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  1. Coax on right mouse button.

    So you don't know, got it. Find someone who does know something.
  2. Coax on right mouse button.

    There might, because questions go unanswered.
  3. Since night time maps are now in the game

    There was no argument; you're under the delusion that you were ever capable of arguing when in reality you were being educated on...reality. Yes it's their game and their mess; it's on you to abuse contrast/gamma adjustment to make them pay for their errors...
  4. Coax on right mouse button.

    Because you can't just copy/paste PS code?
  5. Since night time maps are now in the game

    Projecting your sad mental state has never worked for you; it won't begin to work even now. Try going outside sometime. It's not my interpretation of that article; it's in fact *your* interpretation that is not at all how eyes actually work(not "our eyes" because yours clearly is inferior if you can't tell the difference). I didn't convince myself, mythbusters did label it "plausible"... Again you ignored rest of the article to continue biting hard on the eye patch thing when that's just thrown in at the end for flavor. The reality is: 1. maps are generally not pitch black 2. NVG/FLIR doesn't exist in Squad yet 3. there is real life basis for adapting the eye to the dark(with monitor, it's adjust contrast...etc.), which I proved yet you continuously tried to dodge that fact. It's dev's fault for allowing it to happen, but it's your fault for begging for NVG while refusing to adjust contrast to make darker maps playable.
  6. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    "competitively"? Like, "esports-ready"? Because a broken-ass game like this with shit balance and terrible hitreg do not fit competition, at all(even if you ignore all the hacks); even Insurgency2 was terribad(headglitching for days, often body is completely hidden behind cover). Their standard answer something like: working on something else(maybe optimization, another engine update...etc.) and will tweak shit when game is in a more playable state. Oh there is no real hope; but your made-up answer is just terrible.
  7. Since night time maps are now in the game

    More bs excuses. Reality is that people do plenty to adjust their eyes to night time's lack of light You still couldn't figure out the fact that map isn't supposed to be pitch black. You haven't lost the ability to use eyeballs today, or maybe you have but others haven't. Or maybe you can't count to ten??? The reality you're trying to avoid is that red light...etc. is SOP for real world militaries today. (that's why you're harping on about eyepatch and count to ten instead of rest of article)
  8. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    I don't need to make a point about that, because people still are. That part could have a billion answers and you'll still pick the one you wanted. Your posts overall have been of no value other than telling others "modding will fix it"...
  9. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Your empty statement is exactly why you're pretending. Ok, who has given up? Burden of proof has always been on you. And just because someone doesn't post on the forum that doesn't mean they "settled." You never even considered that maybe everything that needs to be said has already been said. You feel attacked because you don't like being wrong. You're not on my side. You want proper gameplay to be segregated into custom servers tab. I don't think they will; I just know your words are empty without devs having released official statement. You literally assumed all of the above, about other players supposedly having "used to" argue/"settled" and about dev's intentions. You literally just told me to support modders/ask for official mod... that's under the assumption that I'm not already doing so... You just admitting trying to use something you never played(nor have read about, apparently) as evidence... Once again "aggressive" is just you feeling bad about you being wrong. You're the one barking, since you repeated that 3 times in one post... The reality is that if you really wanted mods to fix this game, might as well join BF3 modding; at least that game can run better(and already has partial destruction). At this point you sound like an undercover dev trying to tell players to just mod the game and do most of the work... ("just mod it yourself" is not an excuse in this day and age where Squad is a $40 game, not a free BF2 mod; you don't get to say it whether you are undercover dev or not)
  10. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    I mean you're just pretending people have given up to pretend to have a point. Yes there's a chance, developers only need to look at Insurgency Sandstorm to know how shitty direction towards the casuals can ruin the game for everyone. In your opinion this game is lucky to not become more arcady. Because developers are on vacation/making unrelated stuff. You "think" nothing; until you get an official statement, all of that is empty guess. No, I shouldn't have to do dev's job for them. (yet I am; you're assuming I'm not helping with mods...PLAmod trailer within 1 week) What "HC" mod? The one with suppressors? LOL stop fooling yourself. That right there is one of prime reasons why mod servers are segregated in a different menu.
  11. Since night time maps are now in the game

    Nice try at dodging facts by calling what you can't respond to..."joke website." In conclusion, your lack of knowledge on fieldcraft has blinded(lol) you from the reality that there is realism basis for tweaking gamma/contrast. Is it overpowered? yes(and it should not be possible). Is it 100% unrealistic? no.
  12. Coax on right mouse button.

    Literally nobody mentioned "skill" before you did.
  13. Another can my pc run this game

    Bulldozer...sucks at singlecore performance. Squad requires good singlecore performance because it's bottlenecked by 1-2 threads(I think either gamelogic or drawcall, or both, is involved). Bulldozer was barely enough for PR. With your CPU, you're going to have a bad time no matter what settings you use. Might be semi-playable using no shadows+lowest draw distance(does not affect players/vehicles...etc.), but still going to be bad. Save the money and get a better CPU(Ryzen 1600AF or above, at low price; or wait for 4xxx series).
  14. Squad black Friday sales ??

    Buying squad on sale isn't really a discount as you basically have to avoid the game for an entire week(if not more; at the very least, avoid free weekends) for the n00bs to **** off. This game is a lot less playable with full server of newbies/n00bs(imagine trying to play a rare insurgency layer with almost all of PR vets quitting the game) on top of retards who make new accounts just for griefing during free weekends. It's like a whole week of "I played insurgencysandstorm/arma/opfp and I don't need no tutorial" + "how do I revive people/request kit/...etc.?" I always advise any friend looking into Squad to avoid waiting for sale for reasons stated above.
  15. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Actually Squad is already fairly dead(Most of the new content came from mods...as well as vast majority of servers being player/community-owned.). And no, people are still arguing for a more realistic squad, you're just not able to join those arguments anymore. You're the only one settling for that kind of bs. No, mod should be for casual gameplay(as they already are, with Troopers and Space Crew) and vanilla state should be the PR spiritual successor.