CAV, even though we consider ourselves a MILSIM unit, we understand that real life comes first, and are always willing to work with our members to ensure that they are content and comfortable. Just because we are serious, doesn't mean we do not acknowledge that it is a game. And as a game, it is not worth playing if you are not having fun. Who We Are Looking For Almost anyone can join the 2CAV, no previous experience is required. The only requirement that we have is that you must be 17 or older, and may not be currently enlisted with another group in Squad or ArmA 3. In the unit we do not have room for slackers, and will make quick work of them if we find them. We are looking for driven, realism oriented people who are looking to be part of a team and make something great. Everyone in the unit contributes in some way, whether that be just attending events and having a good time, or volunteering your extra time to help better this unit in staff. Why You Should Join Unlike most units, here you are not a number. No matter how new you are, or how long you have been here, you can make a difference. We have open unit meeting for all members so that way concerns may be expressed, and so that ideas may be shared. We often encourage our members to partake just so they can get a feel for the type of open forum that it is. Everyone in the unit is important, can make a difference, and is crucial to it's success. Another thing that separates us from other realism units in the community is the fact that we are mainly focused around standard Army functions, and not special operations. We are not special operations capable at this time, but we strive to achieve it in the future. What You Can Do Right now we are actively seeking players to join our Infantry section, as riflemen and vehicle crewmen. Once enough members have joined, we will then begin recruiting for our aviation and other sections. If at any point in time a member wishes to transfer, they may move to wherever they wish. However, they must have completed the proper training in order to transfer and remain the same pay grade and avoid a reduction in rank. The reason for this is not to be a pain, however, is to ensure that an untrained member does not get placed in a trained team, and hinder their performance. Currently Open Billets 11B Infantryman - Contact Second Lieutenant Harper (Weapons roles also available within MOS) 19K M1 Tank Crewman Contact Information Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2cavmilsim Teamspeak: Website: http://www.2cav.org "Strong, Determined, Unbreakable." 3rd Battalion, 2nd Cavalry
  6. I thought it would be helpful to post some tips for those not used to communicating with a squad. There are lots of other considerations that I'm overlooking, but I think this is a great guide for those trying to make themselves a better Squad player. The community I play with stresses two important concepts of communication to the new members that want to play with us. They are: ABC's of communication:Accuracy - Don't say there's a squad when there is only one enemy. Brevity - Keep it short--no reason to clog up comms to tell your squad you killed an enemy. Just say "enemy down".Clarity - Make sure your mic is configured properly. Enunciate and don't speak so quickly other's cannot hear you. The 3 D's:Distance - (estimated) Saying the enemy is 600m away makes a big difference. If the enemy is within 100m, 'danger close' is adequate.Direction - Use the headings on your compass. For east, say 'zero-nine-zero' or 'directly east'. Stay away from using 'left' or 'right', as these are subjective directions and only useful if traveling with a squad in a particular direction.Description - Goes with 'Accuracy' above. If it's a sniper on the hill--say so. If it's someone with an RPG, let the squad know. It's important to note that effective communication is a balance between all of the above. Obviously you can take added time to describe the enemy, but that goes against being brief. It takes practice to strike the right balance. When communicating with your squad, you want to be accurate with your call-outs. Always include a distance, direction, and description of the enemy target. One of the most common call-outs players will make is when they spot an enemy. If you have a moment, take time to call out to your squad **before** you engage. Obviously, don't wait to shoot if the enemy is looking right at you, or a teammate! Sample communication: "Enemy spotted north, zero-one-zero. 300 meters out. At least 2 enemies" Expanded communication: "Enemy spotted north, zero-one-zero, heading west. 300 meters out. At least 2 enemies, unaware." Take time to enunciate, and keep the communication brief. Don't drag on with what you need to say. Stick to the ABC's and 3 D's and everyone will have a great time. Oh, and don't say 'I' or 'me'. No one knows who 'you' are. Speak in the 3rd person. It's weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Other considerations Weapon Status:The squad weapon status comes into play in many instances, but I find them most useful when moving from point A to point B. Whether you're flanking or pushing forward to the next objective, it's good to have everyone on the same page when it comes to the "rules of engagement". Often times, keeping quiet is more important than killing that lone-wolf posing no threat to your squad."Weapons red" - Hold your fire, even if fired upon."Weapons yellow" - Hold your fire, unless you're being engaged."Weapons green" - Fire at willFinal Note: This is a game, and I play it to have fun. I'm not saying you can't enjoy yourself and shoot the shit every so often, but understand there is a time and a place for it. Realize when it's time to go 'try hard' mode. It has been noted by many dedicated players that all they see are players that don't communicate and don't want to play as a team. It's up to us to make them realize what they're missing! Kindly let people know how they can communicate better. You'd be surprised how willing people are to take their play style to the next level, so long as your approach them about it in the right manner. Thanks for reading :)
  7. Simple request. I want to join my friend, cant join trough steam. i just wanna know what the server he is playing on is called. Some simple way to display this. Perhaps in the Stats screen?
