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  1. I had a friend try to find the server on the game listing but couldn't find it, it's on the https://www.playsquad.xyz/ website, I find it fine there and my provider even tried changing the server to another node with a new IP address, still didn't fix it, I think it's the game itself needing a fix for the game server listings, I seem to only get like Part of the list cause when I refresh the server listing in the game I get a bunch of other servers and when the searching stops a bunch of them disappear. I've opened all my ports to squad at least the ones I found on the forums here so i'm all out of ideas except that it's a problem with the in-game server listing system. PLZ FIX!
  2. Yeah I find it there on custom servers but in the game itself it doesn't seem to come up too often, it takes lots of refreshing to get it to come up
  3. I'm still having issues trying to find the server it seems, i'm trying to troubleshoot it with my provider but I feel it has something to do with the game itself.
  4. How to setup server admins?

    Oh! Okay that makes a LOT more sense than the garble that came as an example in my admin.cfg file
  5. [USA]Leathernecks Dallas Newbies Welcome! I think I found out the problem though, I think the issue was my ports weren't open but I thought they were.
  6. why does it take like 50 times refreshing the server listing to even get my server to show up for me? I've noticed that certain servers will show up almost every update, others take many many tries to get it to show up. My server is one of the ones that take forever to get it to show up, I do notice that many servers do show up when I get the list to update but when it finishes updating quite a few of them disappear from the list, anyone know why?
  7. Hello I use a fragnet server and just wish to know how to setup server admins exactly, I don't fully understand what it's looking for to add more in the coding.
  8. Where did my SL perks go?

    I tried that and it didn't seem to work for me, did that work for you devildog13th?
  9. In game founder weapon skin?

    Can't find the base config file
  10. Founder Skins NOT showing when enabled?

    Okay... but hope they fix that as soon as the major issues are out of the way, I want what I paid for
  11. In game founder weapon skin?

    Randomly?? what is the point of that necessarily?
  12. Founder Skins NOT showing when enabled?

    It worked, i saw t he inventory for it but it would go away soon, even though I turned them all on they still don't work no matter what i've tried
  13. In game founder weapon skin?

    Is there no more info on this? i'm a squad leader backer and i'm having this same issue, it's not in the settings from what i see, i've tried to verify files but nothing was missing and have tried disabling and reinabling my perk DLC... any ideas?