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  1. Armor and damage modeling for tanks

    I'm pretty hyped about the fact that tanks are going to be part of Squad. The level of detail showcased in the photogrammetry previews is tantalizing, and I trust that the final product will still be spectacular. I very much enjoy the level of realism in War Thunder's simulator mode, or something serious like Steel Beasts - that is to say, tank shells' effect on target depends entirely on the localized armor values and the components sitting in the line of fire, rather than a traditional HP pool. I'd love to see this type of realistic damage system implemented in Squad. It would provide so many new tactical opportunities besides "show up with tank, fire first". Use hull-down defilade as a defense against weaker AT rounds by covering your thinner hull armor Flank a tank as a HAT soldier knowing that the dual-warhead missile you carry will cut through the side/rear armor like butter and ignite the ammo Rely on top or bottom attacks as insurgent forces when an armored vehicle is impenetrable from the front/sides with the traditional warheads available Use autocannons to mobility-kill an enemy MBT or damage its optics, then rush the flank for the kill The system itself wouldn't have to be all that complex under the hood, either, in order to get a realistic feel. I've developed something like this myself, and all you really need are: Clean "collision model" for actual armor Components/tags/textures (whatever works best in Unreal Engine) designating armor thicknesses in RHAe for both kinetic and chemical attacks for each section of armor RHAe penetration values for each ammo type, along with kinetic or chemical flag Surface normal sampling on round impact, with pen/no-pen calculation on the spot based on calculated LOS thickness Collision zones on the locations of major systems or components inside the tank (they can even be primitives - no one's going to know the ammo rack is a couple of box colliders) A handful of vehicle status effects for component damage, e.g. ammo rack = fire/cookoff; optics = gunner zoom disabled; gun breech = longer reload; tracks = immobilized; etc. Ability for crew to repair damage over time Simple spalling model using generated "bullets" with a random spread from point where a penetrating shell enters the crew compartment Direct wounding/killing of crew members in line of fire when a shot penetrates These are just my ideas, though, and of course there may be something entirely different in mind for the way armor will work in Squad. Is there any word yet on how tank armor/ammo will be modeled?
  2. Raiders International is a community of players who play a variety of mil-sim games in a team-work driven mindset. We find that playing with a group who communicates and works together, a more exciting experience for everyone. We mainly play Squad, Escape from Tarkov, Arma 3, and others. From a family-fun adventure of Genital Jousting to a tactical loot run in Escape from Tarkov we do it all. We provide a resource-rich environment with our own public and private servers for the unit to play on, even if you can only participate for an hour in the week there is always something to play. We have a few requirements for our players. Some games may require mods, and we require you to have a mic for our Teamspeak Server. Players from all over the globe are joining up to play in kick-ass communities. Our clan is a relaxed mil-sim unit. Based on America's elite operating forces. We meet every weekend for gaming and other various operations in one of many games. Most of our members are veterans or active duty, while some are dedicated gamers. TL;DR Realism Unit Requires Mods Multiple Games Private and Public Servers Meets every week 18+ (younger requires unanimous vote) Check our website out. You know you want to.. raiders.damnserver.com You can also join our teamspeak at our.damnserver.com Or our discord server at https://discord.gg/6Rsdxeg
  3. Idea: Hardcore mode?

    Hi, I am a Squad player whose been playing Squad and PR for a few years now. I really appreciate the work the developers invest into this game. I appreciate how Squad is a community for mature gamers who enjoy realism. That said, me and my friends were jokingly talking about Squad when I came up with an idea for a hard core realistic game mode. The features I thought of have the objective of making players more dependent on squad members and communication. -No squad chat, only local and command chat. -Only squad leaders have maps -Very few tickets but no ticket drain from losing flags Long ass respawn times -Movable ammo crates -Less stamina One of the reasons why this could help gameplay is that sometimes squads disintegrate as people sprint around like CoD, which I don't believe is the point of the game, at least from what I could guess. I hope these ideas could at least be helpful and contribute to Squad. In any case, I appreciate you reading this!
