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      §9 Thread Capitalization
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Found 101 results

  1. Technical Intervention

    My squad was pinned down on mosque by a technical so my SL sent me on an interference run while he and a LAT sat on mosque and tried to score a good hit. This is how it went. *ignore my trash full-auto accuracy.
  2. It's simple, do it like in RNL.(Resistance and Liberation mod). When you get supressed ( especially by an MG ), your hands start shaking, you can bearly aim at anything with the sights , unless you have a squad leader in some area around you to dampen that effect. I think this would be a nice enhancement to encourage teamwork and discourage lone-wolfs. Simply ease that supression effect if there are more of your squad members and/or leader nearby, this way you are adding realism and making people play tactical, and also makes sense from a logical point of view ; people get scared/frightened, and having buddies nearby helps.
  3. Epic battle of mond zai

    awesome fight of mond zai compound gg to all involved
  4. The S.O.G. We are a Squad clan based out of Canada and the United states that uses tactics, planning, coordination, and cooperation to succeed in matches. Together,our members have backgrounds from ArmA, Project Reality, and even first-hand military training. Through our experience, we come together to learn and grow as better players, creating a fun and welcoming environment for everyone who is eager to join. History Our squad name, S.O.G., comes from the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG). Which was a highly classified, multi-service United States special operations unit which conducted covert unconventional warfare operations prior to and during the Vietnam War. What we offer as a community We are a very close knit group of friends who loves to play Squad, but we want to play it to the best of our ability, that is the reason why we created our clan. We offer membership to one of the friendliest Squad communities out there, alongside strong tactical game play and a militaristic mindset. We have a rank structure with enlisted and commissioned ranks. Expect to start at the bottom and work your way up the ranks. Enlistment Requirements 18 years of age or older. have working microphone for communicating. Must be able to follow a chain of command and take orders. We do not require a ton of in-game experience, only that you are knowledgeable with the game and how it is played. How to enlist Visit our Website and apply: sogsquad.com Join our Team Speak: sog.ts.nfoservers.com And speak to an officer.
  5. Cracking round

    Public round and everyone pulls off great play, makes squad match of the evening for me. Its when the how squad works together really shows off the game.
  6. hello, im looking for someone to make a squad clan called Insurgent battalion ops made for teamwork and be better at squad!! the group reqiuerments on disocrd https://discord.gg/cuKbfXB 1 be nice 2 no flame war you can be a beginner at squad, that dosent matter!! HAVE FUN!!
  7. Hi devs, I just joined the community via the free week end of 11/11/16 and I already have more than 25 hours on your game ( I very enjoy it, keep it up ! ) As a new player playing medic all the time, I tought that it would be a great idea to be able to pick up injured teammates or draw their bodies around. Here are my reasons : - It would add an other layer of teamwork since everybody would be able to dit it ( cooperation with the medic ) - Squads would be able to stack up their injured soldiers when their's no medic nearby - It would be easier to get freindlys out of a bad situation ( dead in the middle of the road ) Of course it would take time to pick them up, moving with them would be slower and without weapons and finally putting them down could have it's own 1 sec animation. I hope you guys will be able to read this. Have a good day !
  8. I suggest that squad leaders be allowed to control the squad members ability to respawn, thus facilitating squads to respawn together as a squad. Squad, as a game, tries to emphasize teamwork and communication. Most of the time, a squad benefits most from each player role's strengths and covers each other's weaknesses if it moves together. But after a while of playing online, I've noted that in reality this doesn't always happen. Sometimes the squad leaders forget to tell his squad to hold spawn. Sometimes the squad members forget. Sometimes they just joined the squad and don't know what's going on. After a while, the squad members spawn in different places, and the squad is spread out all over the map, and there is no cohesion anymore. And then, most of the time, the squad leader just silently gives up, and everyone just starts running and gunning on their own. If you look at a Youtube channel like Karmakut's, where he has a bunch of disciplined players who are serious about the game, squad teamwork is smooth and clean. But 'running and gunning' is what happens most of the time in public servers. A respawn block at the discretion of the squad leader would make a squad work as a unit more. Presently the squad leaders can kick misbehaving players from the squad, but most of the time people, me included, don't want to punish players who just joined and don't know what's going on. And what I've observed is that, even if the squad members 'run and gun' at first, they do this because they are not sure that their squad leader has a plan, or they just get tunnel vision and start engaging some enemy in one part of the map, and just keep going there again and again. But once you get them working together towards a common goal, and when they experience teamwork themselves, they seem to enjoy the game more. A control like this would enable squad leaders to gently nudge them in the right direction before everything descends in to chaos. Another area this would help is when one team has an uncontrolled ticket drain because of undisciplined players respawning again and again, even when there are medics nearby: Another thing that happens a lot in public servers.
  9. Russian Domination

