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  1. Most people know that as Squad Leader you should have a microphone but still, it happens a lot that a squad or two has squad leaders without a microphone.
  2. NO Perks on Steam

    I purchased the Squad Leader Package and havent gotten any of the perks or the steam DLC to download, who can I contact about this? I have checked my steam inventory and they arent there
  3. First of all I would like to make clear that my suggestion should not be used to make any other change in the current set-up besides the initial suggestion. I would like to see that a under-barrel (only smoke) launcher would be added to the Squad leader without the explosive grenades. Right now the the Squad leader has colored smoke grenades, but they have a horizontal dispersion pattern resoling in covering the enemy and not physically marking friendly and enemy positions without covering them. The use of that tool wouldn't make the tactical map less useful, because the smoke disappears and can be seen by the enemy, other than at the tactical map. The under-barrel (only smoke) launcher is a better choice for marking positions because of its vertical dispersion pattern, which doesn't cover the enemy and because it has once higher vertical dispersion pattern, it can be seen over walls. A lot of people don't realize that when you are relating information of enemy positions or movement to a fraction of your team or a other Squad that is not at the same position as you (lets say at your left or right flank), you have to calculate or they have to calculate the information (W-(XXX)) to be usable to use it, because for them the enemy's are (N-(YYY),...). In the game right now there is a lot of friendly fire (like in real life), but that could be changed (like in real life) with colored smoke grenades, in-game the better choice to do that are smoke grenades that are fired from the under-barrel launcher. This addition would minimize confusion and friendly fire on the battlefield (Realize that not the whole squad is lucking at the tactical map all the time and that a physically marking relates that information to everyone in a fraction of a second - that is specially good in a intense fire fight !). PS.: I wouldn't change the grenadier in any way, in my ayes he is a great second in command because of his under-barrel smoke grenades ! Picture: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=674961131 Whats your reaction to that ?
  4. Anyone have any resources like a Squad Leader guide yet? One thing I've learned about Squad so far is that the quality of the squad and Squad Leader you are working with will dramatically affect your enjoyment of the game. Later today I'm going to take a stab at leading some Squads. Here are some things that I like about good Squad Leaders. 1. They know where we are going and why, and they communicate this clearly and often. "Golf 7 Keypad 6, we are going to capture and defend this point. We will track South East until we get to Golf and then head directly South to Golf 7 Keypad 6." 2. They use the players they have according to the roles they are playing. Medics are spread out among the squad, the SAW is used to provide covering fire... 3. They have a strategy about winning the match, not just following the crowd or heading toward the closest gunfire. ie on most maps it is very advantageous for different squads to go to different capture points right at the start so that we capture as many points as possible as quickly as possible. We often see the masses of people going from point 1 to point 2 to point 3... then everyone meets there and fights it out. This is great if you just want to have a gun fight, but not great if you want to win the match decisively. 4. They encourage fire discipline and calling out targets as they are identified. There's always that one guy who just wants to shoot the enemy as soon as they are seen.... this often gets us all killed. Good squad leaders will try to control this so that we engage when we are in the best position to win the firefight. Last night I was playing on Forest and the Squad Leader understood this very well. He has a plan he likes to follow on that map and we did a huge loop around where the fighting was to ensure that the enemy would have their backs to us so we could more easily win the fight. 5. Fun comms. We're playing a game. Let's have fun. I love when we're joking or whatever and then the poop hits the air movement device and we all get straight to the business at hand. It feels authentic. Some thoughts I've had. I'd love to read yours. FOB placement strategies... how and when to fortify locations... what to do with the enemy out smarts you... all of it.