  4. Nous sommes la French Squad Player, une team milsim qui use des techniques de combat de l'armée Française que nous avons adapté à squad pour quelles fonctionnent. Nous jouons de plusieurs manières, principalement en squad de 4 ou 5 hommes, ou avec un système hiérarchique qui permet de sous-diviser nos squads en trinôme/quadrînome grâce à une utilisation particulière de la radio in-game. Notre survie est basée sur notre capacité à nous infiltrer, à frapper et à disparaître le plus rapidement possible. Nous jouons rarement comme de l'infanterie régulière. Notre style de jeu ne requiert aucun entrainement particulier, il est le fruit d'une confiance et d'un sérieux qui s'applique uniquement in-game. C'est notre état d'esprit qui nous maintient en vie et nous porte dans nos games. Nous recrutons! Pas de skill requis, pas de conneries para-militaires de frustrés, nous demandons simplement un juste équilibre entre fun & sérieux.ENGLISH TRANSLATE (approx) :We are the French Squad Players, a milsim playing team using french army's tactics we have tweaked so they can fit to squad. And it works most of the time. We are using several way of playing. Most of the time, we are playing in small group of 4 or 5 men, basing our survival on our ability to move, sneak and strike in a really short time. When we are in 9 or 8 men group, we split in 3x3 team, or 2x4 team, with 2 SL inside of them only talking in Green and all the other men using the local vocal. We work most of the time in column or line, depending of the need. We are not using "realistic communication", or any kind of drilled stance for a derterminated situation, we have the word "adaptation" as a main rule, we are just mates covering each others, trusting each others, playing in silence and discipline, laughing hard outisde the game..
  5. I thought of something that could enhance the realism to radio communications, I don't know if it's workable and whether it is, I know it will not be the priority, but let me explain. If during radio communication with another squadleader/commander you could hear gunfire background... voices of other members of the squad in the background inside your radio. What would you think?
  6. I. Situation We currently have our own server running on extremely fast and reliable hardware as well as unregulated bandwidth. (No Lag) The server is currently unlicensed by OTW. We have a steady base of about six core players and others who are crossed joined with other friendly gaming clans (mostly the younger group.) We simply lack the community now to become a fully licensed server for Squad. Because of this we also miss out on the higher echelon level of team based game play (Platoon Commander) II. Mission To recruit a healthy base of players with military/mislim experience. (Quality over quantity.) To Recruit players who enjoy being part of a mature, respectful community so we can help grow over a period of time. (We play other games too) To create an environment where players feel comfortable with other members. Video games are meant to be fun. There will never be any “Mandatory show time or a submitting Leave of Absence” if you have real life events going on. Our intention is to make this not feel like a second job. We want to make a community where people become friends and feel it worth the investment of their time. III. Intent Gather at least five or six people who want to be part of a community and see it develop. Agree on a final product for our website. Everyone will have a role in its creation and how it works and looks. Apply for our server license key and become official. Once accepted, begin recruitment on a larger scale while still maintaining the quality over quantity mindset. Agree on a name/logo. IV. Logistics For those new members, you are now part of a small close-knit community with large aspirations. Everyone has a say in what happens, freedom to suggest alternatives, and freedom to disagree. We understand this will not all be completed in one night. Some parts will move faster than expected. Some parts will regress and fail at the worst possible time. This is the nature of building gaming communities. We need everyone to pitch in and help this grow. This will not be “My Clan/Community/Whatever” this will be Ours. V. Command Steam ID: Squakems Steam ID: RollerTheJanissary Steam ID: ~ZK~ Send any of us a friend request to gather more information. I also encourage you to join our Teamspeak ts3.geezersquad.net Web site Link www.geezersquad.net (Still under construction)
  7. 1.) Are there any plans for more realism in Squad, or is the plan to stick to Battlefield type bullet damage? 2.) Is there any plan to implement weapon resting or just tighten up the aiming? Right now the optics movement is way over exaggerated. An infantryman can engage and kill targets out to 300 meters with iron sights in reality but in this game your lucky to hit targets at 100 meters. 3) Any plan for holding breath mechanic or eye focus? Thanks in Advance for answers.
