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  1. I would prefer the Arma system of holding right mouse to focus in. In real life I'm not staring at a small 720p - 4k resolution image. I can see things for miles if I have line of sight. Targets are too hard to see at even common engagement ranges.
  2. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    People are just too fond of travelling at full tilt when driving. I generally just have some dismounts with shovels holding right click clear the way for my APC/IFVs. If we are engaged its simply a matter of popping smoke and falling back the way we came. Sure it's slow but risking 20+ tickets to get from point A to B a few minutes faster isn't worth it imo.
  3. Share same zeroing grenadier

    That would be nice, I've been just using Kentucky windage and Arkansas elevation with the grenade launchers because of the zeroing hassle.
  4. GL for squadlead

    This has happened in the past, people didn't like it. The squad leader can place markers by holding T with binocs, both for his squad and for his team. I don't see where a smokes only grenade launcher would fit iinto this game. Especially now with new map tools coming for SLs.
  5. Dispatchers?

    So a commander?
  6. Need advice

    I've noticed servers struggling to keep up at times, desync with thrown items and vehicles especially. I'm also suffering from random frame drops during firefights or just on certain maps.
  7. Logi truck lacks horse power

    Will there be an Arma style vehicle health/collision system to penalize players for hitting trees and rocks? I think a large part of the perception of vehicles being bad is that they're used in places that just aren't suitable for driving across at full speed.
  8. Balance of AK74, M4, and L85a2

    Do level IV steel plates even exist? The steel would have to be ridiculously thick making it silly heavy. I don't understand why body armor needs to keep being brought up in this thread for balancing the handling of rifles.
  9. Balance of AK74, M4, and L85a2

    Body armor is messy to simulate, it should be noted that soldiers do not use heavy AR500 steel plates. Level IV military issue plates tend to be ceramic. I'm interested in the idea of giving the 5.56 a higher damage with steeper drop off compared to the 5.45 round which could have a slow linear drop off.
  10. Teamspeak 5

    Ha these are good points.
  11. New Revive ability

    "After 3 minutes your character will bleed out and die. If a bandage is applied while incapacitated the rate at which you bleed out will be halved" https://squad.gamepedia.com/Health_Management
  12. New Revive ability

    Downed players still bleed out after being bandaged.
  13. New Revive ability

    This update seems like a step towards a more authentic but still fun approach to this point. Any professional soldier should be able to reasonably stabalize a casualty for a medic to get to later. Prior to this the medic had to run into whatever foolish place a player was downed at. Now we can get downed players into cover without waiting for a drag mechanic. I am like your ideas for an expanded medical system, hopefully a few will make it into the game.
  14. Balance of AK74, M4, and L85a2

    M995 is just the AP so-called "Black Tip" ammo.