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  1. Zoom levels aren't even correct for most.
  2. Alpha 16 Released

    Getting there, what about Scoped LAT? Great, now more of them will be left in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Weapon damage/penetration unrealistic and anti-fun.

    So are these problems going to be looked at or are we going to keep secretly make Russian weapons worse?
  4. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    I'm already tracer. Tracer mags should be an option like ppsh drum/stick arrangement. Also, as if SL isn't already op with fullauto m4. That's probably the main reason tracer gets people spotted: firing a full burst of 5-10 guarantees a tracer.
  5. A15 Survey Review

  6. Weapon damage/penetration unrealistic and anti-fun.

    Oof, caught them trying to suck on the defense budget tit.
  7. Squad Classic

    People do roleplay in Insurgency. Because PR has an actual working(more or less depending on which version) Insurgency mode unlike Squad's garbage.
  8. Voice Lines?

    Because if the world is going to burn anyway; might as well have fun watching it?
  9. Voice Lines?

    "OK" handsign is officially recognized as symbol of white supremacy by ADL so...why not? If 4chan can turn OK into "hate symbol"; they can also do it to "sorry."
  10. at night maps no flashes on the gun ?

    Not every gun sends out massive fireball when fired. It also depends on muzzle device. But of course complete absence of it is also wrong.
  11. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Higher gravity modifier(generally over twice the amount of gravity modifier compared to grenades), compensated by a bit of hitscan at the very close range. So bullets drop way too much in closer ranges (between 100m and 400m, resulting in awkwardly unusable battle-zeroes, also why optics like 1p78 are zeroed at 100m rather than realistic 400m). Try shooting AKM in Rising Storm 2 and compare that with Squad's and you will get what I mean. I think both systems are off at different ranges and developers chose to focus on different engagement ranges(RS2 being more realistic in close range and Squad being somewhat more realistic at long range). For example, zeroing AKM/SKS in Squad at 200m results in bullet impacting way higher than realistic(irl it should be no more than 10cm, which is less than the size of a head) and result in bullet flying clearly over enemy when aiming for head at around 100-150m. Realism might ironically make the game play more arcady in this case, but it would help with balance(flatter trajectory lets ironsight, usually non-blufor, weapons work better out to longer distances while the likes of 1p78 finally gets proper chevrons for long range). Basically, 7.62x39 AK/SKS should be mostly point-and-shoot(against stationary target) out to 200m at least when zeroed properly, but it's not. Current implementation is no better than Insurgency Sandstorm.
  12. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Too arcady to be PR's spiritual successor. Developers got the money from PR kickstarter backers already so they're moving onto getting more cod/bf kids into squad. Current v16 test has momentum added back in and it's slightly better, but the unrealistic ballistics and obvious lack of balance(anyone with a brain would agree that US/UK is in general better than Russians) hurts the game greatly. The excuse to not fix it, at least when said by fanboys, is that it's not a priority. Every day you learn something new about lack of balance - like SVD having 3.5x zoom instead of 4x, and US/UK medics/scope lats get grenades while Russian counterpart has no grenade because blufor just needs to be that much better. The obvious blufor-bias is actually...surprisingly PR-like.
  13. No Shadow has to go quick

    That means it lowered draw distance for detailed objects(so that there can be invisible bushes at long range), but not players. Like in Warthundurr.
  14. M4 with ACOG has always been dead-on accurate to me, even at 400m+. 1p78 needs to have top chevron zeroed at 400m. And SVD/SVDM's PSO-1 is at 3.5x??? That explains why M4 seems to work better as DMR(spam more shots). There's a reason why Russian optics typically have that rubber eyepiece. We need a real explanation on why there is so much unrealistic bs in Squad.
  15. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    I'm no pilot and even I heard of reducing collective to stop the spin.