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  1. Comprehensive Weapons & Vehicle Data Guides

  2. Steam Inventory?

    I'm reasonably sure it will sometime in the future. Obviously its not a prio, the backer skins have been bugged since like v15.
  3. Wouldn't take that long to fix imo.
  4. Helis on invasion

    Next point should only show up when the current point is fully capped. Helis give a whole lot of mobility on large maps.
  5. It's already this way in Project Reality, I would love to see this added in Squad.
  6. Helis on invasion

    I doubt anyone would just go around the backline, hunting FOBs. They are needed on the front. Maybe helis could do a few scout runs, but they are also needed. This is not Foxhole.
  7. helicopter and health

    You can already bandage in Post Scriptum
  8. Helis on invasion

    Actually, this is also the case with regular v regular matches. Helis make it too easy to place FOBs all over the map.
  9. Helis on invasion

    When it comes to regular vs irregular matches, helos give way too much logistical advantage to the attacking side in invasion game modes. If all the objectives are visible right from the start, every capture point can have enemy FOBs surrounding it. The defenders don't really have the manpower to go FOB hunting behind their own lines. Suggestion: the only visible objective for the attacking side on invasion should be the one they are currently attacking.
  10. 1: This has been bugging me for a while: empty magazines for vehicle are blackened. However, they are on a black background, you can't see how many magazines you expended. Giving empty vehicle mags an outline would make them easily visible against the black background of the gunner UI. 2: Show the number of empty seats in a vehicle, kind of like ArmA. Driver could have an indicator in the lower right, showing the empty passenger seats. 4/8, 12/12, etc.
  11. Realistic Tank aiming suggestions

    There are no fire control systems apparently. Might make the game too easy for tankers to instantly get accurate shots on targets at 1200 meters.
  12. AKM for Insurgents and Militian Forces

    Do the AKs have different stats? AKM has a recoil compensator, the 74 uses smaller caliber ammo, the S and SU versions are lighter and shorter. Are these just cosmetic? I'm fairly sure the final version of the game will have these things implemented, but what about now?
  13. Indie of the Year 2015

    Heh, I bought BF2 only for PR :)
  14. Indie of the Year 2015

    As always the guys over at MoDB/IndieDB are having a contest for the best stuff coming out in the given year. I would urge everyone to go and vote for their favorite things. Here's a few things I'd recommend checking out: Squad - http://www.moddb.com/games/squad(of course) Brutal DooM - http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom(v20 came out this year so I guess it counts) UFO: Alien Invasion - http://www.moddb.com/games/ufo-alien-invasion(Not a part of the Afterblank series) Nightmare House 2 - http://www.moddb.com/mods/nightmare-house-2(Because all Half Life singleplayer mods are horror. Of course) PR:BF 2 - http://www.moddb.com/mods/project-reality(Naturally)
  15. Boot Camp - An Introductory Series

    No more bootcamps? Crunch time? :)