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  1. What's your budget? These are fairly reasonable if you look around... ASUS VG248QE 24" Full HD 1920x1080 144Hz 1ms
  2. Sure buddy, those with some sense of maturity will not have a problem, as long as you're playing the game as intended. Unfortunately, you may run into a few idiots, I've witnessed it and make a point to tell them to knock it off (as long as your adding value to the squad), everyone has been there. So rather than being a jerk, they should lead by example. Again try to work with your squad and play the game as intended and you should be fine. Good luck and have fun!
  3. Can't wait for the visual concept of these roles to become an actual thing! Its needed, especially those in the specialist section!
  4. Placement looks pretty good may bring traffic to that nice rotary. Will there be staircases on the SW and NE corner?
  5. ^ Seems like a good idea, I addition to suppressing flag view until assigned point is capped. ^ Some really good stuff in here! Would love to see a test of this setup as its described. Seems like it will make for some great engagements as well as require some good SL-SL communication, but in a more controlled manner vs what could sometimes be chaos or non-existing in current state.
  6. I believe this is a good compromise vs assigning the TK to the scout. So attribute suicide and/or TK to driver. Secondly, to your point about mine placement... I agree placement near main is pretty stupid. However, placement around outer areas of a recently captured point makes sense, given known regular enemy travel routes. The intent is obvious given the nature of assets and ebb and flow of the game (capture points), awareness is key. Keep armor forces at bay so infantry can defend long enough for the next point to be captured. The driver has the responsibility of the souls in his vehicle (period), so don't travel carelessly. Makes it more of a requirement to have competent drivers so not to waste vehicle assets and player tickets/lives. [Intended meta less the carelessness] - I actually enjoy the rounds where passengers are hoping out at critical points for mine sweeps before crossing a known hotbed. Digging them up or just confirming its clear. Adds another layer to the meta when played that way. Seen a few ambushes when this is done as well. Very tense and exciting or painful to witness all In one, depending which end your on in given scenario.
  7. Was watching the UE4 stream the other day regarding the 4.16 update... some changes coming to animation tools and how the ik tree and meshes function. These new functions may be implemented or possibly they we're waiting for them.... who knows just speculation. Either way, the animation updates will be a welcomed addition.
  8. Not really, that's a symptom of the root cause for mass mine TKs without intent. TKs by mine (unintentional and caused by driver not mine owner). If your stupid enough to "shoot" your teammates over and over you probably should be banned as its most likely a conscious decision/act. Whereas, death by mine is caused by person stupid enough to ignore friendly mine marked on map with a loaded vehicle. This should be a suicide event, address the root cause not the symptom.
  9. Wow, guess there are more missing than known. Wonder if they're aware... it's indicated/marked in my profile but not listed.
  10. Had a SL use the mortar calculator someone developed, with one guy receiving coordinates... he went 28-0 all mortar kills. One option may be reduce to one mortar vs two per HAB (if mortar spam is an issue).
  11. That's fair, just after balance within reason. Experience is the best teacher.... glad we're both here to share perspectives. Good chat.
  12. That's cool... we can agree to disagree. I hope for your sake if you happen across a similar situation in life it doesn't take you 5secs to adjust/react.
  13. Yeah, current state is only conducive to negative discourse and unfair penalties weighted against scout for playing role w/o any negative intent. I opened an issue/bug ticket "Moderate - potentially game breaking" citing experience and recommendations. With support, we can hope to see an update/change/fix in the next patch. I'd encourage others to open a similar ticket if they agree a change is needed here. More likelihood a DEV will review vs forum topic: Bug Report Form
  14. Such a tease... really looking good. Hope it makes it in base game!
  15. ^Agree 100%, got 4 tks in a round and almost kicked from server. Constantly typing in chat watch for friendly mines (yellow crossbones), informing SL's from other squads in my proximity about placement and to warn their squad-mates and still racked up TKs. This needs to count as "suicide" and not tk. It should also carry the respawn time penalty that a suicide carries to encourage more caution!