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  1. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    Scores: I think individual scores should be hidden. Squad based/Team based scores should be shown and they should be points in reguards to objectives as oppose to just kills. Nothing worse then the best 'teamplayer' being the guy who sat on his own with a sniper rifle camping a spawn point. Global Ranking: I think an enforced training system would be a great long term goal. The whole 'Read the manual' ingame message rarely works anymore as people do not pick up and play, but Americas Army 1/2 (3 doesnt exist imo lol) showed us that an enforced training system can work in an online shooter. Now it doesnt need to be ANYWHERE near as indepth as AA but a few courses. Basic training badge- All new player must complete before allowing online play, Basic weapon, movement, communication, teamwork (short 5 - 7 min training) - Should help enforce basic tactics and create better teamplay Armor Training badge - Required to use armored vehicles. Basic controls, tactics and uses (short 4 - 5 min) - Should hopefully stop common basic mistakes Air Training badge - Required to use air vehicles. Basic flight, weapon usage, tactics (short 7 - 8 min) - Hopefully will lead to less noob pilots crashing at spawn Sniper badge - Required to use sniper kit. Basic tactics, spotter use, ranging etc (short 3 - 4 min) - Hopefully reduce the non team player snipers. Ranking Unlocks: I do not like the idea of a ranking system ala bf2 nor any weapon unlocks. With the exclusion of the training requirements mentioned above for those listed kits, all weapons/content should be available from the start.
  2. A.I. civies

    I can see the logistical problem and server stress from having 1000's of AI's running about in the middle of it. However as i see it, There is almost No known game out there (unmodded) that has civilians in a multiplayer War simulation game. For me there are a few key factors Pros: Immersion - Each map will become and experience rather then a rotation, Civilians that react to a given situation will make each map run a new experiance Penalties - A major issue of PRBF2 has always been that BLUFOR generally has far superior firepower to OPFOR, and will fire large caliber weapons into (unpopulated) civilian areas. Blending - If civilians have similar outfits to players, a smart OPFOR player can easily blend in (did this a lot on Arma2) and deceive BLUFOR. Realism - Civilians should be scripted to scatter and/or avoid firefights, resulting in a compromise of stealth for any rambo shooting squad (either team). It would also add a panic factor to any firefight. Civilian Class - An OPFOR Civilian class, identical in appearance to AI civilians, unarmed but providing intel will allow civvies to survive longer and provide more assistance. Intelligence - Either a ACE similar tactic of 'Ask enough and get the reward' From AI civs, or if a playable OPFOR civilian class exists, You could have some sort of 'ID Card' that only AI civilians carry, so when 'questioned' by BLUFOR players, undercover OPFOR civies could be detected, detained and reward the BLUFOR with intelligence points. Cons: Potentially massive FPS/Server stress added Possible balancing issues (which has never really been a factor for PR, Unbalanced was what made PR unique) Additional scripting/work to implement.