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  1. No foosteps sound

    (Sorry for my English in advance since it's not my native language.) I know this post is old but i started playing the game again and found out that i never hear enemy footstep specially forest/sand map long distance of terrain with tree and hill, if i am in a building and the enemy is outside tho i can hear him clearly coming toward me, yes of course if you shoot and spam ur gun you wont hear anyone coming near you, Real life experiment of course, go in a forest and do nothing and ask you'r friend to try to sneak behind you until he reach 5 meter from you.,, i am sorry but you will hear footstep or noise coming in a certain direction at least, A friend and i Tested a empty server and i could hear him getting closer to me, once we get into a full server, even if there is no sound for a moment i cannot hear his footstep. Many situation i am the last one alive trying to revive my squad and this happened... while trying to Revive a teammate, all of sudden i saw the enemy very close to me on my right (Running ) with shift in my direction. like he wanted to sneak and shoot me at close range/// there was a total silence until he shot and he was 3-5 meter from me, at one point i was hiding between 2 rock prone and i saw 2 enemy pass by at least 3 meter from me running fast and there was no footstep i stood up started running toward them while they were stationary for a moment killed both of them at close range while running too them, Clearly they did not hear my heavy footstep .. i was Running not sneaking or running slow. i can clearly hear friendly footstep my own footstep but not enemy in certain place and moment,specially outside, All sound are at max. i tested it with 2 different good headset, one with USB 5.1 and 7.1 Surround and tested it with a good soundcard and a headset with 4 jack 5.1 and speaker and still no footstep. all the gun and sound effect are amazing but when its come too footstep. something is wrong (sometime) not all the time, just too be clear here.
  2. Still low FPS on AMD

    So before the patch i had a good 60 - 80 fps on empty server and a 20 to 30 fps on a 72 player server with lag spike now and then when player using the voip or hearing shooting. Low setting or epic setting was not changing anything So after the patch, i went back and try again, Same fps on empty server(60fps and above) but once i get near player it go down to 30 but no lagspike anymore, I also try the low quality sound, there is no differences. i thought at least see a difference between n low quality sound on and off, but nothing, I can play now tho but when you are used to play at 60fps+ everygame and then back at 30,, ewww i can't Spec; FX 8350 GTX 980 16GB Ram 1600mhz win10
  3. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    I have the same thing, having the same problem, Biggest mistake for me 2 :( Going to look for new processor soon lol
  4. FPS: 27 CPU: FX 8350 GPU: GTX 980 RAM: 16GB Res: 1920x1080 Settings: high/low doesn't change anything) Get 80 fps alone on a map.but 27 on a 72 player map
  5. Grenade Power Meter

    Grenade are all great, but it look like you throwing it from your elbow instead of the hands , you look up above the wall thinking it will go above... mistake were made, it will hit the wall because the throw is lower, then you hear. BAD GRENADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOMB! lol
  6. The only thing i hate about Medic is When you are Done Bandaging Someone it switch back to the Assault Weapon, it not saying if the bandage is about to be done,Yes there is a lil animation but it only showing hands moving and if you look around while bandaging in case of enemy you are not really kind paying attention to the bandage animation, So if you keep holding the Left mouse button to heal and then all of sudden switch back to main gun ,. Bam! i just shot on my ally by accident, i saw this happened to player who use medic, not all the time but frequently so far, same for SL who place thing/build on the ground, Sometime they shoot the ground lol,I do not feel safe around people going in their menu or people who bandage.. The only way is getting use to it for now. haha -sk8-
  7. Kicking people out of squads

    has a Medic, it Happened to me after i die and the spawn point got taken by the enemy so i had to spawn back at the main, i was a lone wolf for a while until i reach my squad, while been lone wolf i revive and heal a couple of player on the way and so i had to stop and shot enemy while my squad leader was yelling after me for not been with my squad.. lol to all other i revive alone the way. thanks me later. but true, people should stay with their leader unless they tell you to go somewhere else. (like spliting the group in 2 or whatver reason) but please do not kick to quickly. thanks

    Staying on the FOB after you spawn do nothing to other, worst case Scenario ..you may spawn on top of some else. that it,
  9. Medic - carry or drag wounded

    All the answer are here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1265547
  10. no 1080 option

    I had the same issue, i got a 770gtx and a 1080p monitor. i can play all game in 1920x1080 but this one in the main game menu in the Graphic setting the resolution was set to 1366x788, i try everything, Full screen, windowed, or borderless 1366x788 was the highess resolution i could get, i restarted my game then PC .. Still no 1920x1080. So i went in the Config file. C:/User/name/appdata/local/squad//saved/config/windowsnoEditor/Gameusersetting i changed the reso in the files to this, ResolutionSizeX=1920 ResolutionSizeY=1080 and also switched LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX= LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY= to 1920x1080, both of them were at 1366x788 So when i went back in the game in the Graphic settings the option was finally there,
  11. Resolution

    ya me too i only have a couple of resolution and my max is 1366x788 also, i had to go in the config files. C:/User/name/appdata/local/squad//saved/config/windowsnoEditor and then click Gameusersetting, look for LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX= LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY= add 1920 and 1080 I have no idea why we do not have the resolution 1920x1080 ingame, Also i am not sure for this one but i think we need to change this files too, ResolutionSizeX=1920 ResolutionSizeY=1080
  12. Alpha Launch Countdown :D

    Nice Nice thanks!