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  1. Teamspeak 5

    I'm beginning to think TS5 is vaporware.
  2. Anyone from Iceland

    I was in Iceland last August does that count?
  3. Is 50v50 coming?

    You'll have to wait for the devs to enable it and for server providers to provide it as an option. 100 slots is not going to be cheap, probably $150 a month or so.
  4. I've found being color blind helps tremendously.
  5. The game is in a good place right now overall. I only really have two bones to pick with V13; the penalty for dying is too low and buddy rallies are hilariously unrefined.
  6. Roughly 10 - 20 meters sounds right a logi is about 7 meters long so 2 or 3 logis distance sounds appropriate for arming.
  7. There's no way around UE4 not picking up foreign keyboards, even fortnite has issues with AZERTY keyboards. Switching your windows layout hotkey is to something not commonly pressed in squad is the only workaround I've found.
  8. 20 meters sounds about right, I think some older soviet RPG warheads were just impact detonated but RPG-7 and newer warheads arm after a couple rotations I think.
  9. You can change the settings to whatever you would like by doing the following in windows: region & language advanced keyboard settings Language bar options advanced key settings change key sequence давай I have the switch between input languages unassigned, English set to Ctrl + 1, and Русский as ctrl + 0. Hope this helps.
  10. Minimum hardware recommendation for Squad SDK?

    Could be a bad PSU, that's pretty common. Your specs should only run 350-400 watts under load so 550w is plenty. Otherwise it could be a bad mobo not pushing 300 watts through the slot. See if your GPU crashes during a benchmark test, if so trouble shoot your hardware. edit: Free up space on your hard drive, 100gb is cutting it close for an SDK
  11. 1.) I like the movement speed increase. 2.) Squad leads have too much on their plates, and more is pushed on them every version. This makes it difficult for veteran SLs and impossible for newbies. In older versions it was much easier to find time to bounce ideas and such off of other SLs in command chat. Now it's hard to find the time to breathe. 3.) Buddy rally is game breaking with the current wave spawn mechanic. There's no limit to how many plays can magically teleport across the map. 4.) I absolutely do kill myself to pop rally's. This patch feels the most arcadey. 5.) This is just a preference thing I guess, I still only use irons or red dots. 6.) HABs could be tweaked but I like the current state of them. 7.) I hate the new no dead-dead state. Vehicles pretty much cannot prevent a LAT from getting a shot off. 8.)Pings were gross, I'm glad they're gone.
  12. Ping or No Ping

    I thought the ping sounds were annoying especially when I didn't have time to check my map before the ping faded. The squad level marked FTLs can place are much more useful in my opinion. The immersion of calling grid coordinates and bearings is something that I enjoy about squad, pings made squad feel very gamey.
  13. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    Don't shoot subgun "hot" 7.62x25 through surplus pistols it's not safe. I think 7.62 is pretty balanced compared to 5.45/5.56, x39 deals slightly more damage with the trade off of more recoil. x51 and x54 are very good for one shotting anyone that isn't at full health.
  14. V13 broken steam inventory again.

    Will servers have to enable founder's skins again or is it strictly a steam inventory hiccup? Also obligatory: How many weeks until forum badges?
  15. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    This is pretty much the only aspect of V13 that I don't like at all. It makes the game feel like whack-a-6.022x10^23 instead of a hardcore shooter.