  5. I have played Squad for more then 130 hours, half of the time i am dedicated Squad leader. I will list the common problems with being a squad leader (in a public server). Since the squad leader has an unique sign, it must remain on point so people know who to follow - let squad leader pick a point man with unique symbol or color for the map When i want to order specific people, i need to press Enter and hover over the names to see who i need to order, this is bad for fast reactions - allow squad leaders to see squad names instantly when pressing (M) for map It is hard for a squad leader to know where his Sniper, Grenadier, AT and AR's are - add map icons for every class in his squad (only squad members can see each others symbols)
  6. Hello, This is a follow up to a previous post some time back on a similar topic. I am an active squad leader who plays on the German and less so, the UK servers. My squad is always named NEWBROS WELCOME(EN). If you need help, seek me out. This is a bit wordy, most of it brainstormed during fraternization class today. I would appreciate developer or active SL's (who care about the role) feedback on these points. These are my opinions and observations playing the game since closed alpha. Server Selection: -Please add server filters Spawn/Rally/FOB: -I dislike that I am punished for attempting to put down a rally that just so happens to be close to an enemy. I feel that this is unfair, most of the time. I understand the idea of rally radar and all but man, if try to put one down before hitting a flag, 200-300m out and there happens to be a dude out there, I gain a significant penalty. I dont see a clean way of doing this and keep everyone happy though, at least not yet with infantry only fights. -FOBs... I love em. I love to sneak em in the woods or behind points in the defense. I hate building them on flags. I hate when I am defending fortress and an enemy SL and two dudes can sneak past, get into the bunker and build a FOB to spawn the whole team in on then sit there building... that is also unfair and "unrealistic"... SURE we failed to cover all the approaches but why do they not get the same penalty as a SL attempting to put a rally down? Perhaps FOBs should have a "enemy presence check" before placement... something like 200-300 M? Kind of how you cant place one 400M from another friendly FOB? It was utterly disgusting that so many enemy players spawned in while we still held most of the battlements. The rest of the enemy team was stuck on train station until this magic fob appeared. -Being able to sneak a FOB behind enemy lines is awesome and currently a valid tactic (rallies too). I hope this changes. IMO we should not be able to "spawn" 3 squads across the map if they did not sneak/infiltrate or earn their way there through maneuvering through enemy contact. The current system adds a layer of unpredictability...its OK if it stays just seems like whack a mole to me. You cant keep two squads on rear area security to prevent enemy fob placement the whole game, you know? MAP: -When using the map key, not the spawn menu key(enter) I would LOVE to see a list of my squad with their associated kit. Just like PR but smaller. I use the map key ALOT as I am always checking what is going on and dropping intel. -Please add a more incremental zoom to the map. Time and time again I am zooming in to get just the right frame set but the current increments appear to start small then go way too far in too abruptly. Can we do it via 10% or 15% increases? -On some maps I still find the position that the map claims I am in does NOT correspond to my avatars actual location. I will have to grab a screenshot as proof. -Please add a MAP SCALE to each map. What is a grid square or key pad in meters. Make this a standard legend on the map. Both the map key and the spawn menu map. -Can we add some type of SIMPLE topographical layer to the map? I would LOVE to make a maneuver plan based on terrain and line of sight analysis. -Can we please get an option to DELETE our own SL markers on the map? ( I think this was a confirmed feature "soon") -I have difficulty placing icons on the map when my cursor is near other icons or players, even when zoomed in. I find the spot where the enemy is on the map, I right click and find the marker I want however during this time a friendly player comes near where my cursor is... it cancels the action and I cant override it. I am forced to zoom all the way in and try again.Please fix this. My ability to interact with the map should not be hindered in any way by a player running about. Try it yourself. -It gets hella confusing when the numerous map markers start getting used. SLs either out of ignorance or griefing spam the map with useless crap. Only a few SLs actually place the RED OPFOR intel markers on the map. I have to spend a lot of time on squad radio telling my guys which green swoard marker is mine. Can we get the GREEN move, observe, attack, and defend markers numbered to the SL who placed them? Perhaps ONLY have those icons visible to that SL, his squad, and OTHER SLs BUT KEEP RED intel markers visible to all? -Besides SL to SL coaching, how can we get other SLs to understand and use the right click system in the map? Every game I find myself on SL chat trying to encourage guys to drop markers on enemy intel. I dont mind, its just hard to fight ignorance. Squad/SL functions/Other: -Squad