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  1. List of active clans and communities

    Twi$t3d Kill3r$ - Tag:[Twi$t3d] Link: www.twistedkillers.com Language: English,French,Norwegian,Spanish Description: Fun Gaming Community expanding in multiple games. Members: ~30 We also play: AA,R6 Siege, CS:GO, The Division,Wildlands We are working on expanding to Squad. Currently we have 2 other members that play. If you're interested please come by the site and register, we would love to get our community name strong in this game. please see updated link.
  2. Twi$t3d Kill3r$

    We are still recruiting,if anyone is interested.
  3. Twi$t3d Kill3r$

    All I would like start by introducing myself. My name is Jonathan and I am the founder of Twi$t3d Kill3r$ Clan. We are a new clan that play several different games (Americas Army, Squad, R6 Seige, Counter Strike, and COD2). We are recruiting and would like to welcome everyone to join our website and if interested even putting in an application for the clan. Look forward to seeing yall around. Please add me on Steam : jledbetter1990 UPlay: Twist3d-.Led. Email: http://twistedkillers.com/phpbb1/index.php
  4. Model Renders

    Hi I have searched for this and maybe I missed it. But do we have a section of model renders to create sigs with? Preferably without any background image? Thanks
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

    does the show up or give us a diffent icon ingame?
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Very Very Nice!
  7. my build runs this game flawless on EPIC intel 4790k OC to 4.4ghz 8gb DDR3 2666 gtx 980 x2 Windows 10
  8. Tracker ??

    I searched for this but didn't find anything I was wondering if yall planned on having some sort of tracker K/D for instance Americas Army uses battletracker.com I know the game is based off of teamwork not K/D but it would be nice if we can have like a world ranking system based off points for clans or something in that manner. Have a look at the battletracker.com and you can get an idea of what I'm thinking.
  9. 82ndAB Squad Server Application

    I was in 82nd for Americas Army, good to see yall here
  10. Hello from Texas

    hey there Texans, welcome aboard I'm Jasper/Lufkin Texas Area!
  11. Yet another Texas member..

    I'm South East Texas myself, welcome to the game jledbetter1990 anyone feel free to add me on steam
  12. Clan Recruitment

    Was looking for a US based clan, let me know if anyone is looking for an USA player
  13. Purchased

    ok thanks, was gonna use single player to get use to weapon control. so was just curious
  14. Purchased

    I purchased the S/L Package last night and played 2 games, im use to Battlefields, COD's, and Americas Army this will take some getting use to, take it easy on me. My question is, when i was on portal it said there was a DEPLOY NOW on the main menu for single player, however i dont have that, is that a bug or did yall do away with it?