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Found 97 results

  1. The FOB/Rally system is being exploited by players. Too many times to count, I see clans joining a server and leaving ONE clan member on the enemy team - this guy is giving them precise directions to rallies and FOBs so that his clan member on the opposite team can camp the rallies and FOBs or destroy them. It completely ruins the game and it's FAR too easy to exploit. Even 1 person who decides they want to switch to the other team (for any reason) may easily create a squad and mark the enemy FOB / rally locations - completely destroying any fairness of the game in every way. The FOB/Rally system should be COMPLETELY RE-WORKED. I know this is a lot of coding but it's clearly too easy to exploit as it stands now. Sometimes it's just 2 friends who happen to be on opposite teams when they join a server, but they are coordinating easily over teamspeak/discord/mumble or other voip to farm kills at one of the FOBs, and then they even have the nerve to brag about their 50+ kills at the end of the game. ALSO: - The grass is too ****ing tall, IRL in the prone you can see over grass. - Which basic training did these soldiers go to? Every basic training environment IN THE WORLD teaches you how to climb over walls much taller than yourself yet squad members in this game can't even step over a few bricks. The inability to scale obstacles on certain maps makes navigating a ****ing nightmare.. yet somehow these soldiers can sprint on top of walls and jump from roof to roof without issue. - Since when do sandbags stop RPGs? LAT special ammunitions should destroy fortifications like sandbags AND soldiers behind them in 1 hit. - After throwing a grenade or performing other actions (but especially after throwing a grenade) we SHOULD be capable of sprinting immediately after, but instead the soldier is unable to sprint because he is retrieving his weapon, etc. The transition between weapons, or medkit, or otherwise should be sped up dramatically if not instant. It takes far too much time to swap weapons etc, and SPRINTING should automatically CANCEL whatever animation or action was being performed and allow you to sprint. You should never be unable to sprint just because you have just thrown a grenade and you are stuck in a "readying the weapon" animation.
  2. Yellow = Building, not ready Green = Fob Ready Red - Fob attacked. Currently there is no way to tell if FOB is being attacked or just built. //Thoughts.?
  3. FOB in INF Versions

    Hi there, i just saw that the FOB system in INF version of a map are the same as in the "normal" ones?! is this intended? like, you dont have a supply truck to immediatley activate your FOB on INF versions of a map. thanks
  4. FOB Radio messages Question

    Does the radio messages on the FOB actual have any relevance. Nice effect but does play affect the message its playing?
  5. Vehicle FOB

    Hey there, with the new Logistic and Supply System , we thought its should be possible to put the FOBs on a new Level. Having vehicle in the mix, and especially having the Repair boxes, we thought about how to integrate and build a proper FOB for vehicle use. We tried a little out to see what the capacity is, how quickly u can build, how many supplies you can basically dump into Hescos in a certain amount of time. So here is a proper vehicle FOB stomped out. cause u obviously want to build quickly: We build that in around 15-20 Minutes, until then we had lost not too many tickets, the flags were taken and the game was stabilized. The outer Hesco wall contains several Bunkers, one 50 cal right next to the entry, the other one on the backside, both having open fields to fully cover. The inner sandbagring protects the radio itself and would give a little bit more of protection i the enemy infantry gets through the outer perimeter. The biggest line of defense of that FOB is of course the Humvees driving around the whole area to spot enemy vehicles and infantry movement into direction of the FOB. From that position we went out to patrol the two Village Flags and help out the squads on the attack flags, falling back to here to repair an just have the last flag secured. I imagine 2 Mortars beeing placed in the pit at the back, and maybe some "hesco watchtowers". In the beginning, taking two logis and a humvee, going to cap the first flag an immediate start to work on the buildings. After some supply runs, we got another Humvee there, then a normal trooptruck, just for the case a Squad needs to respawn or needs a Pickup. We took vehicles that respawned in Mainbase and drove them up to that fob, supplied other Squads in the field and killed some enemy logis and troop trucks while patroling. Won the round to 180 tickets. Any thoughts? Any other Vehicle FOB engineers? I want to see the possibilities :-D
  6. I'd like to see some kind of mechanic that will disable spawning if someone was killed within X number of seconds and/or Y number of feet from the spawn. Obviously it's not a viable location if someone is able to camp it, so why not disable it instead of allowing summer kiddies to rack up as many kills as they can, completely ignoring the tactical aspects of the game?
