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  1. March 2018 Recap

    Chaps, have a look at the second Kamdesh Highlands video. I truly wasn't expecting this to happen, but it looks like the foregrip/bipod that is standard issue for the British Army L85A2 will have full functionality! I think this makes the British faction the only one so far with a bipod on their assault rifles (Though some classes like LAT probably won't have them.) which already sets them apart from the other conventional forces.
  2. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    I spy a British soldier in the top left of the second image!
  3. Russian names on Yehorivka

    The maps (so far) are all based on contemporary conflict zones; Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine. I think it's safe to say that these maps are meant to be set in Ukraine rather than Russia.
  4. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    You're absolutely correct; the first delivery of the Ajax comes in 2017, but for reasons that I'm not specifically aware (I had to google LRIP, but that seems to be a likely reason), they will not equipped by any particular unit until 2019, to then be put into active service the following year. I didn't want to clutter the thread with mismatching images and distract people from the text. If you really want me to, perhaps I can put links to other websites that have pictures of these vehicles.
  5. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    Hello chaps. Just bumping this post to say that the list has been updated to include vehicles based on those featured in the V9 vehicle preview. (This means nothing is featured that has more than a 30mm cannon.) I hope you find it interesting or, for those of you that don't know about British vehicles, informative!
  6. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    I'm incredibly excited about this update - particularly in seeing how the new HABs and logistic mechanics will change the way we strategise. Of course, the vehicles themselves are great. Weirdly, it's the BDRM I'm most looking forward to - I like scout cars. Incidentally, I love this music. Is this part of Vol.2 of the Squad OST?
  7. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    It's more common than you realise. In fact, you wouldn't believe how many franchises today are based on what were originally monetised standalone mods. Red Orchestra and Killing Floor were standalone games built off a mod for Unreal Tournament. Counter Strike, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress were all mods for the original Half Life. (The only reason why they seem official now is because they were bought and acquired by Valve after release.) I remember a classic game called Gunman Chronicles sold as a CD in game shops. That was a independently developed Half-Life mod. In fact, even as I type this more come to mind; Dayz (Arma2) and Black Mesa (HL2) - both very modern, paid, standalone games. Basically; to create a standalone game off the engine of an existing game and sell it as one has been common practice since the year 2000 and some incredible franchises have been born from it. In my mind, it's perfectly acceptable so long as the development costs reflect it.
  8. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Can't bloody wait. Actually I was looking forward to the British most before I saw this, but I have to say, now it's the new vaulting system. It looks amazing!
  9. As someone mentioned before, the Militia and the Insurgents do not have their full array of equipment yet. There will be a variety of things that these two will use that the conventional forces cannot, either for doctrinal reasons or legal reasons. A couple of confirmed examples are the use of mines and IEDs. Mines will not be used by conventional forces because they are banned under international law, while IEDs, which are remote-detonated bombs, are a famous characteristic of insurgent groups, particularly Middle-Eastern fundamentalists and the Chechnians. These alone will provide Militia and Insurgents with some very unique ambush opportunities as well as cause conventional groups to have to be much more cautious, especially on roads. I'm sure we can expect more for the unconventional factions in the future that will expand on the asymmetrical 'milsim-ish' balance this game is going for. (P.S. Personally, I love playing the militia. There's a thrill to being the underdog, and flanking BTRs and Humvees with my soviet-era rocket launcher.)
  10. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    This is fantastic, chaps! One of the main reasons I love this game is because unlike many of the higher budget games out there, I know that everything I'm looking at while I'm playing, including the layout of maps (which never happens in any other game) is constantly being dramatically updated and expanded despite how much I enjoy this game so much already. So much to look forward to. Also, despite what some are saying, I find your attention to detail in making these models extremely impressive. Very much looking forward to seeing the British in the game, and that rocket SPG looks terrifying! (P.S. Samogon, you're striking me as either a juvenile or an imbecile.)
  11. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    Believe me, when we start to see proper AFVs in the game, you'd better believe that I'm going to write about our British ones! The only reason I don't really count the BTR-80 as a proper AFV is because it's a cold war relic based on an even older cold war relic (the BTR-60) and, unlike more modern AFVs, is highly lacking in modern AT armour. Though, according to the British Army Website, both the Land Rovers and the Bulldog are sticking around for the time being. Both of them have been through an upgrade (The RWMIK is now the RWMIK+, and the Bulldog was up-armoured). Apparently they wanted to keep the Bulldogs on as armoured transports so that they can free up the Warriors for armoured infantry combat roles. Our cold war vehicles are sticking around a little longer I think.