    Really fun and fast round on Fools Road! Really a good watch!
  10. Would it be possible to have a the option to play certain matches with no vehicles?
  11. Sons of Liberty

    Hello all I have taking it apron my self to buy and set up a server for squad. My hope is to make a place were like mined people can gather and play. The Sons of Liberty server will be based in the Central US out of Chicago ,IL. It will be a 72 slot server. Join the SOL Platoon to get your reserved slot All ages are welcome, if you join, please behave and don't intentionally grief other players. Like the benefits of playing Squad with a skilled, organized, and disciplined group. No elaborate recruitment process either. If you're 13 or older, act mature, and consider yourself a team-player come squad up with us in-game! Here we put emphasis on the ability to follow Squad lead orders, respect for superiors and peers, loyalty, teamwork and still being able to think independently when the situation requires it. Above all TEAMWORK IS MOST IMPORTANT in SOL. NOT being a team player will get you kicked or baned really fast. We will be using Teamspeak3 for communication between admins and to help deal with other players the are make the game unfun for a good number of others. Community members can also use the ts to talk and hang out. We prefer in-game communications with squad members and other Squad Leaders. Typing or talking both are good. Please feel free to join are Teamspeak we enjoy a good laugh wile playing games on a dally/nightly basis. Pop on and get to know us introduce yourselves and meet some new people and see if the SOL is a good fit for you. Our team speak address is :
  12. Teamwork and a lot of kills

    Hi Guys, I haven't recorded a video in such a long time. Happened to record a really good round yesterday. There was also a bug that I've not encountered before, the damn SQUAD logo and menu options stayed at the top of the screen lol. It wasn't a massive issue, but was hard to see if we were capping the flags or not. Anyway the score at the end was more epic than I had even thought.
  13. None of my gaming buddies currently play Squad (despite my best efforts) and I find myself missing the camaraderie that comes with a regular group playing a game like Squad. So, I'm looking to create a small, casual but coordinated group of Squad players, who would like to make the most of their precious gaming hours. If what you read below interests you, PM me here on the Squad forums and we can connect via steam. Objective Form a small, squad sized group of mature, like minded players interested in playing Squad Connect & coordinate via Discord & Steam, no message boards or website, just a casual steam group Play Squad effectively, as our schedules permit Ideal Player Profile 100% positive attitude Older-ish (I'm 39) and would like to play with guys who have similar Real Life schedules Interested in Infantry tactics, teamwork & communication Ability to (or interest in) playing all roles in an Infantry squad, including Squad Lead Where & When I'm located in Ontario, Canada (EST) so I play East coast public servers I game late at night (9 or 10pm - Midnight or 1am) most weeks I will game 3-4 nights including most weekends *edit* I'm on Discord now (great app) and have created a =DOG INFANTRY= channel, I think this is the best way to connect Gameplay History Played A LOT of PR on public servers played some ARMA 2&3 with United Operations (highly organized games) have logged 51 hours of Squad so far Dog Infantry Play Style I tend to play/move slowly when possible, I take the long way around to stay alive. Focus on communications, I love using the radios effectively Dog Infantry will frequently volunteer to defend objectives for the team. I find the craziest shit happens when holding what the enemy wants! Here's a short video I put together this winter of a smaller game I played as SL, with a bunch of new players. If you like anything you've read here, shoot me a PM! Regards, MGD
  14. Nexus Interactive Website: http://nexusvanguard.shivtr.com/ Nexus Interactive Squad Server: [EastUSA][NI] Tactical Gameplay | New Maps | GamingDeluxe.co.u Teamspeak 3 Server: Nexus-Interactive.ts3.services Nexus Interactive strives to improve the Squad gaming experience by creating community driven events and "Game modes" that require teamwork and tactical thinking, and bring Squad to a new level of fun. If you are interested in a professionally hosted server with low latency, check us out in the game at the above server. If you want more info about join the NI community and want updates on Events (Starting June 13th) please head to our website at the above URL. You can also follow us on twitter to hear about new events and updates about the community as a whole. Join us on teamspeak to chat with us about upcoming changes or just to hear more! See you on the Battlegrounds, Nexus Interactive Out.
  15. Infidel Rage's "Helmet Cam" Footage

