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Found 17 results

  1. At first big thanks for developers and consulters. It's a perfect piece of game art. My suggestion is boring but important: Some times our folks turning the engine off to hide there position what is fine for BTR or BRDM, but it's not working for TANKS. You cannot operate with a fire system using only your battery, especially Russian tanks with crew members just 3 and an automate shell's loading system. You can do that with a manual regime, but... you know. So Tanks (except Abrams and T-80) and BMP or Bradley cannot shoot with no engine started. Please fill free to ask me any questions. Best, Czar
  2. Здравствуйте, уважаемое сообщество, Привет дорогой игрок в SQUAD, [WGpro] ищет подкрепление, но не у всех есть то, что нужно! Требованиям нелегко соответствовать. Ожидания высоки Наши ценности: - Уважительное обращение друг с другом - конструктивная критика и открытое общение! После раунда! - командная работа и стрессоустойчивость - Понятие о личной жизни, потому что SQUAD игра, и у каждого есть семья, работа и друзья Кого мы ищем? Мы не ищем крутого парня, который в одиночку бегает и всех убивает. Или любителей строить базы на краю карты. Мы в центре событий или выполняем тактические обходы. Также мы постоянно оттачиваем свое стратегическое мышление. Какие-либо недопонимания, недовольства или предположения всегда обсуждаються после боя. Что мы ожидаем от вас: - Вы говорите по-немецки и по-русски - Вы хотите стать частью отряда и повлиять на исход игры/боя - Вы готовы работать в команде и жертвовать своей (цифровой) жизнью ради более высокой цели - Вас не волнует ваша статистика K / D - У вас хорошо сбалансированная личность и вы остаетесь спокойными в стрессовых ситуациях Это будет уникальный игровой опыт. Если вас заинтересовало наше ведение боя и разделяете интерес к игре как мы, то мы рады приветствовать вас в нашей команде! Найти нас можно в Discord по следующей ссылке или напишите мне напрямую. Мы обычно играем на выходных, например в пятницу с 19:00 часов (MEZ) на немецких серверах. Присоединяйтесь здесь и заходите в --->DISCORD <---
  3. RAF faction Ideas.

