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  1. Yetteh's Sweet FX Settings

    Thanks for this!. This actually looks better in every aspects with your config. No shadow disadvantage, and it looks alot more detailed, just look at the road etc.
  2. Yetteh's Sweet FX Settings

    If possible i would like to see screenshots after you fixed this. Cause it makes the game look better, i just dont want the disadvantages that comes with it vs regular setup.
  3. Yetteh's Sweet FX Settings

    Does look alot better, no doubt. Only reason im not using sweetFX is because of how deep the shadows get and how bright things things like the sky gets. Its over the top Pay attention to how blacked out theese areas are here, with sweetFX ON you could hide several players, you would see them much easier without SweetFX. Can this be altered so shadows are less dominant ? OFF ON
  4. Alpha 5 Released

    Great! Looks like a solid update. Mostly looking forward to explore the map changes, wonder if the tunnel systems have expanded. See you on the battlefield!
  5. Not at all, it could still have long range in comparrison to how large the maps are in squad. Firing arty from much shorter ranges sounds fine to me.
  6. Yeah no thx, i think gameplay would be better with much less range than that. We will see, and there is always the upcomming mods.
  7. I agree, and dont think flooding assest will ever be a prob in the game, devs know what they are doing. Some mobile howitcher of some sort would be awesome, ofc it should not shoot 10km or something silly like this. This is not a milsim
  8. That depends on how they inplement it, timers and such. Anyway, player controlled assest is the way to go. NPC stuff is just not cool.
  9. So no one is talking about the 5.0 stress test?

    For the few hours of testing i had there isnt much to talk about. what do you want to know ?
  10. So many cool toys there, but hey, it might bo to much fun for for some in here to have in this fantastic game we got. Maybe in 20 years in squad 3 it can be accepted . . . .maybe in 10 years after that we have a game like squad with jets in it ? Might be a bit to much fun for this generation. On topic, i would love to see this kind of hardware get will implented in the game.
  11. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Thanks for the insight, keep up the good work guys. You are creating a masterpiece with Squad!
  12. February 2016 Recap

    Got the next few days off, so patch today would be brilliant, cant wait ! :)
  13. Question is. Would a clean install of squad have done the exact same thing, might aswell have been messed up .ini files in squad that caused the lower fps. Past many many feesh installs of win7 has not meant anything FPS wise in the different games i play, but i also keep my system clean and make sure nothing fucks over the performance. From my experience, all a fresh install does is to make the desktop slighty more responsive at best, nothing for games. Anyway, nice you got a fps boost, 290x seems to be a good card for squad.
  14. Grenadier ADS Problem (Firing a grenade)

    you should not be able to pin point grenades like before. from V.4 notes "Added deviation to rockets and launched grenades projectiles" Havent testet this my self, but does this mean random deviation, or is is just the arc that changes ?