    Hey guys, in this thread i will be posting links to my SQUAD videos that are on my youtube channel which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFZNB67tujcF3y5YMCNFHAI also stream on twitch when i play (occasionally), here is a link to my channel: http://www.twitch.tv/infidel_rage Find me on twitter @InfidelRageI hope you guys enjoy the videos!
  16. Ideas for VOIP & COMMS

    I searched the forums for this but couldn't find anything. Now these ideas kinda come from ARMA/Tactical Battlefield, so I'm not sure if they can be done. I was thinking that if you are talking on Squad Chat/Squad Leader Chat, it should ALSO be heard on Local. Local could still be a separate channel, but the reasons for this are that if you go down, and you call for a medic on Squad Chat, and you are in the immediate vicinity they won't necessarily have to ask you to "call out on local". Also, I think it would help a lot with communication with teammates who aren't in your squad. For example, if you're in a firefight and you call out contacts on Squad Chat, of course your squad mates can hear you, but say there's other teammates around you, they would have no clue. The same would go for if you call out for medic on Squad Chat but there's medics around in other squads. I think it would better communication with the team as a whole. That way everyone around you could know what's going on, i.e. where contacts are, who's building what, who needs a medic, etc.. My next idea is a way to reduce chat clutter, (even though my first idea kinda added some, I don't think it'll be that bad). If you are a Squad Leader and another SL is talking on the Leader Chat, it should be heard mono through one side (one ear), with some more radio filter to sound like it's actually coming from a radio, mostly for a "realistic effect". Not only that, but the volume of everyone else in your squad should be lowered a bit, so that you can hear them better. (I know with 9 people talking plus other SLs talking it can get kinda hectic). That same volume feature could also be used if you are a soldier in a squad and your SL is talking. Everyone else's volume would be lowered so that you can hear what your orders are. Bonus idea: If you are very close to your SL (~5m maybe?), you can faintly hear what other SLs are saying through his radio. This way you can kind of get an idea of what the rest of the team is doing. (Plus your SL won't sound crazy like he's talking to himself when he's talking in Lead Chat b/c you can hear it on local)
  17. [FUBAR] Community Server

    [FUBAR] Community Server US (East Coast) Squad community server hosted by [FUBAR]. [FUBAR] invites you to join us on our 64 slot community server. We feature active admins and emphasize teamwork and tactical play,. Server Etiquette Work together in a squad. Use your mic. Be respectful of others. Server Rules No exploits, hacking, griefing, trolling or team killing. No advertising or spamming chat. No discriminatory or racist language in chat, voip, or squad names. Reports & Appeals In-game: Message any [FUBAR] member. Outside game: Email [FUBAR] bluedevil at [email protected] Website Full website coming soon at http://squadfubar.com/ Server Address
  18. Gamemode: Uprising

