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  1. I cant tell you the amount of times i die due to an enemy being covered up by a players name tag, especially when that player is dead and the enemy is on top or next to him. Now I get why they are there, sometimes you need to know someones name to call out to them. And noobs will probably tk a lot more without them. However for someone who knows what they are doing, having name tags show up any further than like 10m is a serious hindrance and i wish so much i could either disable them all together or change the distance at which they show like rising storm 2 let's you. Any chance we will see this? Should be possible as its possible with UE3 at least and should not require any further processing like the ray casting version we used to have. Seems like the best middle ground to me.
  2. I second this request, audio options are always great to have and help those with different set ups like Lode has.
  3. Surround Sound Issue

    Some weapons are ear-splittingly loud and others that are closer are not as loud, however it may just be mg gunners who are the loud ones. Is there any talk about what levels of surround sound the game even supports?
  4. You can use an smaa injector or sweetfx 2.0 to inject smaa, looks a hell of a lot better than fxaa in game or from nvidia.
  5. Yup this would be better gameplay wise but sadly it just results in people not using in game comms, often games are ruined by their own communities, the devs are trying their best to not let this one.
  6. Lock Gamma on Night maps.

    In PR this just would not have been an issue but when a game becomes popular sadly assholes start playing and people stop caring about making the gameplay fun and just want advantages, it is going to suck really badly come steam release with people upping gamma. Sadly night maps cant be a thing because the community ruins the fun. (clan matches though I think would be awesome, or locked servers where only non-assholes can play. I dont see the issue with locking the gamma setting so you can only alter it one or two notches for night maps or even generally would be an issue. Who cares if people can alter it out of game, that means they will be blinded when they get back to a non-night map.
  7. Major FPS Drops?

    Yea, I dont have the last drivers released, I am using the ones before them because Nvidias drivers have been shocking and these ones I have dont have any issues where as literally all the others have TDRs and all sorts so I am sticking to these for now. Wonder if that impacts it.
  8. Major FPS Drops?

    i7 2600k at 4.4ghz and a 980 ti, get drops into the high 30s on some maps/situations. Still its better optimized than I expected at this point in development. And there is more optimization to the engine coming (and dx12) so I have faith. This will not be another arma 3.
  9. Where are the 4.500 backers?!

    Change your resolution in this ini file located here: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini Where it says reolution x and y, change to the one you want. Make sure resolution scale is at 100