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  1. Alpha 9.12 Released

    Well, at least there is a choice.
  2. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    So, animations for the third person and the first person view are separated? In my uderstanding, for instance, the operating of AKM in 1P can differ from 3P view?
  3. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    Is there any chance to implement such a collision system? By the way, I've noticed (I guess that other people too) M4 was without receiver sight. Does it deal with the "Core Inventory System"?
  4. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    So, there ain't gonna be April Monthly Recap?!
  5. In Country Vietnam - Popsmoke Games

    Well, "NOT Pop Smoke Games" promised more information soon. It also was told that the team had been renamed. But, there is still no further information. I hope the project is alive.
  6. Manual Operating Of The Charging Handle.

    Great! The topic about "Manual Operating of Charging Handle" turns into the discussion: the necessity to delete all "useless" stuff in the name of "The Great Tactical Teamplay"!
  7. Manual Operating Of The Charging Handle.

    What is so hard in pulling your mouth back? It can be tactical shooter even without, for example, reloading as it is now. Main thing is - teamplay and tactic! Hell with all stuff! And yeah, this is not suggestion for MilSim. In this case, there should be no markers on map, no compas in the bottom of the screen etc. In my not humble opinion, the updated system of reloading can show new type of realism, that will make the situation with reloading a bit "stronger" and "important", but not "another pushing of R-button".
  8. Manual Operating Of The Charging Handle.

    Yeah, Red Orchestra 2 was that game that makes me thinking about such type of reloading system.
  9. Manual Operating Of The Charging Handle.

    Thanks. And talking about slide catch in M4A1 - use left CTRL and pull you mose left or right. So, you'll just push the button of slide catch instead pulling back the charging handle.
  10. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    Nice name - Squad: CONOP. But I think that there must be something bigger to discribe the whole idea of this game. Squad - in a good title, but it shows only the state of the game in current alpha. In the future, when there will be tanks, APCs, helicopters, jets and others, this title won't suit. My variants: "Zone of Warfare" "Combat Territory" "Zone of Conflict" "Territory Conflict: Zone of Tactical Warfare"
  11. Hello, dear survivors! I'd like to present you mine humble thought about "manual operationg of the charging handle" in the game. And I'll just make it throught some little examples: 1. You shot all 30 rounds (A-74, for example. Or M4A1, it's up to you), than you push "R" (if you are still alive) and change the magazine. Than, you push, for example, Left CTRL and pull your mouse back - the player move charging handle (bolt) back (in bolt action rifle, also) - you've reloaded your rifle. So, your charging handle will be pulled back as long as you pull your mouse back. 2. Your weapon has jammed - push Left CTRL and pull your mose back, so you can continue the battle. And, what's important, you can operate charging handle even without reloading situation. You need to know how many bullets are left - CTRL + mose, but do it not so fast, because you can lose a bullet that has been already loaded. P.S. Yes, I know that it's not so comfortable as just to push "R", but it can show that reloading situation is not "a simple event". The controls that are presented in this post are just a variant for example. Add: And talking about slide catch in M4A1 - use left CTRL and pull you mose left or right. So, you'll just push the button of slide catch instead pulling back the charging handle.