  8. Hi guys. So last week I was playing on Fool's Road, and it kinda struck me that every server I play on, when I check the map, a lot of the time games get reduced to people straying from their Squads and doing their own thing. I was talking to another tester that I met back in Closed Alpha and we came to the suggestion that we should at least try another map system. We came to this idea since, in my opinion, the movement speed kind of feels a lot like arcadier shooters and it doesn't feel much like PR. In PR, it felt like you were slow and weighed down by your gear. In Squad it feels like you have your gun, and 5 mags. The suggestion that this fellow tester and I came to; squad mates, apart from the SL and medics, shouldn't be able to see themselves and on the map. The only things average squad member should see on the map is FOBs, rallies and Squad Leaders (to hopefully avoid friendly fire by giving general info on where teammates are.) I believe that this lack of map information will encourage players to kick their bad habits of lone wolfing, and encourage better Squad melding and teamwork. Think about it, if only the medics and Squad leader have full map detail. This should create an environment where we're even more reliant on our teammates. I'll admit, I really don't like joining a Squad with people I don't know at all. But I think that this little change would make for a good social experiment. I also feel that this will help people learn maps better visually because you'll be learning where you are three dimensionally instead of two dimensionally. Additionally, this may also help with situational awareness and even more communication and coordination. Sure, accidental friendly fire incidents may occur more on maps that have two teams with similar uniforms (Fool's and Chora atm) but that should encourage Squad leaders to keep their boys (and girlies ;) ) focused, aware, and on the look out! I think we should just try it at least, let me know what you guys think. \(^_^)/
  9. New genre for SQUAD?

    Everyone is calling SQUAD an FPS and it really is starting to bug me because I don't think it fits nor does it at all adequately describe just what SQUAD is. I mean, I understand why it fall into that category. The perspective is first person and we have weapons we can shoot but there is even now so much more and will be so much more in the future. My point being that Arma, despite being a FPS/TPS game is referred to as a milsim and never as a shooter. I would like if SQUAD was referred to as a milsim but completely understand why it isn't, even though is some ways the final build will be even more simlike than even Arma. So with that being said, what genre would you attribute to SQUAD? How would you easily describe to friends and strangers alike? Do we need to push a whole new genre to highlight the uniqueness? What are your thoughts? Personally I would call SQUAD a "Tactical Teamwork Simulator".
  10. The game runs really well for me. My problem is the voice chat. I can hear other players, They cant hear me. My mic works, I can be heard in other games. Just not squad. When I press the key binding for my voice chat, my name pops up, but no sound. Any ideas how to fix this. I really want to try the squad leader role but I am unable to because of this issue.
