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  1. Recruitment Thread The RedCoats The RedCoats are a tight-knit group of gamers from around the world who aim to ensure teamwork and communication is at the core of every game we play. Formed back in 2011 as a small group of friends, they quickly made a name for themselves during Squad’s Closed Pre-Alpha stage. Since then we have evolved into an international gaming community playing a wide variety of games from RTS’ to MMO’s. The RedCoats are a unit made up varied individuals. Our age range is from 21 to 40+, with members hailing from the UK, USA, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, France, Norway, Australia, Israel, Sweden and Portugal. We are a true international community but our roots are in the UK, with our name taking inspiration from British history. The RedCoats in Squad We established ourselves within the squad community very early, becoming regulars on the London servers throughout the CPA stage. It was in Squad where our numbers grew, bringing people to our squads due to the group’s characteristics. We took part in the first ever clan match in December 2015 prior to steam launch, and from there we took part in the first Community Clan Fight Night shortly after. After Squad launched on steam we hosted 4 of the most popular servers on the browser, which allowed us to facilitate some of the best gameplay around. Since then we have been a constant presence around the community, contributing to several community events and discussions. We go into games expecting nothing less than the highest standard of teamplay. Using our game knowledge, communication, discipline and tactical vision, we maintain a high-standard of gameplay which we have demonstrated across multiple events, in both competitive and noncompetitive scenes. We excel in large-scale warfare, employing intricate tactics and strategies across multiple squads which is benefited from the chemistry between our Squad Leaders who have hundreds of hours working together in-game. Despite all of this, we are a group that are known to enjoy ourselves. Players from outside of the clan always leave our squads with a good experience, and this is something we pride ourselves on. Why are we recruiting? We are looking to increase our presence within Squad, with an aim to start taking part in large clan matches again. Our main goal is to be able to field a full 50 man team once the 100p servers are released. Recruitment Process Our recruitment process has always been a precise system which has allowed us to create a group that has stuck together for years. We want to ensure that any potential new members fit within the chemistry of the group as a priority. We believe a good atmosphere between clan mates is the key to success, and we have continuously strived to ensure that all of our members can work with each other to a high level, and chemistry is the number one component in that process. The first step is either your approach or our approach of interest. We will then look for you to join us in game. We use either our public discord (link at the bottom) or steam friends list to contact people about when we are going to jump into a game. If we feel there can be progress, we will invite you into our teamspeak and from there begin an observation phase. We will observe how you interact with the group, how you behave in game and also how you play. This period is an undetermined time and only comes to a successful end if we believe the player fits with us. We do not use an application system, nor do we give people our tag without a thorough process. You will need to have patience as a virtue, as an observation period can take anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. This may seem like a long time but this is the best way to ensure that potential recruits have the determination and desire to join us. The only restrictions in place are that we do not accept anyone under the age of 21, and you must be able to speak English to an understandable level. Who do we need? We have no particular roles/positions to fill. We will look to take in anyone who fits into the group and can benefit us, both gameplay wise and personality wise. One area we are actively looking to improve though is use of heavy asset. As mainly an infantry unit, we are looking to improve our use of vehicles, particularly the heavier assets within Squad right now. Activity Aside from general day to day gaming we take part in CCFN and clan scrims (24v24+). With an increase in active players we will look to facilitate this on a more consistent basis. Please note we do not demand or expect people to play a set amount of hours per week. We are a mature community with families and jobs so we appreciate people may not always be available. We do hope that members choose to join us in their spare time for banter and socialising on teamspeak. Contact Please join us on our public discord to stay in touch with our community Steam profiles for contacting a RedCoat Admin EU: BLITZA NA: Zimm_Macugz Twitter: @TheRedCoats_
  2. milsim

    Welcome back lads
  3. Brilliant!! I've stolen that!
  4. screenshot saved to desktop Thank you for the kind words gents! It means a lot
  5. There are a few danish clans - SDK and DDF are two that I know of. Unsure if they are still active. Herhi just linked ^^ a helpful thread which is a good place to start. Good luck!
  6. Dusk/Dawn layer please Less direct lighting, but not dark enough to have the issue with the buildings etc that Chance pointed out.
  7. The scout shines in Al Basrah. We have employed a scouting unit + vehicle support for harassing US back lines, cutting off reinforcement and logi supplies. The 2 sets of bino's really help identifying supply routes from a slightly enforced resupply/staging point behind their lines. TBH this is the first map/play style I've seen and used which requires a scout class to be taken by a squad member.
  8. Nope, just clutter the map up with more markers than needed. If thats the way people are playing the scout, they should be communicating to the rest of the squad anyway, so no reason why the scout can't tell the SL and he place the markers. The map gets cluttered enough with 4 x SL's, having another potential 4 x people (8 in total) would be too much IMO
  9. After some time I can confidently say that IMO PAAS favours the insurgents considerably. US forces have a much harder fight on that map than anywhere else. INS can get a really nice defence going on Apartments and Gas station, with the 5 ticket bleed (from US only holding village) it's a race against the clock to capture Gas station and Apartments. If those two caps are defended well then it is very hard for US to win.