  8. Hey guys! Im Nightmare (edgy am i right?) and I started playing squad during the free weekend and loved it so i picked it up. I instantly fell in love! The sounds, the experiences, the way it made me feel like i was actually in a battlezone. I loved it all. As a former Arma player I really love the way you guys are doing things and squad has a special place in my heart now (Sorry Arma. You've been replaced) Anywho, I really am excited to see how this community is instead of all these f2p trolls messing around. Message to the devs: When are we getting air vehicles? <3
  9. NOTE: REFORMED TO 45. COMMANDO http://45rmc.icyboards.net/
  10. I don't know if i'm the only one that bothers that you can see the view-direction of the other soldiers on the map. At least i didn't see any feedback of that kind in the other v5-map-topics. I think it's ok to the other team-member as dots on the map but the view-direction is too much because it destorys a part of the realism
  11. 34th Infantry Division "Redbulls" - Our Website -http://34thinf.enjin.com/ The 34th Infantry Virtual/Milsim unit was created on November 29th, 2015, primarily being deployed to Squad. It was founded by both real military personnel and military enthusiasts, with eighty percent of it's members being from the east coast of the United States and the other twenty percent from Australia. The unit's goal was to assimilate an infantry unit as realistically as possible. Creating the most immersive and authentic US Army role-playing environment. The unit officially launched it's recruiting campaign on the 15th of December, 2015 on the Early Access of Squad on Steam. The unit has since grown to 20 members and now hosts multiple events, public and unit-specific throughout each week. What do we have to offer? Discord Server (http://34thinf.enjin.com/discord)64 Player (Dallas, TX-USA) Official Squad Server (IP: To Navigate WebsiteFull Soldier ImmersionReserve Unit For Those That Lead Busy Lives (More Info Here)U.S Army Ranks & StructureUnit Training's, Unit Operations, Fun Op's, Joint Op's, etcWhat are the requirements to join? Must be 18+ of Age (>18 have a 'retaining' period to test maturity)Have a Working MicrophoneMust Speak EnglishBe Active During WeekdaysHave a 60% Attendance Rate (One Event Every Other Week - Reserves)Must Be Able to Respect Chain of Command & Follow Basic TasksAbout Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/aboutus Contact Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/enlistment Enlist Here: http://34thinf.enjin.com/contact Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/34th_ID SFC D.Barrow Platoon Sergeant, First Platoon 34th Infantry Division
  12. My wife & I have just started watching Hyena Road. I don't want to give away any spoilers but as the soldiers entered one location I felt like someone had made a movie out of Squad. There are some differences, but so much is recognizable. I felt like I had been where the soldiers were as the film continued.
  13. In Afgahistan, the Taliban will hide behind a pile of rocks with a large rock on top of their gun and it makes it really hard for them to be seen. There is still a small hole they can see out of. Also, buildings have bullet holes everywhere, which makes awesome sniper positions, the buildings in Squad look like they never seen combat. Watch Syria war footage and see how effective they are. Very. If there is more trash that is added to the game and insurgents could place IEDs in the trash would be cool. Cows and goats and chickens in the compounds.
  14. UYN Gaming

    old post, will update it soon Website: umaykan.com TS3: ts3.umaykan.com
  15. Make it where blood is on the ground, on clothes, in water if the soldier is lying in water when shot or killed, sprays on building to make game more real.
  16. Not in this game, at least. I'm a former Marine (pog) and a firearm lover. I'm proud of my marksmanship. This is why I'm sad to see bad iron sights in a game about realism. What do I mean? I'll show you. Here are two rounds I fired: the first from 1 meter and the second from 20 meters. I have a tight shot group, right? The problem is that I aimed exactly dead center, yet I could only hit the red ring. That is a failing of the iron sights. *THIS* is what should happen when you aim correctly at a target. But! I propose a solution. Two solutions, in fact. #1 Simply correct it so the round travels to where it should -- where the player aims their sights. (But what about bulletdrop for long distance shots?) I'm glad you asked. #2 Make it so we can *adjust* our sights, like in real life. At the beginning of a match, players can do a quick tweaking to make sure their sights are accurate at 10-20 meters (where most fighting takes place) and simply adjust them as needed for those long range engagements. Solution 1 is probably easiest and most player-friendly, but solution 2 is more awesome in my opinion. Considering much of us use the iron sights, I beg you devs, fix the sights! Thanks for reading. *edited to please the marksmanship snobs. just give us weapons that fire where they are aimed*
