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  1. Salut, Je suis québécois et je crois que quelqu'un devrait créer un groupe steam pour la communauté FR de squad Comme ça on pourrait créer des évènements et se donner RV sur des serveurs précis pour jouer ensemble on se voit sur les serveurs
  2. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    delete plz (double post)
  3. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    To be more specific, the game freeze for a sec and it gets me to the main screen and i got the message "lost connection to host" Never happened in previous builds and the map loading time is way longer with this version (went from 2-3 sec to 10sec)
  4. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Humm Played 3 games on different server, keep gettin disconnected after 5-min
  5. Version 2 First Impression

    Overall good patch but feel a bit of a step back on some aspect -The new medic system, i really don't like it. First i preferred to have the bandage and medic bag bind to separate key, right now its pretty confusing and im always selecting the wrong item. Second, detection to start healing is harder than b4. And the fact that the healing icon is flashing while you heal is pretty confusing too. -The new mini-map icons are too small, maybe we should be able to adjust the size. Right now its hard to have an overall picture of the game since the other icon are very small. -The old insurgent flag was more bad ass :P now its quite ugly Everything else is OK right now
  6. Impressions from New Players?

    My impression: Bit of background, I think i have been playing online fps on pc since quake 1 came out. Recently i came from the game "insurgency" which you guys probably already know or tried. Now, this game is a blast. I really like the squad oriented gameplay which is a big problem in insurgency. (in insurgency, players play the objectives, but maps are so small that squad coordination is extremely rare) In squad, the size and details of the map are really amazing. When you have a good squad leader, the experience is boosted by 100x !!! Right now, i really appreciate playing as a medic or simple fighter. For now, the community is very chill and my french accent doesnt seem to be a problem Keep up the good work devs, i'm all in !!! My only critic right now is the "throw grenade" animation feel really weird. Suggestion: Being able to select a new spawn with map open (press+keep ctrl and mouse cursor pop up) Being able to resize the map when in the spawn menu (right now, you have to open map, resize, then go back to "enter")
  7. Oh yeah i was there in the "noobs here" and "not so noobs here" Hope i can join your squad again it was good time what server you play on mostly?
  8. Hey Desmo I played some of my first games with you yesterday Thank your for your patience, it was good learning time for me I will join you anytime again !
  9. Closed Alpha Released

    I got the rifleman kit then the Squad leader upgrade in july and i got my key yesterday
  10. Closed Alpha Released

    Hey guys Can't wait to finally join you in this game I got the squad leader upgrade from rifleman in late july but never received a confirmation except from paypal payment(i had received an official squad confirmation after rifleman) I didn't receive my key yet, anyone is in the same situation here?