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  1. Introduction JoinSquad.fr is a french speaking server created and administered by the french speaking community for the french speaking community. The idea came by several teams to get together and provide to players somewhere to play freely, with french structures and teams. New players are welcome, we are able to learn them game’s basics, and advanced players are welcome too, too play some good level matches. We organise some events like friendly/training matches between server’s team, or more competitive events like LMS ( Last Man Standing ). 1st edition was really appreciated by players, 2nd is about to come. Server rules Racism, intolerant or hateful behavior or purposely commited rage-TKs are not tolerated and will entail correlating consequences Glitching, cheating and trolling are not tolerated and will entail correlating consequences Join or create a squad, don't play unassigned! You must coordinate with other squadleaders when you are leading a squad. Informations Servername : x JoinSquad.fr x IP : Location : France Discord : http://discord.joinsquad.fr Homepage : http://www.joinsquad.fr/ Forum : http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28060-joinsquadfr/ Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/JoinSquadFr
  2. Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone ! I introduce myself, tiBoutchou, one of the founders of the Indies, team that you could follow during the last ISKT tournaments. I also participate in the initiative s'Connatad.fr which brings together a large part of the French teams to organize events in joy and good humor. Here are some links to contact us: My discord ID: Indies tiBoutchou#2454 Indies's website: https://teamindies.fr Indies's discord: https://discord.gg/sKzuArR Joinsquad's website: http://joinsquad.fr Joinsquad's discord: http://discord.joinsquad.fr I'm cheering the whole team behind this game and see you soon in game on our servers ! tiBoutchou