  17. 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment "A New Standard In Realism" http://www.2cav.org Current Phase: Planning As of this moment, we are accepting applications, but are not conducting any official activities until unit launch. About the 2CAV 3rd Battalion, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, or 2CAV, is a realism unit based off the real life military operations group that currently supports ArmA 3 and Squad (upon release). Our goal here is to create a highly realistic environment that accurately portrays an Army unit, while still preserving fun. In the 2CAV, we utilize many aspects of an actual unit, including Infantrymen, armor, medics, and much more! Here at the 2CAV, even though we consider ourselves a MILSIM unit, we understand that real life comes first, and are always willing to work with our members to ensure that they are content and comfortable. Just because we are serious, doesn't mean we do not acknowledge that it is a game. And as a game, it is not worth playing if you are not having fun. Who We Are Looking For Almost anyone can join the 2CAV, no previous experience is required. The only requirement that we have is that you must be 17 or older, and may not be currently enlisted with another group in Squad or ArmA 3. In the unit we do not have room for slackers, and will make quick work of them if we find them. We are looking for driven, realism oriented people who are looking to be part of a team and make something great. Everyone in the unit contributes in some way, whether that be just attending events and having a good time, or volunteering your extra time to help better this unit in staff. Why You Should Join Unlike most units, here you are not a number. No matter how new you are, or how long you have been here, you can make a difference. We have open unit meeting for all members so that way concerns may be expressed, and so that ideas may be shared. We often encourage our members to partake just so they can get a feel for the type of open forum that it is. Everyone in the unit is important, can make a difference, and is crucial to it's success. Another thing that separates us from other realism units in the community is the fact that we are mainly focused around standard Army functions, and not special operations. We are not special operations capable at this time, but we strive to achieve it in the future. What You Can Do Right now we are actively seeking players to join our Infantry section, as riflemen and vehicle crewmen. Once enough members have joined, we will then begin recruiting for our aviation and other sections. If at any point in time a member wishes to transfer, they may move to wherever they wish. However, they must have completed the proper training in order to transfer and remain the same pay grade and avoid a reduction in rank. The reason for this is not to be a pain, however, is to ensure that an untrained member does not get placed in a trained team, and hinder their performance. Currently Open Billets 11B Infantryman - Contact Second Lieutenant Harper (Weapons roles also available within MOS) 19K M1 Tank Crewman Contact Information Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2cavmilsim Teamspeak: Website: http://www.2cav.org "Strong, Determined, Unbreakable." 3rd Battalion, 2nd Cavalry
  18. 34th Infantry Division "Redbulls" - Our Website - http://34thinf.enjin.com/ The 34th Infantry Virtual/Milsim unit was created on November 29th, 2015, primarily being deployed to Squad. It was founded by both real military personnel and military enthusiasts, with eighty percent of it's members being from the east coast of the United States and the other twenty percent from Australia. The unit's goal was to assimilate an infantry unit as realistically as possible. Creating the most immersive and authentic US Army role-playing environment. The unit officially launched it's recruiting campaign on the 15th of December, 2015 on the Early Access of Squad on Steam. The unit has since grown to 20 members and now hosts multiple events, public and unit-specific throughout each week. What do we have to offer? Discord Server (http://34thinf.enjin.com/discord)64 Player (Dallas, TX-USA) Official Squad Server (IP: To Navigate WebsiteFull Soldier ImmersionReserve Unit For Those That Lead Busy Lives (More Info Here)U.S Army Ranks & StructureUnit Training's, Unit Operations, Fun Op's, Joint Op's, etc What are the requirements to join? Must be 18+ of Age (>18 have a 'retaining' period to test maturity)Have a Working MicrophoneMust Speak EnglishBe Active During WeekdaysHave a 60% Attendance Rate (One Event Every Other Week - Reserves)Must Be Able to Respect Chain of Command & Follow Basic Tasks About Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/aboutus Contact Us: http://34thinf.enjin.com/enlistment Enlist Here: http://34thinf.enjin.com/contact Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/34th_ID B.Connors Sergeant, 34th ID 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad Leader
  19. Be the first.. be the first to implement breaking the sound barrier in jets. You already made gunshots that are so accurate they can damage your eardrums if you have your sound too loud. Sound. Barrier. Aircraft. 767.269 mph. Just. Do it. Please?