  7. Hey guys, Here is my newest squad video I have finished. Kills, funny moment and a super fob tower!! Aeon Play - Squad Montage Ep 1: Lemme know what you think. Enjoy!
  8. Building mechanics

    Is it me or does anyone else also think that building fobs is a useless mechanic now that you cannot stack things. You cannot really make a forward operating base with all sides open. Also points generate way too slow to build fobs rendering it completely useless.
  9. A mounted automatic grenade launcher. Russian: AGS-30 US: Mk19.
  10. Map Raster Size

    I know that you can only place radio/fob in a distance of 400 meters. Now i noticed that the map raster size is not always the same. Could you tell us whats the side length of the rasters and the keypads for each map? Maybe in a future update you could do something like a map scale on the maps?
  11. FOB mechanics

    Reading the uprising topic as a game mode suggestion I kinda realized that I'm not discerning the point in that compared to assault and secure, which lead me to conclude that it's more than likely a question of spawn mechanics. I think as things stand there's little in way of command and control other than flanking and bunching together. I've never seen people spread out in bid to crossfire, storm or siege areas. More than anything it's about the way that FOBs work where they will spawn irrespective of what happens in the field other than the spawn que. If it were so that in order to confront FOB you'd have to do little more than to find it and begin spawn camping it than it's more likely that people would see to it that they actually secure the area around it and on opposite scale of balance actually deem it necessery to actualy situate FOB out of harms way on attack since squad on defence is less likely to explore the FOB to which end there will generally be an offensive FOB if previous FOB and terrain allows it (specifically in city based maps). What I'm pointing to is that there's little reason to get sophisticated if current FOB mechanics encourage clusterfuck of COD as apposed to say simulate what "Pentagon" would feel about the situation and thus offer up as relief. If an area around FOB is heavier on enemies or it's really just surrounded by enemies then spawns should be forbidden for another squad say en route from FOB built more like 200/300 meters away instead is actually expected to clear the enemies for it to work again, and counterbalance to that being that you may pretty much spawn instantly as in base if that FOB is rather remote from any enemies. What that does is give you an immidiate sense of what happening as apposed to rellying on your squad lead to trust a stranger to both properly assess situation and convey it with same degree of gravity to then convey it to you. On strategic level it makes it both easier to pull offensive maneuvers on the large maps where your whole squad could spawn immidiately not 300 meters away if they were wiped instead of spreading thin and on defense it makes it that much more rewarding and intense as things really may go sour therefore you'd really not want anyone coming anywhere near the FOB. So if the FOBs begin reflecting the situation on the ground I feel like it's inappropriate to lose tickets for lose of them as they're condusive to that on their own and thus have a more organic motive to protect it or not (the whole lego building thing becomes a bit more in the right order of things, as in squad leaders see less of a need to spend time away from really leading while soldiers are more so affected by what occurs when they don't have appropriate fortifications). I also think that Otherwise if FOBs must have the ticket loss associated with them because you don't wish to make this dynamic overly dramatic, than it should be supplemented by some mechanic that would make the dynamic viable while not discouraging FOB construction. In that same sense rally points should probably encourage mobile warfare where shootout across the 100th of meters are just lame if for example spawning a rally point near any FOB or objective acts as force multipliar thereby making it more so a special power as apposed to a chore for the squad lead in game without vehicles. While it is conducive to COD sort of thing, I feel like it makes it that much more a tactical thing with FOB fullfilling strategic purposes instead of both sharing reponsobilities. It fills it with more purpose and allows squads to disperse more in anticipation that SL will place the rally on any single member on the objective/FOB while letting squad leaders die now and then meanwhile for that same reason they are also usually expected to take point- to determine FOB/rally location of placement- (I'm implying that the 50 meter limitation be removed, have no cooldown penalty). This makes leads to less fragmentation where you wouldn't necesserily wish to spawn on the rally point for the rest of the squad to spawn on FOB (more so closely situated) because it may be easier to spawn on FOB without the timer. This mechanics should lead to players fighting over FOBs as much as objectives with less stress placed on SL and without obligation from soldiers to directly follow them as much as is sometimes the case on the map with storage which is my favorite. Average player will find more meaning behind spawn mechanics possibly more so then objectives thereby making the games more so interactive instead of "we will follow the SL confined by somewhat consistent spawn mechancis aspiring to complete somewhat arbitrary objectives".
