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  1. An Unreal Process has Crashed: UE4-SquadGame

    Fixed by unsubscribing to absolutely everything in steam workshop.
  2. Iron sights are fastest to ADS, on alpha 11

    There is no crap burst, just crap trigger control.
  3. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    No, but it's fine.
  4. Ryzen 5 2600 for Squad ?

    I want to say Ryzen is future proof but, despite having Ryzen 1700, there is absolutely zero guarantee that developers of this particular game will switch to vulkan, ever.
  5. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Mines are never fully invisible(unless it's under a rock, which isn't that common on roads anyway, in which case pull out shovel and click the rocks to find out) so proper vehicle usage would prevent mines from working. If they're one-manning a vehicle and/or everyone in vehicle is too much pussy to get out to check the road/bridge for mines, or in most retarded case of vehicle driver says no to passenger's offer to check for mines...that's just bad vehicle usage. I would wait to see the effect of next patch's ammunition change affects minefield placement first. Generally there is zero mine off-road so maybe wait for devs to fix vehicle physics(so it doesn't flip from a tiny bump on the road and can run over a tiny log properly). If anything needs to change, it's that scout should pick between placing mine OR ied, not both. IED + mine is just stupid when used properly.
  6. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    Everything but rifle launched grenades.
  7. Crewman Squad Leader rally points

    Actually one could cite realism. Even in U.S. Army the vehicle commander isn't the squad leader of mechanized infantry squad. SL is part of the dismounted element. http://armchairgeneral.com/tactics-101-101-the-mechanized-infantry-platoon.htm Though it's probably acceptable for unconventional faction to bypass that limit. The way it is(or rather, should be; in an organized server) with all of the apc/ifv crew in one squad in PR is actually the most realistic.
  8. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Lock kit is the only one that makes sense. Maybe give SL more patch(3) like in PR.
  9. +1 Quite weird to play Squad after playing Rising Storm 2. (even if RS2 is far from realistic)
  10. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    30mm of all kinds need more splash range(extend the maximum splash radius, not the lethal radius), maybe not damage. RPG frag needs way more splash(it currently has less lethal radius than a grenade, despite having more explosive filler than any hand grenade in game).
  11. Tbh I'm just waiting for proper suppression and FLIR vehicles/TOW to "balance" marksman. Real balance changes...etc. can come after. Ironically a good player with regular infantry rifle(with or without magnified optic) would do a lot better than a shit player with marksman rifle. Just add a "spotter" class like in PR; with a good bino/GLTD and maybe some ropes...etc.
  12. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    If you thought this is bad, wait until FLIR gets put onto TOWs.
  13. Insurgent and Terroist, improvised armed technicals

    Those BMP-1 main guns are basically shooting same projectile as SPG-9. Might as well add more SPG technicals. And ATGMs, and bomb trucks.
  14. SPG-9 Rotable Tripod

    Even better, give it a seat #2 for not-sluggish rotation of firing arc.