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  1. another method of downloading!?

    Im also using wifi lol.
  2. another method of downloading!?

    Oh mine is +600 or 500kb/s sometimes.
  3. another method of downloading!?

    Mine said it would take five weeks but it took five mins. JUST DOOO IT!
  4. Login not working! Devs help meh!!!

    I entered my Closed alpha key code and created an account and now its will not let me sign in...
  5. September 26th

    I am going to be pissed if i cant play it on the 26th. I have been waiting so long like the rest of you!!! GAAAAAHHH! slowly developing new disease called squad...
  6. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    My uncle saw this game get Green light on steam and told me about it. I immediately took interest and became a backer. *thumbs up*
  7. its almost end of September xD!

    Yes indeed and you're going to get so much more bro! I am so excited!!!
  8. Closed Pre-Alpha week 7

    How did you get the cool Israeli flag squad sign?
  9. Just became a backer

    Thank you DrBigMoney. I just cannot wait!
  10. Just became a backer

    Also a question. whey does it say I'm still a grunt if I'm supposed to be squad leader?
  11. Just became a backer

    I love how welcoming this community is! Cant wait for closed alpha!!!
  12. Just became a backer

    Wanted to say hello to the community!