  11. Amidst all the posts about being a good teacher and helping the new players learn the game, I'd like to take a moment to salute the new players themselves! I logged on tonight and rather than seeing which Australian server had a handful of players on it, it was a challenge to find a server with a free slot! Don't take this as a complaint it was awesome! I just got out of probably some of the best rounds of SQUAD I've played so far, was in the AMG 72p Sydney server and led a squad of guys who almost all (I think) were on their first few rounds of SQUAD. They had questions about the gameplay, I did my best to answer and help them out, but they followed orders like a bunch of pros and were healing and combat reviving in no time. Last round after a tough fought round involving a lot of sneaky manouvering to establish a FOB and then a good hour of brutal compound to compound fighting we managed to win and came within 5 points of being best squad. Entirely due to the good work of my squadmates (I sucked out loud and got shot at every turn). I hope some of those guys find their way to the forums and I'm totally stoked that this game is attracting the calibre of new players we're getting. If you've just bought SQUAD and are reading this, I hope you're enjoying the game! Join in if you've been on the servers today! Someone's got to have a new player related story that tops mine, surely! :D
  12. We proudly present you our new SQUAD - Server! There is still some work to do, but we will try to do our very best to provide you an awesome experience and great teamwork! Feel free to contact us, if there's any issues. Server Name: *SIC* - VETERAN-GAMING.AT / GERMAN by g-portal ( Server Size: Currently 60 slots Location: Germany Map Rotation: random Community Website: http://www.veteran-gaming.at/ Report toxic behavior / Issues: http://clansupport.at/ Teamspeak: http://www.veteran-gaming.at/community/wbbforum/cms/index.php?page/teamspeak/ Server Rules: WiP
  13. The New Era Warfare community proudly presents their new Squad Server.Based on our experience with PR:BF2, we would like to providea teamwork oriented server for the German and English speaking playerbase. Note: I would kindly request that you do not judge our administration quality based on your current experiences on the server.We were working with the Development team to be able to provide a Germany based server as quickly as possible. However, our administrative structures and other processes are still under construction.Our admin team will slowly increase and we hope to achieve regularity once this game hits Early Access.At the moment do not expect this servers administration level to be higher than any other officially hosted server. Server Name: [NEW] New Era Warfare #1 DE Teamplay by g-portal ( Server Size: 50-70 slots Location: Germany Map Rotation: No fixed rotation, random maps Ingame-Admins: [NEW] Member Community Website: New Era Warfare Community Report toxic behavior: [NEW] Report Player (since our admin team is still sparse, please report any misbehaving player) Ban Appeals Forum: [NEW] Banappeal forum Servertechnician: BloodyDeed (contact via Steam "bloodydeed" or forum PN) Teamspeak: Server Rules in few words:Our current rules are based on our PR:BF2 ruleset.However, we are currently evaluation the ruleset to be adapted to Squad.It is taken as read that teamkilling/bad language and racicm will not be tolerated!-more [ WIP] - PR:BF2 Community Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZZnG3_oDrs
  14. I love this game and where it's headed. I'm so excited for the future of Squad. I just had an absolutely amazing match with a few random people i'd never played with before on the experimental (currently) 70 man server. despite my connection issues (because im in the middle of the US and that server's in Germany or something), despite my crappy frames, it was amazing. ALSO note: in the screenshots below you will notice my FOV is different than what most of you are used to. i learned it via this reddit thread. i was testing it out. i kinda like it but kinda dont. to my dudes: 005_Joe_Mama cKySlickDanny|SDemeMrMightyJoeWestonsammy[sC] Lee Flex[exe] NutsesXIII[sC] JDS95you guys were awesome! that one match in particular on Kohat as the US team was amazing. we kept running into engagement after engagement on basically open ground and we managed to stay together and not get wiped out a single time. me and cKy and medics from other squads were running around like mad keeping people in the fight, people were throwing smokes, calling out enemy positions. it was utter amazing chaos and it was glorious. i love playing as medic, and i love it when these moments happen. here's to many more great matches together in Squad. some screenshots: I became well acquainted with Joe_Mama's butt! You were an awesome SL man. and cKy, you were an awesome co-medic!