  20. Grenades and death.

    I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me: I'm walking along, until I run into a pack of enemies. As I pull the pin on a grenade, they notice me and I get killed. The end. So I was wondering if, when you pull the pin on a grenade and get killed, it will still explode. I understand that if you and your buddies are in the same area and you get killed, they would have to run or get blown up, but a way to counter this would be to allow teammates to pick up a dropped grenade and to quickly throw them. Thoughts?

    Dear Devs, PLEASE add TRACERS at all times of the day! That would be so awesome! It would visually add confirmation of the force, or power, and speed of the gun/rifle, and hence, add another positive layer to the realism and experience of the game. Muzzle flash would also be great. Both tracers and muzzle flash would help greatly with situational awareness and orientation that would normally exist in reality. Also, PLEASE do add destructible environments similar to Battlefield. This game is alredy great, but adding destructible environments would take it to the next level!
  22. Squad DEVS!!! Please add this.

    It's what I've always dreamed of in a shooter game.
  23. Hello everyone, I'm 1LT Skovran, the leader of 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. If you haven't seen me post before, it's nice to meet all of you, and thanks for taking the time to read. Although our roots are in Arma III milsim, me and a few of our founding members would like to bring our unit to Squad and hopefully as it becomes more developed, become a clan with structure and recruitment on a regular basis just like our Arma unit. We're a very relaxed group of guys and ages vary, but most of us are at least 18, some in their 20's with myself being 19. We like to take things seriously in game to be as realistic and effective as possible, but in the end, having fun is our main goal. We steer clear from the whole "yes sir, no sir" type thing, but do expect people to be respectful of all members, regardless of age and role within the group. Although we save the true milsim aspect for Arma, a lot of things can still be used in Squad even as it is now, in Pre-Alpha, so do expect teamwork, communication and a good time with a good group of people. I'm reaching out to anyone who isn't already part of a unit, clan, or community and would like to help build our Squad group so that the 2/75th Rangers can become a community based in multiple games. As of now I'm just looking for guys who would like to play with us on a regular basis and eventually take up a possible role when we decide to become a structured unit. You don't need prior experience and I highly encourage new players to Squad to join us as you would learn things for sure. If you guys are at all interested, feel free to add me on Steam and join our public Squad/PR group. Thanks! Me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/frankskovran/ Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/275sqd
  24. Backblast all Clear??

    Hello all! I know (by actually using the search function) that the idea has been, presented more or less, but i don't believe any separate discussion was made. If this is wrong, please correct me and point me in the right direction (and i apologize in advance if this is the case). Now, for those who don't know what "backblast" is, simply it is this: when you fire a missle/rocket (there's a difference, but that's a different discussion) there's a thing called "Backblast" which is how it sounds. It's a blast of fumes/energy that emerges from the rear of the firing device. The best presentation is shown here in this gif: Now if you look at the ground after the rocket is fired, you notice the blast moving the ground beneath. Now my question/suggestion is, what about implementing this idea into the game? There is a video that show's the devastation of backblast, however due to it's graffic nature, i won't post it (also because the forum rules). However, i can tell you, that the guy died because of the backblast. Just a suggestion, i of course don't want to add more work then necessary. Thought it might be a neat idea to present. Cheers.
  25. Map type

    Hey there. After searching the forums, I haven't really seen this issue be approached, and, having watched a lot of different PR videos, I would like to ask if the kind of map available to the player will be that more arcady one, where everyone can see where every other member of the team is, or the more realistic looking one, where you have a grid and a compass, and only the squad leader (?) has a gps system capable of displaying markers. I believe the first is from BF2's PR, and the latter from ArmA. Please don't hold it against me if I say something utterly stupid, I haven't actually played any of PR's versions, I just watched a ton of videos and tutorials about it to try and familiarize myself with the concept. before deciding to back it. The reason I'm asking this is that it seems to me, from all the matches I've watched, that the more realistic version of the map highly encourages inter-squad communication, especially to avoid friendly fire situations, as well as provides a very interesting and challenging role to the squad leader (?), or person who has the ability to see a dynamic, real-time, gps-assisted map, while the other squad members can only see the terrain proper. Granted, one might argue that it's just replacing dots on a screen with questions through a radio, but I got a more visceral vibe from those videos, probably because the human element was so much more present, and the logistic/strategical element had that extra layer of depth to it. So, anyone have any word on this? Or opinions, if you're a veteran, that might help me consider some stuff that I might not be considering thus far? Cheers!