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  1. Female soldier models

    I always hate when this topic comes up in any FPS games that I play -- and it inevitably does. I'm actually surprised it took this long to come up in Squad. It can be so divisive to the community as it eventually turns political. I am generally against putting female characters in the game for my own reasons (which I won't get into - lest I be labeled as an 'incel'). That being said, my thoughts toward those who are always clamoring for women in military FPS shooters has been -- "why make such an issue of it? It is a FPS. You can't see yourself anyway. And if the gameplay & mechanics are fun, what does it matter?" So...using my own logic on MYSELF, I will say...if the devs chose to make all of the character models women, I would still play the game. I like the mechanics & gameplay. I just can't see myself getting too upset over any of it. It is just a video game...a video game that I enjoy playing quite a bit...so I couldn't let the gender of the character model change that for me.
  2. Crash on launch, V13 update (SOLVED)

    Be sure to also unsubscribe to any mods. I was having the same issue as you...but unsubscribing to the mods worked for me: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022471213-V13-Mod-Issues
  3. Alpha 13 Video Patch Notes

    I've never subscribed to any mods...no that I can remember anyway. I figure I'll see how this re-install goes. If that doesn't fix it, then I'll do like Stom mentioned and follow their instructions on deleting the workshop folder. If I still have no luck then I'll figure out how to post in Support on the Squad discord. Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  4. Alpha 13 Video Patch Notes

    I've played Squad since before it ever came out on Steam. I've never had any real issues -- other than the ones we've all pretty much had throughout the development of the game...performance at times...things like that. But now that v13 came out, I can't play anymore. The Unreal engine seems to keep crashing right after the Squad splash screen loads. I tried clearing my cache by deleting the SquadGame folder. That didn't work. So now I've totally uninstalled the game and have to wait several hours while it re-installs. Hope that fixes the issue. If not, I'm at a total loss as to what to try next. Anyone else having this issue since v13 came out today? Oh well...hope to see y'all on the battlefield tomorrow evening.
  5. Squad founders- where are they now?

    I can confirm this works. Now I seem to have my cammo M4 every time I play USA. Thanks!
  6. Squad founders- where are they now?

    I'm still here. I play almost every night. Unfortunately I only get to show off my desert cammo M4 about 1 out of every 10 times I'm on the American side. It usually doesn't work...and that makes me sad.
  7. Cannot accept squad invites

    Hmmm...I bet that is my issue. I honestly can't remember if I was in a squad everytime...but I probably was. I'll try to make sure I am not in a squad next time I try to accept or decline an invite. If I still have the issue I'll come back & update this thread. Thanks for the reply Smee!
  8. On the rare occasion that I get a squad invite, I get a message that pops up that says PAGE UP to accept, or PAGE DOWN to decline. However, when I hit my PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN key, it has not effect. I've even tried using the PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN keys on my NUMPAD. Still no dice. I cannot figure out a way to accept or decline the invites. Has anyone else had this issue?...and if so, what did you do to remedy the issue? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Server Connection Closed

    Issue seems to be fixed now.
  10. Server Connection Closed

    I just joined the Squad Discord channel and all of the server owners are coming in saying this is a widespread issue. So rest assured that it is not just you...it seems to be MANY people having this issue. They'll get it sorted, I'm sure.
  11. Server Connection Closed

    The game is in alpha, so obviously we have it (and will hit) some bumps in the road. I'm sure that is all this is. My bet is that there will be a hot fix or something soon to fix the issue. Fingers crossed!
  12. Server Connection Closed

    I have played this game pretty much non-stop since pre-alpha. I played several rounds just last night. I am now getting this issue and cannot join any servers at all -- just keep getting 'Server Closed Connection'. I didn't download or install any new drivers (or anything for that matter) since I was last playing this game. No idea why this has suddenly started happening. I verified my files on Steam and cleared my cached user data in the game. Nothing is working. Anyone got any ideas? EDIT: I just looked in Steam & it shows that I had Squad download (0 bytes?) at 6:54 pm Eastern Time. Anyone know what this DL was for?...and maybe that is what is causing the issue?
  13. Problem with Founders Perks

    Wow...I think that worked. I just jumped in Jensen's Range real fast & I was able to get my awesome M4 Desert camo again!!! I didn't have time to try it on an actual a server (since I have to get up early tomorrow) but it worked at Jensen's so I'm sure it will work in game. Thank so SO much M.I.K.E.!!!! It is people like you that make the Squad community the BEST community in gaming.
  14. Problem with Founders Perks

    No...it hasn't worked since I re-installed Steam 2 weeks ago.