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  1. ExacTed in Yehorivka AAS V1
  2. ExacTed In Yehorivka AAS v2
  3. ExacTed In Kohat AAS v1
  4. ExacTed In Chora Invasion
  5. Hey @Nordic the Rcon working for you ?
  6. Hey, Crash files there -> Squad/Saved/Crashes Squad/Saved/Logs I think you need to restart all day you server (with cron or timer) Other question for all somone know when the Rcon is up on Linux ?
  7. Team ExacTed in Yehorivka v2
  8. league

    Hey, it's that ->
  10. How many Ghz ? I use min 5go of memory for the server ! i think you need 8go.
  11. What's your processor ?
  12. I can help you only on ubuntu server but i think you need better server more power...
  13. Hey guys, i've cfg corectly my server on linux, no problem detected with the server full ! I've set deamon with auto update and auto-restart. Ty for your help If someone need help call me !
  14. Team ExacTed in Gorodok AAS v1
  15. ExacTed In Fool's Road AAS 2
  16. EXACTED in Al Basrah PAAS v1
  17. Team ExacTed in Kokan PAAS 1
  18. Hello it's works for me i configure the script now ty
  19. Team ExacTed in Yehorivka AAS 2
  20. @grimshadow if you want desktop use
  21. Hello, so i think you can install "Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS" with desktop with this command : sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop I will try this weekend.
  22. Ok thank's you i will be try =)
  23. But performance is low no ?
  24. I hope this will soon be functional I can not wait to switch to Linux Server thanks and good luck