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  1. Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    It's available to download, servers should be live in about 2.5 hours
  2. A11.1 Medic bandaging fails

    I'm habing trouble fimding players willing to play medic because bandaging is so inconsistent. Oh well more lats and frags for me.
  3. The bullpup design gives the brits better indoors weapon handling/collision control plus the foregrip buffs. I honestly think the brits are better than the americans in cqb, the slightly lower rate of fire makes the L85 even more controllable. The m4a1 really only excels at panic point blank spraying from the hip.
  4. T shirts for squad

    uh..... https://store.joinsquad.com/
  5. Battlefield V

    If only EA wasn't such an awful company. I don't think I'm going to get this battlefield unless loot boxes are confirmed not in the game.
  6. Kickstarter questions

    Can you pin a thread about this? Backers seem to ask this all the time. Many of the kickstarter era players only come back infrequently so they aren't up to speed about the new forums, disabled skins, ingame credits, and linking your forum account.
  7. Fix Bullet Physics

    That sounded like you were hit multiple times in one frame, probably the server lagging and catching up. It's frustrating when things like this happens but this is just the nature of online games.
  8. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    It seems that for whatever reason the wheels follow some bizarre rules in UE4, if there's an object between the vehicle and the ground at all the wheels sometimes clock out.
  9. Alpha 11.1

    What's this latest patch on steam? It seems to have dropped this afternoon.
  10. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    Don't be so small minded, 8mm Yugo mauser or bust haha.
  11. Light Mortars For INS Faction

    The insurgents currently are pretty much a joke compared to anything but the militia faction. They really need some better tools to wage unconventional warfare.
  12. Currently squad leading is incredibly stressful. A lot of people get worn down after awhile. I think we can all think of a time where we were snappy in squad or command chat during a rough play session. It will be nice to finally have the commander role in game to alleviate some of the burden squad leads deal with.
  13. Kickstarter questions

    I miss them so much.
  14. Light Mortars For INS Faction

    I think two per team would be balanced if they were limited in explosive power and ammo.