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  1. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    You asked a vague question that nobody could give you an actual response to aside from either A) find a different server or B) join a clan. I'm not really sure what you are expecting for a response, but I can assure you nobody is going to calculate the last 3000 games played and interview everybody to see if their experience has gotten worse since PS released. Join a clan or play elsewhere, it's that simple.
  2. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    If you want balanced gameplay then take the initiative and SL the team getting steamrolled. If you have a few friends that are used to SL'ing, switch and try to help the other team get more coordinated. It may or may not work, but I can tell you for a fact if you do nothing it will not change. If you notice specific servers are having this issue, point it out to the people that own them. I'd rather have someone be critical and point out a potential problem with my server than watch it die because nobody is having fun. As far as why you're specifically having a problem, idk. We don't know much about when you play or where you play. Maybe they had a sale and new players are coming in. Maybe you play right when a bunch of kids get home from school. Maybe a bunch of adults have just had long days at work and they want to space out and mindlessly shoot things. Maybe you're an awful SL and you're the reason your team is getting steamrolled . I've never really worried about it much. To me it has always been more about playing well with the other 8 people in my Squad, and I normally find that if I do that, we either win or we have a pretty close game. Maybe you just need to take a break for a bit. It could be that the server just had a couple bad games. Taking a little break could fix that for you. GL
  3. Ranking system

    CO is also not a rank. A variety of ranks can hold the position of Commanding Officer. The point people are trying to make is it does not matter what your rank is, if you are not the SL, then you listen to the SL. If you are a SL then you are listening to the CO. Your rank would hold no meaning when you are in the field. It happens quite frequently that officers or enlisted personnel hold positions or titles that give them positional authority over other fellow officers or enlisted personnel that may outrank them. As plenty of people have pointed out, if you are really interested in a ranking system you can join a clan or community that offers such things. There are plenty of them out there. All I can see this doing is causing chaos with squad members if someone that isn't a SL doesn't hold the highest rank in the squad, and the guy that does outrank him is telling the squad to something different from what the SL wants. SL/CO - Title <- Important for game play E5/O6 - Rank <- Not important for game play
  4. Ranking system

    Was actually a fan of the BF2/2142 ranking system. Took forever to rank all the way up and not many people that I know of really looked at it in terms of someone being a "good" player or not. But it was also used in a game that was unlock oriented. Unless Squad intends to go in that direction I don't think this is really relevant. I think it would be nice to have something that prevented newer players from jumping directly into vehicles, helping get rid of trolls or at least preventing them for a bit, but admins could essentially do the same thing. Can't really see a reason for having this. Would rather the Dev's focus on what they have so far.
  5. I actually think restricting certain game mechanics (vehicles, fobs, etc.) could be done fairly easy. Many games implement time restrictions on the use of equipment. Think COD in relation to grenade usage at the beginning of a round. Instead of the game checking if 30 seconds or 1 minute has gone by, it could instead check if server slots have met a minimum requirement, and instead of grenades, just switch that to something like unlocking vehicles or SL abilities. The hard part would indeed be adjusting the objectives. I have seen servers in a variety of games that have "random" objective generation, but the only way I could see something like this in Squad is unlocking more and more of the map as more people join, and creating a map that suits 8-16 players in addition to 50 players is no easy task. Perhaps setting up static objectives that are locked until a certain number of people are in the server. Like in the 8-16 player game, US is just trying to take and capture a couple outposts, but when greater than 30 players are in the server, it unlocks an airport or train station and SL's are given new intel with new objectives now that they have enough people to capture a major objective. It would at least offer a shift in gameplay as opposed to 100 people battling over a campsite. Would be cool to see, and if the Devs can't give us something like this then hopefully the community can make this happen in the future. :)
  6. Attempting to populate an empty server is indeed a grueling task. Remedies I have seen work are fairly simple, but come from games that have much shorter time limits in regards to gameplay. Setting a server up to run specific map rotations based upon server size has typically had good results. Instead of changing the map when a specific number of players are reached, letting the map play until the end is usually a better option. Servers lose players when map rotations take place, for a variety of reasons, but if you have a low/medium/high setting on the server, it can typically account for that. An admin nightmare is the server population fluctuating between the thresholds, bouncing back and forth between the low/medium or medium/high map rotations. Allowing the gameplay to continue until time expires often adds stability to the server population by letting it even out before the map change. I could see Unfrail's idea working if a clan decided to run 3 or more servers on their own, and in an effort to max populate a single server they set up some sort of script that could combine server populations. Or if multiple clans decided to share servers, your idea could really help sustain populations. But that opens up another box of worms with politics between the clans and admin rights on servers. Also, if OWI decides to run some sort of ranked or official servers that all have the same settings, they should really look into implementing your idea as it would be amazing for maintaining server populations. TR communities do indeed rely on pubbers for their servers to flourish. The hard part is getting pubbers from every time zone so the server stays populated 24/7. From a clan point of view, I think it would be great if OWI limited the number of servers that could run their game for a short amount of time after release, for either official OWI servers or clan approved servers, and then finally opening it up to the general public. This will at least allow dedicated clans a set time period to build up and establish a player base. Some clans won't have this issue that might be migrating from PR, but newer clans looking for a modern moddable TR shooter are going to be stuck grinding for new regulars which is the worst thing to have to go through when a new game comes out when all people want to do is play. Every game I have seen that allows for private servers to be set up always encounters the same problems upon release. 1,000,000 servers up and running and only 100 are actually populated with a decent amount of people, while the rest all have 0 or 1 player in them. Everyone wants to run their own server but very few are ever actually fully populated, which is incredibly frustrating. FYI, from an OWI business point of view I couldn't ever imagine them doing this, but it sure would be awesome to pick from a list of servers that are at least all at 50% population or greater.
  7. # Of magazines

    This is actually a great reason for not increasing magazine count. But, as M81ERDL said, you can always place a radio and build an ammo crate to help solve ammo problems. Long distance engagements have their uses but I don't believe sitting up on a rock with endless amounts of ammo and taking potshots at enemy players captures the true vision of the game.
  8. People should be teaching others to use local for any unformal communications. Squad communications should be used only for reporting intel to the SL, or for the SL to give orders to his squad. This doesn't just ensure that comm lines are clear for the SL to report intel and give orders, but also helps the squad when dealing with other players in other squads. It can be pretty frustrating when friendlies don't call out enemy positions in local.
  9. Nothing excites me more than mod and mapping tools for this game. The Devs are creating a wonderful product, but I can't wait to see what happens when the community can get their hands on it. :)
  10. Increase Mumble Range

    Is it possible to detect input volume and have that determine the distance you can be heard? Basically how something like TS is set up but instead of just volume levels it also adjusts projection range. Restrictions and slider adjustments could prevent this from being abused if it is possible. I'm not much of a sound guy but it would be nice to be able to not have to bounce back and forth between a whisper mode or a yell mode. Seems it would detract from the immersion a bit.
  11. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Absolutely loved PR and have been waiting for this game for years. See you on the battlefield!