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Found 59 results

  1. AMD performance

    I am planning on getting a system with the ryzen 5 3600 and a vega 56 with 16gb of 3200mhz ram. What settings and fps can I expect to run the game at?
  2. Hi, I didn't found answer for my question related to AMD hardware in FAQs and I had experience of buying the Squad about 1-2 years ago and returning it back with refund due to low FPS. I found info about problems with AMD hardware only after purchase. So, I still want to try to play in Squad even if I switched to PS3/PS4 consoles about 5 years ago, but I want to make sure that performance problems were fixed. My PC specs: AMD Phenome (4 cores) AMD HD 5870 12 GB DDR3 SSD Usually I play games with not hight resolution like 1080p but with High-medium effects/textures quality.
  3. Config: GTX 670 (2GB), FX8300, 8 GB RAM (1840 Mhz, 2 ranks, single channel), page file 7,5 GB HDD. Lowest settings. So the game doesn't fully utilize GPU. It is like 50-60% overall, ~50% CPU usage. And I get 43 FPS average on most of the maps. But above 60 in sandy town CQC map. And it is not a first time games behave like this. I suspect bad CPU usage because of FX's specialties: bad single core performance but 8 cores overall and high memory dependency. So games who handle many threads bad or just were not tested for FX at all (like Forza Horizon), lack performance. Curiously enough, Insurgency Sandstorm has the same problems. I had terrible stutters in Squad but you fixed this (clap clap). And I was having terrible stutters there. And the same GPU usage issue. But I did not have these problems in Unreal Tournament 4.
  4. Which CPU/GPU

    Hello everyone, Which CPU/GPU should i buy: AMD ryzen 5 2600 or Intel 5 8400/ Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or RX580 8GB Thanks in advance, Bjarne
  5. Hello It's me again. I'm thinking about changing processor to Ryzen 3 2200G. How much FPS in Squad I will get on the iGPU (Vega 8 512)?
  6. Is this a good pc for squad?