radio, when combined with a busy SL to SL radio net, gets confusing. Can we get something like a priority speaker OR priority receive option... as in I can select I want SL to SL net to cancel out Squad radio and vice versa? -I notice when traversing the spawn menu and regular map screen that my ability to transmit on any radio net is cut off and does not start up again. I find when giving orders or intel when using the map at times...whole sets of orders lost to the void of my computer room. Nothing should break my ability to transmit besides hitting escape. -Can we get a squad welcome message ability? I try to run a efficient squad, I have some basic rules. I would prefer to NOT have to repeat them every time via squad radio or squad type chat when I have new arrivals -Can we get a ground truth image on the loading screen or the kit selection AND in the firing range on what EVERY weapons' ZERO is at? Especially because we cant tweak sights on the AT systems or the UBGLs yet. Same thing for optics, while in the firing range it would be cool to have a help tip pop up explaining the optic and how to use it at what distance. Learning to engage targets with the ACOG correctly on my M4 was the most fun I had so far in the Army on a range. This will negate A LOT of misinformation. -Lone wolfs...sore subject I know but I had to contain my anger with one guy who openly refused to join a squad despite there being open slots and in his language...he mocked me and others encouraging him to join. He spent the rest of the match abusing team chat trying to order squads around. The only useful thing he did was occasionally give a key pad location of enemy. I know this is mostly a server/admin side thing but damn, he is taking a slot in the server that could have been filled with a non mouth breather who goes against the grain of what this game is about! I end with this, SLs and potential SLs: Dont waste your rally, don't be afraid to fight on the flanks of flags, we dont need 4 squads sprinting to the shiny object (flag), dont be afraid to take the path less traveled to the next objective area, try not to put FOBs on flags all the time, please provide intel updates on the map(use the right icon) and via SL to SL chat (G key!), put the primary language of your squad somewhere in its name. Play nice and have fun.
  7. Crazy Squad Leader | Funny Moments | Squad [HD] A compilation of some of the funniest moments and fails in Squad. Leadership is one of the key components in the game Squad. A good and crazy squad leader encourages team play and encourages all of their players. If you would like to see more Squad Funny Moments then make sure to drop a like!
  8. Ok so im an old PR player and mil-sim enthusiast and i thought id share a few ideas for features that would make squad leading more efficient. As the SL you end up spending a great deal of time looking at the map and trying to direct your squad members. It seems to me that in order to make this process more efficient there are some minor HUD feature that could be added. - Each player in the squad is assigned a number upon joining. This number is displayed in the top right of every players screen so they are constantly aware of who they are within the squad. - Above each soldier (as you look at them) The number should be displayed as well as some small indicator of their role (MG, m203, etc). These These small changes would allow Squad Leaders to separate their teams on the fly as well as quickly pair up complimentary roles (ex. m203 and medic with bino) - If the number system were to be implemented then a small number should appear beside each squad member on the map. This would give the squad leader as well as the other squad mates a better perception of the battlefield and make it easier to pair off or quickly converge on a specific squad mates location. I also had a few suggestions about the medic class that i think would make it a more effective class and make it more fun to play. - Injured Squad members marked on the map for medics - See downed team mates through walls at a reasonable distance - Give the options to equip a marksman rifle such as an SKS in order to encourage medics to stay near the back of the group and provide fire support instead of running up front and getting downed first. Let me know what you guys think about these ideas. Id be very interested to hear some feedback and ideas from people who prefer to squad lead or find themselves doing so quite often. Just want to say I f*cking love this game and i cant wait to see the community grow.
  9. Squad could sell legit map case that include their game maps. Would be useful for serious squad leaders to be prepared. Would be quite awesome. I like the ones that fold open with fabric. Would make you feel like you're in Band of Brothers. Examples: ]
  10. So I've been fooling around on the training server, trying out the Grenadier kits and Light AT kits to improve my aim and such. But I see no option to test out the SL and deployables such as radio, Hescos etc. The AdminSpawnActor is apparently only for devs, but is there any other way to ignore the fact that you need 3 squad members to put down a FOB?
  11. Create squad

    Had a couple of times created squad then found not to have squad leader kit. Could we get default change when creating squad. Been more of an issue when far from main. Or allow squad leader to change at his rally point.