  12. "coming December 2010" Features Realistic portrayal of medieval combat Inumerable combinations of skill and proficiencies letting you specialiase in whatever you want or become a jack of all trades Persistent open world gamemode with playerdriven economy and base building Conquest gamemode akin to that of Squad Structure destruction, to an extent Mounted combat Catapults and siege towers Mod support(think overhauls like Project Reality or DayZ etc.) Various equipment, ranging from melee weapons like swords, daggers, axes, clubs and polearms to ranged weaponry like bows, crossbows, throwing axes and javelins Histrorical authenticity, to an extent Disclaimer: I am merely a fan, trying to promote the game here, because I think both Squad and Melee devs are trying to achieve the same goals. Fun, but strategic gameplay, a certain dose of realism and most of all trying to fulfil their dreams of becoming big game developers, both coming from a modding background. Therefore, don't ask me about details on game mechanics and such, because I am not making this game. Feel free to ask the Devs directly at the forums http://forum.melee.org/general/ or twitter https://twitter.com/meleegame
  13. Hello, This is a follow up to a previous post some time back on a similar topic. I am an active squad leader who plays on the German and less so, the UK servers. My squad is always named NEWBROS WELCOME(EN). If you need help, seek me out. This is a bit wordy, most of it brainstormed during fraternization class today. I would appreciate developer or active SL's (who care about the role) feedback on these points. These are my opinions and observations playing the game since closed alpha. Server Selection: -Please add server filters Spawn/Rally/FOB: -I dislike that I am punished for attempting to put down a rally that just so happens to be close to an enemy. I feel that this is unfair, most of the time. I understand the idea of rally radar and all but man, if try to put one down before hitting a flag, 200-300m out and there happens to be a dude out there, I gain a significant penalty. I dont see a clean way of doing this and keep everyone happy though, at least not yet with infantry only fights. -FOBs... I love em. I love to sneak em in the woods or behind points in the defense. I hate building them on flags. I hate when I am defending fortress and an enemy SL and two dudes can sneak past, get into the bunker and build a FOB to spawn the whole team in on then sit there building... that is also unfair and "unrealistic"... SURE we failed to cover all the approaches but why do they not get the same penalty as a SL attempting to put a rally down? Perhaps FOBs should have a "enemy presence check" before placement... something like 200-300 M? Kind of how you cant place one 400M from another friendly FOB? It was utterly disgusting that so many enemy players spawned in while we still held most of the battlements. The rest of the enemy team was stuck on train station until this magic fob appeared. -Being able to sneak a FOB behind enemy lines is awesome and currently a valid tactic (rallies too). I hope this changes. IMO we should not be able to "spawn" 3 squads across the map if they did not sneak/infiltrate or earn their way there through maneuvering through enemy contact. The current system adds a layer of unpredictability...its OK if it stays just seems like whack a mole to me. You cant keep two squads on rear area security to prevent enemy fob placement the whole game, you know? MAP: -When using the map key, not the spawn menu key(enter) I would LOVE to see a list of my squad with their associated kit. Just like PR but smaller. I use the map key ALOT as I am always checking what is going on and dropping intel. -Please add a more incremental zoom to the map. Time and time again I am zooming in to get just the right frame set but the current increments appear to start small then go way too far in too abruptly. Can we do it via 10% or 15% increases? -On some maps I still find the position that the map claims I am in does NOT correspond to my avatars actual location. I will have to grab a screenshot as proof. -Please