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  1. Reshade

    This Announcement on reshade how people are hacking with it is bs. I don't have that option with my reshade and would never use a program to give an unfair advantaged.( only cosmetic use for pic,videos ect.) Its to make that game look more crisp and vibrant as the base graphics color pallet is dull. I use version by corsair and it does not have this zoom slider thing that OffWorld speaks of and shows. Why punish the many because of a few? Why don't you just allow versions that don't have this function( Like Mine) and ban the ones that use the zoom thing your showing? This is just my 2 cents but you cant get rich off that so take it with a gran of salt. Many steps forward and this is just a blow to legitimate players and content creators that use this to make the game that just more realistic.
  2. were are my vet skins

    cant enable when there is nothing to enable
  3. were are my vet skins

    Have my founder skins enabled but no veterans skins in the list
  4. were are my vet skins

    I played 5 hours on 8.9 did not get the skins and played .9 on veterans day still no skins wtf?
  5. Stack-Up For Veterans Day 2017

    Bring back Veterans Day Skins !!!! For everyone that played more then an hour and didn't get them last time in 8.9
  6. Where is my Founder Support Perks

    Talked to a dev Got it great to know people