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  1. This guys has some great stuff on his YT channel. I think there's at least one thing that could be implemented fairly soon... Trip mines feature is nice. The door destruction is also nice as long as they can get past the current server cost issues. I'm on the fence w/the AI controlled jet strike (while the development and showcase is absolutely awesome), i would personally prefer player controlled vehicles (my subjective view on all vehicles).
  2. I think some of it may be due to bad placement/location and the lacking ability to "rotate object"... It would be nice to be able to rotate object with mouse scroll wheel, before final placement.
  3. ^ I have foot pedals setup for lean in Arma 3. Squad accepts pedal inputs/keybinds? If so, I'm updating... love using pedals for lean!
  4. C'mon man... give us a preview...
  5. Great idea/topic if it can be pulled off. A lot of creative minds on this DEV team, I'm sure they'll come up with a solution given some time and/or engine updates. One thing I thought about regarding building interior lighting was instead maybe light the outside of building with exterior flood lights... like you see on some commercial/residential buildings.. It could provide limited ambient interior lighting if close placement to a window (limiting the idea of entry except snipers, maybe), but creating minor cast. This plus street lights in certain areas may increase general outdoor lighting in certain areas, without adding so many interior lights. Second thought was will there be an update to vehicle; functional headlights for dusk/dawn/night maps. This could push teams to use vehicles to transport to town/populated areas, while also increasing ambush opportunities and defensive travel teamwork. Could really change things up only if doable and practical.
  6. ^A lot of people w/varying specs and even moderate to high end cards 1080, are reporting issues. All experienced a significant enough FPS decrease with the v9.* update compared to v8.*. I hope this is given some attention by the DEV team in the next hot fix, at minimum get us back to v8.* FPS ranges. While my frames are currently tolerable, I much prefer my previous consistent 90 range (without sporadic dips below 60).
  7. +1 for map use & mouse button keybind! Give it time buddy you'll be fine. Trust me the stress of PID compliments the game pace and play style.
  8. ^^^Exactly! If I was SL and gave orders w/several warnings with no compliance they got kicked out the squad. For those that listened and remained, they learned and were thankful for it! I even spent an entire game showing one guy how to do LOGI runs for the whole team and use coms w/SL for team cohesion. He enjoyed it thoroughly, stayed as passenger the whole time and bought the game, to quote him: "I've never seen Teamplay like this anywhere". We won that game by 30 tickets with constant ambushes along supply routes, requesting Humvee escort that lasted the whole game. Constructive concise & stern help! *BONUS: "Help me help you, so I don't have to help you!"
  9. I must say, this go around there was a lot more chaos than expected. It also came with its fair share of intentional team killing on main bases and F'n about. When trying to help, it was a bit of a mixed bag (some where very receptive and willing to learn), while others just didn't give a damn. For those in the latter group, there is no real incentive for them to care or come to grips with the game as they've invested nothing. They probably don't intend on purchasing either, which is actually my hope. I did get to Squad up with a few that were getting their feet wet and actually ended up purchasing. I would much rather see the receptive and compliant ones join the community!
  10. Looks nice, can't wait to see it with textures! I wonder if enter/exit animations will come later for vehicles (seeing the model w/open & closed doors), pretty nice.
  11. Thumb mouse buttons... on Razer 12 button mouse.
  12. Definitely good to see you back!
  13. @ChanceBrahh Congrats and thanks for all your efforts on this! Definitely one of the most anticipated maps so far...
  14. 24/7 rotation.... there goes the sleep schedule
  15. Or small sound wave indicator Would rather ammo instead of med pack (maybe role specific), AR allowed to hand out 1-2 mags limit per squad member, but only when person is completely dry. Same for medic allow to hand out max 2 bandages per squad mate only if dry. No, but do give medic 1-grenade and remove his shovel (he should be focused on saving lives not building). No Yes Yes, if kicked from Squad. No if running solo or leaves squad by choice.