  15. Honestly its not even a FOB, it's a fort. Watch until the sniper battle with crY at the end!
  16. First and foremost, I wanted to create this thread so players can tell their experiences, stories, and thrilling moments while playing Squad. I feel that this can help bring the community together, give the devs an idea of what the players are experiencing on their games, and let us relate to each other with these events. Please, when posting a story, don't be so bland. Spice it up, gain the attention of the reader! So, here we go. I'll start with mine. Pre-Alpha Release. >Literally the first match ever on the pre release 20150925. >Servers are flooding with players trying to join. >Finally get on a server. >Join a squad, called "Catnip Herding" or something like that. >Start kicking down doors, and taking names. >Other squads are full of idiots. >We decide to take initiative and build a super fob ontop of this hill. >Stack sandbags on sandbags, add bunkers, you name it. >Enemy squads take a notice to our super fob. >They launch an assault. >We quickly demolish them. >Fortify it more, thinking we are doing pretty good for the first game. >Other squads are getting rekt. Like, they are full of idiots. >They are spread out more than a drunk white girl wanting pumpkin spice at 3am. >We notice a enemy squad on the adjacent hill, about 150-200 yards away. >We are about to unleash hot lead onto them, when we are attacked from the rear. >2 squads. 2 fucking squads I shit you not come down on us. >We start freaking the fuck out. Defending our fob with like 13 people. (9 in the squad, 4 that realized everybody else is retarded) >We make the squad that was on the adjacent hill retreat, they were in the open in a valley coming to us, so they had it coming. >Two squads that flanked us are spread out pretty good, so we are getting pop shots from 180 degrees. >We can't really see them, so we just are chucking smokes, nades, and shooting into the brush. >All of a sudden, it gets real quiet. >Like, too quiet. >We honestly thought we either killed them all or they ran away. >We decided to rearm and get ready to cap the next flag since the other squads are still huffing paint and eating glue. >Then, bam, they start attacking us again. I kneel behind some sandbags, and start firing my automatic rifle into the brush. >I notice impacts on the ground around me, and some into the sandbags. >I go into prone, but its too late. I am unconscious. >I am screaming for a medic, as the glorious blaze of gunfire erupts throughout our mini valley. >I wake back up, seeing my fellow men get holes like swiss motherfucking cheese. >Medic is telling me not to move. >I hear a distinct "pink" noise. It had a lot of bass to it. >I see a motherfucking M67 fragmentation grenade. >I notify everybody of a grenade. I knew it was to late. So I crawled ontop of it. >Boom. >I am at the glorious DEAD screen for the first time. And that, was my first life ever on Squad. Sorry for the long post, felt like sharing it. If you thought it was retarded, thats fine. If you enjoyed it, post one of your stories. I just formatted it like that just because I felt it easier to be short and quick rather than paragraphs. You can post yours however you want. Even though mine was bland.
  17. [Minecrafting flame wars omitted] I enjoy playing as SL and want to practice some new FOB concepts. Instead of spending time on FOB building during a game, I would rather do so in an empty server with a few other people. If you would be interested in helping me practice FOB building or want more experience your self, please let me know below. Once we have at least 3 people we can set a time/day to practice. Concepts I want to try: Sniper tower on building roof - Stack 4+ C-Sandbags tall in a clover-leaf arrangement with ladders for a raised shooting platform Multi-level shooting platforms - Need to test the limit of stack-ability Maze/False entries - Practice ways to trick enemy and hid FOB Traps - Want to find a way to make a pit for enemies to fall into Ladder Barrier Walls - Inspired by [socrates], use ladders to create barriers and block routes Who wants to join me?