    Hello. I've already make some posts about Russian equipment,but it turns into holywars,so it's makes no sense. The reason,why I create this thead: This game is aimed for reality,instead of just pewpewhavingfun.So I think they should stay as much as possible closer to current TOE and Structures. Some Nations doesn't have some specialisations.Like - we don't use shotguns use Bolt-Action Sniper rifles in Army,only SF operators have it. You anyway can't balance weapons,vehicles etc,etc,etc... at least because of their characteristics. PR's conventional kits was copy/pasted.The main diffirence between it - diffirent 3d models. But I have some ideas.I will stay around my experience,and expecially - this http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1661-the-weapons-thread/?p=160666 Idea 1. But first - fast facts about RAF. Usually(99%) soldiers doen't have optics or red-dot.Only VDV uses some optical sight,but there is reason - their squad have only 5 dismouts,instead of 7,they cannot have SVD per squad.So - VDV Platoon around 20 man,while Motor-Infantry is around 30 man. Typical rifle squad have such weapon,which many western military have at Platoon level.Like PKM is 8kg 7.62 Machinegun,which used by crew of 2.RPG also used by crew of 2.Most infantry squad have Sniper with SVD. Disposable launcher used very wide.RPG-26 weighs only 3kilograms,and effective maximum fire range of 250 meter.But effective range of them is around 100 meters,because of trajectory(Slow start speed and weight of rocket makes their deal). There is also exist another type of disposable lauchers - Assault Grenades and Reactive Flamethrowers.Assault Grenades,like RShG1 and RShG2 used by Army,FlameThrower used by NBC forces.But many Brigades have at least 1 NBC Company inside them and they're usually work together with Motor-Rifles or VDV. Instead of optic - use limited riflemans with RPG-26 or RSHG2.Also increace quantity of SVDs. You will tell me,it would be unfair,but I suggest use it instead of HE grenade.So,still US rifleman will have at least one. Squad Roles: -Squad Leader -Medic -Rifleman(Default) -Rifleman(RPG26 instead of Hand Grenade) -Rifleman(RSHG2 instead of Hand Grenade) Fire Support Roles: -Grenadier(2) -RPK gunner(2) -RPG gunner-Light loadout(1) //PG-7VL and OG-7V -SVD gunner(1,avaible after 7 mans reached) Team Roles -PKP/PKM gunner(Some quantity) -RPG gunner-Heavy Loadout //Tandems and VL??(Counts as PRs HAT) -Flamethrower //Equipped with RPO-A Thermobaric Reactive Flamethrower.It will be unique weapon of RAF factions.Effect should be like 122mm arty shell explode,but without fragmentation. Idea 2.If there is optics already created - why just don't create VDV subfaction?It's like US Marines - they have some diffirent equipment,diffirent vehicles,diffirent purposes.Almost everything already ingame.But... this is light infantry,they doen't have any heavy support.Their IFV - BMD-2,have similar armor to BTR-80. The only possible vehicles is BMD-2/4 2S25 Sprut(Self-Propelled 120mm gun),Short-Base 4x4 Kamaz Truck,BTR-D and BTR80. Well,thats all... If you're don't trust me - I'll keep Ground Forces Combat Manual(part 3),you may read it by yourself,well if you know Russian. http://militera.lib.ru/regulations/0/g/2005_bu3.pdf And please - If you're still thing I'm wrong,please find proofs first. Edit: So I think about kit loadout. First off,I must explain it's structure,as well as combat attachments. Forces,which Devs aimed are Motor Rifles,aka Motostrelki.This forces is an infantry,which primary uses APCs(BTR) and IFV(BMP) as transport,with support of tanks,artellery and short/medium range anti-air vehicles. Russian army pretty much unified over structure,so they also should works with Marines and Air Assault(BMP or BTR mounted) units with a very little changes.But I will stay around some unknown Motor Rifle(3 Rifle Battalions,1 Tank Battalion,1 AA Battary(Of diffirent vehicles),1 Howitzer Battary). Vehicles like Tigr or Rys' are special purpose vehicles,they primary used by SF. Rifle Battalion have inside 3 Companies,1 recon platoon,1 arty platoon,1 weapon platoon(AGS(Primary) and/or HMGs) and 1 ATGM platoon(if this battalion mounted on BTRs).So they have their independed reconance and fire support unit. Company consist of 3 platoons and HQ.They might have their own HMG team.They also might have the 4th platoon,a temporary attached teams from diffirent units or their own battalion: AGS team,ATGM team,HMG team,Flamethrowers,Engeeners etc etc. Platoon have 3 squad,squads is same. IRL Squad is: 1)Squad Leader 2)Junior rifleman 3)MG gunner 4)Assistant 5)RPG-7 Gunner 6)Assistant 7)Rifleman(old type) or Sniper(new type). 8,9)2 Crewmans 10)Platoon leader of Platoon sergeant as vehicle commander. And now again fast facts: 1)Every squad by default have PKM/PKP at new type units and old style have RPK74. 2)Every squad have RPG-7 as Squad Anti tank weapon. 3)Modern type of squad have snipers with SVD rifle. 4)Besides this - Russian army actively uses Reactive Grenades(Ruchnaya Protivotankovaya Granata - RPG),they might be used by any soldier.But meanwhile RPG-7 is a Grenate Launcher(Ruchnoy Protivotankovyi Granatomet - also reads as RPG),might be used only by trained solder.Assault grenades are reactive grenades with a thermobaric warhead agaist soft skinned targets and infantry. 5)Optics on AK are rare.Very rare.As well as Holo sights. 6)Reactive flamethrowers.They used only by special type of forces - Chemical Defence forces.But usually they work together with Motor-Rifles,so makes sence to add this to game.If someone doesn't know what is it,please seach for RPO-A or RPO-M. For those,who don't want to read my sensible scribbles,skip it and read idea. Idea is about Kit Loadout - as you can see above,some weapon going to be rare today,but still used. So my i think,that kits should be like this. Squad Roles: 1)SL(No optic) 2)Rifleman(Unlimited) 3)Rifleman AT(Reactive Grenade or Assault Grenade,limited) 4)Medic(Limited) 5)Breacher(Of course screw that KS-23,TNT FTW) 6)Engineer 7)Crew Support Support Roles: PKM/PKP gunner RPG gunner Grenadier Sniper/Marksman(SVD) Team roles: Rifleman(Optic) RPK gunner HAT(RPG-7 with PG-7VR or maybe RPG27 grenade) Flamethrower MANPADs operator Recon/Observer(VSS Val short range silent sniper rifle,instead of BLUFOR long range sniper) as for counter this - just add more optics for M4 for BLUFOR.This make gameplay much more assymetrical,but still I think it's still going to be fun.
  4. AK-12

