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  1. FOV fix while playing 5760?

    I finally got it to switch to 5760x1080, adjusted the FOV slider and noticed its not enough. Its still to close, has anyone found a fix?
  2. Will there be 5760 support?

    I enjoy the new era of gaming, and maximizing the fun. Will I ever be able to play this beautiful game in 5760?
  3. 5760x1080 support

    Is Squad going to be playable in 5760x1080 resolution?
  4. I just want my guy to grab the wall and jump over, this hop hop move over the wall is kinda 90s :)
  5. When I start my pointer will disappear when the squad/role screen pops up. If I hit esc my mouse will pop back up to select options and disappear when I exit back to squad/role screen. I can highlight things if I get lucky but no visuals on pointer.
  6. Resolution question.

    I have dual titans. How about yourself?
  7. Resolution question.

    Will squad be playable in 5760x1080?