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Found 74 results

  1. Sound variety

    Could we please have some more variety in the soundscape of this game. AKs always sound exactly the same and so does all nades. Can't you apply some filter, pitch, distortion, reverberations etc? Any variety is better than the perfect sound system. If nothing else maybe just throw in 5 new nade explosion sounds. It's getting boring in the long run. Also distant gunshots still not poffy enough. Love the game though to not just complain.
  2. Hi, Just a quick suggestion, it would be great if you could add a drop down menu that you can select a device to output communication sounds to
  3. Hello All, Quick question (and I searched "sounds of rounds overhead" with no hits) so please forgive me if this has been talked about. Is there going to be the addition of the sounds of heavy rounds in particular flying overhead? So say an APC is firing from one side of a field and its cannon rounds are passing over your position, is there going to be a sound for each round as it flies by in a directional sense? I think I am hearing this for rockets from the rocket techie but asking for .50 rounds/cannon rounds. Thoughts? This is something I recall for the first time with dramatic effect in BF2 Desert Combat mod and really added to the battlescape and immersion. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Sorry for my poor english, its not my native language.. I have a screen with speakers in it. It is set as the default device to play sounds. When I plug my headphones on my computer, it becomes the default device. Im not able to change where the sound comes from once the game is launched. If I start the game with sounds on screen, then I plug my headphones, no way to hear from them. If I power off and back on my screen while headphones are on, but sounds playing on screen, I dont hear anything. I have to restart the game with the proper device plugged in before... Thank you.
  5. Bullet Crack

    Hi Team Need to improve incoming bullet Crack sound. Make realistic bullet Crack so that should exact real incoming bullet whiz.
  6. Hi everyone! I hope I put this in the right category. Yeah, I'm new here. So, I haven't played the game yet. I'm very likely to buy the game so I can join the Steam Early Access. However, I'm having a hard time finding details about the audio system. In fact, I've been reading some places around here that the surround isn't as accurate as it should be. Basically, I'm asking what sort of surround systems this game will support. I imagine that since this is a quite serious FPS game, the sound segment should be important. In my humble, and not so important, opinion I think a game like this should support Dolby Atmos even. That way, those with the proper audio hardware would be able to hear enemy footsteps much more accurate. Imagine being able to specifically hear footsteps on the roof of the building you're in, or hearing a chopper above you. (Above you, not beside you as they would appear in most 7.1 headsets and speaker-setups) And yes, I know that there's hardly anyone who owns these kinds of setups today. However, since there's alot of gamer headsets offering emulated 7.1 audio, I sincerely hope you're going to support at least 7.1 surround sound. Another feature I would like to ask about, is if it's possible to use two seperate audio sources for the game's audio. As in using speakers for the game's audio effects and local VOIP, and headphones for the game's communication. This would be more realistic to some extent, since the game's communication appears close to your ears (as it would through a head-mounted headset) and the rest of the audio (and the local VOIP) comes from further away. - Didgy
  7. Strange bullet impact sound

    Everytime I shoot at the ground next to me or occasionally when I'm taking fire, I hear this strange glitchy obnoxious "zip-zip twing" noise. To me, it does not sound like an actual sound effect. I've begun to just assume that maybe it's intentional and it's the sound of a bullet spiraling from the impact sight but I want to make sure of this. I first noticed this happening about 4 months ago when I was using a pair of older, not well functioning headphones. Thinking that was the issue I didn't think much of it, but when I switched back to my Sennheiser Game One headset I still was hearing this noise. I used to always hear the beautiful solid *crack* whenever something hit next to me, but now I often hear this. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it intentional or something on my end/the game's?
  8. If you are using system 7.1 surround, the sound from a source located to the left and right does not come into the dynamics of the "left surround" and "right surround". In such speakers sound comes from the rear, that is, they simply duplicate the "left rear" and "right rear" speakers. There are also problems with a 4.0 (Quad), but 2.0 and 5.1 works as expected. Please fix it.
  9. Weapon mechanics

    Amazing game, been loving it since day one. Couple of things though First off, when emptying an assault rifle, it be AR15 platform or AK platform, heck almost any existing gun platform, the bolt will lock in the back. Now when this happens the weapon makes a distinct metallic clinging sound, which i am deeply fond of because, it sounds cool, and it tells me to reload. This should be added soon, as i find myself too many times facing an enemy with empty mag and weapon. Worst thing is coming behind the enemy and hearing that clicking sound. Second, the M72 LAW which is issued to the anti tank role of US Army is a disposable weapon system, WHICH means that when you've fired it, you throw it away like a condom. For some reason the soldier im controlling is a total retard and choses to store the empty LAW on his back. So when engaging enemy with the LAW, BOOM, then switching to primary and emptying a mag into the abyss, and then switching back to LAW again, this fucking retard brings me the just fired, empty, disposable, condom, and ill have to tell him to reload. Lets fix this, make it a badass animation when throwing away the M72 like a baws. Keep up the good work devs ;) Oh and the sniper is too weak.
  10. We need new gun sounds

