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  1. Global Chat option: ON/OFF

    Good for you. That's why a toggle option works best for those in opposite camps. Thanks for continuing to work on this!
  2. What makes a good SL

    A good S and a good L
  3. Squad Voip Not Working.

    @ANG3LxDUST I believe its the Microphone settings under privacy, allowing APP access (grant access). This has happened to a few people after a windows update.
  4. When running Fireteams its best to simplify without a supporting COM system. This helps when forming a squad and using fireteams (communicate to members from outset): 1. Only FTL and SL should use Squad channel 2. Subordinates use local to communicate w/FT and FTL (if they're not close enough to hear each other, then they're doing it wrong). 3. This permits the SL to focus as well as the FTL(s). FTL should be running their unit with only adjustment orders from SL. 4. All units should be focused on the primary objective/order given by SL. If followed, there's no need to micromanage. I'm hopeful that we'll see a COM update similar to the recommendation below (has an official DEV response). For FTL/SL direct coms maybe add (0) key on Numpad.
  5. Comms seperation

    @newcomer9747 See my post on this a while back. It also has an official DEV response.
  6. Alpha 12.1 Released

    This Steam/Founder Skin conflict is a repetitive problem. It's time to find the root cause and final solution.
  7. Bring Walking Back

    Would be nice! I'd Swap the new MAP to the ENTER key (since it's essentially the same, but better larger view). Then bind walk to CAPS LOCK.
  8. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    You should be fine (not sure how well that gpu performs)... And welcome to Squad if you decide to pull the trigger. Once you come to grips with the mechanics and tool-sets you'll feel right at home. Compared to BF, Squad is far more superior in terms of providing a "natural teamwork environment" the sense of presence you get in Squad is unmatched imo. It's difficult to describe, I've been around since the kick-starter and watching/experiencing the iterative growth has been worth it! Squad is my primary go to Multiplayer FPS - for serious fun!
  9. What's next?

    I think it's a step in the right direction. Heavy assets should require more fire power to destroy, otherwise they're not really a threat. This should naturally encourage teamwork within and across Squads. The more this is naturally influenced by game mechanics, teamwork results become more rewarding. EDIT: The only change re: Tanks/Heavy assets I've been thinking of, is maybe increasing the respawn time of said asset(s) for each consecutive loss. 1st Loss: regular respawn time. 2nd Loss: respawn time x2 3rd Loss: respawn time x3 4th Loss: respawn time x4 (last Heavy Asset respawn). ***This wouldn't apply to Logistic and Transport vehicles.
  10. IED's Are not placeable on teammates anymore

    I haven't tried these since the v12 update, will have to take a look at this. I agree that it's critical to be able to conceal/hide IEDs, otherwise they're useless as they become obvious and easy to avoid. I'm not sure they ever intended the ability to attach to a player, but would agree that a vest option would be nice, but I think they're staying clear of that. At minimum, bring back the ability to attach to vehicles and place in/under/around debris and rubbish.
  11. Bullet and Target Reaction

    See response from Gatzby on a somewhat similar thread.

    Try letting go of W, then tap, repeat as needed to down shift. I fooled with this in a match and it seemed to work without needing to stop. Although, I still think there needs to be some work in the torque values in 1st and 2nd gear, as there's not enough power to pull you out of a ditch and small incline. Let me know if the W tap and release works to drop gears. It could have been a fluke during the one match I was driving a LOGI, would be good to confirm.

    I could get on board with that as well. It would make sense hopefully a DEV is watching the thread and picks up on the concept. It's seems like a fair middle-ground still requiring you to use the resources from the LOGI.

    Some of the arguments made also reinforces the fact that people need to conserve ammo. There are a lot of people who shoot just to shoot when there's nothing to shoot at. Even in prior versions of the game, you could always count on someone in the Stryker or BTR gunner seat firing off rounds before you leave base, as if ammo was unlimited and didn't require re-arms. Those two magazines wasted could be the difference in you winning or losing a firefight. It's even more critical as infantry. V12 throws a curve-ball to this long-standing problem of people with this mindset (ammo doesn't matter), then couple that with the lack of people "willing" to do LOGI runs but expect to have everything they need at their disposal (creates a significant culture shock). This will hopefully balance out the wasteful use of ammo as people feel the result of said actions, and encourage support via Logistics with team-wide coordination to spread the burden. One strategy that I rarely see used, is a FOB without a HAB to function as an ammo Depot. Strategically placed FOB with ammo crates spread out along the out parameter of its limits. It's easy to find a HAB but harder to find a radio without a HAB (if done right). 2-3 LOGI runs full of ammo could keep the team going with little effort to address the infantry ammo concerns, then rotate runs as needed (which should be few).
  15. Alpha 12 Released

    The sense of presence you get in this game is unmatched. When you couple that with good players/community the experience is superior than any other FPS game, that I've played. Overall, being here for the long journey since kick-starter makes it even more enjoyable, understanding the subtle changes and to see what it has become. This is still not the final vision/complete but the direction and execution is coming together well. Amazing job DEV team!