    Hello, i can buy a used desktop for €500 with following specs: - MSI Intel Z97 PC Mate (MS-7850) motherboard - i5- 4590 CPU @3.30Ghz quadcore processor- 8Gb ram - Asus RX 570 Series GDDR5 4Gb My question his, can this desktop run squad?(settings&fps) and is it possible to expand this desktop with other cpu or gpu? Looking forward to the answers! Bjarne
  7. Hey all, I did some searching on the Squad forums and steam forums and it looks like the last mention of Direct X 12 or Vulkan support was over a year ago. I was just curious if we are any closer to support for one of the renderers. I have an AMD video card which works better on either, and I would love to have performance increases from either renderer. I did see you could activate DX12 mode via a starup command on squad and I had a play around with it on the range. It was definitely buggy and not usable during normal play, but when it was working properly, I seemed to have higher FPS.
  8. Hello. So this is an issue that is probably well known by now, and before it is said, yes I did research the issue to no avail. The issue: When playing the game or just going into the firing range, I load up successfully with a good amount of frames (45-60 FPS). I can walk around fine, but after just about a minute or two I begin to hear some audio stuttering. If that's not the correct word for it, its basically like the audio freezes with the frame and makes an odd noise (like deep, static bass with some static popping in the background.). Of course, my frames begin to freeze every 3-5 seconds. Sometimes 10 seconds. Firing a weapon produces the noise and makes the game freeze more and for a longer period of time. Obviously, this is not playable. This is my gaming rig. I know AMD has a lot of issues with Unreal Engine, but that cant exactly explain for a very common issue now. Even when optimization was relatively poor or non-existent and FPS was trash, I didn't have this issue until after the last update really. AMD FX 8350 Eight-Core APU PNY GeForce GTX 960 GPU 8GB of RAM, 2x4GB @ 1866MHz MSI 970 GAMING Motherboard Corsair H80i GT CPU/APU Watercooler My rig is due for an upgrade, but seriously. Every game I play performs fantastically. I don't really get it. Any help will be great. Also, I've already tried the following. Drivers checked, up to date. Game Cache Cleared (Both in-game and manually in the local application data directory). Re-installed game. Adjusted settings, failed attempt resulted in my clearing the cache again.
  9. Hello everyone, I got some problem with this game. I bought is yesterday en after installing the game freezes from the start window, only the sound is playing. When i hit Windows button on my keyboard the screen changes/moves everytime i hit the button. In this stage i was able to go to the firing range. on high i have around 42 fps. someone can tell me what the problem is? and on low much more. Phenom II x6 1050T OverClocked at 3,4GHZ AMD Redeon 7870 2GB 12GB RAM
  10. I bought Squad a week ago and can't really enjoy it as I get 20 FPS on full servers. I have read all the forum post on performance issues and everything leads to a conclusion that it is my processor's fault as it is badly running together with the U4 engine. Here are my PC specs: AMD FX 8320 3.5Ghz (4.0Ghz at the moment) 8Gb DDR3 RAM Nvidia GTX 660 TI 2GB Asus 990FXA - UD3 I have tried the following: Changing graphics settings to the lowest Lowering audio quality and disabling radio filtering Overclocking CPU to 4.0 Ghz Overclocking RAM to 1600Mhz Changing settings in Nvidia Control panel for the performance boost Updating my graphic drivers Lowering resolution and playing in windowed/borderless Nothing seems to work. I have also noticed that when I play in a half empty server the FPS is up to 50-60 sometimes but when it gets filled with over 40 players, the fps drops to 20-25 at best. I understand that the game is in development and that optimization is not a priority right now but for me the game is unplayable. I asked steam for a refund but as I was trying all those things I've spent more than 2 hours ingame therefore, I won't be compensated. So I have a game that I cannot play that I paid 18 EUR for and there is no solution to this day to fix it just hope the devs will bother to fix optimization issues in what? Like 3 months or so from now with the next patch release? I only started playing squad recently after 10 years of BF2PR so I had high hopes for this game but as I see now that the AMD owners are being screwed over big time. Any suggestion besides getting a new rig as it is not an option at the moment? What can I do? Maybe there is something else I haven't tried that helped you guys with similar issues?
  11. (Little DISCLIAMER: I'm not trying to pick a fight or participate in any war with users and their builds. I'm just making a point. Attack the post at will, it wont change it.) So after owning Squad and other games (new and old) for some time now, I've noticed something that's pretty common nowadays... AMD Processors under-performing in games. This forum is littered with questions, comments, and concerns about in-game performance, but I think someone needs to hit the nail on the head so all this talk about AMD vs. Intel is over. I have an AMD FX Eight Core 8350 Black Edition APU. It's Intel Competitor being the Intel i7 4770K (I do not own it, but I know a lot about Intel and AMD as an IT and Computer Science wizard.). My build is also equip with 8GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 960 GPU with 2GB VRAM and never had issues. In many games, the AMD processor handles well along side with the Intel Processor. However, with Squad, it's a whole different story. Is the AMD Processor worst for Squad? YES. And this stands for other games as well (except for some). Only continue if you want to get into specs. The AMD Processor line is known to have one "big thing" over Intel... The amount of cores the processors have. However this still doesn't peak any performance because Intel gets more in depth with their processors and manufacture them better. Intel's Specs over AMD: More Energy Efficient, Much faster single-core int speed, Much faster single-core fp speed, Much faster quad-core int speed, Much faster quad-core fp speed, Slightly faster multi-core int speed, Much faster multi-core fp speed, and the overclocked settings compared to AMD also almost adds 50% more effective power to the results.. The Intel i7 4770K has an overall effective speed of 78%. Which is 39% BETTER than AMD. Not just for gaming too... In proper English; Intel's cores are more 'intelligent' and can solve equations and tasks the games or programs throw at them MUCH faster than AMD can. So in this case, more cores is not better. It's actually a waste. So this means Intel is a far superior CPU with a slightly more heavy price tag. You get what you pay for with AMD... Not bashing AMD in any way. Participate in the polls if you'd like I hope that the game can be optimized for better performance on AMD APU's if possible. See the results for yourself if you'd like. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-4770K-vs-AMD-FX-8350/1537vs1489
  12. Zen Ryzen