  12. Hello chaps. I just wanted to put this thread down for the benefit of those of us who are interested in what future possibilities there are for vehicles in the game, particularly regarding future factions for which one is confirmed; the British. For those fans of Squad who are not familiar with the equipment of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, I thought I’d do a speculative list of what we might come to expect, based on the roles of vehicles we’ve seen so far, what these vehicles are like in real life, and how they might play in the game. I hope it’ll interest those who are not British, simply because quite a bit of this equipment is very distinct to anything the Americans or Russians use in combat and it’ll provide a nice bit of variety into the game. These are arranged into the roles of vehicles that we have already seen in the game, based on the Version 7 preview here: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=106. This list does not include MRAPs or Armoured Fighting Vehicles and won’t until the factions already existing receive some of their own (BTR exempted) as I want to keep expectations for the British realistic for the time being. UPDATE: As of March 2017, this list has been updated to include vehicles based on those seen in the preview for Version 9. Troop Transport (Unarmed) British troop transport are not unlike the American ones (or any NATO ones for that matter)- indeed many of their patrol vehicles are modified versions of their American counterparts but they do at least have a distinctive appearance that gives the British their own style in Squad. MAN HX60: The British Army bog-standard lorry. Made by the German defence company Rheinmetall MAN, the MAN HX60 can, I believe, carry 14 people. There’s an interesting seating frame for passengers inside designed to protect them should the transport roll-over for whatever reason. Unlike all the other lorries in the game so far, this one has a flat face. I honestly don’t know if this make it a smaller target, or makes it easier to shoot the driver’s compartment, but at least it has a distinctive appearance compared to the M939 and the Ural. Troop Transport (Armed) Mastiff 2: Basically a British version of the American Cougar. A six-wheeled vehicle with blast and small-arms protection and a top-mounted heavy weapon. It has two crew members and eight passengers, allowing a full squad to travel in relative protection and speed. Basically an all-rounder transport. FV430 Mk3 Bulldog: A modern version of an APC that is equally as old as the American M113 and the Russian BTR. The Bulldog is an FV430/FV432 that has been upgraded with reactive armour (designed to stop RPG-7s) and IED jammers and can hold up to ten passengers plus two crew members. However, it has very little armament, consisting of a single 7.62 GPMG. Valuable for ferrying infantry into heavy combat zones or through artillery barrages, but it’ll be a waste of points to use it as a fighting vehicle. Fire Support (Light) British light patrol vehicles would have an interesting balance in the game. The cheaper ones would be lightly armoured and open-topped, in contrast to the likes of the American Humvee, but they have slightly more defensive weapons, a huge field of view for all their passengers (which I think, in squad, is vital) and are much faster. At first glance, they might seem too fragile, but I think in a game based on squad tactics and communication, these could be used to great effect! More recently, the British Army have been investing in MRAPs as well, largely from the Americans, but unlike the other conventional forces, they are lacking for decent remote weapon systems. Land Rover RWMIK (Revised Weapons Mount Installation Kit): A British classic, but dated. Slowly being phased out, these land rovers were the poster boys of British Army efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq and were updated constantly throughout their service. The current version, the ‘revised’ WMIK, has 3 seats - for the driver, the side gunner (armed with a GPMG) and the main gunner. The main gun was capable of mounting any of the following; a 50. HMG, a GPMG, a 40mm GMG or even a Milan Rocket Launcher. I think the RWMIK stands to be the cheap fire support option for British players, allowing them to field something almost as cheap as a technical while still being a conventional army. Fragile but certainly not lacking and, if used properly, can be very effective. The Milan version, if introduced, could even be an enormous thorn in the side of slower, more armoured vehicles and provide rapid anti-tank support for infantry. Jackal 2: The more expensive fire support option for players. The Jackal 2 is a unique reconnaissance vehicle with many of the benefits of the RWMIK, and fewer drawbacks. Like the Land Rover, it has a main gun at the top and a GPMG at the front, but the jackal has better small arms protection, has better off-road handling and can preserve the lives of the occupants from IEDs and mines. Not only does it still have the decent field of view that the RWMIK has, but it is higher, providing a better firing perspective for the main gunner, which can mount the same weapons as the RWMIK (except, alas, the Mlian). Finally, the Jackal 2 has four crew slots, plus two passenger seats, in contrast to the RWMIK’s three. Of course, the Jackal is still comparatively exposed compared to close-topped vehicles (for example, it trades the Humvee gunner's shield for that field of view), but if used correctly, I think this will be a fantastic vehicle in the hands of true Squad players and I'm more excited for this vehicle than any other in Squad. Ridgeback: An American Cougar (4x4) in British service. This would have the ability to hold a GPMG, a 50. cal or a 40mm grenade launcher. I have no doubt that when Cougars are introduced for the US Army faction, the British will get Ridgebacks at the same time. This will contrast with the Land Rover in that it is much better protected, but will cost more points, have less visibility and only one weapon. Panther CLV: As far as I know, this is the only light vehicle in the British Army with a remote weapons system. An Italian Iveco LMV in British service, it was intended to replace various vehciles like land rovers throughout the Armed Forces, including the British Army and the RAF Regiment, as a quick deployment or command vehicle. Regardless, I don't expect it to be particularly popular as the more common variants only mount GPMGs in actual service, making it vastly inferior