  12. When I play Squad leader in game, I find my Squad tends to be more on defence. This is mainly because other squads seem highly intent on attacking, even when there is no point and they have two beautiful shiny compounds to defend. Even as I get on Squad leader radio and yell, "No point attacking, get your ass back, and help defend the 2 compounds" they usually ignore me as they run head long into the wilderness leaving my squad on their own to defend. My main question here is to other squad leaders. I set my squad up, and sometimes fob up, getting defences in place, build barricades on roofs for the mlaw and saw gunners, ammo boxes ect, but then the crutch happens. I always feel my squad are itching to leave and get into the pointless clusterf... of a firefight further out. I feel I need to keep them occupied as they have been here for 5 mins, with no enemy contacts, they are too busy fighting over a non attainable area. Giving my squad updates from Squad leaders is something I do a lot of. But it always comes back to feeling I need to give them something to do. Personally when not being squad leader, and playing as rpk or saw gunner, I enjoy just laying there, waiting, listening to the gun fights in the distance, it's the clam before the storm. Do any other squad leaders feel this pressure to keep their squads busy, an aching thorn in your side knowing they are getting board, or it just me being over aware of my squads eagerness to join the other fools who just don't get 'defence' is key? Para. ^_^
  13. With the squad leader map could they get a radius circle around fob showing 400m build restriction, or an option to show it. Its an abstract restriction so shouldn't break any realism but would be helpful.
  14. What if Squad Leaders could organize their squad into different Fire Teams with a simple drag&drop feature. Giving the SL the option to create 2 or 3 Fire Teams might result in an easily organized and unified squad. Because it is much easier and efficient to give an order to Fire Team Alpha and Fire Team Bravo, instead of naming all the member one by one throughout the game. Additionally with the option to modify the Fire Teams in game by drag&drop or completely emove the Fire teams. What do ya'll think?
  15. Hey Everyone, put together this video over the last couple days. Will do an advanced one later on, let me know if you have any questions!
  16. Squad Leader-- A How To Guide

    So You Want To Be A Squad Leader [sL] Every player I hope at one point or another will want to take on the task of being a Squad Leader. While demanding, it can be one of the most rewarding things to do in this game. Below I will give my personal tips and tricks to make YOU a better squad leader! Basic Leadership Rally Points- Always make sure you have a rally point. You can put another one down every 2 minutes. No Excuse! Keep an eye on how many respawns you have at your current point. If it is getting low and you can replenish it by putting a new one down, do it. Communicate- Your squad is not made up of mind readers. Tell them what your general plan will be. Attacking/Defending/Flanking/Support. One of the biggest mood killers and fun lacking game play comes from a squad that is not communicating. This doesn't mean talk about what you had for lunch, but more so call out what is going on. Your squad will respond with the more info you are feeding them. Distance, direction of enemies,friendly squads, land features and other things in game are great ice breakers and ways to keep immersion. Sure we are walking 2km to the objective but we are aware of everything around us as if its an active threat. Awareness- Just like a medic, your job is not to just shoot stuff. You need to have an understanding of your location. Valleys,compounds,open fields, friendly units. Nothing sucks more then being hit by an ambush and no one is saying anything. As a squad leader you need to make a choice. Your squad should be getting to cover and returning fire while calling out locations and compass barrings. At this time you need to be thinking about your next move. Do you push through the firefight? Do you stay and dig in? Do you run? Making the right choice will be dictated by your in game combat experience. If you plan on running or flanking, call out a distance and direction for where you want your squad to move. This way everyone will be running, retreating,flanking from the same angle. The more of you that are together, the more chance of survival. Confidence- This one is simple, if you make a choice, stand by it! Do not second guess yourself and jump back and fourth between plans. Obviously if the whole squad is against something re look into it, but other then that it is your job to decided where to go. The squad will generally follow you. Support- Help another squad out, use the squad leader channel when you need to. Make sure you are understanding the over all teams movement. All squads included. Make sure you are either defending a flag/cache or moving to assault another one. Stagnation can bring a squads morale down and even cause break down of roles. Forward Operating Bases- It is always a good idea for a team to have 1 if not 2 Forward Operating Bases [FOBs]. If built in the right area and even defended these can change the tide of battle! They allow the whole team to spawn on it with no limit for as long as the radio stands. There is a bit of an issue with squads building super FOBS, or being FOBits who camp inside the FOB the whole match. This will be the biggest choice you will have to make for your guys when constructing a FOB. You will need to decided how big, where, and how long you will