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  1. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    Is this option still up? Not seeing the option to set the name today nor a couple days ago when I checked. EDIT: Lmao nevermind I'm just an idiot. I read it was below about me but it's near the top. I'm so blind.
  2. Anti-Cheat

    Honestly even the previously mentioned FairFight system can have it's faults. I was banned multiple times on Battlefield 4 which uses it just for playing well. God forbid you ever play on a friend's account that is bad at the game while you are good too, that is an almost sure fire to get that account terminated. Good Admin Tools coupled with good Admins are better than any anti-cheat as it has always been.
  3. another method of downloading!?

    Just to confirm here, I was getting around 12MB/s on the torrent which is my maximum speed so there should be no issues. Maybe certain seeders are unable to connect to you properly?
  4. I am an idiot and did some things wrong, I need my key sent to another email and I read in one of the sticky'd posts that messaging the support team/admins is one way to have this issue resolved but none seem to be online at the moment so I am leaving this here. I can provide any proof of purchase and ownership of the Paypal that is needed. I currently have a dispute active on Paypal which is not escalated of course, just a means to contact the seller. I added a message to the special instructions the first time I tried to purchase it but my router died and I had to go through the process again and I forgot to add the special instructions the second time around.