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  1. Anyone have any idea why I would be getting sent back to the login screen after a few minutes in game? I have tried reinstalling and that didn't help if any knows anything about this please help. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Would anyone know why whenever I join a game about 5-10 minutes later it just kicks me and brings up the log in screen and makes me login again? My friend is experiencing this problem and neither of us know what to do to fix so if anyone knows anything please help us. Thanks!
  3. Help Needed with Installation!

    Thanks man! I got it running and made it to the main menu and now it's just time to wait. Thanks again
  4. Help Needed with Installation!

    I am new to uTorrent and am not exactly sure what to do. I do have it downloaded in the uTorrent program (it says seeding) but I do not know what to do from there. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. If you need further information to help me just let me know and I will do my best to supply you with what you need in order to help me. Thanks!
  5. Closed Alpha Help

    I was jut wondering if closed alpha will be starting at midnight or if it will be sometime throughout the day! Anything is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Please Help

    Do you know if they will be available at midnight or will it be somethime throughout the day?
  7. Please Help

    Starting Saturday will servers be up 24/7 or will there be times when servers are up for only a certain amount of time? Please help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!