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  1. Week 4 of OISC saw the final game of the Group Stages take place to decide which division teams would place. The weekend action saw Blueberry eSports and Fused Legions take to the field to settle a tie-breaker on the newly released Mutaha map to book their spot in the next round. Miss the action? Catch it here! Week 4 Results Blueberry eSports WON vs LOSS Fused Legion There will now be a 2-week break for the teams to prepare for knockout rounds where they will be fighting to make it through to the Grand Finals next month. The first knockout rounds will be played during the last weekend in October (26th, 27th) where the victors will progress to the semi-finals. Division 1 Play-Off Rounds RaveN+ProG vs HSRangers Source of Quality Directives vs Difficult Language Coalition Mumblerines vs united Convicts Blueberry eSports vs Speaking in Tongues Division 2 Play-Off Rounds MisFit Platoon vs International Logi Laborers We <3 Squad vs Fused Legions Sigma Tactical - BYE Some Random Guys - BYE Keep an eye out for the preview article to be posted later this month for all the detail on game times and how you can watch live! For all the tournament information, ruleset and results be sure to visit the OISC toornament page. Squad Store Need some of that fresh, cool new Squad merch? Check out the store and represent!
  2. Hey Squaddies, The Offworld Industries Squad Championship has been popping off the past couple of weeks and the rounds haven't disappointed! From different game modes to the V16 playtest the OISC teams have had to handle challenge after challenge throughout the group stages as they fight for a spot in the play-offs. Who has taken the victories and placed themselves at the top of the groups? Results below! Week 2 results: Week 3 results: We have one final game for the group stages which will be a tie-breaker game taking place this weekend on Sunday 13th October before the teams take a break to get ready for the play-offs! Sunday October 13 12:00 PM PST (19:00 UTC) Blueberry eSports vs Fused Legions Find all the tournament information, including rule set and results, over at the OISC toornament page. Squad Store Need some of that fresh, cool new Squad merch? Check out the store and represent!
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    RedCoats in Logar
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    RedCoats in Fools Road AAS V3
  5. Any REAL clans ?

    Good news! ZXD are a top group of people, good luck with your new chapter of Squad.
  6. Any REAL clans ?

    Hey MG, worth checking the below links for clans in the game and what they do: This link may not be updated with clans who aren't active/don't exist anymore Also worth checking out the list of recruitment posts in this area of the forum http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/22-teams-clans/ Good luck! Hope you find the right team. Don' t rush the decision, take your time and make sure the group meets your requirements both personally and competitively.
  7. The RedCoats - Actively Recruiting

    Quick update: We are still very much recruiting and have just welcomed our first batch of Potentials into our ranks. We have given out 5 new Coats this week to some very good players who have made a lasting impression on us, through their dedication and motivation to join. If you're looking for a unit, check out our opening post. See you out in the fields
  8. Reduce mortar spam

    If a team decides to pump 2 squads/10 players/constant logi supplies into mortars then they will suffer elsewhere. They have only been released for a few days. like @banOkay said above, once the balance is tested there may be limitations put in place. But in all honesty, if a team is putting a lot of emphasis on mortar positions it means less people working the objectives. Firepower en-mass doesn't always = effective firepower.
  9. Reduce mortar spam

    Mortar spam is due to them being new, and the only powerful deployable we have right now. Once we have tank crews, AA, transport helo's etc then there will be 1 or 2 mortar's operating, rather than 4 or 6 we have now.
  10. Please close this thread mods? They have been answered by the server owner. This discussion is both pointless and stupid.
  11. As an FYI: the devs have spoken about AA equipment, both as FOB emplacement and also as an AI/off map feature. So the AI CAS won't be an OP, invulnerable asset. Don't ask me how they will be implemented or what, just that there has been comments both on the stream showcase on Sunday and also in the public discord.
  12. Lots of ground work to do before the air strikes can be brought into the game. Keep them out until the game has the right process to call in. All the other goodies are good enough!
  13. Learning point for players: Avoid placing the HAB within close vicinity of the radio as much as you can (all the time). Players are drawn to areas where the enemy is spawning, so if your HAB is next to the radio you have just saved the enemy a lot of time and effort as they have found both with one sweep. Rather than making them spend more time trying to find the radio. This in turn means more time away from the effective (cap) areas of the map. Still see 90% of teams placing a radio and then a HAB on top of it. Unsure if this is due to either lack of initiative or laziness, and to be honest it's the main reason why FOB's are still being taken down relatively easy. I have noticed that FOB's are still very much an after-thought and are slapped down without much effort going into the decision of where to place them. This also contributes to the ease in which they are found.
  14. Depending on how coordinated you can get your team, and also depending on the map, having an FOB radio within an area that is both easy to see and easy to cover from your defended position is the most effective placement I have found so far. On top of that, placing it in such a way that the enemy has to risk themselves to attempt to take it down is the best way. I've linked a video from when my clan played in a scrim on Yeho 1 and worked on FOB placement near storage which gave us full coverage from the cap point but also had friendly APC(s) close to cover in the case an enemy got close to it. We had also planned on putting down certain emplacements around the radio to further secure it but the terrain misalignment didn't allow us to in this particular case. Starting to see more and more players doing this. Not all of them work due to lack of coordination between squads and vehicles, but the technique is right. Other ways is to place them in more populated maps can be in hard to reach/see places, such as waterfalls, rooftops and the like.