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  1. so... I didn't give up and it paid off. Apparently I was missing quite a huge service pack back from 2014 :rolleyes: (KB 2919355). After installing it (via selected windows update) and rebooting pc, Squad works!
  2. Thanks guys, but the hole is much deeper it seems. It seems there's a need to have this update installed Windows8.1-KB2999226 before you can install VC 2015 redistributables. However, there's a problem to install this update because it says it is not suitable for your version, even though you chose the correct OS. More here: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/64baed8c-b00c-40d5-b19a-99b26a11516e/visual-c-redistributable-for-visual-studio-2015-rc-fails-on-windows-server-2012?forum=vssetupCheck the last comment. Then, check this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31536606/while-installing-vc-redist-x64-exe-getting-error-failed-to-configure-per-machi I have followed the correct answer and got the update installed and immediately was successful with installing both x64 and x86 versions of VC2015 redist, however..... the game still throws the same error -_- , so I give up for now. What I don't understand however, how come Squad was working before bringing it to Steam :( Hope this helps at least someone else. It didn't help me though.
  3. Ok, so I had no problems running Squad until now it has been moved to Steam. I installed it, but it asks for microsoft visual c++ 2015 runtime. When I try to install that, it says it's already installed and I get only 'repair' or 'cancel' options. Basically I cannot play. I'm running win8.1. I have tried to install this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=48145 Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. In game VOIP - Brilliant implementation

    indeed, the in-game voip is perfect. when i saw squad the first time on twitch i thought myself those guys talk over teamspeak for sure; boy was i surprised it's in-game.
  5. 100 man server. CHECK!

    same, I didn't know this is planned or about to happen
  6. Steam name and Pre-Alpha Portal

    guys, just change your profile name in steam (open friends list and change profile name) the prealpha or alpha portal will get updated essentialy and you will have the ingame you desire. also login to the alpha portal via steam login.
  7. Boys we got a rivalry going on here!!!

    yep, you can even watch them play from russuk perspective as he streams on twitch
  8. Lock Gamma on Night maps.

    I love the night maps and it's really shame it's not possible to somehow lock the gamma. Maybe night vision googles would be a better choice. I mean this is almost milsim right
  9. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    few well-known twitch streamers played squad back in summer.
  10. In Game name

    your ingame name is taken from steam, so in steam go to friends and change your profile name. Then, log into the prealpha (registration) page again and see if you see the correct ingame name in the right upper corner (next to logout). Sometimes it works right away, sometimes you need to wait for the names to change.
  11. Worried about steam release..

    already witnessed "rekt" after the game, instead of friendly gg etc... .That was after spawnkilling for 10minutes. Will there be a spawnkill prevention system put in game? Or will this task be up to the admins?
  12. Where are screenshots saved?

    I'm using windows8.1 ,there will be difference based on OS you use.
  13. Lean movement.

    I rarely use the lean motion because you don't gain much from it. It is useful only to move into corner more smoothly.
  14. Measure tool or Grid scale

    good idea, but also I think sometimes the map gets "stuck" and one looks at wrong coordinates, as soon as you hit "n" the coordinates move and you're in wrong coordinates by 1 square.
  15. "DEAD"

    happened to me right now, it got stuck on 'dead' screen, Enter did nothing. All I could do was open console. So I put Reconnect command and there I was back again on the server in same squad with my points