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  1. Rally points like in proyect reality

    1 large crate or 2 small ones to set up the FOB, 2 large or 4 small to build emplacements, which at the end of the day just let everyone know where the FOB is. Commander can't drop anything (nor can the pilots these days really).
  2. New parts, VRAM errors

    Like I said it works fine now, guessing it was the v10 test itself.
  3. New parts, VRAM errors

    3466 MHz, typo in first post.
  4. New parts, VRAM errors

    Did a clean install when the game went back to its current version. Works fine now, dunno if it was that or a buggy test. Thanks for the help.
  5. New parts, VRAM errors

    That's the setting that loads all textures at once and requires 16GB of RAM and 4 VRAM right? It happened with it both checked and unchecked. The 1070 shouldn't run out of memory regardless though, right?
  6. Hey, Installed some new parts today: MSI Z370 Tomahawk, 16GB of Corsair RAM at 3466 and an already owned EVGA 1070 (it has played a lot of Squad). Although I haven't played in a while this didn't use to happen. The GPU runs at 100% in the menu (might be normal), and as I load in the memory starts creeping up. Eventually it either just freezes upon server load or gives me this error: Chipset and GPU drivers are up-to-date, haven't changed anything else, really. I google'd around but most of the hits were out of date. Anyone got a fix? Ty, saX
  7. Thoughts on these Specs

    I run the game on the 4690k overclocked to 4.4GHz and a 1070 and it runs well. You should have an even better experience with the 6700k.
  8. Can I get accepted in the community?

    ^ I've even heard they give out free candy.
  9. It does however work completely fine if your connection is stable.
  10. Poll: Thoughts of SweetFX/ReShade

    Sick mic drop bro. It makes the game look much better, which is all that matters to me. I cannot see any further than people not using it and I cannot see through any additional objects. It just looks good.
  11. How to improve performance?

    Yes, although there are probably softwares out there that can do it automatically for you.
  12. What are the Required specs and Cpu to run SQUAD

    Not that I'm aware of, no. That being said I haven't played that many hours of the game yet.
  13. What are the Required specs and Cpu to run SQUAD

    I have an i5 4690k and a 1070, I run the game fine now, especially after the major performance improvements.
  14. Make sure Squad.exe and squad_launcher.exe(?) is not running as administrator.

    I set Squad.exe and squad_launcher.exe to not run as administrator. That fixed the issue for me. Found the fix here.