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  1. Insurgency

    It would be nice to see it comeback. Yea it has its problems but it is nice to have a little change of pace compared to AAS.
  2. The Fate of Fallujah?

    I will say it would be nice to see Fallujah in the recaps or something. Just so we know our dreams still live on
  3. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    AWWW SHIT! Well hopefully this will also bring back some of the old founders... back when it felt like the community was so small, it felt like everyone knew each other. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some people I haven't played with in ages!
  4. SL kit force

    If they do not listen kick the little shits! Seems like more and more people are not listening lately... but some new guys would rather be marksman rather then AT. I try to give them a chance and help them so they can learn, but **** man none of them think its "needed".
  5. Ideas For New Roles

    I think the post is more for the little classes not so much the commander role since there is a post about it ever 48 hours or so
  6. Ideas For New Roles

    I think they already have to models made for the Javelin. Personally i think the AT-4 should replace the LAW
  7. Ideas For New Roles

    Would be nice to see the Breacher kit some time soon
  8. BMP-2 for Militia

    I do think the Militia could use some love. I know the get the BTR on a few maps and the shit box on most other and if you do use the scout car right you can do some work, but it would be nice for them to get some more fire power for SLs to work with.
  9. One thing I miss about those days was when you got a head shot on some one it just black screened for them no res... that and all the ACOGs
  10. Has there been any progress on Bradleys.

    Would be nice to see a Bradley or some BMPs rolling down some streets. If i had to guess they would sneak them in with the MBTs put them in the right hands and you can do some work
  11. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    Butts and Stuff or BearAss One of my clan mates normally uses Bruh Team Six
  12. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    Only problem i have with that is if we are going to be using the Jarhead version then give us the USMC faction instead of the US otherwise I say keep it full auto. Also i can see where the Bradly is a big step up from the BTR and like it was stated above the BMP is its counter, but I'm sure the US will at least get some emplaced TOWs or some TOWs on a HMMWV (I miss them ) or something maybe move away from the LAW.
  13. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    ^ This guy gets it! The bradley will be a game changer and I imagine it will also come with the TOW emplacements as well so well placed FOBs on the US side will be key.
  14. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    I'm sure squad will take what works with PR and throw their own little flavor on it, but as stated above it took PR a long time to get where it is at now... We all just gotta be patient as hard as that . I am sure though that squad will definitely live up to expectations! Might take some time, but I can only imagine what is to come especially as it grows with UE4.
  15. View on kids playing?

    How me and my group of guys run is really as long as you can be mature (even though we are probably more immature then most 12 year olds :D) listen to orders from SL and be open to feedback weather its good or bad we are not here to put each other down, but to have a good time and help each other improve!