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  1. Its hard not to love the city maps it make me tense at times and makes me think twice before crossing streets love it hope to see a lot more like this
  2. The day I can knee cap some mother ****er with an E-Tool is the day ill die a happy man
  3. What i hate most about squad... hmmm I would have to say its the community at this point. Back in the day I could join a squad and it felt like how it was supposed to be played good coms, teamwork, etc etc... Recently (being as recent as when squad hit Early Access) it just all kinda went down the can which makes me sad because i love the times where i don't have to yell at SLs in order to talk or have to yell at people to stay with the squad instead of lone wolfing. Now don't get me wrong there are some good people I have met during that time but out of a year the number hasn't even reached 20 in my book. All in all I play everyday I am not working, still teaching some new players when I can by far my favorite game I have played in a long ass time look forward to seeing what they throw at us next!
  4. Looks awesome dude keep up the good work!
  5. I paid $70 for the Pre-Alpha and haven't looked back I love this game and would spend it again if i ever had too... I understand it is a Alpha game but how i look at it is I've been playing I believe since September of 2015 and I've seen it grow and change a lot in the right direction I've also really enjoyed how the devs keep us updated and at times hell they are in the server playing with us if they are not busy. This is by far my favorite game and i really enjoy how its turning out I am looking forward to see what they are going to throw at us next!
  6. oh god the pumpkin heads.... the one taps were real
  7. I've only said it during some crazy moments in the game when i'm getting ready to fire my RPG at a CROW that is destroying our team, but besides that its all for fun gents its a game we are all here to have a good time and have fun (at least that is why I am here).
  8. I had something similar happen to me so at that time I had a i5 4400k and a GTX 750... I felt at the time that is was a GPU problem so I built a new PC, but even now i have a i7 6700k and a GTX 1070 and some time I get a little bit of frame drop or a small freeze because I was using NZXT CAM running (nothing bad like when i had my 750). All I would say is to make sure you have programs that aren't needed turned off in the background.
  9. all im waiting to see one day when i log on is The British Are Coming... I would also love the breacher kit with breachable doors <3 That would make me a happy shark
  10. yay now we can start on some of that V10 HYPE <3
  11. Its long gone my friend sorry!
  12. korengal

    Jesus i can not wait to play this <3
  13. If I had to guess it looks like our very own Desmo here is collecting it from his server If that is the case i better get Lion back on here
  14. Some times people are just quick with that reload
  15. Squad Ops also has a whitelist server!