    I am just gonna leave this here... The Kalashnikov AK-12 (formerly АK-200) is the newest derivative of the Soviet/Russian AK-pattern series of assault rifles and was proposed for possible general issue to the Russian Army.[5] In late September 2013, the AK-12 was passed over by the Russian military,[6] but it was announced in December 2014 that it had passed state tests and now is being evaluated by Russian Army as well as its competitor the A-545(modernized AEK-971).[7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-12#/media/File:AK-12_Engineering_technologies_international_forum_-_2012_01.jpg

    Вас приветствует русскоязычный клан RED-BEARS Клан [RED-B] создан из активных русскоязычных игроков, таких проектов как: Counter-Strike, ARMA, Project Reality, COD, MOH, Rising Storm, Red Orchestra, Insurgency и конечно же самой игры Squad, проживающих по всей России и некоторых стран мира. В данный момент мы ведем набор новых участников, в наш клан могут подать заявку все желающие достигшие 18 лет, вне зависимости от вероисповедания, политических убеждений, места проживания и прочих аспектов. От вас требуется адекватность мыслей и действий, соблюдение правил клана, желание играть в составе отряда и наличие микрофона. Наш дискорд https://discord.gg/8aBBSWa Всем удачи на поле виртуального боя!
  6. =WAR= Community

    WAR-COMMUNITY.RU/FORUM = We All Russians = Первое сообщество игроков русского Project Reality и единственное из первых, существующее по сей день. Во многом благодаря тому, что мы в первую очередь - друзья. Некоторые из нас в Squad с самого начала, кто-то подошёл попозже, кто-то придёт завтра. Я взял на себя смелость официально объявить о нашем присутствии на просторах SQUAD. В общем - прошу любить и жаловать. Основной нашей задаче в SQUAD является совместная игра. По сколько средний возраст игроков 25+, мы больше любим серьёзную манеру игры, нежели дурачиться ( хотя без этого не куда, бывают моменты ). Всегда рады новым рекрутам в наших рядах. Заявки на вступления можно предоставить исключительно на нашем форуме, который указан по ссылке выше. Так же там можно найти больше подробной информации о нашем сообществе. Связаться с нами можно: Forum - www.war-community.ru/forum Discord - https://discord.gg/Vn6zhcT Сервер на котором можно найти наших игроков: Northeum #1, #2, X.
  7. Trying to learn

    Hey all, I was a long time player of PR and have recently restarted playing squad. However rather than using it simply for the gaming experience (which I've always enjoyed), I'm also using it as a way to practice speaking Russian out of class. For the most part, the Russian players on their servers have been very welcoming and patient. Just from one Saturday of playing and (albeit, not extremely well) communicating with them I was able to pick up a decent amount. What I was wondering is, could any of you Russian speakers set me up with a list of useful military phrases and commands that will ease this learning process? This is in English because I can better explain it this way. If it needs to be in Russian I'll see what I can do Thanks guys.
  8. G'day all. I've enjoyed making SP scenarios in the ArmA series in my spare time, for example, this one. I've got a scenario involving spetznas sabotaging CDF equipment in Chernarus circa 2009 that is technically finished, but I need three voice actors who either speak Russian (or are willing to take a tilt at some Russian transliterated into English) to polish it off. Two parts are small (one-two lines each) and one is considerable (around 15 lines). No prior experience required and I'll provide all the details. Please, if you're interested (or you know someone who may be), drop me a PM, reply below or contact me here.
  9. Spetsgruppa "B" "Vympel"

    We are a casual Russian special forces group for squad that is looking to have a squad equivalent of members in a mil-sim environment. Please fill out this small form if you are interested, it will take 2-5 minutes to fill out. https://goo.gl/forms/a8C8RyNrQyATipmt2 (I know this is a small post but i'm really not going to put 20 hours of effort into clan forum post )
  10. I have recently watched a documentary on Russian Military Police in Aleppo and I have seen a variety of new optics and rails, after doing some research I have found this: Optics and Railing, New Sight, Link to the Documentary, More optic, Seeing how Kashtan scope is taking up half the screen and theres no RDS for Russians yet, I thought this might be of some help.
  11. AGS-30 for the Russian Forces