add a MAP SCALE to each map. What is a grid square or key pad in meters. Make this a standard legend on the map. Both the map key and the spawn menu map. -Can we add some type of SIMPLE topographical layer to the map? I would LOVE to make a maneuver plan based on terrain and line of sight analysis. -Can we please get an option to DELETE our own SL markers on the map? ( I think this was a confirmed feature "soon") -I have difficulty placing icons on the map when my cursor is near other icons or players, even when zoomed in. I find the spot where the enemy is on the map, I right click and find the marker I want however during this time a friendly player comes near where my cursor is... it cancels the action and I cant override it. I am forced to zoom all the way in and try again.Please fix this. My ability to interact with the map should not be hindered in any way by a player running about. Try it yourself. -It gets hella confusing when the numerous map markers start getting used. SLs either out of ignorance or griefing spam the map with useless crap. Only a few SLs actually place the RED OPFOR intel markers on the map. I have to spend a lot of time on squad radio telling my guys which green swoard marker is mine. Can we get the GREEN move, observe, attack, and defend markers numbered to the SL who placed them? Perhaps ONLY have those icons visible to that SL, his squad, and OTHER SLs BUT KEEP RED intel markers visible to all? -Besides SL to SL coaching, how can we get other SLs to understand and use the right click system in the map? Every game I find myself on SL chat trying to encourage guys to drop markers on enemy intel. I dont mind, its just hard to fight ignorance. Squad/SL functions/Other: -Squad radio, when combined with a busy SL to SL radio net, gets confusing. Can we get something like a priority speaker OR priority receive option... as in I can select I want SL to SL net to cancel out Squad radio and vice versa? -I notice when traversing the spawn menu and regular map screen that my ability to transmit on any radio net is cut off and does not start up again. I find when giving orders or intel when using the map at times...whole sets of orders lost to the void of my computer room. Nothing should break my ability to transmit besides hitting escape. -Can we get a squad welcome message ability? I try to run a efficient squad, I have some basic rules. I would prefer to NOT have to repeat them every time via squad radio or squad type chat when I have new arrivals -Can we get a ground truth image on the loading screen or the kit selection AND in the firing range on what EVERY weapons' ZERO is at? Especially because we cant tweak sights on the AT systems or the UBGLs yet. Same thing for optics, while in the firing range it would be cool to have a help tip pop up explaining the optic and how to use it at what distance. Learning to engage targets with the ACOG correctly on my M4 was the most fun I had so far in the Army on a range. This will negate A LOT of misinformation. -Lone wolfs...sore subject I know but I had to contain my anger with one guy who openly refused to join a squad despite there being open slots and in his language...he mocked me and others encouraging him to join. He spent the rest of the match abusing team chat trying to order squads around. The only useful thing he did was occasionally give a key pad location of enemy. I know this is mostly a server/admin side thing but damn, he is taking a slot in the server that could have been filled with a non mouth breather who goes against the grain of what this game is about! I end with this, SLs and potential SLs: Dont waste your rally, don't be afraid to fight on the flanks of flags, we dont need 4 squads sprinting to the shiny object (flag), dont be afraid to take the path less traveled to the next objective area, try not to put FOBs on flags all the time, please provide intel updates on the map(use the right icon) and via SL to SL chat (G key!), put the primary language of your squad somewhere in its name. Play nice and have fun.
  14. District Center Cliff Base

    Special thanks to Odin for the high res captures.
