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  1. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    love everything about v12 except the tanks..too much armor now and not enough ways to counter it as an infantry guy...need much bigger servers for this much armor ...During V11 everyone was all about the tanks coming in v12 and im like why? too much armor as it was in v11 now its ridiculous
  2. Alpha 11

    contour lines on maps please!!!!!
  3. v11 Testing!

    i get kicked from every server i join after about 60 seconds ...cleared cashe...authentication error
  4. Can we get some clarity on ticket bleed?

    what was the break down in V4 as far as bleed? How much has it changed?
  5. How to get on the SQUAD wagon?

    just fork out the 70 bucks,its worth it already and going to get way better
  6. OMG! Old Man Gamers!

    check out tacticalgamer.com huge gaming community full of mature gamers
  7. seeding the Virginia server...come on in!!!!
  8. Mandatory 1-2mins spawn delay at start of round

    agreed!! More on the time to coordinate and organize not only with in your squad but with the other squads. Get a plan off attack before we ever start.
  9. Can't log in anymore

    same thing happened to me.....must be a server thing bucket empty and ready for refill!!!!!!
  10. Did not work for me...was playing a game and it crashed gave me a fatal error now i cant log back in...any help?
  11. Cannot login to game

    I am having same issue...get to sign in to steam and do the human or robot thing hit enter and the thing just spins like its thinking but nothing
  12. Impressions from New Players?

    I wouldn't know.......still no key
  13. No Alpha key

    paid for my Squad leader tier yesterday so i could play this weekend.......still no key