stay there. Sure its fun building a huge FOB but sometimes your squad and your team needs you to be a DIRECT ACTION squad. This goes back to your general awareness of the match itself. FOBs are not bad things, they are awesome and needed very much, just don't be a FOBit. Orders- This is another key component that if you fail on, will likely be the demise of fun squad experience! Make sure you are giving ORDERS to your guys. Do not bark orders or be a moron about it, but you have the authority to tell your squad what to do. You need these bunkers and things built on the FOB? Tell you guys! You need to move out to a better position for whatever reason? Tell your guys! You want to smoke off an open field to help your medic pick up fellow troops? Tell your guys! Its like Communication and Confidence part of this guides final test. The more clear concise orders you have out there, the more your squad is being forced to think and act. Don't give your guys to much dwell time unless in an over watch position. Hope this helps some people and hope it was an easy read. Wanted to keep it basic. Long Live Sqaud Ingame Name = LeBronda James
  17. New Squad Leaders

    Lads I have something that I wanted to say to try to explain what I see happening, and what I expect to see more of in the future. It has to do with new squad leaders. Bear with me here but I feel like this is a valid point and it would behoove everyone to at least think about it while in-game before throwing around insults and what not... So, I feel like we're at a point now where there will be players 'stepping up the the plate' to take the role of SL. A lot of these players are proficient at the game and know the basic in's and out's of what needs to be done to succeed. They just don't have the practice as a SL as of yet. A lot of these guys, as members of a squad, are good at following orders and killin the bad dudes and they feel like they're at a point where they can do an ok job at SL. Some may not have the 'tactical' mindset to be one of the 'top' SL's (they think that all you have to do is throw down a FOB and hit the enemy head-on). Some may take up the roll, be ok at it but see that their team isn't faring well, so they start to focus on trying to kill more bad dudes as they think that it would help out the team. Unfortunately this is where the cohesion of that squad falls to the wayside. Instead of berating the SL for not 'doing his job' properly, perhaps it falls on the squad members to pick up their game, slow the pace down and play more rationally!? (remember this isn't CoD or BF). Perhaps the best course of action would be to politely inform that SL that it's imperative that he 'steps back' so to speak and focuses on maintaining situational awareness of friendly and enemy positions alike and maintaining those all important rallies/FOB's. It may sound stupid by sometimes the most 'tactically sound' move to make is the move that doesn't see you in vicious combat. *Just 1 point I can't stress enough to SL's, if it's an AAS game mode, for the love of god, 1 squad attack and at MINIMUM half a squad defend! To those new to the SL roll, I know it sucks but it's your roll to assist your squad the best way you can so they can do the killing and all the fun stuff. Me personally, I only SL for a few rounds at a time as I don't mind the job and hell I was one IRL for a few years. I find it amazingly rewarding (when I have a competent squad), but unfortunately all too often I find myself pulling my hair out. The best advice I can give you is if you're keen to SL or even try out the roll, do it for 1 or 2 rounds and then go back to being a thumb in bum rifleman for a few. You'll find that it recharges your batteries for when you are SL so you can perform at a better standard, as you're not burnt out and frustrated. Don't be disheartened if you jump on as a SL and your team loses. This by no means indicates that you were bad at your job, it just means that your team was out-played by the other. Keep dabbling in the roll when you get the chance. If anything, it will remind you that sometimes it's hard to lead a random bunch of dudes from all over the world, from all different walks of life and from all age groups.
  18. When the round started, there were few players so I volunteered to be SL thinking it would be a learning opportunity. Well calamity and chaos ensued with me failing miserably at the role in the attack and defend scenarios. I was having issues with deployables, inter squad comms, etc Our squad ends up only having five players while the other had a full nine as the insurgents vs the US team. I tried to apologize and let them know I was new but ended up catching the verbal wrath of the other SL thanking me for doing nothing. I felt like I disappointed not only my team but the other squads as well. FWIW, I hope he sees the post and realizes I wasn't doing it on purpose. I think I will stick to being a medic or rifleman from now on.
  19. Hello. About 1 hour ago I purchased the $70 Squad Leader package through PayPal. I did receive a confirmation email from PayPal but there are no instructions for how to download the game. I checked my spam folder too and there is no email in that folder either. When will I receive the Alpha code/key? How can I download the game? Thanks
  20. First of all i know im stupid no one has to tell me that ^.^ I recently bought the Upgrade from the "Rifleman Tier" to the "Squad Leader Tier" Pack but i didnt even had the Rifleman pack so i messed up.If i now purchase the riflemand tier will i get a Squad Leader Key when the closed alpha starts? or what do i have to do now? Thx for your help!
