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  1. Destroying Vics At Main

    I was in this match on the opposing team, saw the chat go haywire looking for admin. It ruins the game for everyone. This definitely needs to be fixed. +1
  2. Yeah, I usually take the same position, but given the number of times I've heard "what button to get in vehicle" or "what button to change fire mode" is ridiculous. Some don't even attempt the bare minimum, like checking keybinds.
  3. Exactly! I mentioned this in a post before as well. I would even suggest it being required before allowed in Multiplayer: "If gameplay hours = (0), then force tutorial"; disable multiplayer option until completed. Include areas "know your enemy" zones with faction and uniform for PID. There's a difference between helping and enabling negligence.
  4. Mic audio echoed to headphone

    If you want/need to listen to yourself while talking, you can change your default system settings (although the delay may not be to your liking, as @suds mentioned). Go to your sound settings > Manage device > Recording Tab > Select device > Properties > Listen Tab > check - listen to this device. Click OK should do the trick for you. If you're already doing this and want a better option with less delay, then voicemeeter may be an option. I wouldn't expect OWI to add this in, as most people don't need it.
  5. Capzone height limit.

    No issues with these buildings and cap area... it's a strategy, adjust!
  6. The core community is pretty committed to the game, most with well over 1000+ hrs. Alot of people were expecting the animation update with v9 due to initial hype. Then the realization that it would be in v10. The saturation of hype vs deliverable of a mechanic that is very much needed has created a bit of v10 fatigue (3wk syndrome). People are really done with the jump crouch method... It would be interesting to see if the stats change any (long term), once the animation update is in. If the stats don't change, then maybe the player base has reached a plateau which I hope is not the case. The DEVS don't have an easy job and they've definitely created a great game.
  7. Construction tools

    Allow objects to be rotated with mouse-wheel during placement when in "green-state" before committing. Could be helpful when placing HABS in a building, etc...
  8. September 2017 Recap

    They're broken again? I thought they were fixed a few patches ago. Last time I used them they worked. Seems like they gave up and game-mode died off after the cache spawn bug. Would like to see it working and back in rotation!
  9. September 2017 Recap

    Maybe they're swapping out the October Pumpkin Heads for Zomies
  10. SPG techie should be equivalent to HAT

    I like the Idea of the engineer class to repair vs. supply from the sky. Would rather a recovery team have to work to regain the asset if it wasn't fully destroyed. This would add a nice dynamic to the meta if localized damage is enabled.
  11. A number of inoperable spawn locations for both Rally-points and HABS. Mostly localized to the south-western portion of map (when placed in buildings), and in some cases at Mosque.
  12. How to be *GOOD* at squad

    This explains everything, well done!
  13. Any ETA on V10?

    Yeah, would just like to see a solution for the weapon clipping. Not that this is it, but at least it's possible in the engine. Would be nice to address the legs hanging out the walls too. I'm sure you enjoy that though
  14. Any ETA on V10?

    Would be nice to get some weapon collision after the new core animations w/weapon rest are in place. Decent reference of whats possible.
  15. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    Simple Solution: Provide a keybind for the individual player to toggle Chat On/Off. This is not difficult to do. Most modern games have this toggle option and it impacts no one beyond the person that chooses to use it.