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  1. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    @Kendo You clearly didn't read... 1. Bipod is an individual tool 2. I said magazines only.... and (maybe 1 AT rocket), meaning no explosives 3. FOB ammo crates are useless now, purpose of thread 4. Game logic in code, timers/ Cooldowns, limitation all possible 5. You can watch any war documentary of your choice, certain there will be someone with extra mags in a unit. Not sure how the suggestion is arcade vs. what's in place now. No need to clarify further the DEVS will land where ever they land and people will still play. Rather be a help and not a hindrance.
  2. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    ^ To add a bit to this, I've always asked why not give the AR role a purpose (Ammo Bearer). Carrying enough ammo to resupply magazines only for (1) full squad reload, and maybe ((1) AT rocket - make it count). Requiring a resupply a FOB/HAB after depleted. In comparison, regular rifleman can now place a sandbag, medics can heal, scouts can place explosives, etc... Give the AR role this "supporting" function and remove the cheesy Band-Aid place holder FOB/AMMO CRATE rinse repeat. Adding @Tartantyco Ammunition Bag function to the AR Role by default would suffice.
  3. Wow, nice work! Really like the MARPAT Woodland... now the weapons... can't wait until the founder skin issue is fixed. Would love to see some battles with and against those AUGs. Great stuff.
  4. Supplemental Rules

    Regarding the seeding rule-set, I'd like to see a "seeding map" for server admins where all flags are capped and central point is objective. Also include an indestructible HAB/FOB for each side similar to the fire range base map. Give the admin the player qualifier count control 15v15, 16v16, 20v20; new round auto starts when count is met. Should help make it somewhat standardized and idiot proof. Some admins go on a kicking spree when those with ill intent break the manually managed rules, which causes a significantly longer seeding time. Beyond that, I believe we can see a lot of the varying rules go away when the game gets closer to "code-lock", hopefully, by way of addressing issues in game design. Otherwise, servers with said rule lists need to be moved to "custom server filter".
  5. Suggestions and Feedback After 10 Hours

    ^ Sums up the issue well! The extreme side is remove rally points entirely. Requiring greater teamwork and need of resources FOB/HAB/LOGISTICS and the protection of such. However, some may view that as too hardcore.
  6. Al Basrah Addiction

    Time to log on.... Time to log in...
  7. Squad & Civilians

    Can't wait to see something like this... would definitely increase tension with scouts blending in with civilians, then BOOM! Hope it turns out well.
  8. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    I understand your points, and believe more work needs to be done to sure things up with respect to locked squads in-current-state. They're mostly used to horde resources, as you've eluded to. One way to address this would be to create a "Crew/Driver Role" for vehicle squads specifically and required. Points obtained from completed request, i.e. Logistics Run, Infantry Transport, Armor Fire Support. A request UI for SL's should have request icons that can be placed on map for any needed request. The Driver/Crew would get the request communication and points upon completion. The idea is to have these roles/units function as a "TEAM" support unit(s), and not as some individual Spec-Op off-shoot with own agenda. It needs to be organic and built in, and will reduce the need for SL's playing too many roles micro managing instead of macro managing and delegating.
  9. Just watched the UE4.17 Preview stream, they've expanded the ability to bake lighting for static and non-static meshes, in addition to Bent Normals for AO that can calculate the direction of missed Vray traces and fill. Check it out, its about 34mins in .
  10. FOB ammo abuse

    Interesting... seeing that standard riflemen now get sandbags, would it be reasonable to assign AR Role as the Ammo bearers? Carry one full resupply for squad (less explosives/rockets), magazines & medic bandages only.
  11. Emplacement rotation and drag

    Would be nice if you could rotate object "Prior" to placement when in green-state (use mouse wheel to rotate) . I don't think you should be able to rotate after placement.
  12. Founder Weapon Skins

    No... However, they will load in the firing range. Seems strange that they work in the SP Firing Range, but not in multiplayer... would indicate some sort of server related messaging issue. Especially, since you see the item drop message on MP server load but no items/skins when kit is selected. I know its trivial, but should be simple enough to fix especially for your early supporters.
  13. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    Is there a way the EAC team can whitelist it, so it can be used?
  14. I know its possible in the engine... check out the swimming mechanics in PUBG an UE4 game. Hopefully, we'll see the functionality in Squad soon. Can't wait to see some sneak-peaks of these maps in Squad.