    (thanks to freezerGeezer for the background pic) "A hardcore tactical and strategical gamemode where teamwork and leadership is key" Overview This gamemode is a territorial and resource driven gamemode, with and unique faction setup. There is 2 main factions: - Bluefor, made up of government or peacekeeping forces - Insurgent cells, made up from rivaling villages, ideologies, fractions etc. The map is devided into Sections and controlzones, with the Blueforces being placed centre, with all the Insurgent cells surrounding them. Mission Destroy other factions, total territorial dominance. If time limit is reached, the faction with largest area of control wins. Factions - Bluefor: Better weapons, higher level of income, better assets, strongly protected spawn at prebuilt FOB/base - Insurgency: Similar to current insurgents, but more mobile with fast technicals and transport. Resources: - Resources are devided evenly between all the controlzones, with each insurgent team having the same ammount of income at round start. - The income points are used by the commander (bluefor) / cell leader (insurgents) to buy equipment for his soldiers, mainly vehicles, but also static emplacements like SPGs, MG nests, and bunkers. - Income is granted each 5 minuttes, and is based on how many zones your cell holds Tickets The ticketsystem will be familiar to that of insurgency, where the Bluefor team will have an finite ammount of tickets, while the insurgent cells will have an infinite ammount of tickets. The bluefor team must conserve their tickets, but will also be able to gain x ammount of tickets by taking out Cells completely. (read cell destruction). This way, there is a strong incentive for the bluefor to also go on the offensive. Income The factions will have 2 ways of getting more income, either by capturing enemy resource zones, or alternativly, kill or destroy enemy soldiers and assets. That way it will be more balanced towards the actuall performance of the soldiers. As an Cell that is being attacked by an bigger force, can aquire more income by setting up good defences and defeating enemies, even if they are down to very few resource zones, enableing them to quickly counterattack if they are not completely overrun and destroyed. Balance: The round starts with all players joining their respective faction/cell, The Insurgent cells are capped at 13 players in the start, with each cell containing 1 Cell leader and 12 cell members (example: two 6-men squads). Bluefor have 22 players to start with, but at at a disadvantage that they are surrounded and have no option to create alliances. Alliances: The insurgent forces have the option for cell leader to form alliances, this will cause the soldiers to see all alliance members nametags, but will also cause heavy spawn penalties if you TK other alliance members (to prevent griefing of other cells). You will have bigger penalties for TKing alliance cell members than your own cell members. Alliances can be created and broken by cell leaders, but can only be broken if said cell have all members out of the zones of the cell you are breaking the alliance with. Destruction of a cell - After a cell have lost all its zones of control, the cell is defeated, this will disband the unit and all members of the cell are free to join one of the other excisting cells, dispersed evenly to the remaining units, including bluefor. - Insurgents joining bluefor will be labeled as Collaborateur, and they will recieve weapons that is a mix between excisting insurgent weapons, and low-tech bluefor weapons. The Map: (Bluefor is missing their HQ zone, but its meant to be there) - Each Insurgent region is devided into 7 Controlzones: - 5 Resource zones These zones provide the cell with reinforcements points and can be captured like a normal AAS flag, providing the income of that zone to the cell, but only if its connected with a supplyline to the HQ zone (only friendly zones between cell HQ and the Resource zone. - 1 HQ zone This zone is where the cell leader have his reinforcements radio, he have to be next to the radio to be able to buy equipment and vehicles for his Cell. This Cell does not provide resources, but enables whoever cell that controls it to call in reinforcements, if they also control the adjacent reinforcement zone. - 1 Reinforcement zone This zone provides the only permanent spawnpoint for your Cell. It also provide a spawnpoint from where the vehicles that the cell leader buys spawns. This zone does not provide any resources. Gameplay Here we can see 2 Cells, Cell 1 and 6, marked in pink and green. Capture order - Zones can only be captured if your cell have a completely captured zone adjacent to it. To be able to capture HQ zones you will also have to destroy the radio that is in that zone, and to recapture it you will have to be in control of the zone and then place a new radio. Lets imagine Cell 1 (pink) is attacking Cell 6 (green), then they have to first capture the only zone they have adjacent, which is a resource zone that provides 5 income (solid pink arrow). This opens 3 new options of attack, where they can either go for one of the 2 next resource zones, or go straight for Cell 6s HQ, cutting of their possibility for heavy assets reinforcements. Weapon Caches Caches will be able to be placed by the squadleader of insurgent cells. but only if certain requirements are followed: - Only 1 cache per controlzone - Squadleader needs 2 team members nearby to place - Only the cell with control of the zone can place cache there - You cannot place cache if enemy cache is already present in said zone Caches will serve as both a permanent spawnpoint (as long as its not destroyed by enemies) and a rearm point from your forces. Caches will have to be refilled by ammounition transport (trucks or ammo-techies) that can be bought by the Cell leader from the reinforcements radio. Caches will be the only place for rearming for infantry, except from riflemen with ammo-bags. Caches will serve as one of 3 spawnpoints for the cell, The main spawn will be the reinforcements zone located in the rear of their region, The caches will serve as frontline spawnpoints, while rallypoints will serve as squad specific regrouping points, as these can be placed in enemy territory. The equivalent to Weapon caches for the Bluefor team will be patrol bases, which will serve as their forward outpost. Deployable assets Deployable assets will work independently compared to other gamemodes like AAS or INS. In Uprising the only thing you need to place Deployables™ is a squadleader with officer kit, within a controlzone that your forces control, and it has to be within x meters of a large supplycrate. These supplycrates can be transported to location by trucks bought by the Cell leader/commander of your forces, and reloaded at the repair/rearm station located in your teams Reinforcements zone. The types of assets that is avaliable for your cell/team will be dictated by your Cell leader/Commander as he have the power to buy upgrades/unlocks with his reinforcements points, to get access to upgraded weapons platforms, better protection assets and higher caliber deployables. This will enable the Cell leader/Commander to dictate what focus his cell/team should have, By either focusing on unlocking Offensive weaponry for his soldiers, or defensive structures to fortify his claimed territory. Please provide constructive feedback and build on the idea! ( i probably have missed something, but this is just the first layout of the gamemode)
  19. ULD - United Lads Divison(AUS)