  10. The Red's had some brilliant experiences during free weekend, even inspiring some of the guys to purchase!! We are pleased we were able to give a good show of what squad is all about, and help new players enjoy a good experience. We can't say much more than that! See you on the battlefield
  11. RedCoats in Al Basrah PAAS 1
  12. Bring back the like button!! Make that a triple like! Hit me up any time you like Koschi lad. You know the score
  13. I did mate but unfortunately the video had a slight audio de-sync so didn't want to upload it I'll probably be looking at uploading more full-round videos as it's good to watch back.
  14. Thought I would share an unedited video of my POV from CCFN 65 - Al Basrah. The chaos was real!!
  15. The balance on Al Basrah is about as good as it gets in this game right now. I have seen US win as much as INS, with both balanced and imbalanced teams. I genuinely can't understand the logic of some of the players in the community.
  16. Epic Sarge! Great post which I'm sure (hope) will give a lot of people some helpful tips (maybe even for people who aren't that new to the game). Kudos bro!
  17. Part 2
  18. Give me that 24/7 Al Basrah hype!!!
  19. Epic footage Mek lad! Can't wait for this release and get that AR ripping down the streets. Fantastic map
  20. Haha glad you enjoyed it buddy! Was nice to take the boys out for a spin on the map. It is bloody excellent!
  21. Haha sorry mate, can't hide the british accent unfortunately It's released on Wednesday so I can imagine Al Basrah will be doing the rounds over the weekend!
  22. Community Clan Fight Night - Week 65 Teams ‘Guns Blazin’ Sunday 02 April 2017 @ 1740 / 1800 UTC Servers: Community Clan Fight Night - CCFN #1 & #2 & #3 Map: Al Basrah AAS 1 Password: via discord #the_lightroom SERVER ONE: CCFN 065 #1 - Community Clan Fight Night (server host: BLITZA) Team 1 RedCoats Desmo's Dandy Dudes SIGMA ESPS Team 2 Husaria 303rd Tiger Battalion 20th Regiment of Foot Queens Fighting Force SERVER TWO: CCFN 65 #2 - Community Clan Fight Night (server host: XtremeB3) Team 1 SquadBeans Fighting Honey Badgers Special Operations Group Tactical Combat Division Team 2 EXODUS We Love Squad Zulu X-Ray Delta Slovenian Special Forces SERVER THREE: CCFN 65 #3 - Community Clan Fight Night (server host: Mother) Team 1 Seranian Vanguard Games De Guerra Clandestine Operations Group EXACTED Team 2 Full Contact Release The Hounds Those Other Guys SPECOE *** ADVISORY - All signed clans need to confirm attendance and numbers in discord at the 1500 UTC final call *** *** ADVISORY - Daylight Time Saving has ended and is now - Please use UTC standard *** *** ADVISORY - Games will begin at hosts discretion between 1800 - 1810 UTC *** Community Clan Fight Night event breakdown: (timings in UTC format) 1740: Join your server 1740 - 1750: Team up / Squad up / Warm up / Discuss tactics 1800: Change to map game LIVE - round one Halftime: Five minute break / server changes map twice Halftime: Break finished / Change back to map LIVE - round two Finish: Round two ends Games usually start at 1800 UTC. Make sure your team is on the server and on the correct side by 1750 UTC. We begin the twenty minute period before LIVE on the game map to be played. Use this time to warm up and discuss team tactics. The event will go LIVE on the change to the chosen map and LIVE will be announced. Same again at half time, five minute break, two maps changes to swap the teams, then LIVE will be announced. Pay attention to host broadcast messages as you may be required to wait short periods and listen to instructions NO TEAM KILLING prior to the start of the rounds or at any time. Use the time to squad up, warm up, discuss team tactics and brief your squad. Be sensible, formulate your team strategy and disperse it to your squad members. HOLD IN MAIN / UNCAP you will be asked to hold in your main base / uncap at round start. Please be patient, don't discharge weapons, don't enter vehicles, and wait for live to be announced. NO GLOBAL SIDE CHAT DURING LIVE if you have any issues during the game, inform your clan rep or squad leader who should contact the server host via steam. Please do not allow your squad members to post messages in global chat during game live. We are playing Al Basrah AAS 1 “Goodies”. As always teamwork will win the day. It’s going to be a battle, make sure you come prepared. ***v9.1*** See you on the servers. Game on! Community Clan Fight Night on Discord Community Clan Fight Night YT Community Clan Fight Night Twitch Squad-Up for Stack-Up
  23. RedCoats in Kokan PAAS 1
  24. Until you've gone into the firing range and ground down those times, you can't sit there and say it's useless. I have seen a lot of people improve their shooting ability in-game by doing that very thing, in addition to an improvement in my own killing ability. So unfortunately i disagree with your opinion on it's benefit.
  25. My god, for the second time ever I need to praise Nordic. This post is 100% on the money and I don't need to add anything. Although I will ask, how many of you have gone onto the firing range and ran the timed shooting range consistently for a few weeks? Grinding down that time to improve target snapping and accuracy? How many of you have tweaked your in-game sensitivity to find that 0.01 difference for the sweatspot so there's no over-cooking of target acquisition? I am no killer, I rarely get double figures but that isn't why I play squad. Im the RTS player reading the map, that's my skill. That doesn't mean I want the game to change the parts that other people have skill in. That is just counter productive.