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  1. Concussion

    In a recent V12 YT video, you can see a concussion effect when a player is standing next to a tank during fire requiring medical attention. This same effect should be applied to mortar radius and rpg blast radius. That should be sufficient without completely reinventing the wheel.
  2. September 2018 Recap

    A nice to have later down the line would be Names on back of uniform/vest, similar to Ground Branch. For those that play with HUD disabled, far better than the infinite floating florescent name tags. Knowing there could be some limitations on character length/scaling.
  3. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    I agree. If they're not willing to do that, then maybe multiply the respawn time by number of times the asset has been lost (increase the respawn time for every loss occurrence). That coupled with the ticket loss should work as a dual incentive for both teams, 1. Use assets appropriately, and 2. Increases the incentive for hunting them down and keeping them off the battlefield.
  4. Losing Patience

    Patience is a __________ waiting to get __________! You complete the sentence. Have fun!
  5. September 2018 Recap

    I hope whatever we get isn't too far behind the FireTeam implementation. Something I floated, not sure if it's feasible: I was thinking along the lines of the (direct SL- channels), via the NumPad. The only key not being used is the "0", that could default to your assigned Teamleader(s). For FTL, hitting "0" on NumPad would communicate to the SL, and visa-versa. This would allow each FTL to retain Squad channel for subordinates, as the system should see them as SL/FTL for that smaller unit. So if the SL hits the normal Squad channel, only his assigned unit subordinates will hear him, not the others in the FireTeams. If the SL wants to channel his FTL(s), he hits "0" on the NumPad. FTL using the squad channel will be for his direct subordinates. If the FTL wants to channel the SL, he hits the "0" on the NumPad.
  6. What is really going on with Squad?

    @Zylfrax791 and @Bahrein Couldn't agree with you more! Been around since 2015, early adopter, 1,800+ hours. I can say I've got my moneys worth, even as a Squad Leader level backer that spent 2x as much as many. OWI - Given, they've already mentioned work on other games and hinting towards moving out of ALPHA... Do you think there is any opportunity for community growth/increased sales upon "FULL GAME RELEASE"?! It could leave a sour taste, and less opportunity on future title(s) by the dev team. Customer relations is everything, with reasonable transparency. A well thought out roadmap was presented and outlined in the kickstarter, never to be seen or updated again externally. Although, all project management has a project plan and roadmap to prevent "scope creep". While every little detail is not useful for external community/end-user communication, a general summary outline (exact format presented in KickStarter) re: where the project is in relation is a reasonable ask that has only gone unanswered. Hence: the 3wk meme - just wait and trust us approach. The (unfinished) game is great, I love it! There are some other things that could be improved to garner future support for this title and any others in the future. My hope is that OWI is successful now and in the future, as we all have the opportunity to learn. Especially, after a first major release.
  7. Server Favorites

    yea, but when there's a button available... make it work. Like the buttons in your car that serve no function (function and purpose), if it doesn't work, don't present it as an option. Otherwise, expect a reasonable question... the search option is a given. People don't have to be condescending unnecessarily when the original question was a valid point. Good UI/UX design usually picks up on this when people are paying attention, don't present a visual option if its non-functional (period).
  8. Server Favorites

    It may make a difference in when he can expect the change to his gaming experience. So he doesn't have to scroll through 90% of the servers he doesn't care to see. Consider it a "quality of life improvement" or "quality of game improvement". Crazy of him to question, versus the visual implementation by the DEV team of an option that doesn't work.
  9. Farm 51 - World War 3

    3 Weeks!
  10. Map design: A discussion

    Interesting. It looks like the replication is decent, simulating displacement per the objects mass.
  11. Map design: A discussion

    Isn't there swimming in PUBG, which is on UE4?
  12. promoting teamplay

    All fair points. Win/Lose factor only, is going to the absolute extreme, which may not be a bad thing. It will narrow the game to a niche base of players truly focused on "teamwork" which is also not a bad thing (from a gameplay perspective). Seeing that OWI is trying to broaden the appeal (sales) of the game, it's very unlikely they would go to the extreme. There are some matches were we've lost, but the experience was amazing and a well fought match. There are also matches where I've driven the logi the entire match supporting all squad leaders. All of these matches were equally enjoyable, if you value teamplay. All of that is subjective to the type of player/player-base.
  13. promoting teamplay

    This is interesting, even though we know a lot of people will be turned off by it. In most games you get Kill and Death ratio followed by "Net percentage". Would be smart to just produce the "Net percentage", either you're in the positive or negative (true contribution) value. Rather than just gloating over K/D when in the end the performance is truly the "Net Value". K/D consolidated into one ticket percentage column.
  14. AXL Attack, Explore, Logistics

    Yeah, and I'm screwed... the company that develops them is in my home town. So we'll probably be the first "beta site".