  18. Who are we? The Chaos Vanguard is a large multigaming community that has grown very fast within several games in a very short period of time (we just had our 2 year birthday!). We have a very active TeamSpeak and forum that is used on a daily basis by our members! We have approximately 8000 members in our community and over 500 members on TeamSpeak daily across NA/EU timezones! What can we offer you? Our Squad section is our newest section and we are really looking forward to the beta release of the game! The Chaos Vanguard supports players from both NA and EU regions. We embrace and promote both casual and competative gamestyles and a lot of nice events both within the game itself but also within the community. Apart from our Squad section we support other games such as DotA, LoL, HotS, CS:GO, H1z1, Warframe, Smite and many more that you are welcome to play with our members without having to apply to each game specifically. One application is enough. What we require from you You have a working microphone.You can understand/speak english.You must be at least 16 or older.You must be willing to use Teamspeak 3.Follow Squad's Code of Conduct & Rules. How do I join?! Joining us is very simple. No interview is required. All you need to do is register on our website and send us your application by filling out the form provided. From there you just follow the instructions provided to you in your application. Does this sound like a community/group of gamers you'd like to join? In that case... Visit our homepage and register/apply: www.thechaosvanguard.co.uk Feel free to visit our TeamSpeak, or message myself (ForceRecon / Freakshow) on the forums if you have any questions: ts3.thechaosvanguard.co.uk We look forward to your application!
  19. Hey Guys! We are the Hydra Squad, we are a new clan in the community that plays squad pretty seriously, with tactics and try to achive victory, we have a full rank structure & chain of command as well as a teamspeak server for organization. Requirements:Must be Mature Must Be FriendlyMust Write & Speak english FluentlyHave good game senseMust want to be the best Squad in the communityFor more information you can go to our website Or join our teamspeak Server at: http://hydraforthewin.shivtr.com/sweatystreams.typefrag.com:5595
  20. Build 1866 Videos

    BUILD 1866 HOPE YOU ENJOY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY5RC4arBQs Build 1866 Playlist
  21. Amazing Teamplay !

    SQUAD pre alpha GAMEPLAY - Taking the FOB Had a blast playing that day. Really nice Teamplay. I'd love to hear your opinion on the Video Thank you !
  22. River Ambush

    Just a quick something from last weeks gameplay weekend which was amazing and the devs have done an amazing job. So what happened was me and my squad were going to cross the river but we kind of let off a shot and then got ambushed by the enemy which wasn't fun at all.
  23. Ok, guess its been threaded to death but here goes another one Also, i'm aware of this tread http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1589-teamsquad-management-radio/?hl=%2Btask+%2Bforce+%2Bradio#entry31468 but since i felt i expanded too much i decided to post it as new thread. I sincerely apologize if it should be placed only as new post there Let's start: For now, when there is 50vs50 or less, current limit of 9 squads is ok but once that number can be surpassed, this would make a lot of sense: platoons! Since in one of early interviews on yt, Chuc and Irontaxi mentioned that one of reasons there are 9 squads limit per team is because of communication (like in PR), I also discuss how comms would work with platoons/squads/fireteams. TEAM ORGANIZATION Introduction of fireteams Introduction of platoons Bonus: Keeping communication to 3-4 men is easily managed Bonus: Why stop there? Introduction of company? Or buddy teams? CONTROL (RADIO COMMS) Ok, so we have mess of platoons and squads in teams, right? How do they communicate? Two suggestions: 1) FREQ per squad 2) Make platoons mandatory as squads are in PR currently Bonus: squad allocations of hardware SUMMARY So, all said and done, is it worth the effort to include platoons and proper comms? I think so, its fundamental as teamwork is for Squad. No more nor less. This system, i hope, promotes teamwork, that existed in squad level of PR, to be present on wider scope. EXAMPLE Here is gamey example for full 50vs50 server (lets say PL is squad size): - att platoon (in total 26 players) APC (2 players) (PL - lets say this squad made platoon and serves as platoon leader)squad (9)squad (9)mortar/fob (6)- armor platoon (4) tank (2) (PL)tank (2)- def platoon (11) squad/fob (9) (PL)APC (2)- support platoon (4) chopper trans (2) (PL)heli/plane CAS (2)in total 45 players (team-oriented) It would be much more cool if we get at least 64 limit per team...that would make much more sense and this would be much more useful. Damn...lot of read...sorry for that... but would be happy as puppy if some Dev take time to read this and respond or anyone for that matter EDIT: intro a little more clearer, section Control/2)Make platoons... got some bold letters and italics for more clearer view, added example, italics for last line