  21. Passing squad leader role

    I think it would be useful if there were some sort of notification or indicator to let you know that you have been passed the squad leader role. Almost every time the role is passed onto someone they are kind of clueless and next thing you know your whole squad is spread across the map because the player in the commanding role has no idea and usally sits by waiting for orders like everyone else or running around aimlessly while the rest of the squad is trying to chase them down. I even find this happening with squads who are actively communicating for the first part of the match and let's say the starting squads leader lost connection half way through the match and no one caught it and let's say a squad member ask for rally point, they say "squad leader can we have a new rally point" they don't usually say the players actual name so they have no idea it's them! I understand this slightly falls into the category of miscommunication but I imagine it could help this from happening.
  22. Close Alpha

    Welcome, Yesterday I bought Squad Leader - Founder Level for $ 70 and I question whether it well understood, and access to a closed Alpha get the beginning of September, or already I can play in a closed Alpha. I wonder about this because on YouTube are already videos of Alpha. Thank you for your response.
  23. I had a couple instances of a SL being bumped to a squad member, seemingly at random -- though it did seem to happen early in the round as other players joined the squad. I had this three times last weekend, once it replaced our SL with a Pinball Wizard Just posting because I didn't see it mentioned and it's not in the change log for this coming weekend's hazing ritual. So not sure if it's known. // Side request -- can you guys do a running post of known issues and change log in the future? // Mostly so inquisitive minds like myself can understand how hard you bad ass mamma jammas are working for this game!!
  24. A minor annoyance to me as an SL in Project Reality was having to tell my squaddies that I was on the horn with other SLs working coordinated maneuvers. It would be kind of nice if when you were transmitting on radio, it was broadcast local as well. I think it would serve to inform your squad members how actively engaged you are with the rest of the team, and I think it could just add to the whole "teamwork" atmosphere, hearing your SL call for trans, or supply or mortar strike etc. Squad radio could be done the same, but its possible that might be too much? Thoughts?
  25. Fortifications.

    Fortifications and Defending This will be a topic about Fortifications since i think it is a huge part of large scale warfare and could make a game like squad really fun. this system has alot in common with the bf2:Project Reality system. Pardon me if my english is not correct. So after i saw the ability to build fob's and such in project reality i thought that this could be a fun part to experiment with and expand in squad. This brought me to a few ideas which you guys could probably expand for me and perhaps make it into a feature in squad. The Commander: before the round starts and the commander is already assigned he will be able to draw his plan on the map for the squadleaders to see. The commander (Which gives orders to squadleaders) can give a command to a squad leader to either: Fortify a Position to a ''Heavy'' Fortified PositionFortify a Position to a ''Moderate'' Fortified PositionFortify a Position to a ''Light'' Fortified PositionThe Commander can do this by selecting a squad in the ''Squadlist'' on some sort of "commander panel'' (a computer or map or whatever) and selecting a ''Fortify" option. Then the Commander can choose one of the Three and can choose different kinds of shapes with different colours representing the state of the fortification. Red being ''Heavy''Orange being ''Moderate''Green being ''Light''So for example the Commander will choose a ''Green Line'' with an arrow pointing to the direction of where the commander will expect enemies from. and drag and drop the line onto the map, which then the Squadleader(s) can see on his map and tell his squad to go and build this. Other shapes could be: A square (which means the squadleader will have to guard 360 Degrees around the highlighted area.A half cirkel (which means The squadleader will only have to guard 180 Degrees.A bunker icon (which i'll get on later in this post)A light or heavy Mg Icon A mortar iconA Fob icon (at which teammates can spawn)A Tow IconAn AA installation iconA mine iconA tanktrap or barbed wire iconA selection box for perhaps a couple of houses or a factory.Etc.So what is the difference of these 3 states of fortification you ask? Well, The ''light'' state of fortification: This state represents a state in which a squad will not have to build or dig or deploy anything except positioning themselves in a defensive manner. this method will not require alot of time and does not ask for supplies except a squads standard equipment. For example: The commander will select a couple houses by Ctrl-Clicking on them or draggin a box around them, or drawing a green line on the map for the squadleader to see. after that the commander may have the possibility to perhaps tell the squadleader where and in what direction to place their Light machine gunner (if they have any of them) or to lay down some mines etc. Thereafter the squad will start deploying