    There are slick emplacements for a lot of these weapons, this weapon may already be in the works and I might not be aware of. But is there any chance that the Russian AGS-30 would make an appearance? To those that don't know what this weapon is, it's basically the Automatic Grenade Launcher emplacement variant for the Russian Federation. It's known for its high rated speed.
  12. Noticed something odd about the centering of the optic rifles (AK, SVD etc). At first I noticed it playing on a server. I had the AK with the optics, fired at enemies that were far out. I saw my bullet splash far off to the right of were i was aiming. First thought: My mistake. Fire again. Splash right again. What the... - d'they now implemented wind? Turned around, aimed at a small rock... splash on the right. Tested on the Firing Range with the same behavior. Went on a server again. Thought, maybe its only the animation and the actually hit will be correct. Nope. Had to aim left in order to hit the target. US weapons seem fine. Now, is this only me or does any one else notice that?
  13. Вступление. Группа (не клан) RrC ("Русские идут" по-английски) - набирает игроков для совместной игры на высоком уровне. В виду безалаберности и отсутствия желания у соотечественников к сколь нибудь серьёзным действиям в игре (речь не о группе RrC), группа небольшая. Кроме того, текучка в группе есть — кто-то уходит самостоятельно, кто-то удаляется из команды. Требования. Возраст: от 21 года; Мотивация: играть не ради фана, а ПОБЕЖДАТЬ ради фана; К\Д: не имеет значения, если он в среднем выше 1.5; На сервере быть предельно внимательным и следить за строем группы, слушать командира. Еженедельный сбор минимум 1 раз (при заявке и прохождении тестового периода узнаете день и время). Важнейшим требованием является желание учится — после каждой сыгранной игры желательно выделять для себя важные моменты и выносить их на обсуждение. Что получит новичок в группе. Развитие индивидуальных навыков. Развитие навыков командира отделения (сквада), в случае интереса к данной роли. Общие тактические приемы и навыки по игре. Амбиции. 1. Собрать команду профессионалов игры. 2. Выступать в последствии на турнирах по игре.
  14. Desert Russians

