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  1. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    The colours, fonts and overall layout are very nicely chosen. It looks "gamey" but I believe that's absolutely what you should be going for as this is a very gamey part of the ... game. Those stylised yet simple Officer, Medic and Rifleman icons are great. Simplifying them could make them look cheaper and less desirable as roles. Don't underestimate the power of suggestion. Psst, hence make the Sniper and DMR icons as plain as possible! At first glance a lot is going on in the UI, you don't know what to look at. Some of the yellow distracts, like the border around the equipment item. Even for a selection it's overemphasised, maybe use a light grey border or fillout (without the spotlight), possibly the same grey as on hover for the role buttons. The scrollbar takes away focus as well, opt for grey again? Or just don't draw it at all, and indicate more content by an inner shadow and arrows only. If you folks are going to do translations in this UI layout, management of vertical space could be very important. For example, are four "Availability" numbers per row absolutely needed? It's also confusing. Can you condense it to two? One, colour-coded? The Equipment Capacity takes away a lot of space for such little information. Is it that important? I think it could fit nicer as a bar under the item slots of Your Equipment. The description of the weapon takes up unnecessary space that could be displayed in another part of the screen on hover over an info button next to the weapon name. Maybe have an overlay Details section slide in from the left or bottom of the whole screen. Could include the real world and/or gamified stats of the item. Education of the player from within the game should be very important for Squad. I don't think using the same icons for the attachments as the loadout configurations adds any value, only confusion as to whether they're somehow connected. And lastly a few questions. Will the equipment slots include the Primary Weapon etc.? What is the close button at the top right supposed to do? I can also see myself accidentally clicking one of Map or Close when I meant to click the other. Where is the button to save the current loadout? Oh and will the renders be real-time? Hope this was helpful and gives you a few ideas on how to improve it even more.
  2. I'd really like to see one of the following factions make it into the official game: Afghan National ArmyBundeswehrNorwegian Armed ForcesPeople's Liberation ArmyPeshmergaPrivate Military ContractorsUkraineANA for combined units and local boots on the ground in the Afghan scenario. The Bundeswehr, because I could really use some of the weapons for a mod. ;) Norwegian Armed Forces for shared missions, the HK 416 and CV 90. The PLA for the diversity it would bring to the game and having another capable conventional force. Peshmerga for another realistic opponent against the insurgent factions. PMC for smaller missions and maps and for the tacticoolness. And Ukraine for a more or less realistic opponent against the Russian Ground Forces.
  3. Instead of having a setting to control the way the crouch key works and making it very clunky to change, have the crouch key accept a double-tap to go into the toggled crouch mode. Here a (possibly incomplete) state graph of the crouch key mechanics: .---------------------. | | [ Lying ] [ Stan ] --'--hold---> [ Crouch ] [ down ] [ ding ] <--release--- [ w/hold ] | | ^ ^ `-----------| | | | | | double | tap | | | | v | | [ Crouch ] -----hold---------'This makes it IMO way easier to switch into crouch and still retains the common mechanics for holding/releasing the crouch key. The only difficulty I see here is choosing the time in which the double-tap control is registered, so as to avoid players accidentally going into crouch mode and minimising the time needed to enter the holding crouch state, yet making toggled crouch easy to access when you need it. There are other applications of the double-tap mechanic as I'd like to call it, too, such as was already suggested for the reload key as a fast reload, and as a rolling movement on the left/right movement keys in prone (not on Q and E like in America's Army). Any comments/ideas?
  4. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Playing PR on and off since .7 times and recently been getting into it again. Even though Squad is currently unplayable online due to the CPU intensiveness I want to support you guys in making this spiritual successor and thank you for all the fun playing PR. Hope to see you folks in the game soon, either by the devs focussing on multiplayer optimisation or me getting an upgrade from this 4 year old machine!