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  1. Steam Release Information

    Going to be bittersweet. Hope there isn't too many toxic people joining the ranks but a bunch of new players and funds going to a deserving developer is a good thing! Grabbin' my bottle of LSA for that HMMWV .50 in anticipation :3
  2. my hopes for mortars

    Would be nice to have a 60mm mortar carrier with an A-gunner carrying some extra rounds for them. Offer some additional needed support when assaulting a super FOB. Not to mention having mortars raining in on your position ups the adrenaline ;)
  3. Our squad leader started off confident. We all thought this wasn't his first rodeo and followed him into the heat of battle. Then after making contact and clearing the threat he asked us how to drop a rally point. "Uh oh" I thought. "How do I drop an F.O.B.?" "Do you have the squad leader kit?" *pulls out e-tool* "Yeah!" "Uh oh." After some coaching he suicided and took the SL kit to place a F.O.B. After clearing out a compound and coming across the enemy cache it was up to Roy to destroy it. With enemies being gunned downed as they tried to defend it witness the fury that is Roy. He's now one of my favorite players :)
  4. Closed Alpha Version 2.1 Released

    As someone who basically had to forfeit the map due to exploiting the emplacement bugs to block off all cache entrances, this patch can't come soon enough.
  5. Currently I feel there is a bit of a mini game where you're fighting yourself as well as the enemy with animation states. What I mean is, I've been shot before while having a LAW out. So here I am bleeding out and instead of tossing my used LAW to the ground and bandaging, I properly stow the LAW rocket away (even though it's a 1 time use weapon) and bleed out before I can pull a bandage out. Very frustrating. Same with the m203 launcher. I shouldn't have to put away the weapon then pull it back out to lift a simple leaf sight. With the addition of smoke rounds it's even worse. My suggestion would be, for the grenadier have 3 firing modes for their m4. Single/Auto/Grenade launcher. If you choose grenade launcher there is a 1 second pause in case the player wants to go back to single fire. After that 1 second, the player then lifts the leaf sight and opens the breech. Hit 3/4/5 whatever to choose your grenade and the player loads that grenade type. Have the game remember whatever you loaded previously. If you want, choose a different grenade and have the player clear the breech and load a different round in. As for the LAW, as soon as it's fired have them toss that shit to the side. It's no longer needed after firing.
  6. Closed Alpha Follow Up

    Mr. Bulldops agrees.
  7. Just wanted to say...

    Yeah and it's going to get far better which is just...ugh I can't wait. Once there are more kits/vehicles added/100 player server optimization it's going to be an absolute blast.
  8. First 100 person server group photo

    I was playing on Seattle #2 when Iron Taxi made an announcement on the server that they were going to test 100 players. Gave us the green light to join and everyone hopped on. Took a vid leading up to and including the testing :>
  9. Kicking people out of squads

    Darn, was hoping for earlier. For me, it's not so much for lone wolfers but for those who spam the mic with childish jokes every 5 seconds when people are trying to communicate. Had that happen in my 2nd game between 2 immature people. I don't mind a little potty humor but it was just flat out not funny at all and they would talk over our SL while engaging threats.
  10. Impressions from New Players?

    Started playing yesterday. Absolutely intense. The sounds really pull you into the game. Whomever works on the audio, keep kicking mad amounts of ass because you're really nailing that loud combat sound. Having to yell on the mic while everyone is firing off next to you just pushes it to 11. I really love how when you join a server you're in almost instantly. The amount of teamwork that people use naturally is great. Already made some battle buddies outside of my normal group who, when they see me, already know what to expect of me and vice versa. Currently, I think the only weakness so far is inherent to the gameplay this game sets up. Teamwork. Like I said, the teamwork is great but if you have a SL who doesn't have a mic or doesn't communicate with the squad, the game goes instantly stale. It sucks being in a worthless squad and the others are full so you're stuck essentially doing your own thing. Outside of that though, I just can't wait for more!