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  1. In my experience, its very hard, unless your squad mates have excellent technical play (moving, shooting, communicating). People leave servers or team switch from INS/MIL because they are often not to fun to play. On PUBLIC servers the MIL/INS will typically have major issues going up against US (RUS less so) simply because the gun play as it is now favors them. I think it comes down to the density of ACOG/AIMPOINT +vics. The ability to easily LOCATE and ENGAGE your enemy at ANY range leads to high #'s of kills/incapacitations. Kills/incapacitations allow the US/RUS to dominate large parts of maps, maneuver with ease, and capture/defend objectives much easier. Have I seen MIL/INS pulla win? Sure but there is a disparity. In a game of skilled aiming, first on target typically wins. Keep your ballistics arguments. Remember, you can have all these cool kits, IEDs and mines, but the fight on and around the objective is done via the gun play. If you cant compete there, its a loss and its not fun. Sure you can do ambushes and disrupt their supply routes. Sure you can "let them get closer" in an attempt to negate some of their range advantage, but you are still outgunned due to the lack of suppression, gun play (super precise weapons -with optics more so++), and map design. AAS requires live players on flags or in close vicinity. The more you try to guerrilla warfare it up (besides the IED guy), the less players you have playing objectives. IMO its an awkward balance and AAS presents serious issues for the non conventional forces. I am hoping for better more dynamic game modes and a revitalization of Insurgency mode in the future.
  2. I like the idea of a PLT LDR even though its more like a Company(-)element. I end up being something like this role anyway over SL to SL chat if we have a cooperative bunch of SLs on the net. Ask for recommendations, make a plan, manage it. I love it, i do it for my day job.
  3. Hello, This is a follow up to a previous post some time back on a similar topic. I am an active squad leader who plays on the German and less so, the UK servers. My squad is always named NEWBROS WELCOME(EN). If you need help, seek me out. This is a bit wordy, most of it brainstormed during fraternization class today. I would appreciate developer or active SL's (who care about the role) feedback on these points. These are my opinions and observations playing the game since closed alpha. Server Selection: -Please add server filters Spawn/Rally/FOB: -I dislike that I am punished for attempting to put down a rally that just so happens to be close to an enemy. I feel that this is unfair, most of the time. I understand the idea of rally radar and all but man, if try to put one down before hitting a flag, 200-300m out and there happens to be a dude out there, I gain a significant penalty. I dont see a clean way of doing this and keep everyone happy though, at least not yet with infantry only fights. -FOBs... I love em. I love to sneak em in the woods or behind points in the defense. I hate building them on flags. I hate when I am defending fortress and an enemy SL and two dudes can sneak past, get into the bunker and build a FOB to spawn the whole team in on then sit there building... that is also unfair and "unrealistic"... SURE we failed to cover all the approaches but why do they not get the same penalty as a SL attempting to put a rally down? Perhaps FOBs should have a "enemy presence check" before placement... something like 200-300 M? Kind of how you cant place one 400M from another friendly FOB? It was utterly disgusting that so many enemy players spawned in while we still held most of the battlements. The rest of the enemy team was stuck on train station until this magic fob appeared. -Being able to sneak a FOB behind enemy lines is awesome and currently a valid tactic (rallies too). I hope this changes. IMO we should not be able to "spawn" 3 squads across the map if they did not sneak/infiltrate or earn their way there through maneuvering through enemy contact. The current system adds a layer of unpredictability...its OK if it stays just seems like whack a mole to me. You cant keep two squads on rear area security to prevent enemy fob placement the whole game, you know? MAP: -When using the map key, not the spawn menu key(enter) I would LOVE to see a list of my squad with their associated kit. Just like PR but smaller. I use the map key ALOT as I am always checking what is going on and dropping intel. -Please add a more incremental zoom to the map. Time and time again I am zooming in to get just the right frame set but the current increments appear to start small then go way too far in too abruptly. Can we do it via 10% or 15% increases? -On some maps I still find the position that the map claims I am in does NOT correspond to my avatars actual location. I will have to grab a screenshot as proof. -Please add a MAP SCALE to each map. What is a grid square or key pad in meters. Make this a standard legend on the map. Both the map key and the spawn menu map. -Can we add some type of SIMPLE topographical layer to the map? I would LOVE to make a maneuver plan based on terrain and line of sight analysis. -Can we please get an option to DELETE our own SL markers on the map? ( I think this was a confirmed feature "soon") -I have difficulty placing icons on the map when my cursor is near other icons or players, even when zoomed in. I find the spot where the enemy is on the map, I right click and find the marker I want however during this time a friendly player comes near where my cursor is... it cancels the action and I cant override it. I am forced to zoom all the way in and try again.Please fix this. My ability to interact with the map should not be hindered in any way by a player running about. Try it yourself. -It gets hella confusing when the numerous map markers start getting used. SLs either out of ignorance or griefing spam the map with useless crap. Only a few SLs actually place the RED OPFOR intel markers on the map. I have to spend a lot of time on squad radio telling my guys which green swoard marker is mine. Can we get the GREEN move, observe, attack, and defend markers numbered to the SL who placed them? Perhaps ONLY have those icons visible to that SL, his squad, and OTHER SLs BUT KEEP RED intel markers visible to all? -Besides SL to SL coaching, how can we get other SLs to understand and use the right click system in the map? Every game I find myself on SL chat trying to encourage guys to drop markers on enemy intel. I dont mind, its just hard to fight ignorance. Squad/SL functions/Other: -Squad radio, when combined with a busy SL to SL radio net, gets confusing. Can we get something like a priority speaker OR priority receive option... as in I can select I want SL to SL net to cancel out Squad radio and vice versa? -I notice when traversing the spawn menu and regular map screen that my ability to transmit on any radio net is cut off and does not start up again. I find when giving orders or intel when using the map at times...whole sets of orders lost to the void of my computer room. Nothing should break my ability to transmit besides hitting escape. -Can we get a squad welcome message ability? I try to run a efficient squad, I have some basic rules. I would prefer to NOT have to repeat them every time via squad radio or squad type chat when I have new arrivals -Can we get a ground truth image on the loading screen or the kit selection AND in the firing range on what EVERY weapons' ZERO is at? Especially because we cant tweak sights on the AT systems or the UBGLs yet. Same thing for optics, while in the firing range it would be cool to have a help tip pop up explaining the optic and how to use it at what distance. Learning to engage targets with the ACOG correctly on my M4 was the most fun I had so far in the Army on a range. This will negate A LOT of misinformation. -Lone wolfs...sore subject I know but I had to contain my anger with one guy who openly refused to join a squad despite there being open slots and in his language...he mocked me and others encouraging him to join. He spent the rest of the match abusing team chat trying to order squads around. The only useful thing he did was occasionally give a key pad location of enemy. I know this is mostly a server/admin side thing but damn, he is taking a slot in the server that could have been filled with a non mouth breather who goes against the grain of what this game is about! I end with this, SLs and potential SLs: Dont waste your rally, don't be afraid to fight on the flanks of flags, we dont need 4 squads sprinting to the shiny object (flag), dont be afraid to take the path less traveled to the next objective area, try not to put FOBs on flags all the time, please provide intel updates on the map(use the right icon) and via SL to SL chat (G key!), put the primary language of your squad somewhere in its name. Play nice and have fun.
  4. Marksman Class (Scope)