  15. just an idea, true to the spirit of PR of and also not in PR, the 90mm recoiless rifle (or similar size) for US forces. this weapon seems pretty tits, not sure how common they are though, maybe someone can help with that. but it would be a buildable weapons emplacement near a FOB etc similar to how an atgm emplacement will be (i imagine at least). seems like the US forces need some kind of weapons emplacement with fire power in between an .50 cal or MK19 and TOW missile. at 2:59
  16. Lot of this discussion going around, and I suppose it will always be so, but I wanted to share the conventional wisdom that has been gained regarding FOB placement through the pre-alpha period. I can be long winded, so lets start with a picture; Here we have a quick overview of FOB placement and its need for structural defense. The infographic states the opinion, but let me explain the logic; Red areas are areas that the enemy NEEDS to attack if he intends to play the AAS objectives. If you build a FOB in this zone, and you intend to keep it, it will need defenses. This doesn't mean you can build heavily in ANY one of these red zones effectively. Ideally you push the boundary of heavily defended and forward placement. In the event of advance traction loss, the structural recourse can be beneficial. The disadvantage is that this placement becomes glaringly obvious, and becomes a easy target for effective 40mm rounds. Yellow areas are high-traffic flanks, areas that can be expected to have travel more often than not, and thus, Radios in these zones will likely be discovered. That doesn't mean they are priority targets.. If my team is well coordinated, and we are taking a flag with ease, knowing you have a FOB in a close but not preventative proximity, we can stage troops on the next objective, and we can choose to bypass your FOB on the path to out-capture. If you are making life hell for us trying to capture a local flag, we will be obliged to attempt to reduce your ability to reinforce. Thus, some guarded entrances are useful. Green areas are areas where radios will more often than not be unencountered. That doesn't mean they wont frequently be encountered, but the probability tips in the favor of obscurity in this zone. These Radios benefit greatly from this obscurity, and Radios scattered throughout the green zone along the path of advance is the most common utilization of effective Radio placement (thus far), providing the whole team rapid response for minimal manpower investment, leaving all soldiers to fighting and giving them a flexible mechanism of recovery in the event of ground lost. Obviously the beauty of tactics is that there are always counter-tactics that can overcome. However. Spending lots of player resources on a "castle in the sky" that can easily be bypassed, cripples your team. If you are determined to play "FOBcraft", make sure the enemy has no other option but to attack your castle if he wants victory. Efficient respawn-reduction is what wins the game, as long as you can keep your flags. If you lose all your flags, you lose a ticket a second. PTFO. PAAT. and may the best team win. I invite you to critique this if you think otherwise, and we can argue (respectfully) together here because I am very much interested in the communities take on this. This is my grasp of things, and its possible my summary is somewhat off, and I would appreciate the correction for myself and the community understanding.
  17. There are up's and downs in this game, I found this to be one of the up's :):
  18. Has anybody experienced a game where an entire squad finds an extremely distant area on the map, builds a completely useless FOB, then fortifies it to the point where nobody can enter or exit? It has happened to me a total of 3 times and it totally ruins the game for everybody else. I asked an admin that happened to be moderating the server 1/3 of these instances and they said that there was nothing he could do about it.... So is there anything we can do about these guys? Maybe make it a rule to play the actual game? To test it? Idk, you guys tell me. I'm still mad over here, successful trolls.
  19. Another SQUADCAST video from the guys at the UNIT. Enjoy
  20. If you don't build fob, no supply, with having no supply means you will run out of munitions. Odds being that your lose your squad 9tkts + because very few have the patience to wait for revives. Other Squads get upset if you withdraw to resupply, most thinking dying holding the flag is the only option. The drip feeding from 100m away doesn't work. Doesn't take a genius to figure out fob position with troops running from it. Example Played last night we were attacked then defending storage, people didn't have ammo and medics calling they where out of bandages. Couldn't put down fob for another placed fob stopped it. So I made decision, smoke out and withdraw and move the fob, and ream. To launch a second attack. We withdrew. We put down couple of sand bags and ammo box to hold a ridge while we moved the fob east. While moving back a troll starts with our don't know what your doing in chat, and storage gets taken. Then a friendly team kills half the squad, nice. Not. End my game because of a fatal error with this patch. (Shame had been good match). We wouldn't have had to move if we had supply, doesn't need to be super fob. Supply means you have more chance to function. Fighting to the death like it's the Alamo is only needed on the last home flag. This attitude that it's insane to put a fob on a flag doesn't hold water if your defending the flag. Your ability to put down fire needs ammo, healing needs ammo. SL fuel your side. Even placing resource and then removing when done.
