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  1. It's probably just a temporary measure to make medics balanced across all the factions.
  2. "killable" backpack?

    This would make killing a Russian HAT much more satisfying.
  3. "killable" backpack?

    We'll push for those changes after we get our microtransaction-rng-cosmetic-p2w crate petition off the ground.
  4. Squad vs Insurgency

    This would be awful. I think the Alien game for Xbox Kinect did this it was a total flop. Imagine if someone paid by CC over the phone in the background while you played squad, do you want that sort of thing just broadcast to a public match? The stance has long been no hearing enemy VOIP because it would just force players into teamspeak etc furthering the gap between pubs and clans.
  5. "killable" backpack?

    Maybe we can petition for ammo storage critical hits on infantry too.
  6. Veteran Skins

    I don't think new skins should be added after the game is released, they should be a special thing for players who contributed to the kickstarter and alpha/beta testing process.
  7. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Looks like I might sink even more hours into BF3, darn.
  8. Other Tanks in Alpha 12

    From my understanding the abrams is currently their prototype in engine. The T72 etc are prepared as assets out of engine but will not be ported into the game until they "finalize" the abrams, that way they avoid doing everything from scratch with each tank. I believe the T72 and abrams will roll out in the same patch.
  9. August Community Feedback Roundtable

    Thanks for typing up another one of these! I'm concerned about the ammo changes and how gameplay will be altered. Hopeful persistent ammo will make transport trucks more viable for resupplying a fight with fresh soldiers.
  10. Visibility at distance is a problem for me

    I come from a counterstrike background, I just cannot give up this 144 hz refresh rate monitor. Everything feels off and blurry at under 120 frames now. If there was an affordable 4k 144 hz monitor I would buy it, but for 2k+ I'll just wait.
  11. Helmets - is there something different?

    Headshots should always result in a kill, bar extremely long ranges with the makarov. It's likely there was a hitbox error involved.
  12. Visibility at distance is a problem for me

    Even high resolutions like 1440/4k have issues with viewing player models at range. A friend of mine actually downgraded his 4k monitor for a 2k because the "Dancing Pixel Soldiers" off in the distance were driving him insane. Maybe Epic will spend some of their Fortnite money on fixing UE4 for squad
  13. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    I hope the suppression mechanics overhaul will make 25-30mm HE good.
  14. I am Newt

    Hello Newt!