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  1. I guess developers are doing this intentionally. https://russianoptics.net/1P78Kashtan.html " The optic is zeroed on the 400m concept, meaning that if you shoot from 100m your point of impact should be about 22-25cm higher than your point of aim. The large chevron is used from 0-400m (see the '4' on the right of the vertical hash marks). " In-game...using 400m zero for AK-74M at 100m throws your bullets into the sky. (aim for upper chest, bullet flies over target) I blame the unrealistic gravity modifiers used in lieu of proper physics for bullets.
  2. suppressors

    Try getting good and not having to fire a shot.
  3. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    China didn't ban OPFP2DR. Literally all you had to do was NOT be like BF4/C&CGenerals.
  4. Shot Effects

    Even something as arcady as Rising Storm 2 has people slowing down when shot in the legs.
  5. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    It being a terrible attempt at "fixing" another problem isn't an excuse.
  6. They can. Doesn't mean they will. Google unreal linear dampening.
  7. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    it's called survivor bias. People who are sick enough of squad's casual direction likely stopped playing and never heard of the survey.
  8. Ever tried freelook down? Also, inexperienced shooters IRL fail at it, why is it not okay for you, who hasn't played the game much, to fail at it?
  9. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    You can choose between everyone who spawns on buddy rallies forced back to 3mags+2patches regardless of how much ammo they died with. Or buddyrally removal. As for HAB, that's an easy fix: make every spawn cost 50 ammo or however much rifleman kit cost.
  10. Sniping Massacre

    There needs to be a weight system for weapons so heavier weapons can't be ADS'ed for prolonged periods of time unless bipoded or deployed on a piece of cover. Either force drop out of ADS after 5 seconds(I know it's unrealistic, just as an example) or give it increased sway after 5.
  11. Google unreal physics floatiness. Basically a bunch of people complain about everything feeling floaty so they increased gravity modifer to 2.8...etc. to compensate even though the default gravity isn't wrong(what's wrong is terminal velocity, or [lack of] air resistance, maybe too much linear dampening...etc.). At least, according to excel file that recorded sdk data, the bullets are using 2.8(or higher in case of 7.62 rounds) instead of 1 gravity modifier. Basically, for bullet "physics" developers took the easy way out: using heavy gravity modifiers. I don't know why, maybe they somehow disabled dampening to lower the amount of calculations per bullet? But all I know for sure is that the ballistics in-game felt wrong, and it's no surprise as we have other threads proving that none of the BDC on optics are working properly(or when it is working, the zoom factor is wrong).
  12. BMP-1 Vs BMP-2

    What I referred to was only the 2nd generation of BMP-1, there were three. Makes no sense that the later two generations would be less numerous. You can try to justify it as being export monkey model, but they still have SACLOS missile( 9M14P started production in 1969, same year as when that specific version of BMP-1 is produced, coincidence?).
  13. normal gravity is 1.
  14. This game doesn't even have properly working rangefinder on most optics. And it has extra gravity modifiers(like 2.8...etc. or higher because apparently that's the copy/paste solution to "floatiness" from unreal engine forums that do not consider physics for bullets and their interaction with optical rangefinders)
  15. BMP-1 Vs BMP-2

    For some reason BMP-1 has no stabilization(at least when used as Insurgents; even though a later variant added stabilizers: Ob'yekt 765Sp2 ); nor working rangefinder. So until those problems are addressed, BMP-2 is better.