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  1. ExacTed In Gorodok AAS v1
  2. ExacTed In Sumari Bala AAS V3
  3. Team Exacted in Kohat Toi INS V1
  4. ExacTed in Yehorivka AAS V1
  5. ExacTed In Yehorivka AAS v2
  6. ExacTed In Kohat AAS v1
  7. ExacTed In Chora Invasion
  8. Hey @Nordic the Rcon working for you ?
  9. Hey, Crash files there -> Squad/Saved/Crashes Squad/Saved/Logs I think you need to restart all day you server (with cron or timer) Other question for all somone know when the Rcon is up on Linux ?
  10. Team ExacTed in Yehorivka v2
  11. league

    Hey, it's that ->
  12. How many Ghz ? I use min 5go of memory for the server ! i think you need 8go.
  13. What's your processor ?
  14. I can help you only on ubuntu server but i think you need better server more power...