  24. Top Tips for Success In Squad

    So folks, let's fill this one up with helpful hints and tips towards staying alive and working together with your Squad to achieve victory. Formation Adapting your squad into a formation according to your surroundings has many benefits. Situational awareness: You know who's where and what they should be able to see compared to you, allowing you to focus on your arc and move to cover more effectively if needed.Firepower: Wedge? Echelon? Column? When in a Formation suited to your surroundings the Squads firepower is more quickly and effectively brought to bear upon an opposing force. This is achieved by each member of the unit having clear sightlines to whatever aspect is most important at the time. Forward facing wedge allows for maximum firepower forward with a minimal initial profile for the enemy to see first (pity the point man). All soldiers can fire rearward however this formation is weaker from the sides where only half the unit is able to engage without risk of crossing into each others line of fire, forward visibility can also be a problem for those further back in the wedge. A reversed wedge or "Blunt" wedge allows for a tighter and more aggressive forward facing arc, with more soldiers able to respond to a frontal threat at the same time. An Echelon allows for you to kite around an enemy whilst keeping most members of your units line of sight towards their direction, it is useful when trying to evade or break away from contact and when probing the opposing line. A Column is useful in confined canyons and roadways where you are expecting an attack from the sides, you sacrifice the majority of forward facing firepower for to allow your soldiers to respond to a potential ambush. It is not to be used as a single file charge of death into an enemy position, you are not a duckling.Contact: Maintaining formation ensure when you do come into contact with the enemy, each member of the team is in the best position to respond to that threat immediately. It allows your machine gunner to get into position and cover you, the L-AT to locate and eliminate his target before it locates and eliminates you. it lets everyone know where everyone else has dropped when shtf so everyone can act and respond accordingly to stay alive Spacing Don't allow one grenade or one LMG to wipe out half your squad and don't be so far away that you're unable to respond to your squads needs. Communication No need for you life history (that's for when you're on defense), just reporting contacts calmy and efficiently is all you need to do. Listen to you squadmates and react accordingly, everyone in the unit should be aware of whats going on with the position next to them whilst focusing on their own. Organisation/Discipline You are a very small cog in a large machine, regardless of how highly skilled you might believe yourself to be. You must mesh with the other members of you unit if you are to succeed and that means following orders and sometimes doing the shit job. The best players are never those who get the most headshots, they are those who spot the tank first to allow the H-AT to destroy it, or those who know that instead of killing one, suppressing 5 enemies is better to allow their comrades to move into a better position. Alone you are strong, together you will be Mighty.
  25. Degree measuring

    Now as you all know, from seeing squad or playing PR. We have the compass down on the middle of the screen that is very handy, especially for teamwork. However from personal experience. When people call out targets sometimes it can be difficult to locate them, because they might be higher or lower on say the mountain, valley or a hill. Because many times in matches i hear people say something like " Enemy at 245". Well that is ok, you have me looking at the area, but i can't still see the enemy because he might be lower or higher(They might also say 245 on the hill, but again then you'll have to look all over it before you might see them, and then it might be to late.) This is where the degree measure can come in handy. If you think about it, with this you can more accurately pinpoint location between squad mates. Think of it like saying location on a map, say H8. Were you just follow the lines to you find where the H and the number 8 crosses, it would be the same principle. When you call out say "enemy 200, degree 60". then your squad know instantly where to look and what height they should be looking on. I made a little example on how it may look, and it won't even take up any space EDIT:I have setted up a poll as you can see. But if anyone have more suggestion please feel free to submit them in the thread or pm me if you'd prefer.