    Well know that AMD can be a dirty word with Squad at times but. Any clues if Squad will have issues with Zen Ryzen or will be a kick arse processor for it. Just planning for new system
  13. Hello guys i have played squad during the free weekend and i really enjoyed game despite my fps was around 25 on low setting all the time at 70 players servers. So i would like to buy game but before i want to get a new cpu what would you recommend me my budget is 400 dollars(doesnt mean i want to get something super expensive). My current cpu is amd fx-4100 which is terrile i know. Motherboard is by gigabite with am3+ socket (i am able to buy new one but would be great if there was good cpu with this socket so wouldnt have to buy new one) Graphic card is ASUS GTX950-OC-2GD5 RAM = 8GB So my question is what cpu should i buy since i think the graphic card is decent....... thx for your suggestions
  14. Recommended cpu

    Hello guys i have played squad during the free weekend and i really enjoyed game despite my fps was around 25 on low setting all the time at 70 players servers. So i would like to buy game but before i want to get a new cpu what would you recommend me my budget is 400 dollars(doesnt mean i want to get something super expensive). My current cpu is amd fx-4100 which is terrile i know. Motherboard is by gigabite with am3+ socket (i am able to buy new one but would be great if there was good cpu with this socket so wouldnt have to buy new one) Graphic card is ASUS GTX950-OC-2GD5 RAM = 8GB So my question is what cpu should i buy since i think the graphic card is decent....... thx for your suggestions
  15. Dear Offworld, Since the V9 update is out I have problems with the game crashing on me. I'm in love with Squad and I love the FPS I'm getting now on my old GFX card. I'm playing since 1.7 without problems. Version 1.8 and the 1.9 testing branch didn't give me any problems. Unfortunately Squad started crashing on me after I installed the new 1.9 version. It crashes to desktop and says my AMD display driver stopped working. I filled in the Unreal crash reports many times, but I feel like I should make this post for more publicity, because let's be honest.. I want to play! I tried the following: - Cleared my game cache once more, NOPE - Verified the game using Steam, NOPE - Reset GFX Card clock to factory default, NOPE - Updated my AMD Drivers to the latest version, NOPE - Uninstalled the game and reinstalled on my SDD, cleared game cache once again on first start (Nice performance boost! but ), NOPE Funny thing about this last point, is that I played 1.5 games without problems afterwards, so I was pretty hopeful, but it crashed soon after loading the next map. - Spent the night crying in bed, NOPE Today I decided to take another look at the forums and on Reddit to see if anyone else has this problem but it seems like either I'm the only one, I'm blind, or there are more people like me but they didn't speak out (yet). I stumbled upon the Squad Logs and this is what I find: It seems like Windows detects that the GFX card is hung or inactive. Every time Squad crashes it's when I have a notable frame drop going from 45-75 fps to around 15, then 0 fps and then it crashes either to desktop or it will just hang on that screen with no response from my computer (no ctrl-alt-delete response aswell, just a hard freeze). I had problems with FPS drops in 1.8 aswell but they where just annoying, freezing the screen for 2 seconds and continuing play afterwards. I used to have these every 4-5 minutes or so, but now it crashes and the game isn't playable anymore. I hope someone could recommend me a solution or you guys at Offworld could take a look at it. Greetings Kavi PS. for my specs check: DxDiag.txt
  16. Hi, I bought squad v8.9 fews days ago from steam. After playing multiplayer missions in real maps give me a horrible fps whereas in training mission the game works fine on epic settings. My system fps drops and the game start stuttering heavily and frequently. Whether the rest of games i have run good with high quality. My laptop specs: Windows 8.1 64bit Core i7 3537u Ram 8gb Directx 11 Gpu amd radeon (tm) hd 8500m/8700m Memory size 2gb DDR3 700mhz core clock 900mhz memory clock Memory bandwidth 28.8 Gbytes/s Internet speed is more than enough: 18.06mbps download 42.37mbps upload Ping 8ms I already applied the fixes and tweaks posted here. Please i am looking forward to your expert opinions. My heart hurts when i play this game with lags and stutterings. But i am not going to give up on this game. I NEED MEDIC
  17. I'm Swapping my 8350 OC to 5ghz with an i6 6600k and gtx 1070. I'm currently getting 25-30 fps with 4k rez on full servers. Changing my rez doesn't affect fps much only 2-3. what kind of fps will I see?
  18. Squad and AMD

    We all know AMD CPU'S are not a big fan of squad and FPS, but will AMD make a Come back? Recently AMD has announced their new architecture "ZEN" some say it will out perform Intel but others will say its gonna turn out horribly. How do you think the new AMD architecture will perform on squad? Will it out perform Intel and take the lead?
  19. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    I've noticed that a lot of people with intel processors have better FPS, can anyone tell me why AMD processors fail to handle squad well, and if there is a possible fix I can do or do soon?
  20. How can my pc run this?

    I currently have an ATI radeon hd 4800 whit an AMD fx 6100, the lowest i get on full servers whit all settings low is 15 fps, mostly get around 20 to 25. I used to have a gtx 760 but for some reason my computer wont start when it is attached (This started randomly and i dont know how to fix). But now i bought an i7 4790k, i just need the motherboard, we`ll see how it goes.
  21. Hey there, I just got myself a new AMD Sapphire RX480 since I haven't found any bad reports on the forums about this card, and so I thought all the AMD trouble had been resolved already. Trying Squad with the new card installed, it now seems the trouble is being caused by my processor, which is an AMD FX8350 8x4,00GHz I'm wondering, after having to dig quite deep to find guides like this, are there any useful workarounds for the AMD desaster that is going on right now? Ingame, as long as I'm moving, i get 20-40 fps, regardless of the graphic settings being on LOW or ULTRA. Whenever I'm standing still, it drops down to 0,5-5 fps. Also, can anyone confirm this is a CPU issue, otherwise I could still use the opportunity to send my new AMD GPU back and replace it for a Nvidia. As a PR veteran I'm very excited to play Squad! Thanks in advance for any useful tips!
  22. I just got Squad and im thrilled to play it but I cant run it well for some reason. I get 60-70 fps in training but in multiplayer get 1-5 fps. Ive tried fixes and still nothings has worked, im wondering if my computer is good enough. AMD FX-4300 3.8 ghz 8gb Ram GTX 950 sc Plz help? Thanks
  23. My machine really isn't that good at all. I have an FX-6300 that was released in 2012 and R9 280 that was released in like 2014. They are both okay. I have been playing with the settings and raising them over time with the updates. Today I lifted up from Medium to Epic with higher settings. I do recommend fiddling a bit with the audio quality and things like that to make sure it runs a bit more smooth. But overall after I changed the settings it had roughly the same performance but looked a lot better. I think this is a step in the right direction.
  24. Xfire is working!

    Gday Guys I am a newbie today Downloaded and just using fire range and unpopulated servers to check it out. Was going OK @ 4k 40". Seemed to be just under 60fps, that's just by feel. I had everything maxed out except the resolution scale. Got xfire working on my 295x2 by using the Paragon (ue4) AMD crossfire profile. FPS must of been high as I was getting some tear and had to enable vsync. All sweet buttery smooth. I was overriding game settings 8x in radeon settings. Going to try higher Yeh liking it visually Cheers Bob
  25. Hi Folks, Did some searching for specific AMD Crossfire settings and couldn't find anything so I've written down what I've configured to get Crossfire working on my setup also with Eyefinity. EDIT: Found some posts but they weren't very specific so I've tried to get a more complete list of settings below. With the settings below I can get 60FPS most of the time with VSYNC = ON @ 5760x1080 Eyefinity resolution. Intel i5 3570k (Ivybridge) @ 4.6GHz8Gb (2x4Gb) Teamgroup Extreme @ 2133MHzMSI Z77A-GD65 Motherboard2 x AMD R9 290 @ 1040 / 1350I'm using AMD Crimson v15.11. First following the FPS tweak guide here - http://forums.joinsq...-for-extra-fps/ Now here are the settings you are looking for - NOTE: The important in-game graphics setting appears to be EFFECTS = LOW (as soon as I set this higher than low then the FPS drops considerably to around 10-20FPS) AFR Friendly Method (causes Flickering) Cheers -=SD=-D4rKS4v4nt