to the HUMVEE CROW already present in the game. Fire Support (Medium) This list of medium fire support only include vehicles with a 30mm cannon, as that is what the highest calibre in the game is at present. There are more British vehicles which we may expect to see in the future, when artillery and explosive cannons might make an appearance. FV107 Scimitar: The Scimitar is one of the last variants of the now-retired Scorpion CVR(T) series of vehicles. Boasting a 30mm RARDEN cannon, it will play the role of a heavily armed, though fragile, scout vehicle. Although the MoD plans to retire the remaining CVR(T) vehicles in 2017 to phase in the new Ajax, I suspect the Scimitar itself will remain in limited service until the Ajax officially enters service in 2019. Either way, as I do not expect to see the Ajax in the game for a while, and the Scimitar will likely hold its place in the meantime. FV510 Warrior :The successor to the Bulldog as the British Army's APC/IFV, we may well end up with two variants of the Warrior by the time the British roster is complete. The first would be the 30mm RARDEN variant which is the version that has served since 1988, while the second is the future upgrade to the Warrior that will mount a 40mm CT40 (the same cannon developed for the AJAX). The Warrior will likely be the British equivalent of the Russian MT-LBM 6MB IFV (30mm) - a balance of firepower and capacity, and with a crew of 2 and a passenger load of 7 (exactly the size of a squad), I think this will be a favourite in Squad. Logistics MAN HX60: Unsurprisingly, the troop transport lorry is also used as a logistics vehicle. I have no doubt this is going to be the British high-capacity logistics vehicle and the equivalent of the M939 and the Ural. Coyote TSV (Tactical Support Vehicle): Whether or not this get’s introduced depends on whether the developers of Squad want to introduce armed logistics vehicles in the future. The Coyote is a modified 6x6 Jackal, designed for transporting almost 4 tons of supplies and equipment. It was designed in tandem with the Jackal 2 so they could support each other on the field. Since V9, when FOBs will require supply to build HABs, I can see this vehicle being very popular for building frontline FOBs, given that it has the means to supply them as well as provide heavy fire support. It is, in my opinion, a beautiful vehicle, but given that it has all the same armament and protection of a Jackal 2, with only a trade-off in speed, I don’t know if it can be balanced and introduced in the game. It would certainly have a heavy ticket value if it was and squad-leaders will have to decide if trading half the supply capacity for extra firepower is worth those points. Wolfhound: A six-wheeled variant of the Mastiff and another armed logistics vehicle (sporting a GPMG), this was specifically designed for building and supplying FOBs in the British Army. Personally, I prefer the Coyote, but as it's based on the American Cougar (6x6) it's a likely addition to the game. (assuming, again, that armed logistics vehicles will feature). Final Notes - Please remember that this list is deliberately limited. It is meant to represent equivalents to vehicles that are already in the game. As such, I have not included MBTs, artillery, or anything that has a higher calibre weapon than the 30mm cannons found on the Russian MT-LBM IFV except in passing reference. - The Ajax, while I expect it to feature eventually, is not in the list due to the fact that I don't expect it in the game for quite a while. Apart from the fact that the vehicle won't be put into official service until 2019, I don't expect there to be much material for the developers to work with until then anyway. - I haven't included the Husky (also known as the American MXT-MV) because I don't think it can fit any role not already taken by more iconic vehicles both in the British and US faction. - While small unarmed vehicles like the insurgent motorbike will feature, I have not included the Foxhound or the Snatch Land Rover. I'm not sure yet if small, unarmed patrol vehicles are part of the Developer's vision for the conventional forces within Squad. I hope this was an interesting read. I’ll update this as more types of vehicles are introduced for other factions in the game.
  13. Apart from the fact that their uniforms are slightly different shades of green and based on two different pattern types (DPM and OCP), putting the majority of their weapons, vehicles and helicopters into account, you actually have an army which has a lot of variety from the US than any of the OPFOR and independent factions (Militia, Insurgents and Russia) have to each other. To say that they could just release them now by giving the US models an L85A2 is just ignorant nonsense, and I'm really glad there is a British veteran on the team to ensure it's done properly.
  14. I find myself getting immersed a lot more in politically realistic scenarios and I don't want to be forced to play bizarre US vs UK games. But at the same time I wouldn't want to deprive others of the chance to try these scenarios out if they want to. Personally, I'd like to see a system where default maps keep factions in their realistic spheres (NATO, regional allies, etc) so that we wouldn't see NATO members fighting each other on every server. However, I'd also like to see a custom server tool so that those servers who WANT to see these sorts of scenarios can create them.
  15. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I know they're merely a subject of interest in the United States, but the IRA would be a very touchy subject for a lot of Squad's player base, both in the UK and Ireland. I would definitely not recommend it, personally. Besides, West European terrorism doesn't really suit the play style of Squad for a couple of reasons; Apart from the fact that the conflict officially ended nearly 20 years ago, the Northern Irish conflict never took the form of battles on the scale of Squad. Not since 1921 anyway. It was a passive state of attritional violence that occurred over a long period of time, manifested in the occasional ambush, raid or bombing. This is not Squad's style. The same could be said of any Western European groups, like the Basques and radical political groups like the Red Brigades. To reinforce my point; the greatest loss of life the IRA suffered in a single incident during 'The Troubles' was when 8 men were killed in an ambush in 1987. You can't simulate a conflict like that in Squad without grossly exaggerating the conflict itself.