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  1. Server Pop. Increase?

    Are Squad developers looking at increasing the server population for the game? With V12 coming out and I see these HUGE maps, I don't think there's gonna be enough players for these maps.
  2. "killable" backpack?

    Really?? Lets have separate hit boxes on the backpacks too because some pockets are used for ammo and others are used for things like food and extra underwear etc. Oh and while we're at it lets have separate hit boxes for the chest rigs because you carry also carry ammo in there; and make sure the hit boxes are different too because some pouches have grenades, some have smoke, etc. Also make sure we model in a hitbox for the shovels we carry in our backpacks so that it reduces damage when rounds hit it since it has to penetrate the shovel. Get real man.
  3. Open local mic option please (:

    Why are you asking developers to spend time writing code when you can spend 2 minutes to do? Just get something and wedge it into your talk key to keep it pressed all the time. Then get ready for all the bans you're gonna get.
  4. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Has it been 3 weeks yet?
  5. Animation System Update

    So when is this coming out?
  6. What disappointed me the most about free weekend.

    Had a match during free weekend where Squad1 on my team completely bypassed a cap to make a FOB in the middle of nowhere. Enemy team came in and capped that point subsequently causing a domino effect back capping the whole map. Other squads went to their respective caps but since Squad1 didn't cap their point no one else could cap theirs. Leader of Squad1 had 5 hours total play time on Squad.
  7. mortar sight bug

    Nice hax lol
  8. How to change maps in Firing Range mode.

    The adminallkitsavailable isn't working for EDIT: Oh so you gotta put a 1 or 0 after the command to activate/ deactive it
  9. Magazine check

    When I was deployed overseas; not once did I know exactly how many rounds I had left in my magazine. Not once did I even think about pulling my mag out and counting my rounds. What I did do though was replace my current mag with a known full one. Then if, and I mean a big IF, I'm in a completely secure location and know for a fact I have time and the area is safe; I'd empty my partial mags and recap them so that I'd have full mags. So I'd, personally, rather have an option to re-distribute my partial mags to get full ones. It'll take some time but that's up to the player to decide when and where if he wants to do it.
  10. What can I penetrate? ;)

    Anyone know what materials are actually penetrable in squad? And by what calibers??
  11. Why the medic aversion?

    With the new update medics now get one grenade. I can see a lot more people playing medic now.
  12. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    **** yeah Medics get a grenade! I can see a lot more people playing medic now
  13. Why the medic aversion?

    Give the medic a grenade and a lot more people would play it.
  14. What can damage vehicles?

    Pretty simple, what weapons can damage which vehicles? Pretty obvious the RPG can damage all vehicles and grenade launchers can damage light vehicles; but what about the heavy ones? Can the grenade launcher damage APCs? Can you damage a vehicle by shooting its tires?? Do grenades damage vehicles???
  15. How to change player name?

    Cool thanks