    It is really minor point, but after remodelling Militia I think it could be performed. Russian models look really good, but their desert versions ruin the immersion. Yes, russian armed forces, actually 98th Guards Airborne Division and 31st Guards Airborne Brigade, which are representing Russia in CSTO CSOR, use desert camo uniform for arid environments. This uniform is being produced by Kazakhstan for troops of CSTO's members. From left to right: kazakhstanian, armenian, belarusian, russian soldiers. Note the same uniform for all and different patterns of gear and protection elements. The reason is that armed forces of every country has different logistic departments for uniform and gear. That is why you can see US soldiers and marines wearing woodland covered IBA with Desert MARPAT and Multicam/ACUPAT mix on early photos from Iraq and A-stan campaigns. Armor and gear manufacturers use their own cloth suppliers and don't care about uniform. Armed Forces should care. Same story with russian paratroopers from KSOR. They are getting russian joint service vests, body armor and helmets and standard KSOR uniform. I think It is the easiest way to make them much more realistic. You already have woodland vests and helmets on your russian models.
  15. 880th Marine Battalion There, Where We Are, There is Victory 880mbn.com The 880th Marine Battalion has an established record of excellence dating back since 2012 in Arma 2 and Arma 3. In 2015 however we wanted to try something else and started the 880th Marine Battalion as a Squad unit. The great majority of all personnel in the Battalion have stuck together throughout all this time and it is with these expertises, forged on both the battlefield and on an administrative level that we've started to really know what a good MilSim unit is and what our members want, and provide them with challenging environments. Combined we have more than 15000 hrs of experience together and through the years of comradery and deployments and countless trainings hat we are proud to say that we are what we say we are a veteran group. When we play, we do so on the basis of tried and tested in-house made missions which is composed on well researched conflicts and theatres of war which brings immersion and roleplay to the enviroment. The Battalion functions by staying true to the founding principles of promoting good behaviour, activity and professionalism on the battlefield and at the same time we seek to expand into a big well oiled machine. In order to do so we are enforcing discipline - not by saying "sir yes sir" but by giving proper trainings that allow newcomers to following the instructions and guidelines set out for them in the agreed-to policies and also enforce the punitive measures set in place to reinforce them if one does not. This unit was not build by one man, but by all of us working together towards the same goal: a culture of integrity, excellence, and dignity in everything we do. Language & Nationality The 880th is a multinational english speaking Squad Realism Unit. We are a Military Simulation unit based around the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, specifically Military-Maritime Fleet of the Russian Federation (Morskaya Pehota). Geography We are centered around Central Europe, but we accept all nationalities, provided that their ping and attendance is in order. We are currently in the process of buying both a Squad server and a Teamspeak server.For now you can meet the talk with me over steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/baagoAnd over Teamspeak here: ts96.nitrado.net:11650 Attendance PoliciesEnlisted Personnel in A Company must attend a minimum 50% of Mandatory events.Always post your attendance in timely fashion, if you cannot attend post a Leave of Absence Report.If your attendance has dropped below 50% you will receive a warning and a two week notice to correct your readiness level - failure to do so will result in military dishonourable discharge without the possibility to reapply.If you have set your attendance and do not attend, or dont set your attendance at all, you will receive an AWOL (Absent Without Leave) report. The report is written into your service record permanently and can only be removed if proper reason for desertion is presented.If you for some reason was incapable of posting an LOA in time, inform your superior as fast as possible afterwards. While your AWOL will never be removed from your service record its effect on your career and attendance level does expire three months after it is reported.If you receive two AWOL's you will receive a warning and a two week notice to correct your readiness level - a third AWOL will result in military dishonorable discharge without the possibility to reapply.Disciplinary Policies All enlisted personnel are expected to behave respectfully, maturely professionally towards their fellow comrades and superiors throughout their entire stay in the 880th Marine Battalion.Attend Mandatory Activities in good time so that you are ready to move out at exactly 1800Z (winter) or 1700 (summer).At any point you must follow the directions of officers and commissioned officers in the battalion.The Battalion expects all personnel to behave maturely and honourably when representing the unit elsewhere.Multi Unit / Dual Clanning Policies Multi Squad unit membership in the battalion is accepted under certain conditions; You must inform HQ that you are doing so. The 880th Marine Battalion must be your home-base, primary focus and your attendance here must not conflict with your attendance elsewhere.Reserves Policies Transfer to battalion reserves requires you to must have served a minimum of two months with as active soldier. Any LOA’s taken by you in these first two months do not contribute towards this minimum requirement.You must request a transfer to the reserves through your Serzhánt who will then pass the request to Bn HQ. If you meet the requirements your transfer request will be effective from the time Bn receives your request.The request must specify a start and end date of your transfer as you will automatically be re-enlisted.All members are expected to uphold the Battalion Code of Conduct: I will to the best of my ability always behave professionally.I will be loyal to the group and loyal to my comrades.I will take responsibility for my actions and comments.I will respect everyone regardless of rank. This includes members and players from other units. If I have a personal issue, I shall present it my leader through the Chain of CommandUtilize the Chain of Command Follow orders. If you have an issue, discuss it later during an AAR or in private.Conduct yourself professionally and play to the best of your ability.If you are in a leadership position, do not abuse your power.Training and Operations are mandatory. Post in the LOA Thread if you are unable to attend.Absolutely no cheating. If you cheat on any server (ours or otherwise) you will be removed from 880th Marine Battalion.Violation of Conduct Violating our rules of conduct will result in action. Depending on the situation the possibilities include: Immediate Discharge.Loss of rank.A loss of position or responsibilities/privileges.Probation.
  16. We are .41 www.clan41.ru I will just leave it here. What we do: Having fun Fight against overwhelming in numbers enemy Drink Vodka from Matryoshka, play Balalaika and tease the bears Who we are: We are a group of players from different countries. We have a 6 year experience in Project Reality and we will be happy to share it with you. We are well known in the PR community and have good relations with other clans, so if you are looking for clan matches, events and stuff, it is totaly possible. If you are looking for new friends and people to play with, don't hesitate to join us. How to join: Requirements: 18+ High degree diploma in Theoretical and Applied Physics Speak Russian Will for teamwork and fairplay Mic Just join us in our teamspeak and ask for help, if you need it. Also you can write me directly madmak@clan41.ru and I will help you to set up Teamspeak. Мы — .41 www.clan41.ru Что мы делаем: Веселимся Сражаемся против превосходящих числом противников Тролим пиндосов рассказами про Водку, балалайки и медведей Кто мы такие: Мы — группа игроков из разных стран с 6-летним опытом в Project Reality. Нас отлично знают в сообществе и мы в хороших отношениях с другими кланами, так что, если ты ищешь кланвары, эвенты и прочее, то это можно устроить. Если ты ищешь новых друзей или просто людей, с которыми можно поиграть, то присоединяйся. Как присоединиться: Условия: 18+ Диплом по теоретической и прикладной физике Знание русского языка Желание честной командной игры Микрофон Просто заходи к нам в Тимспик или напиши мне на madmak@clan41.ru
  17. Hey guys! I have a two questions. 1. If you add Russian army, maybe you can add russian interface in the game? 2. 40$ in Steam? What about regional prices in rubles? How? 2000 rubles? We planned buy it with my russian friends and we need native language in the future updates Squad. Cheers.