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  1. new DLC visuals

    Its a fog game now with very bad visiuals. Sqaud was way better bevore going the causal road. Nict i have 90 to 200 fps now in very high, but i dont need that much fps
  2. Alpha 15.4 Released

    looks good! way better then the run and gun revive.
  3. just played the new manic map, saw nothing then fog, Battlefield has more viewdistance now..sad.
  4. view distance was always the way to go, like arma, now its just another shooter.
  5. Stoped a while after 2k hours. now with v15 i see all the fog on every map, no perma death, bad visuals.. i really loved squad but now its going into causal COD way. i can only see few hundreds with these ugly fog now. (also never from closed alpha i had so many crashes)
  6. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    lol ^^ to that and your name. Still crashes on 15.1 for me..
  7. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    Some official help here? Like we are on it, or we have no idea, or we are in vacation, just a response?
  8. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    Ok clear cache didnt help still crashes on loading next map in80% and random ingame (every 45mins) .
  9. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    yup that helped , still the same old cache problem .. But now it crashes just in a game..
  10. Squad crashes every round end since V15

    No but Squad does that auto since a a time now or? Anyway i try..
  11. Never had that in 2000 Hours. Since V15 Squad crashes every Round end. The rest is completly fine. You need more then my UE4 Crash reports? latest Nvidia Driver 431.36 with 1080TI, 9900K Stock, 32 Gb 4133 Mhz Ram, 1 TB 970 EVo Plus, Win 10 1809 all Settings maxed but no Blurr and no SMAA. Any Ideas?
  12. too blurry

    Problem is the AntiAlaising TXAA in Squad. Other UE4 games can Handle this. Fortnite for example, crystal clear and nice AA... Without TXAA you get edges all around and flickerging trees and other stuff so TXAA is a must. What you have to do is: Use Only TXAA without FXAA and then use reshade. Its whitelisted from EAC. With reshade and the sharepening filters i get it super sharp and nice AA.
  13. Minus 10 FPS in 9.4

    Nice Placebo With a 980 youre still in CPU Limit in most maps with more players (Unless youre downsampling or on UHD) , and nothing changed within the GPU Performance..
  14. Minus 10 FPS in 9.4

    Settings doesnt matter, my 980Ti is sleeping when i play squad (well only CPU demanding can be Shadows, or draw distance , perhaps audio, in my case its not) Problem is : Squad is very CPU heavy. With bigger Maps and more Objects (AL Bashra) lots of players it is of course CPU Heavy. Draw Calls, Blueprints, Animations, Collisions.. Now with 9.4 we get more Details (Audio in AL Bashra), More to calculate for the CPu ( Mortars, Up to 24 Mines, IED`s) then the new penetration System, Rocket System..All that eats (may eat) CPU Time on the Client Machine. My Favorite Server was a 68 Player Server. I could run at almost 60 FPS in Al Bashra in every Situation. Now Minus 10 FPS. I know optimizations are coming and must come ( 100 Players is still on the Road, and we dont want most Players without High End CPU on 30 FPS), Player Culling is not in yet, Animation Blueprints cost to much CPU Time. I want to report that , perhaps some Stuff from 9.4 can get optimized.. (4790k at 4.5 Ghz ,16 GB RAM@2400 , 980Ti, 1440p Gsync)
  15. Prone animation

    Hey It's the successor of PR , so dolphin diving and legs glitching out of walls is must have