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  1. Squad leader gone mad...

    Not even funny...
  2. AA2 style Training?

  3. Squad Roles: yay or nay? [Infograph Inside]

    Very much yes! I would like to see this in game!
  4. Squad League Round 2

    Hahahaha nice tigerpics! Can't wait to get back to the battlefield, but i'm currently moving to a new place and all my stuff is in boxes now :P
  5. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Got a couple f matches already and I love this game more and more! Keep up the great work guys!
  6. November 2015

    Very nice!!! Don't have a lot of time to play lately and reading this makes me want to play even more!!!! Can't wait!
  7. Refund

    Shame on you man! This game faaaaar is to good to ask for a refund!
  8. A|o|K N'orn. No comment.

    Hahahahaha that kitty moment! nice video man! Love it
  9. October 2015

    Every time i read the monthly recaps i get more and more excited for the game!!! I don't know how you manage to exceed my expectations every single time. Can't wait for this game to be finished:P Good job devs! Worth every single penny!
  10. Sniper Compilations

    That first video! Nice one! I'm wondering how it took them so long to spot you on that ridge:P
  11. Sniper Compilations

    That first video! Nice one! I'm wondering how it took them so long to spot you on that ridge:P
  12. Will it stop being tactical and be like Battlefield 4 ?

    I think anyone who is active on this forum knows how to play this game, but its inevitable that you will encounter players that are just going to be that lone wolf. But there are more then enough players to populate a server that are PTFO and communicating. And we know how to find one another right? So i thinks it's not a major thing to be afraid of. Let's hope for the best :)
  13. Accept every name?

    I Don't care what people call themselves. I Don't get offended by it. The only thing that can be a little problem is names that are long. But you just make it shorter so it's easier to communicate faster. People call me "Navel" most of the time.
  14. CMBelite-FR YT video

    Hahahahaha yeah this thing scared the shit out of me the first time we used it! Can't wait for c4, ied's and suicide and or carbombs!
  15. Struggling with target acquisition.

    Yeah just stay low, alway find cover. Use and listen to comms to spot enemys. It's a way of playing you'll have to get used to. No run and gun here[emoji39]. Just play a lot and find good communicating squads to join