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  1. Russian Military Weapons

    I'm sorry but you've either been hugely misled or just pulled that fact out of thin air. The AK12 has never seen any kind of wide spread adoption within the Russian military even within its special forces. The AK-74M is the standard issue service rifle for Russia's ground forces and will more than likely remain so for the foreseeable future. That's why you wont be seeing this gun in game, unless someone mods it in of course.
  2. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Have you ever considered that those shitstorms of abuse were actually completely unnecessary? You see, have you ever wondered why this "constructive feedback" was never acted upon the instant you produced it? It's because, as much as you refuse to believe it, there are far more important things that take priority. The feedback was taken as it was received and acted upon when there was time to do so. You simply took this as being ignored... Something you clearly can't cope with very well. Resorting to the only other course of action your childish ego knows, petty insults and slander. Also the notion that you only insult when insulted, is quite frankly, horse shit. Good day.
  3. SQUAD Wallpapers - regular additions.

    Just a bit of playing around...
  4. British Skin incorrect :)

    There is no right or wrong way for the pouches to be placed, its modular and therefore the individual can configure them as they see fit. The dev's also have an Afghan vet as one of their military advisers so i'm sure they're getting all the right info. Also i'm pretty sure it isn't even Osprey, it looks like the new Virtus system from the small details I can distinguish.
  5. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    Drink up your tea and fix your bayonets lads, the British are coming!
  6. British army

    SA80... L129A1... L7A2... hnnnggggggg... Also really hope we'll get the L118 105mm light gun as an emplacement, it forms the backbone of the British army's fire support after all
  7. Post redacted for sake of thread...
  8. Errrm... just a guess, but probably because it's outdated... and nobody uses them anymore
  9. U.S. Sniper

    They aren't snipers... they're marksmen... there's a difference. Snipers like you have suggested might not even included in the final game. Also as stated above, please use the search function before recreating a topic that has been discussed a thousand times
  10. Hi guys, I may have found a workaround of sorts for the lag and stuttering caused by the VOIP system on AMD hardware. I would like to ask for your guys assistance in testing this by reporting your findings here. It is really simple and is performed as shown below. Go to: program files(x86)>steam>steamapps>common>squad>squad>content>audio>classes and remove the RadioVoice and Voice .uasset files Could I also ask that you try removing one of the files at a time as we can then determine whether it is one or both of the files at fault. Don't worry as this shouldn't affect the VOIP functionality or any other aspect of the game in any way (as far as I have observed anyway) Thanks in advance guys, FalkoN
  11. Ghillie Helmets for British Faction.

    Ahh sorry, got you mixed up with Yuril ... probably the anime profile pics that caught me out... it's been a long day
  12. Magrathea , Horsehead Nebula

    Don't worry your not imagining things, but it's just a test bed as far as I'm aware, not an actual map. The names a reference to hitchhikers guide to the galaxy iirc
  13. Ghillie Helmets for British Faction.

    Fair enough then, just that you referred to it as ghillie in the title is all. I think they should and probably will go for the mk7 to be honest, it just makes sense to
  14. Alpha 8

    Pretty sure the devs mentioned that the stryker would probably come in a later v7 patch
  15. Ghillie Helmets for British Faction.

    Its actually known as "Scrim" within the British military and it definitely looks great
  16. v7 Mlaw and DShk [video] - Approved release by devs.

    Great vid and informative too
  17. Helicopters

    Take a look here - https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/4tie0h/will_helis_be_easier_to_develop_than_ground/
  18. Eastern European vehicle prop Input

    I believe that the AvtoVAZ Lada is commonly found in most former soviet countries due to around 20 million of them being produced from the 1980's to 2010. Anybody feel free to correct me if i'm wrong though. There are various different models, although i don't know any of the specifics
  19. hi guys new guy here

    Hey man, welcome to the forums! Our community here and in game is very friendly, so don't hesitate to ask if you need help with anything
  20. Recap HYPE

    Stop whining you butthurt little bitch. Jesus you're not the only one dealing with these issues, but you don't see anybody else constantly whinging on about something the devs have very VERY little control over.
  21. First emplacement mod

  22. June monthly recap hype

    Got a source for that one?