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  1. Music!

  2. The beer thread - What are you drinking?

    This will not end well.... Can i be around to watch? :D
  3. Hello Everyone

    Welcome! Can't wait to see you on the battlefield!
  4. Music!

  5. GTX 960

    I'm currently running on a 960 with all settings on epic. I've had no issues at all so far. except for squad mates looking for goats.... (not a hardware issue.)
  6. Rainbow 6 Siege Keys

    What do you call a midget-psychic that just escaped from jail? A small medium at large How does moses make his tea? Hebrews it! _____________________________ I'll show myself out
  7. Music!

    Here's some London Elektricity
  8. Servers just go down?

    I got kicked too ;-; Edit: looks like it's up now but this is the only server I can see.
  9. Hey Fellow Soldiers !

    Welcome! Hope to shoot you soon
  10. Alpha Launch Countdown :D

    Don't tease me ;-;
  11. What Headset Do You Use?

    Tritton 720+ Honestly, I've been happy with this headset besides one minor thing. I needed to resolder some of the wiring because it came out randomly after a year. Since then I've never had an issue with it. The sound quality is amazing and sits comfortably on my head ^.^
  12. Alpha Launch Countdown :D

    8 Hours! I only got a small taste...I want more!
  13. Music!

    Then let's switch up genres, anyone into Wu-Tang?
  14. We Can Do Better!!!!!!

    Aw damn I didn't make it.. Do over! I demand we break it again!
  15. Music!

    Had to give it a listen thanks to your description, was not at all disappointed. Just started listening to MiMOSA, give it a shot.