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  1. Incorporation of Water into Maps

    Some of this is already being done with MODs, was covered in Squad MOD Roundup this weekend hosted by Johnny Omaha. (with exception of swimming) Entering water causes death BTRs were made amphibious able to float and cross water with troops Time stamped video https://youtu.be/FU0OjKyLBDI?t=3h10m38s
  2. I think you'd see less of this problem if you could trigger it by blowing the horn, on the vehicle it's fixed to. Which of coarse, requires a horns to be implemented. Simple left mouse click to activate while driving.
  3. Let's revisit Tutorial/Basic Training

    +1 Especially, for new comers as the came gets more complex and develops depth. New comers should be put through the tutorial in the firing range as a prerequisite for multiplayer. It will help reduce the learning curve and prep them for the multiplayer tool-set. Rather, than forcing those in the MP game and familiar with the mechanics, to teach "every single aspect" of the game/tools to a new player. It's not fair to either, give them a starting point at minimum to reduce the minutia. Most are pretty helpful, in terms of helping new players. However, it would be a lot easier if there was a base starting point that everyone comes into the game with. OnLoad Command: If 0 - hrs played, Force tutorial.
  4. Agreed, or separate volume slider in settings for In-Vehicle Engine sound. Currently, it's tied to Effects so if you turn down effects in settings "while in vehicle" it helps, but it also reduces ambient sound effects. This is the only way I've found to manage it currently, when its unbearable, but who want's to do that every time they get in a vehicle. I don't think the vehicle sound should be tied to the overall effects volume, needs a separate slider.
  5. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Enjoying the shift... This one line from KS is so refreshing: "...get back to intelligent, satisfying gameplay."
  6. November 2017 Recap

    I hope so... I know they're trying to get it to work with their system. TrackIR sent OWI a DEV kit a while back, if not this update hopefully in the future.
  7. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Those that like rushing will probably hate Territory Control then, with dynamic/fluid objectives and play style (freedom to hold and push where you want). Can't wait for TC... seems like it will be interesting. Overall, Squad is a refreshing change.
  8. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    It's going in the right direction!
  9. November 2017 Recap

    Very good stuff here, can't wait for it! I hope the update and community testing isn't that far out... There will be an adjustment period for all, and seems like a step in the right direction. Great work now we need to get our hands on it.
  10. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    This is what sometimes brings up the "rally-point" debate. The vics get abused as initial movement and rally setup, and then abandoned. Transpo vehicles need a demand in order to be respected, along with armor and logi. They're currently tossed about as useless assets. It also strengthens the argument for dedicated crew roles. Make those A-holes walk (no Rally points), then they'll respect the assets. No one driving LOGI = No HAB No one driving Transpo (rallies disabled) = get ready for a hike from main Most likely will cost the match Also makes protecting HABs a priority Vic escorts become a demand (Ambush prevention) There are people within the community that have very strong positions on either side of it. Either-way, those that disagree need to consider the negative impact of the current state - wasted resources. Otherwise, resort to infantry only.
  11. NameTags in the way

    Agreed. DisableHudWidgets should be a server side setting accessible to admins (to impact all players). Currently, I enter this in the console to get rid of nametags. Unfortunately, I may be the only one playing that way on the server. Wish it was server wide, if ticked maybe assign to custom servers for players that want that experience.
  12. Want to see the medics to ranger roll

    Most will do it just for the transfer fart @3:20.
  13. Name TAGS and game rythm

    If only the DEVs would allow the Server Owners to manage it by setting the Server console command (~) to DisableHudWidgets; for all players on server. List server as custom for those that want this experience. As of now, setting the console command to DisableHudWidgets is at the individual player level. I typically play this way due to the reasons stated above, but it could be more interesting if the whole server was set that way. At least until a solution is in.
  14. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    Can't wait to see those Transport vehicles used as useful assets instead of throw-away vehicles. It will be nice to see them given a greater purpose in line with Logistic trucks.