    I hope they are difficult to master and very limited.. also known as 1 per every two sqauds
  5. Best place for a new guy to start?

  6. Watching Streams: it's chaotic!!!!!

    Death and black screen will learn em And my witty SL radio banter
  7. Snipers?

    yes, absolutely limit it.
  8. Squad Leader Functionality

    The next two weeks will be interesting!
  9. Aloha Since the build before steam integration I have experienced an uncomfortable increase in the amount of "lost connection to host" drops. Of course it could be something on my end, but I only started experiencing this recently with the new build. (Been playing since Closed alpha SL package). I have stopped squad leading mostly because I hate dropping in the middle of a fight. Anyone else experiencing this? Have we figured out the cause?
  10. Hello Providing some observations on squad leading functionality here. I enjoy the SL role and feel the game gives just enough feedback (supplemented with squad communication) to be effective. We will see when the vehicles come into play and things get complicated. Opinions inbound! Feedback: +Keep the new incremental map zoom! Its a great feature and very much appreciated +I like the kit restrictions - Can we keep the zoom level that I closed the map on, the same when I open the map up again, on both the quick map and the enter/spawn selection map? I notice at times it reverts (minor issue) - Can we see, like in PR, the current kit of the Squad member next to their name in a small legend on the quick map (non spawn screen)? besides W, caps lock (re-binded quick map) is my most pressed button and allows me to see and digest information quickly as compared to opening the spawn screen. - Can we see (as a SL) on the map which members are wounded via a change in the icon? This takes away some realism but If I wanted to know what the status of my squad is, and they are not communicating, i can glance at the quick map and review who is up an about as compared to in the "downed state" -I have noticed that squad members can see other squad leaders' marks on the map. This is OK, but only for enemy intel markers. All the other BLUFOR related (green) icons should be squad internal or at most, squad internal and SL to SL for communication purposes. Just reduces clutter and the question of which sword icon you talking about? -I have filed a bug report on this one a few times, my avatar's physical location on the games terrain is not always synchronized with where the map shows my Icon. Some games, in some modes, on some maps, its about 50-100m off the mark. This has been around since the SL package opened at least. Its surmountable but very disorienting. -I have difficulty placing icons on the map when my cursor is near other icons or players. When my cursor comes near one, it blanks and cancels my action. Its VERY difficult to place enemy intel in a hurry in a CQB fight when I have to zoom all the way in to place it. Test it out yourself, again, its surmountable but very annoying. SLs! Do not get so caught up in the moment you are not dropping enemy intel markers on the map! Especially fobs! G is SL chat! See you in game, I play on Europe servers, Squad name is usually (EN)NEWBROS WELCOME For the Emperor. ^_^
  11. Updates

    Hello all. I have been away a while. I still have the original SL release. 1. I have this on an SSD that is seperate from my main steam directory, will that be a problem with steam integration? 2. This is my first SSD, how best to delete and install the new build for the sake of the SSD? 3. Is the game still separate from steam? Thanks!
  12. Nightvision

    gamma adjustments