    If your looking for a fresh Unit/Clan with a good style of teamwork then this ones for you. ULD(United Lads Division) is based in Australia with connections to BigDGaming so together we can provide great community events, clan v clan matches, training events, our own personal teamspeak and plenty more to come. ULD was set up to bring many fellow squad players together who enjoy a sense of teamwork and camaraderie in their gameplay. We have set up the clan to be flexible both in its in-game tactics and matches, and how it functions out of game with different events and community forums. Some members of the clan may prefer a high geared military experience, others a more casual meet up and muck around with mates night. We're looking to bring everyone together who want to enjoy squad to it's full potential without putting unnecessary restrictions on those who are just there to enjoy the game. However make sure if your keen on joining up you've: -Got a bloody mic! -Strive for a good sense of teamwork -Get along well with other players -Are willing to get your hands dirty -Can follow or lead in good fasion At the end of the day we're here to enjoy the game and bring the gameplay to a whole new level, so let's get together lads!
  20. (Also posted on steam) TL;DR, Make a leveling system based on your squadmate's review of your teamwork in order to buy classes/specializations. So, my current issue with the game is this: when you join a squad, because of the new players, you consistently have one guy using a class that he/she doesn't understand yet(A squad lead who doesn't communicate/drop RPs, a medic that doesn't heal, etc), and when vehicles come along, I'd hate to imagine the chopper pilot who thinks walls make good helipads or the IFV that likes to sit in the open and get a face full of RPGs. So, my idea is to impliment a leveling system designed as a skill tree. You start as a recruit, and at the end of the match(while waiting forever for the next round to start), your squaddies can opt in to fill a quick checkbox for each player(Communicated with the team, followed orders, stayed with the group, etc). Every checkmark you get shows that you're better at the game, and can use the points gained to unlock teers of classes, like optics riffleman which becomes a marksman, or a AT soldier that becomes a grenadier, etc. Vehicles would be done similarly. You unlock the "heli" teer 1, which allows you to be a gunner for a blackhawk or attack chopper, then pilot of a scout or transport heli, and finally an attack chopper pilot. Hummvee gunner/driver becomes IFV gunner becomes IFV driver becomes tanks or whatever. Each teer starts off with a buy in value, which is higher for those classes/vehicles that require more skill. And to one-up that idea, maybe after you buy into a teer tree, you need to complete a tutorial. For example, a marksman tutorial that explains that you WILL die if you are in the middle of the fight instead of on an elevated position, and that you need to move position every kill or two. Another example would be for AT soldiers, which explains that tanks need to be flanked and hit from the side(preferably under the turret axis) or from behind near the engine, and that RPGs fly like bananas instead of bullets and that AT4 rockets drop off like they have ED. The point is, it not only gives an endgame objective that isn't linear(get grenadier at level 4, hummer driver at 6, etc), but also pushes people to play the game as a team to get those checkmarks, and reserves specialized roles for those that would be better suited for them, because they've worked on learning the playstyles. Thoughts/comments/additions? ~Aedene
  21. About RGN Reckless Gaming is pleased to announce our first Squad server for beta testing. We are a growing gaming community based around multiple first person shooters such as Arma 3, CSGO, Battlefield, and now Squad. We also play numerous other games such as ARK survival, Mindcraft, Rocket League, GTA V, amongst many others. This community was started in October of 2015, with a great core group. We've decided to open a squad server to assist with Squad developers & bring good fun, competitive play, and team work oriented gaming. If your looking for a solid gaming community where you can play with others and make friends stop by. Ways to contact Reckless Gaming Network community Website: http://recklessnetwork.com/ TeamSpeak: ts.recklessnetwork.com Squad Server - RecklessNetwork.com ~ Chicago ~ Teamwork ~ Admins
  22. website | mission statement | command structure | TS3 | India Co. Steam Server Info http://squad.rocks/=VX9= Greetings, My name is **Gen.Kaburan=VX9= with India Company, a Division in =VX9= that is committed to various aspects of tactical gameplay and with Squad being a featured focus of building our presence. Some of you may have worked with me in various squad games, as I almost exclusively operate as a Squad Leader for our team. I wanted to reach out and extend an invitation to those of you who are interested in working in a cohesive unit, with a positive attitude, and willingness to learn as well as teach others. As an experienced Squad Leader, I extend my Real Life Military Knowledge from the United States Marine Corps, and apply modern combat weapons, tactics & instruction at a Fireteam, Squad, and Platoon level, all the while focusing on the entertaining aspect of our experiences in Squad. Victory, Immersion, and Growth. Please consider my invitation and I look forward to working with you. Feel free to add me on Steam (link above) if you'd like to discuss. We will be opening our own 64 man server shortly, so nows a great time to learn and be a part of something great! What we Offer in =VX9= Mature 18+ Community --- (We enjoy adult humor, topics, and lots of beer. So by mature, we don't mean we act like a bunch of stuck up guppies. We take care of our own!)Teamwork & Tactics --- (We work with a chain of command, and employ organized tactics on the battlefield)Communication --- (We fund our own servers, TeamSpeak, and fully developed website to keep up with the latest in our community)Camaraderie --- (Most importantly, we want everyone to feel like they belong. And we do a damn good job at it) Our Recruitment Requirements Age 18+English speakingTeamSpeak 3 and Working MicrophoneCheat Free Gaming HistoryOur Mission Statement Our mission in =VX9= is simple at its core. We strive to promote a great gaming environment for all that have the honor to be a part of our great community. Through the years we have been able to develop not only a great gaming experience but, also long lasting friendships. As we are more than just the games we play. We are at our center one big family. We believe that our community should be built on more than just games. We are held together by the bonds of friendship and the sense of belonging to one great online family! Through the years we have excelled at many of the games we play. Through teamwork and dedication we are able to stay competitive. We continue to succeed in all avenues that we take as a community because of the great spirit of our members that make =VX9= what it is. Thanks for giving us a look, and feel free to PM me or add me on Steam!
  23. Teamwork-Fallacies

