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  1. What was your most bad ass moment in Squad?

    My moment was when I was mining and some guy jumped me in full enchanted diamond gear! I managed to knock him back with my knockback4 diamond sword, placed a lava source block between me and him, then switched into my PvP full diamond gear. Picked up the lava source block then charged him. He kept trying to run away but since I was 1x3 tunneling he couldn't really dodge. He managed to start pulling away from me so I switched to my power5 fire2 bow and just kept launching arrows at him. I thought he was gonna get away but I managed to kill him with the last arrow before he exited the tunnel. It was epic.
  2. Fuel, Food & Water

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  3. Fuel, Food & Water

    This is a stupid idea and to quote the principal in Billy Madison, " Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. " This is a first person shooter game, not logistics quarter master supply manager.
  4. Forests

    Rising Storm2: Vietnam has some very good jungle/ forest maps.
  5. Radios

  6. Add a startup procedure for Helicopters

    I want a start up procedure before I deploy as infantry. Check my shoe laces, adjust my helmet, make sure my zipper is pulled up, etc.
  7. Degrading Constructions overtime

    This idea is stupid because if something is still usable, I want to be able to use it. Just because someone isn't' using that specific asset at that time or haven't in awhile, doesn't mean that it should just randomly disappear just for game performance. Weapon and defense emplacements can always be used as a fall back option. Blown up vehicles, sure you can delete those after some time because it's not usable anymore. Dead bodies, yeah delete those too after some time because wth am I going to use those for. Used munitions, yeah can't use those anymore so just delete those. Pretty sure there are other ways to improve performance without deleting usable in game assets. So I stand by my original post.
  8. Degrading Constructions overtime

    This idea is stupid and to quote the principal in Billy Madison, " Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. "
  9. Any news on V12 patches/updates?

    Come to terms with how the game works now? That's like telling a guy who lost his legs to just come to terms with his new life now.
  10. Any news on the developers regarding V12 patches or updates? There's obviously a lot of talk about the persistent ammo, logical issues, tank bugs, and vehicle vs. infantry balance ever since the release of V12 and I was wondering if the devs have responded at all.

    Okay first off, this no ammo thing is BS and I hate it. BUT I'm trying to adjust and deal with it by sometimes being the ammo guy and running the supply trucks. Problem is, when I'm running logistics I spend (Depending on the map) about 10 minutes to do a complete logi run (Run to base and back, and that's if I don't get TOW'd or tank'd). Well, the guys at the FOB burns through 3k ammo so freaking fast; especially when everyone is rearming. I just end up spending the entire match just driving a truck. So basically I'm playing a first person truck driving simulator. I can only endure so much guys and I'm sure others feel the same way. This ammo thing needs to be adjusted big time. I used to feel excited logging into squad but now I dread it because I know no one ever runs logi and I just end up doing it. To add salt to the wound, people just waste ammo left and right. Why am I spending hours of my day playing truck driver simulator when these guys are just wasting mortar rounds, TOW rockets, etc. Increase logi truck capacity so we're not having to run constantly Give AT more rockets Allow us to spawn with more ammo, AT at least 1 rocket Allow riflemen with ammo bags to spawn with ammo bags. There's really ever only 1 or 2 riflemen in a squad, that's 200 ammo points so only 2 rockets; and that's if no one else uses the ammo. To the people saying 'Adjust and overcome' etc. etc. Yeah guys I'm trying but dammit does it suck. I think it comes down to people want to play a tactical shooter, not a tactical truck driving simulator so getting someone to run logi is worse than pulling teeth.
  12. Fix bipod height

    Anyone else feel like you're way too tall while bipoding? Whenever I lay down with a M249 or M240 or any bipod'able weapon, it's like my character gets 2 feet taller. Even when I find a wall and bipod on it, it's like my guy gets 2 feet taller... and I'm already standing! I'd like if the Squad bipod mechanic worked more like the bipoding/resting mechanic in Red Orchestra. You don't become a huge freaking target.
  13. Server Pop. Increase?

    Are Squad developers looking at increasing the server population for the game? With V12 coming out and I see these HUGE maps, I don't think there's gonna be enough players for these maps.
  14. "killable" backpack?

    Really?? Lets have separate hit boxes on the backpacks too because some pockets are used for ammo and others are used for things like food and extra underwear etc. Oh and while we're at it lets have separate hit boxes for the chest rigs because you carry also carry ammo in there; and make sure the hit boxes are different too because some pouches have grenades, some have smoke, etc. Also make sure we model in a hitbox for the shovels we carry in our backpacks so that it reduces damage when rounds hit it since it has to penetrate the shovel. Get real man.
  15. Open local mic option please (:

    Why are you asking developers to spend time writing code when you can spend 2 minutes to do? Just get something and wedge it into your talk key to keep it pressed all the time. Then get ready for all the bans you're gonna get.