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  1. Si pueden apuntarme por favor, se lo agradezco. Soy del grupo armados <A2>Japo32. Muchas gracias
  2. Triple Monitor support

    Needs support for 3 screens. 120 degrees is too low to allow us a good view in 3 screens as other first person shooters (ARMA3, RisingStorm2 Vietnam, Battlefield, etc..) Thanks!
  3. Free look / TrackIR Support

    I think this game requires head movement to look around so much. When playing TvT flight if you want to be hide from them you have to move the less possible. The problem is now to look around you have to move all your body. With a option to move only the head (with Trackir and without it) then, enemies will be more difficult to see movement so more "surprise" factor. Please add that Trackir function and movement head also (with alt key as arma3 maybe?) And please modify the running, and lay down animations!!