    Hey guys devs people forumers i was just curios about the gun sounds i really think some gun sound need more realistick work really the M4,pistols,and marksman rifles mainly and add more realistick gun echo noises explosions etc... i Feel like i am playing airsoft with that thing ahahahah Example hear is a Makarove insurgent pistol SVD and mp Thank guys.
  11. No sound in servers

    Hey i recently tried playing the game Squad in the free weekend and i decided to buy the game. Everything was working fine in the free weekend. So when i bought the game everything works fine except for the sound when i join servers, it just dissapears. The sound works fine in the firing range and everywhere else except the servers. I've really enjoyed the game so far but the fact that the sound doesn't work ruins everything Ok further update, the sound only dissapears when someone talks ingame, i get this weird small sound and all my sound is gone
  12. I was expecting more realistic sound effects in urban location. unfortunately when I started playing AL Basrah map found that there is no echo sound effects in the map if I am firing weapon out side or side the building. When there is firefight in city obviously sound get reflects on sounded buildings it will be more when firing RPG,HMG or explosion as we can observe in real urban combat videos. Requesting squad team to implement the dynamic echo effects in the maps.
  13. Hello, Thanks for the best game ever to be. Most likely for me. However, I know people don't want to seem to hear about it but the gun sounds need to be reworked. They totally do not contribute to the atmospere. The gun sounds in PR were much better actually. The gun sounds in Squad lack power. Especially when in the distance they sound like silly clicks. Real guns do not sound like that. Take a look at some youtube clips, or better try first hand. Real gun sounds have more high frequency content up close generally than the sounds in Squad, and the further off in the distanse they are, the more that high-frequency content is muffled. So my suggestion is this -why not use a distance-related low-pass filter for the gun sounds. Half life 2 does this quite good actually, even though the sounds themselves are quite lame (and so is the game but that's not the point). This can't be that complicated actually. Maybe this filtering should apply to all sounds in the game even? It seems high-frequency sound is always filtered away by distance generally. Maybe you should also add a little 50Hz boom or something as well to compensate for gun sounds in game being so much quieter than in real life, but still give that impact-feeling that gets us high on the game. If nothing else -go back to the sounds of PR, they were so much more enjoyable, even though maybe also not 100% realistic, though I admit, that might be heard to achieve regarded that most people don't want to go def out of the gaming experience. I suppose you have some sound engine that supposedly does (3D) sounds good and all. Though I think in that case, it simply doesn't cut it. What I think you should do is to higher a professional audio-engineer for the job. Sorry to complain. It still a good game. But this must be fixed I think. Best Regards, Johnson
  14. Hello, because i got no help i try to start a new topic with exact description of my problem. If i Join a Server and a Squad, my Sound cut of at this moment someone talk on Radio(Squad) but not if someone talk on local voice. Bug start after update to V8, before the game work without any problems. the answer from support was maybe my soundcard dosnt support the 128bit i just say pfff... Speaker: game runs fine without issues. My device(Asus HS-W1 / Wireless USB 2,4Ghz Headset) is as defeault (only one activated device) i also configured the device and changed settings. Change Audio Quality from Epic to Low also not work. Problem start at 0:34 right after someone talk. Sorry for watermarks recorded with trial version. Lags only on recording My device list after bug start i get a constant signal : I have sound again if i leave the server also the constant signal goes away. I have 70 Games in my Steam list and a few non Steam games and never had Audio problems.... i saw many player with exactly same problem and because of that i hope devs fix that as soon as possible. System: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Clean installation 31.12.2016) Game Uninstalled and Installed All driver up to date even BIOS is up to date (F7) My Components: GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3P / Audio chip ( Realtek ALC889 ) codec Intel® Core™ i5-2500 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.70 GHz) 8Gigs of DDR-3 RAM Nvidia GTX 570 i know its not much but the game runs on low settings without problems.
  15. Reverse Left/Right speakers

    Some times my Left/Right speakers in my Logitech G430 headset get reversed when I start Squad. Have to exit Squad and start again to get i correct. Any one experiencing this problem? Is there a console command to reverse audio channel in-game?
  16. Ear plugs to filter noise

    Hello guys, So I have been playing quite a while now and had some trouble communicating with my squad while sitting inside a BTR. I know I can go to my settings and lower the effects volume or increasing the radio volume, but with effects low I can't listen to footsteps a minute later when we are in a close combat firefight. It is quite the hassle to go to the menu again to change the volumes while in a firefight. So something I think would be an addition is to have the ability to plug in ear plugs or something similar (like in-ear noise-cancelling headphones). Of course, the negative effects are that all sounds (also proximity voice chat maybe?) except squad radio are muffled, but communicating with the squad will be much easier. This feature is really necessary with helicopters and planes when those hit. The game that got this feature right (just like the free look and multiple combat positions) is ARMAIII I use this a lot when flying a chopper or noisy vehicle in ARMAIII - King of the Hill and I think there is nothing wrong with using some good features to make the game (Squad) even better than it already is. Looking forward to your reactions guys. See you around on the battlefield. Edit: thanks for the correction Grey and DoctorKamikaze, ARMAIII does not have the ear plugs as core content but they are built in through a ACE/ACRE addition.
  17. Sound Problems