  21. Playing map last night can't think of its name (Has storage and village, forest or first op) and the team was being beaten back to village. The squad leader didn't want to build fob in village for fear of loss of extra tickets, which has a valid and prefered tactic by a lot of SL's. But considering medic where complainING of being out of bandages and others without ammo, and his only response you can run back to main. After pointing out that if we lost the flag, we would be worse position being in ticket bleed, he agreed to place one, but west of the flag saying he didnt want to put it where the enemy would know where we would be.(it was meant to be defended) Thus he create two places to defend. We the defended the flag putting up a vallant defence with a positive squad K/D, the rest of the team threw away tickets like lemming jumping of cliffs. We lost but not from losing the flag. Personally I think you need defences at last flag, stick an fob, build some defence then remove it, (replace when you need to defend)and trying to defend with out ammo is trying to fight with an arm tied behind your back.Sl's seem to underestimate how much ammo boxes will influence attacks and defence. Spawning 200m away at the main doesn't help if you have to fight you way to the first flag. Maybe this rant is more consider ammo logistics are as important to a squad as an Automatic rifleman or SL need to think more about the harsh ticket bleed that last flag loss can do more damage than losing an fob. Happy gaming
  22. How not to squad

    Hey folks spotted this a few days back thought I should share it with the world!! Have a look at some of my other videos while your at it :P https://www.youtube.com/user/ZTGaming91
  23. When I play Squad leader in game, I find my Squad tends to be more on defence. This is mainly because other squads seem highly intent on attacking, even when there is no point and they have two beautiful shiny compounds to defend. Even as I get on Squad leader radio and yell, "No point attacking, get your ass back, and help defend the 2 compounds" they usually ignore me as they run head long into the wilderness leaving my squad on their own to defend. My main question here is to other squad leaders. I set my squad up, and sometimes fob up, getting defences in place, build barricades on roofs for the mlaw and saw gunners, ammo boxes ect, but then the crutch happens. I always feel my squad are itching to leave and get into the pointless clusterf... of a firefight further out. I feel I need to keep them occupied as they have been here for 5 mins, with no enemy contacts, they are too busy fighting over a non attainable area. Giving my squad updates from Squad leaders is something I do a lot of. But it always comes back to feeling I need to give them something to do. Personally when not being squad leader, and playing as rpk or saw gunner, I enjoy just laying there, waiting, listening to the gun fights in the distance, it's the clam before the storm. Do any other squad leaders feel this pressure to keep their squads busy, an aching thorn in your side knowing they are getting board, or it just me being over aware of my squads eagerness to join the other fools who just don't get 'defence' is key? Para. ^_^
  24. Future of FOBs

    I'm interested in having a discussion about how FOBs will work in the future, right now the system is very rudementary and (I'm guessing) not representative of what the final system will look like. In PR you need supply crates near you in order to build a FOB, with Squad I've heard devs talk about the actual Radio component being dropped from trucks etc. I was thinking about thow it is done in RTS games and realized that it would be pretty neat with an actual Command truck that you have to deploy in the field and then build emplacements around. When the front line shifts you could fold it back in and set up a new spawn point with it. It would of course need to be balanced by having a deployment time, and to keep anyone from moving it maybe you'd need a Squad leader kit to drive it. If you've played Company of Heroes you'll know that the British have this. It is of course also the way the MCV works in Command of Conquer, though the bases can't be re-deployed. One of the things I'm most excited about with Squad is the potential for assymetrical FOB systems.
  25. Hi, The game as it stands is a little turtle heavy, a lot of times defending teams will set up an FOB inside a defence point, turtle and endlessly respawn there. This seems to make things unfun, both for attackers and defenders. Attackers have to deal with seemingly endless waves of enemies crawling out of the woodwork and defenders just die constantly. Now of course sometimes defenders fail and attackers still manage to get inside the defence point and clear out the FOB but generally it takes a long time for anything to happen - with both sides going through what can be described as essentially trench warfare. Fools road with its hilltop seems to get this a lot. Is it really fun to defend and attack that point? - At the same time that point doesn't seem badly designed in any way, its unique and hard to attack but its really the endless respawning from FOB's being placed inside that causes the issues. This got me thinking about potential solutions to that kind of a problem and the one i keep coming back to is simply to disable FOB's (not destroy) that are suppressed by enemy fire - this means that if attackers are actively attacking a point the defenders can no longer spawn on that FOB. The result will be that Defenders will start to place FOB's further away from any defence point, which opens up many more options for both sides. How suppression on FOB's is defined i'm not sure, would grenades count? do the bullets have to be as close as regular suppression? But the general idea does seem like it would stop a lot of the more boring behaviours in the game as of right now - and increase general immersion as enemies no longer keep coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches