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Found 22 results

  1. Here is my log: Log file open, 11/20/17 18:42:06 LogConsoleManager:Warning: Console object named 't.MaxFPS' already exists but is being registered again, but we weren't expected it to be! (FConsoleManager::AddConsoleObject) LogLoad: CommandLine (Starting): "Squad\Binaries\Win64\squad.exe" LogLoad: CommandLine (After RemoveExeName): LogPlatformFile: Not using cached read wrapper LogInit:Display: RandInit(763903804) SRandInit(763903804). LogTaskGraph: Started task graph with 4 named threads and 7 total threads with 1 sets of task threads. LogInit: Using libcurl 7.47.1 LogInit: - built for x86_64-pc-win32 LogInit: - supports SSL with OpenSSL/1.0.2g LogInit: - supports HTTP deflate (compression) using libz 1.2.8 LogInit: - other features: LogInit: CURL_VERSION_SSL LogInit: CURL_VERSION_LIBZ LogInit: CURL_VERSION_IPV6 LogInit: CURL_VERSION_ASYNCHDNS LogInit: CURL_VERSION_LARGEFILE LogInit: CURL_VERSION_IDN LogInit: CurlRequestOptions (configurable via config and command line): LogInit: - bVerifyPeer = false - Libcurl will NOT verify peer certificate LogInit: - bUseHttpProxy = false - Libcurl will NOT use HTTP proxy LogInit: - bDontReuseConnections = false - Libcurl will reuse connections LogInit: - CertBundlePath = nullptr - Libcurl will use whatever was configured at build time. LogOnline:Display: STEAM: Loading Steam SDK 1.39 LogSquadVoiceInputWASAPI:Warning: Stream Latency 0 (352) LogInit: WinSock: version 1.1 (2.2), MaxSocks=32767, MaxUdp=65467 LogInit: Build: ++UE4+Release-4.16-CL-3514769 LogInit: Engine Version: 4.16.3-3514769+++UE4+Release-4.16 LogInit: Compatible Engine Version: 4.16.0-3452394+++UE4+Release-4.16 LogInit: Net CL: 3452394 LogInit: Compiled (64-bit): Nov 18 2017 09:01:51 LogInit: Compiled with Visual C++: 19.00.24215.01 LogInit: Build Configuration: Shipping LogInit: Branch Name: ++UE4+Release-4.16 LogInit: Command line: LogInit: Base directory: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Binaries/Win64/ LogInit: Installed Engine Build: 1 LogInit: Presizing for max 2097152 objects, including 0 objects not considered by GC, pre-allocating 0 bytes for permanent pool. LogStreaming:Display: Async Loading initialized: Event Driven Loader: false, Async Loading Thread: false LogInit: Object subsystem initialized [2017.11.21-01.42.07:567][ 0]LogInit: Selected Device Profile: [WindowsNoEditor] [2017.11.21-01.42.07:567][ 0]LogInit: Applying CVar settings loaded from the selected device profile: [WindowsNoEditor] [2017.11.21-01.42.07:574][ 0]LogInit: Computer: JSHAW-LAPTOP [2017.11.21-01.42.07:574][ 0]LogInit: User: Johnny [2017.11.21-01.42.07:574][ 0]LogInit: CPU Page size=4096, Cores=4 [2017.11.21-01.42.07:574][ 0]LogInit: High frequency timer resolution =2.531253 MHz [2017.11.21-01.42.07:574][ 0]LogMemory: Memory total: Physical=15.9GB (16GB approx) [2017.11.21-01.42.07:575][ 0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsNoEditor [2017.11.21-01.42.07:575][ 0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 247.35 MB used, 247.35 MB peak [2017.11.21-01.42.07:575][ 0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 183.61 MB used, 183.61 MB peak [2017.11.21-01.42.07:575][ 0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 4948.93 MB used, 11289.57 MB free, 16238.50 MB total [2017.11.21-01.42.07:575][ 0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 579.07 MB used, 11289.57 MB free, 134217728.00 MB total [2017.11.21-01.42.08:326][ 0]LogInit: Overriding language with engine culture configuration option (en-US). [2017.11.21-01.42.08:326][ 0]LogInit: Overriding locale with engine culture configuration option (en-US). [2017.11.21-01.42.08:406][ 0]LogTextLocalizationResource: LocRes 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Content/Localization/Squad/en-US/Squad.locres' failed the magic number check! Assuming this is a legacy resource (please re-generate your localization resources!) [2017.11.21-01.42.08:410][ 0]LogTextLocalizationResource: LocRes 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Squad/Squad/Content/Localization/Squad/en-US/Squad.locres' failed the magic number check! Assuming this is a legacy resource (please re-generate your localization resources!) [2017.11.21-01.42.08:799][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: D3D11 adapters: [2017.11.21-01.42.09:217][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: 0. 'NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070' (Feature Level 11_0) [2017.11.21-01.42.09:217][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: 8096/0/8119 MB DedicatedVideo/DedicatedSystem/SharedSystem, Outputs:1, VendorId:0x10de [2017.11.21-01.42.10:291][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: 1. 'Intel(R) HD Graphics 530' (Feature Level 11_0) [2017.11.21-01.42.10:291][ 0]LogD3D11RHI: 128/0/8119 MB DedicatedVideo/DedicatedSystem/SharedSystem, Outputs:0, VendorId:0x8086 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: === [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error! [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000c00 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: nvwgf2umx.dll!0x000000008B6FEA58 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: nvwgf2umx.dll!0x000000008B92DF07 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: nvwgf2umx.dll!0x000000008AEA1403 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: nvwgf2umx.dll!0x000000008AEC3E80 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: nvwgf2umx.dll!0x000000008AE934B8 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: nvwgf2umx.dll!0x000000008AE936F0 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F099F1A7 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F097E5BC [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09A8306 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F0997A02 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F099BB63 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F097F2F3 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F099F495 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F099B83E [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F099B30F [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B8BDF [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B88B5 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B86B4 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09AE57D [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B02FF [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B2CE1 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B3118 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B318C [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: d3d11.dll!0x00000000F09B326B [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007FD93846 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007FD7A487 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007FD6548A [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007FEB4F2D [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007FEBAA6D [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007F29F838 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007F29A98C [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007F29ABCA [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x000000007F2A3701 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: squad.exe!0x00000000821524D7 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: KERNEL32.DLL!0x00000000F77E1FE4 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: ntdll.dll!0x00000000F79AEF91 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: ntdll.dll!0x00000000F79AEF91 [2017.11.21-01.42.11:980][ 0]LogWindows:Error: [2017.11.21-01.42.11:993][ 0]LogExit: Executing StaticShutdownAfterError [2017.11.21-01.42.11:993][ 0]LogWindows: FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1) [2017.11.21-01.42.11:993][ 0]Log file closed, 11/20/17 18:42:11 nvwgf2umx.dll looks to be from nvidia, I'll try reinstalling all their drivers and report back.
  2. Hi Just after the preload (before the actual game opens fullscreen), game crashes and send me 2 error messages one after another. First one : http://hpics.li/c0cb55d (translation : the instruction at 0x0007etc uses the memory adress 0x0007etc. the memory state - or the state of memory maybe - cannot be written) Second one : http://hpics.li/d50336b and yeah, the title of the window is : application exit unreacheable I tried to close Steam and reopen it, it won't work. What should i do ? Thanks
  3. [Solved] EAC Launch Error

    Hey, so yesterday I was doing just fine playing squad. Today I was up for a round but I get this message: Launch Error Error validating EasyAntiCheat code signing certificate. Any help? Edit: Sorry kinda overlooked all the other posts.. squad_launcher.exe > properties > digital signatures > click on the EAC one > details > view certificate > install certificate helped me
  4. I can't start the game I have reinstalled game, verified its integrity, check for windows updates and can't seem to find any error messages. Ill post a picture of my error along with my specs. I really wanna play this game and can't seem to find a solution for my problem I'm open to any help please someone help me.
  5. I cant ever launch game have this all the time didnt play for 2 moths, and after 2 updates i cant play.
  6. Hi guys, I got fatal error when i launch the game since the patch with the vehicules. I have uninstalled the game, download nvidia drivers, check the integrity of game cash but it doesnt work ! Installed on MSI GT 70 nvidia GTX 780M I7 4700MQ 8GBDDR Can you guys help me please Thank you
  7. [solved] launch error

    so i just downloaded the game. but when i go to launch i get "Launch Error failed to start the game"" i hope thats all information i have... haha hopefully i can get some help with this
  8. The last time i played the game was probably back in December, thoroughly enjoyed it but wanted to wait to play more to see how far it would come but now everytime I try to play all it does is open a launcher then gives me a prompt saying: http://imgur.com/NIyFh8B. I have read other people having the same issue and tried the suggestions there to no success...Obviously restarting steam, restarting computer, reinstalling EAC (I can play rust with no issue...), and reinstalled the game...I have been trying to fix it for about a week. The suicidal squad link others have posted in other topics did not work either. Everytime I try to reinstall vcredist i get hung up on this http://imgur.com/f4ZjVCR. And the installation will not finalize. So I'm assuming this is the issue? My system specs: 64-bit windows 7 sp1 fully updated 500gb Samsung EVO SSD i7 4790k @ 4.4ghz 24mb ddr3 ram r9 380 4gb
  9. Specify the following; OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit version 1803 (OS Version 17134.112) CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K @ 4.20GHz (not overclocked) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (MSI) (not overclocked) RAM: 32,0GB 2400mhZ Corsair Are your Windows/GPU Up-To-Date? - Yes (reinstalled windows & updated drivers+windows update+firmware/bios for SSD/GPU/motherboard+nvidia displayport NVIDIA GRAPHICS FIRMWARE UPDATE TOOL) & made sure that high performance mode is ON both in windows + nvidia control panel, Vsync OFF both ingame & in nvidia control panel. -using monitor ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 165hz DP 2k resolution Are you using a laptop? - No Have you tried to clear cache manually? - Yes Are you getting Low frames even though you are on a high-end rigs? - No Could you provide me Squad log file for me to look at? - Sure Squad Log Did you take a long break from Squad and just came back? Welcome back! - Yes Are you missing part of screen? Per say like compass? - No Are you seeing a green fog in the field like this? - No Does your screen flickers with green lines appearing across the screen? - No Are you not able to connect/see the server from the browser? - No Are you using reshade? - No Your mic not working? Take a look at this post - No Does your game say “Steam is offlline”? - No Are you having trouble downloading mods??? - No Are you getting Game security Violation Detected?? - No Are you having Untrsted System file (C:\Windows\System32\User32.dll) error? - No Are you having EAC Error: Unknown File type (.pak file related) error preventing you to launch Squad? - No Game is running on: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB My settings ingame: Picture My PC 3DMark SSD State - OK SSD status Issue i´m having: Video Stable connection/high FPS - Still stutter NOT overheating/dust related - CPU Detailed picture of stresstest NOT overheating/dust related - GPU Detailed picture of stresstest ISP Speed nighthawk device: - disconnected (using default model that came with TV provider) Manual for nighthawk Download speed: 92.80mbit Upload speed: 35.17mbit Ping answer from ISP: 8.49 ms Enable QoS - No Success Tried VPN connection over ethernet ISP - No success Testing from external (hotspot from my phone to PC) Download speed: 40.62mbit Upload speed: 10.75mbit Ping answer from ISP: 19.96 "Try offline mode - go to shooting range then type "adminchangemap " and manually choose a map. Then you can confirm whether the issue is only online." - No stutter Tested playing on server over (hotspot from my phone to PC) - No stutter 3/3 tested servers ISP Speed from "unknown netgear device" that had a link between nighthawk device & Netgear device (LAN TO LAN ethernetcable) full name: Netgear CG3100 Manual to device Download speed: 90.41mbit Upload speed: 39.28mbit Ping answer from ISP: 8.6MS No success, still issues - currently connected to above device nighthawk device/link is not conncted, completely disconencted from network. Factory reset of device - SUCCESS! Confirmed with ISP that they could see my factory reset & no known issues/loss of packs everything looked OK Conversation with NVIDIA Support: Subhanshu: If the issue occurs only when using a specific application, it may have known issues or corrupt files. Or the application demand. Subhanshu: Please make the following changes in NVIDIA control panel and check if that helps. a) Right click on the desktop and launch NVIDIA Control Panel --> Manage 3D settings. b) Go to Program Settings tab. c) Add the file you launch the game from by clicking on Add button. d) In the setting window, • Power management mode – prefer maximum performance • Threaded optimization – off • Triple buffering – off • Vertical sync – off • Maximum pre rendered frames – 3 e) Run the program and check. NOTE: If you are unable to locate the .exe file, you can right click on shortcut and go to properties. Select Open File location. http://imgur.com/XImZOj9 Subhanshu: Please try below settings in NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Global settings and check the issue: Anisoptropic filtering 4x, Antialiasing - Mode: Override any application setting, Antialiasing - Setting: 4x, Antialiasing - Transparency: Multisample/or 2x, Shader Cache: Off, Texture filtering - Anisoptropic sample options: Off, Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Clamp, Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization: On, Triple buffering: Off Subhanshu: Please try lowering down in game settings and check if that helps - No success Subhanshu: Did you try installing the older display driver and checked if that helped? - No success Subhanshu: Did you try re-installing the game? - No success Subhanshu: Alright then it seems to be an issue with the game itself, please let me know if you checked with the game developers - No success (if developers want to make an official statement I can take it back to nvidia) Subhanshu: Please try below steps and check if that help Launch Steam Go to the Library tab in Steam and select the game you want to fix Right Click on the game and click on Properties Select the Local Files tab Click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache Wait for Steam to validate your game’s install if it finds anything wrong with it those files will be re-downloaded and installed. Click play and Steam will re-install and launch your game. - No success Subhanshu: Please help me with MSINFO32 report. Press Windows Logo Key + R. Type MSINFO32 and press Enter. This will bring up the Microsoft System Information Utility, click File, then Save. When the Save As window appears, choose Desktop and save to your hard drive. You may give it any name you choose, but with a '.nfo' file extension. Subhanshu: Thank you for the details, I request you to give me sometime to get this checked. I'll keep you posted via email as soon as I get an update. Update from nvidia: As a part of troubleshooting, I would suggest performing clean driver installation using Display driver un-installer utility. Here's the direct link for the Display driver uninstaller: http://www.guru3d.com/files-get/display-driver-uninstaller-download,20.html After the download is completed, it would prompt you to extract the file. Once the display driver uninstaller is extracted under download folder you would see Display driver uninstaller .exe file. Double click on it to proceed with the installation. After the Display driver uninstaller is installed, it would prompt for system restore point creation and booting the computer in safemode. - Once done, Select NVIDIA on top and Put a check mark on all the NVIDIA components near the NVIDIA logo. - Now click on Clean and Restart (Highly Recommended) - Once the computer restarts and goes to the Windows, please follow the steps below Delete the NVIDIA folders from your computer completely (from the Recycle Bin as well) Check these locations: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation C:\NVIDIA Download the driver http://international.download.nvidia.com/Windows/398.18/398.18-desktop-notebook-win10-64bit-international.hf.exe Please select Custom (Advanced) while installing the graphics driver and on the next screen please place a check mark on perform a clean install - No success
  10. Game does not want to launch

    Greetings. This is the second time I ran into this problem, the game just won't simply launch at all, last time it happened I solved it just by rebooting my PC, this time I have tried clearing the cache, deleting the Squad folder located in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Squad, reinstalling the game but to no avail. Everything goes fine until I get to the intro movie (wich doesn't play), the status of the game on Steam changes from "running" to "syncing" and then it closes, no troubleshooting, nothing. Speaking of wich, I went to the crash log files and noticed these lines: [2017.09.28-19.56.03:370][ 0]LogWindows:Error: === Critical error: === [2017.09.28-19.56.03:370][ 0]LogWindows:Error: [2017.09.28-19.56.03:370][ 0]LogWindows:Error: Fatal error! [2017.09.28-19.56.03:370][ 0]LogWindows:Error: [2017.09.28-19.56.03:370][ 0]LogWindows:Error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x80004484 It may be tied to the most recent update since I've noticed a coulpe of user experiencing the same issue but who knows.
  11. [Solved] Squad not launching

    Since Squad started using EAC I haven't been able to start my game. Every time I start it it stops and EAC pops up with this error: Unexpected error. (WaitForSingleObject failed: 2)) and it dose not launch. After this error happens I try to restart the game but it just tells me that EAC is already running. Then I go into the Task manager and stop the process but it just keeps running and I end up having to shut down to even try restarting the game. I know that this issue can be caused by Antivirus but I don't have any antivirus and I've also tried starting with every windows defense off. I am at my wits end. Please Help! also the error path is this: https://pastebin.com/37r5NKdn SOLVED: Turns out it was something with my windows so I ended up reinstalling windows and now it works.
  12. Last 3 days I have not been able to launch squad. Tried every step of a clean install on multiple drives to no avail. After researching on the forums I found the same issue persisted for awhile when people were CLOSING the game. This issue occurs when I LAUNCH the game. I get the "Loading" screen but after it fills no splash screen with the "Squad" logo. 32GB's of RAM never even bumps. Windows Event Logs doesn't show any additional information about this specific error. Any help would be greatly appreciated! FYI mods I am aware of the following similar posts that contain no working fix: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/13222-the-memory-could-not-be-written/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/12349-memory-could-not-be-written/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/13064-expected-not-an-issue-squadexe-the-memory-could-not-be-written/?hl=memory http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/13064-expected-not-an-issue-squadexe-the-memory-could-not-be-written/
  13. Unable to launch the game. The loading bar comes up then I get an error message. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice since the error started. Just wondering how it can be fixed so I can start playing again! The error is, "Squad.exe - System Error. The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
  14. I'm having an error where the launcher will give me an error right as it seems like the game is about to launch. The error: Occasionally it will also say that this is error 10011. I looked on this forum to find a solution and tried all of the fixes listed here, but none of them worked. -I uninstalled and reinstalled VC++ 2015 Redistributable (x64). -Windows is completely updated (8.1). -I have tried launching the game by running the launcher, the game itself, and steam as an administrator. None of these temp fixes worked.
  15. - When trying to run from Steam, the SQUAD splash screen appears, says loading. Steam status says running then syncing and goes back to online status. - Tried running in Admin mode from shortcut. It loads with -noeac but doesn't load as normal. Gives this same error about EAC. - Turned off all AV's. - Deleted EAC folder completely. - Verified files via steam. 22 files reacquired. - Uninstalled from Steam. Removed all app / traces of squad in local app folder and apps folder. - Removed all older versions of MS visual C++ distributable updated to 2015 for x86 and 64. - Bitdefender isn't installed. I do have Windows defender, but was already disabled. - Disabled Firewall. Nothing will get it working again. It works absolutely fine on my partner's PC. Windows 10 Pro 64bit. I was playing it just the night before.
  16. I don't know exactly why this happened and its's been bugging me all day because I can't play at all. Since morning to night. Whenever I attempt to play the game the green bar loads fully and boom Launch error (above). I can't tell if anyone else has this problem. I'd like to first say that I am not cheating under any means, please arrest me if I am. I'v tried to verify the game files and restart my computer but no luck. I have also updated windows but that hasn't worked either. Any help? perhaps even moral funny support if nothing else. Thank you in advance, but I'll still thank you a second time if you manage to solve the issue. Ps. one day later still the same issue. cannot join.
  17. Launch Error Failed to start the game

    Hello and welcome to Squad @Legit1261, if you use the forum search, you will find out, that several people had this issue. Furthermore, you might find the solution to your problem. http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=Launch Error solved A few more infos would be helpful: what are your pc specs? CPU GPU RAM OS my best bet is, that the visual c++ redist install failed. follow this instructions: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221519588-VC-Redist-Errors
  18. Can't start my game #DCP1423

    seriously? research about missing file edit reference http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/12898-squad-failing-to-launch-at-startup-error-log-inside/?p=184006 http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/12390-help-easy-anti-cheat-startup-error-23-solved/?p=181799
  19. Hello anyone reading this, I have a question with hopes to getting it solved. I bought squad this past Sunday, I do believe, and have been unable to play it since. Now I have tried a few things reading some forms on other sites, though I'm not going to list all of what I tried. The error that I'm having is, when I try to start squad it loads then pops up, "Error: The following componet (s) are required to run this program: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime". Now does anyone have a clue as to why it may be doing this, beside it not being installed (MV2015,) yes I did go and install MV 2015 manually. I still get the same massage. I had hope when I saw squads up date it would fix it, lol I was surely let down. Can anyone help?? It's a bitch paying $40 for something you can't even use. Thanks!
  20. Hi, its been a while since i used this forum account. I managed to play last week, however ever since V7 has been released i can't even launch the game. I have tried: * Reinstalling up to 3 times * Clearing the local appdata in the temp folder * Turning off anti virus * Verifying my Squad files * Waiting for a patch (which was today), didn't do anything for the situation.
  21. https://gyazo.com/1c2c8e6c9c30986d0a3c853e14cb3325 Hey all, This is the error I get when I try and launch Squad I have done all reasonable fixes such as; verify game cache reinstall EAC tried to reinstall vcredist 2013 + 2015 x64 x86 update windows 7 reinstalling game that troubleshooter v2 checked %Temp% folder, from what I gathered the game is struggling to detect my OS I am unsure of what api-ms-win-crt-runtime -|1-1-0.dll is and am sure it is a major part of the problem If anyone can help I'd be very stoked to get the game running system specs; https://gyazo.com/6ec452a640186aa6db3de900e12c36cf
  22. Loading Times Issue

    THIS IS AN ARCHIVE POST FROM THE FRONT PAGE AROUND THE TIME THE THREAD WAS STARTED! /SKIP An official response was given via support to a user in this thread (Thanks King Baldwin IV) http://forums.joinsq...-to-play/page-4 They are aware of the issue and a fix is on the way. Digging into the issue (Closer to solving!?!) My issue was personally fixed by swapping in some additional Hardware (a second HDD). However, on my main HDD the main issue still largely remains but has been partially solved through cleaning out some files in certain locations. (My load times have reduced on the main HDD since the steps taken from Option 2) EAC has been providing a crash message when you exit Squad (a memory error x00x0), and the most notable two fixes for Option #2 are the following: Delete %temp% files + CCleaner which cleans out temporary files, Memory Dumps, Chkdsk Fragments, Log files, and more. Over 80% (myself included) blame EAC for this current issue which is affecting loading times. Most logical to blame since since the issue spawned 2/10/2016. alongside crashes which was addressed urgently! Unfortunately, Less than 2% of Squad'ers are reporting having this 5-Minute loading-time issue which randomly started occurring 2/10/2016, but I have reason to believe over 30% or more are affected but are trudging along. (We're on our own for now = Possibly) We currently have one option which fixes all problems (100%) through an extreme work-a-round [Option 1] The second option [Option 2] is experimental and we need more people to test and report in (It's working for me and has reduced loading times considerably) WIN-7 64-bit Third option has never been tried before (It is something worth trying if your HDD/SSD allows you to partition) Option #1: Install/copy steam to your second HDD/SSD Copy/paste steam or download a fresh install into your separate HDD/SSD Drag Squad into your second HDD/SSD in the correct locations steamapps/common on your secondary HDD/SSD! NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DRAG YOUR ENTIRE GAME COLLECTION (Only Squad) Start Steam and run the game (IMPORTANT: Make sure you're loading the game from your new HDD!) Enjoy your lag-free experience Option #2: I don't have a secondary HDD/SSD, and have no plans to buy one! (Experimental Fix) V.2.0 Description: A user has tried the shortcut fix which unfortunately did not work (made things less lengthy, benefiting those with a lower attention span.) Every step listed below was my every move on the dot and each step may have played a vital part in reducing loading times. Thus, I've added in all the steps that were taken which improved my loading times significantly (Unfortunately, you need to take the extra mile/less convenient way towards achieving a potential fix) Note: These steps were taken on WIN-7 64-bit Note2: You MUST follow every single step to potentially achieve the same results Here are the steps I originally took which step-by-step and one of these may be vital towards achieving the same results Copy/Paste Steam directory folder onto desktop and only bring Squad inside the folder (This will not mess anything up as long as you copy) Start up the desktop steam (No Administrator) (You can install steam multiple times in different locations without causing problems) Start Squad and Cancel EAC-loading on the first image Proceed to delete %temp% files (Windows Key + R > Type %temp% > Delete all files inside) Backup game Files (Login to Steam > Right click Squad > Properties > Local Files > Backup Game Files) Run CCleaner Professional (Important program which deletes temporary files, memory dumps, chkdsk fragments, windows log files, etc) and may possibly be the reason my game started to load normally again. Delete Squad (Right click Squad in Steam > Properties > Local Files > Delete Local Game Content) Reinstall Squad > Click Steam (up top left) > Backup and Restore Games > Restore a previous backup > Navigate to Program Files (x86) (In Steam Window) > Steam > Backups and select Squad. Start the game and record the time it takes for the screen to turn black and stop timer (Anything under 3-minutes is a good sign) OPTION #3: [Never done before] (Highly Risky/Experimental): Create a partitioned HDD and install steam into the new drive and drag the game into the separate steam and start the game. ---------------- BELOW ARE MY OLDER POST STRUGGLES; TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE ISSUE IS ------------ ----- Older Post ----- Option 1: (100% Fix) Make sure you're loading the game from your new HDD! All you have to do is copy steam (1.5GB into your other HDD) excluding steamapps and once you do that create a new (Dummy-folder) named steamapps and copy every single folder except common and paste, and then you create another folder called common and drop Squad inside. Start the temporary Steam from your other HDD and your game should start up in well under 2:15 seconds versus 5+ minutes, your textures should load faster, games should load faster, your FPS should be normal. ---- My problem was fixed after 3-days post ---- My problem has been fixed by Installing a 2nd HDD (While my problem has been fixed. It doesn't mean it has for others!!) (Partitioning failed for me, because I had too much clutter on my larger HDD) but it's still worth trying for anyone that doesn't have any additional HDD/SSD. NOTE: ARMA-3, DSII, CIV5, Fallout 4, Star Citizen etc. Those games work perfectly fine on my larger HDD (I still strongly disbelieve that my HDD was the problem) as those affected had the same issues as me in the past 72-hours. So to the person who suggested the second HDD/SSD Fix :wub: Cheers! (I'll try to find a way for others who don't have any other options) ------------- Older Post ---------------- I've been playing the game for 99-hours since December 25th up until 2/10/2016 and have never faced this issue with Squad. This is not a hardware issue; hence the reason I've posted in software: I can confirm that I'm not facing HDD issues with any other game. It is directly linked with Squad exclusively, and the problem is pointing towards EAC, but I could be wrong. Something broke overnight 2-nights ago. It needs fixed. I say this because the issues all arose on the same day (for me and others) (72-hours ago) 2/10/2016 and not when patch 4.0 released weeks prior Again, I strongly believe this is on the developers side and not ours and happened 3-days ago. If you have had any of the issues (Beyond 5+ Min Loading Times) like textures not loading, and FPS slowdowns prior past 72H) then this may not be the thread solution for your direct problem. ----------------- ORIGINAL POST -------------------- 5-Minutes to start the game. 5-Minutes to join a game. CRASH! //My first thread on these forums//Be kind// >w< OR ELSE I SHOOT YOU! +) I have been completely unable to play the game in the past 72-hours. This is mostly due to extremely long loading times, which may be causing these other issues: lower FPS, unloaded textures, and eventually crashing while in-game. Here is the original thread: Game won't start/launch - PG.07+ contains other users who have said the latest patch did not fix the loading times. This thread is branching off another to highlight a much deeper issue which seems to have been passed by. No official word updating us on the situation has been made since the recent EAC patch yesterday which allowed users to start the game up. Everything was believed to be Hunky Dory (not the case for some like me) and has forced me to create a new thread, putting closer attention on the issues beyond users not being unable to start the game at all. Keep in mind all of these issues randomly happened overnight and tons of people were generally having the same issue. I believe all problems are linked to the issue that was believed to be fixed earlier. Something happened... but what exactly? (EAC is the easiest thing to blame) =p When faced with this issue for the first 48-hours... my first reaction was~ 3-days later and after a fix claiming everything was dandy again raised some alarms, because my problem (and some others) still remains unfixed. The Issue: Some of us struggle to load the game and take up to 5-minutes to simply start the game, and the issue is far more critical than just additional loading times. Here is a low quality video created to show visual proof of the super slow loading times Attempted fixes which didn't work: verified integrity, reinstalled EAC, and re-downloaded the entire game, waited for all of this to blow over first 48H /insert Current promising 'Fix' (that I cannot take part in) - Move Squad game files to a second HDD/SSD and if you don't have one then you're out of luck! CPU: FX-8350*4.5Ghz GPU: R9-280x*OC RAM: 8GB RES* 1600x900 HD: Western Digital 7200RPM 500GB OS: WIN-7 64-bit Re-Re-Highlighting the additional issues, which have arisen in the past 72-hours, and still remain a major problem which needs addressed: extremely long loading times, much lower FPS, unloaded textures, and eventually crashing while in-game. I'm not sure what else to do at this point, and hope other users with the same unfortunate issue will come in this thread, and help raise the alarms. So we can get more attempted fixes at this very real issue for some. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and our random came-out-of-nowhere issues.