    Heyho, there is a point that really grinds my gears currently in Squad, something I can't overlook anymore, but it may be my own fault, if that is the case point it out. The problem I have is a narrow-minded attitude of a huge part of the community ingame especially on public servers(!). 1. Problem: "Buy a Mic if you want to play Squad!" No folks, no. When you want only people with Mics in your Squad: fine. Only Mics in your clan: fine... but attacking players without a mic or with a mic that they don't or can't use, is simply stupid on public servers. There are reasons why a person doesn't have or use a mic and it isn't your right to deny these players to play Squad. The only thing you achieve is ruining the play-experience for you and them and you destroy any possibility to work with them as a team with other communication-devices like the chat or the map. 2. Problem: "The game is called Squad, so you must play in a Squad. Otherwise you're a lone-wolve!". Wrong, just wrong on so many levels. A: a Squad is a military unit that can achieve certain tasks. Other tasks which are important too are rather unhandy for a squad for several reasons. e.g. an Anti-Tank-Team, Patrolling, Sentries, ... several off these duties are important too for the game and some can be achieved by parts of a squad. But only because someone plays alone, doesn't mean he doesn't play for the team. B: (especially on public server): When someone opens a Squad only for himself or him and his buddy, so be it. This fact alone doesn't mean they aren't playing with the team... so leave them and let them do their business! Maybe ask what they are doing, when they don't answer you, so be it, when they answer, you can either learn something or you can point out their mistake. BUT: A long discussion over the chat or VOIP is destroying teamplay far more than 1 or 2 guys doing their own thing as a matter of fact. Don't judge these people before hearing them, we all aren't allknowing. Be more open minded. C: "Lone-wolves": As pointed out by me before: You might not even know if someone is a "true" lone-wolve, who doesn't communicate at all... so don't judge before hearing them. If they don't answer you this can have several reasons, some might be even good ones. You probably won't teach them anything with insulting them or with a lengthy ingame discussion in case you didn't like their answer... ignore them. Simple as that. If you can't do that... well, get your own server or leave the internet. All in all I want to say: Teamwork is based on trust... as soon as you destroy this trust there can't be a team. Often times this trust is already destroyed by a wrong mindset. Everything you think to know about the game can be wrong no matter how long you play. Every experience you have personally made, can be too old because the meta changed or the situation is different. That is a fundamental for a working team next to a certain respect towards other human beings.