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  1. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    I'm sure squad will take what works with PR and throw their own little flavor on it, but as stated above it took PR a long time to get where it is at now... We all just gotta be patient as hard as that . I am sure though that squad will definitely live up to expectations! Might take some time, but I can only imagine what is to come especially as it grows with UE4.
  2. View on kids playing?

    How me and my group of guys run is really as long as you can be mature (even though we are probably more immature then most 12 year olds :D) listen to orders from SL and be open to feedback weather its good or bad we are not here to put each other down, but to have a good time and help each other improve!
  3. Submit Your Battlecam!

  4. Rifleman Build sandbag

    I like this idea better then sand bags! Little foxholes or anything along that line would be very nice addition to the game
  5. I'm sure they wont have any Air power, but I imagine they will have their fair share of AA capabilities
  6. Like someone said up top join or clan or just get a group of friends who know what they are doing and rotate being SL that way everyone gets a little break here and there as well as still getting good games out of it!
  7. Rifleman Build sandbag

    Eh then you have a bunch of plebs putting shit everywhere and wasting Con points...
  8. Newbie Speaking Out To The Community!

    Its all good I know y'all are good folk its still one of the only servers I join <3
  9. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    I was a moderator on a friend of mine's Arma 3 Twitch stream and some one from the chat asked if we have looked at squad at all.. SO I looked into it via youtube and got to watch some of BlueDrakes vids (first time ever watched him) and it seemed like something i'd love and longed for. After that and $70s later i've been playing since what September of 2015 and haven't stopped yet!
  10. Newbie Speaking Out To The Community!

    I can say this I've got 1000 hours on steam and probably more then that Pre-Alpha all I can said is I have noticed admins from most servers have been a little quick to jump the gun like the other day I got kicked from Valhalla server for agreeing with the admin and saying cut the chat then boom got kicked... now as upsetting as that is I have also seen a few admins who are not quite aware of bugs in this game such as the water bug (where you cannot be killed if you are under water) Now **NOTE** they did fix this on Al Basrah, but not for other maps. All I'm saying is that admins have been a little jumpy recently which I can understand with the influx of new folk coming in, but all they need to do is chill out a bit instead of jumping the gun like a mad man.
  11. Al Basrah Addiction

    Its hard not to love the city maps it make me tense at times and makes me think twice before crossing streets love it hope to see a lot more like this
  12. The day I can knee cap some mother ****er with an E-Tool is the day ill die a happy man
  13. What i hate most about squad... hmmm I would have to say its the community at this point. Back in the day I could join a squad and it felt like how it was supposed to be played good coms, teamwork, etc etc... Recently (being as recent as when squad hit Early Access) it just all kinda went down the can which makes me sad because i love the times where i don't have to yell at SLs in order to talk or have to yell at people to stay with the squad instead of lone wolfing. Now don't get me wrong there are some good people I have met during that time but out of a year the number hasn't even reached 20 in my book. All in all I play everyday I am not working, still teaching some new players when I can by far my favorite game I have played in a long ass time look forward to seeing what they throw at us next!
  14. Sarau (Inspired by Kashan Desert)

    Looks awesome dude keep up the good work!
  15. Price drop?

    I paid $70 for the Pre-Alpha and haven't looked back I love this game and would spend it again if i ever had too... I understand it is a Alpha game but how i look at it is I've been playing I believe since September of 2015 and I've seen it grow and change a lot in the right direction I've also really enjoyed how the devs keep us updated and at times hell they are in the server playing with us if they are not busy. This is by far my favorite game and i really enjoy how its turning out I am looking forward to see what they are going to throw at us next!