    I just got myself the game but for some reason, I'm having problems with the sound. While starting the game my sound already gets kind of buggy it's really annoying and weird. after closing the game my problem is not done yet. when I close the game the problems just keeps on going. If somebody could help me that would be great. I'm using a razer kraken, but i haven't had this problems before. Bart
  18. M4 Sound Design

    The New Update is GREAT the frames are freaking fantabulous! Really good job Dev's. The issue I am going to address in this post is really just me nitpicking. Ever sense the new sound for the M4 was added ( a while ago) into the game it has bothered me. The M4 sounded too me very...well...Mehh. It lacks that satisfying punch that the AK-74 has in the game which btw shoots a smaller round. In the real life 5.56 is loud assssss phuucckkk, it is in fact louder then the 7.62x39 that the AKM fires. Especially out of a shorter weapon like a M4, 5.56 turns out to be around 160 - 170 decibels while the AKM with the 7.62x39 is around 150 - 160 decibels. Yet in the game the AKM has this very satisfying and loud thud while M4 sounds puny. All I ask is that you give the M4 the sound it deserves! A satisfying KERPOW!
  19. Squad sounds pretty good on a pair of speakers,but can be painful or damaging to the ears if earphones are used. Four weeks ago,I've permanently damaged my hearing by playing Squad on an earforce headset. (My ears still ring after trying this game on my stealth 450) I'd like to request a sound option for "night mode" or "headphone mode" to prevent certain sounds from playing too loudly and increase the volume of footsteps,equipment shake and various other noises a bit. Rainbow six siege had a "night mode" option which increases footsteps sounds and keeps gun sounds from blowing out your eardrums.
  20. Radios while in TIC

    Hi all! I got the games months back and just now got back into it this week when I saw the vehicle update had been made! I really believe in this game, in Alpha and already f-ing amazing! I have one suggestion to make about the radios. Army radios usually pick up at least a small bit of ambiant noise, so when a soldier/squad leader is in a firefight, it would be amazing for the other soldiers/squad members who are not part of the TIC, far from the gunfire to be able to hear the gunshots and explosions over the radio. I don't know how complex that would be, since you would have to make it different for the direct VOIP, but I think it would really add up to the realism this game already has! Thanks for this amazing game! GaberTheSniper
  21. hi everyone, Today i´ve downloaded the game to test it, 2 days free to decide if i will buy it, now i m sure, i want to buy it, but i am concerned about a sound problem i´ve. The problem is when i launch the game the logo sound works perfectly but once in the menu all game sound dissapear (incluiding servers and menu sounds) my monitor is an asus mx279h with integrated speakers, by the way the games works perfectly fine with headset, any solution please, i really want to buy these game but i don´t know because of these sound problem, any solution will be apreciated.
  22. Sound muffled bug?

    I noticed an issue with the sound after death, once you respawn you still have the muffled sound you had in your knocked out/bleeding out screen for quite a while. Only had it after latest version and everyone else i played with had the same issue after respawning in. Makes spawning and getting into action quite horrible since you cant really make out where the shots come from. Version a-8.6.97.
  23. Hello everyone, I've tried a load of ways on how to fix this problem and haven't been so lucky. I hope that someone can help me on here! Here is my Problem... So when I start the game it takes 10 years and 3 days to load up, The sound in the main menu is fine but when I join a server Im stuck cause of the studder and Sound, when I tried this in the Training room I can walk and do everything but when I Stop for even a mil-sec the audio becomes all static and studders when I start to shoot, But on the move nothing is a problem. Also a nothing thing is with any 50cal tripod or vehicle shooting or just driving dose the same thing but when I get off of it it bugs my guy where it looks like My camra was moved back a foot and I can see the back of my player model. I've tried all the youtube videos I could find and forum posts that people had the same problem. Please help me guys! Also, Yes everything is up to date. Here are my PC Spec CPU: AMD FX-8350 8-Core GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB Video of the sound/studder can be found here!
  24. Hello, few days ago I bought a Hyper X Cloud headset and since then i noticed, that sound doesnt work properly. Sounds of gunshots, vehicles etc are coming from the side, even through I am facing them. For example there is a humvee moving right in front of me, but it sounds like he is located somewhere left of me etc. Sometimes, the sounds are quiter, when I am facing the source of the sound, but still it sounds like the source of the sound is somewhere right or left of me. Headset: Hyper X Cloud MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Can anyone help? Thanks
  25. sound flipped

    I changed my graphics settings during a match tonight to improve framerate and in the next game all of my audio was completely flipped. Sounded like the entire firefight was coming from outside the map. This is the second time this is happened. The first time was random during game play with out any changes to settings. I didn't change any audio settings. Anyone else having these issues? Only has happened since last update.