themselves behind a piece of cover natural to the position they'll have to defend. The ''Moderate'' state of fortification: Now this is where it gets a little more complicated This state represents a state in which a squad will start to dig themselves in in a way that will require some digging (with a shovel that is included in a squadmembers gear) effort or filling up sandbags or whatever. this method will require some time to prepare and does ask for supplies. The way this works is that in a particular range of the given ''Moderate Defend'' command order (say 15 meters) the squadleader is now able to place defensive structures when there is a supply crate in the given zone. also some fortifications can't be placed on some terrain. For example: The commander will draw an orange line on the map with an arrow pointing to the side of the enemy. he (or the squadleader) will tell a logistics squad to give the squad 1 supply crate. in the meantime the truck or chopper is on it's way, the squadleader will then start to tell their guys what to construct and where using a template that may terraform the terrain or require some wireframe in the game just like ''The Forrest". a few examples of these fortifications in the moderate state are: a shellscrape (doesn't take that long and is below the surface) http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/ref/FM/FM7-10/img/FM7-10-30t.jpg which squadmembers don't necessarily need orders for to build. (they can build it themselves by holding down a button on the keyboard when selecting their shovels and then selecting what they want to build, if they are near a supply crate ofcourse) a 2 man Foxhole (takes long to dig but not so long to dig when 2 members are digging at the same time and is also below the surface) http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/ref/FM/FM7-10/img/FM7-10-32.jpg which squadmembers also don't necessarily need orders for as long as they are close to another squadmemberan MG nest which comes in a ''light'' type (takes a moderate time to dig and is below surface) http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/ref/FM/FM7-10/img/FM7-10-34.jpg note that this one won't have a machinegun emplaced in it already since it is for a machine gun team (gunner and helper) to get into this nest. this also doesn't need a direct order from a squadleader (the Machine gunner can build this by selecting it's shovel and holding down a button on the keyboard)a light mortar (being below surface, takes a moderate time to build) http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/ref/FM/FM7-10/img/FM7-10-36-2.jpg the mortar has limited range and limited small shells. if there would be a ''mortar kit'' in the game this would be placed by the mortar guy, if not it will be placed by a squadleader and already has a light mortar in it.a FOB at which teammates can spawn on (as in Project Reality, no need for picture because this could be built in many different ways).sandbag emplacement in a window (which can be done without orders from a squad leader, just by standing close to and looking at a window and pressing a button on the keyboard when the shovel is selected. just like the way a squadleader builts assets in project reality http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/sites/default/files/tottenimages/Sandbags_in_Windows.jpga Trench which can be placed down by a squadleader by drawing lines on the surface of the terrain. note that this one doesn't contain sandbags or wooden supports, just a dug out trench with a limited length)an observation post looking like the mg nest but with a good camouflaging top cover and a high power scope on the inside. this also being below the surface. this one does need to be placed by a squadleader.etc. The ''Heavy'' state of fortification: This state can be achieved when 2 or more supply crates are in the zone highlighted by the commander. this means that an ''Orange'' zone can be upgraded to a ''Red'' zone when an extra supply crate has been dropped in the area. this will unlock some new feautures to the fortified position. such as: an MG nest can now be upgraded to a heavy mg nest by restarting the building process (like digging) this features a heavy machinegun (scoped Browning for example) and will now be above ground looking like a sandbag boxa light mortar can now be upgraded to a heavy mortar which will be above the surface of the ground http://1-22infantry.org/pics/buhrkuhl34.jpgThe FOB can be upgraded to maybe have a medical bay or have faster ammo refilling etc.a trench can be upgraded to have sandbags on the insides or wooden supports which then gives better cover for infantry being inside of it.you can now build a TOW emplacement perhaps with sandbags surrounding it like in project reality http://battlelog-cdn.battlefield.com/public/profile/bf3/stats/items_512x308/tow.png?v=7you can now build an AA emplacement just like in project realityyou can now build Tanktraps or Barbed Wire. With this system of fortifying an objective can be much more fun meaning that the team will be building and upgrading the fortifications needed to defend this. it also gives a whole different dimension to the gameplay since you can now be fortifying a whole area to a commanders needs. this could be alot of fun in a gamemode where it's an attackers and defenders principle. let me know what you guys think since i would love to see this system implemented in squad.