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  1. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    On ︻╦╤─ [FR] ─╤╦︻ servers we allowed locked... : Squad of 2 - 3 per vehicle ; Squad of 2 as reco ; Squad of 7 - 9 conventional Squad (2 fireteams of 3 - 4 + SL) ; Squad of 2 - 3 mortar ; Squad of 3 FOB Management. But the Squad quality/nature/function has to be declared prior to the first spawn in its name. It's working well most of the time. We also offered advises on how to name the Squad on a specific webpage of our website.
  2. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Can't place FOB - No Sand bags - No Claim change. 4 Servers Squadfrance. Or are we doing something wrong?
  3. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    Hi @SpinCrashI'm translating everything in french at the moment, then I will publish it and keep it up to date on (2500 french speaking members community) with the proper credits and a link to the original. Is it ok for you? Let me know. People will be very interested.
  4. NEWS CE SOIR FRANCE vs. POLOGNE ! Suivez le Stream sur
  5. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    @SpinCrashhappy you like it! Will try to write you a french version and give it to you.
  6. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    Great work. 109. Hi, should I add that most of the public SL's are defending their points being inside the point. That is a very bad choice. One should always bring the war to the enemy, not the opposite. If germany is fighting on french soil, who's taking the most damages? Probably the french, their economy is stopped, their land and people destroyed or killed. German will not have any civilian casualty for example. In Squad, you should always create a fire curtain around the point - OUTSIDE the point. Taking points of tactical interest around the point is mandatory to defend it properly (hills, buildings, roofs, etc.). What you need to defend a point is what you need to attack it. simple. So think and do some revers engineering. Defend OUTSIDE. If the enemy is fighting inside your limit, consider that you lost it already or that the cost of defense will be ticket expensive. One more thing. Loosing OUTSIDE will leave some time for other Squad to help ; loosing inside will leave the enemy capping in 4 minutes without any further treatment.
  7. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

    Version 9.5 RCON can't pool after 15 players.
  8. servers

    Hi, just to let you know that the RCON Battlemetrics doesn't work anymore since the 9.5 Servers are running OK for now. When the server reach 15 players RCON can no longer pool them.
  9. UPDATE ! Le match France vs. Pologne est définitivement programmé pour le 4 juillet à 19h00 UTC et NON 20h00 UTC comme dit plus haut. Notez-bien si vous souhaitiez y participer. Merci.
  10. En plus d'un serveur qui tue on a des casquettes. Que demande le peuple ?? On ne les vend pas !
  11. Squadfrance participera au premier match interpays de la compétition Squadmasters : France vs. Pologne le 04/07/2017 à 8:00 GMT. C'est un 40 vs. 40 et cela va être tout à fait sympathique. D'autres matchs vont être annoncés rapidement je pense.
  12. Squad Masters League / 2016 - 2017

  13. Ajout des icônes des modules d'enseignement dispensés sur Squad pendant les trainings. Cela nous permet de suivre votre apprentissage du jeu et votre progression au sein du platoon pour préparer les matchs interpays à venir sur Tout cela est dispo sur Vous pouvez aussi vous servir de ces icônes, nous les avons faites sur les bases des icônes NATO et elles sont en Open Source. Feel free to use the icons, it's open source and available at
  14. servers

    Hi. Just to let you know that we are testing : Dedicated Server OVH 64G I7 OC SSD RAID 0 for one month now. Windows 10 with Remote Access Connection. It's perfect, the tick rate is phenomenal, and the perfs are improved in general. Very stable. Only good news.